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The Khazars. Tribe 13
Chapter Outlines.
Brit-Am Thanksgiving Day Address. Why the USA is Manasseh. A Summation. Why We Should Support the State of Israel! Geneaology of the Blessings to Israel. The World Crisis and its Causes
by Rabbi Elchanan Bunam Wasserman.
The Present Situation in South Africa
by "Ruth".
New Brit-Am Broadcasting Israel.
Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell
List of Israelite Tribes and a Summary of each Individual Tribal Type.
Hycsos: Hebrew Shepherd Kings of Egypt.
A Refutation of
"Is it Israeli Democracy
or "Jewish Democracy"?
The "Red Jews" or the Lost Ten Tribes. 'Reclaiming Anti-Semitism' Refuted
Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am counters an attempt to hijack the struggle against anti-Semitism to the anti-Jewish pro-Arab Quisling Cause.
Zionist Doctrines and Polemics.
Brit-Am Rose Articles. The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia:
Reply to Criticism.
Brit-Am Refutes its Critics.
A List of Articles Replying to Attacks and Criticisms of Brit-Am and Related Matters.
Zionism from a Brit-Am Perspective. The "Red Jews" or the Lost Ten Tribes. The Ephraimite-Judah Crisis

Brit-Am Questionnaire.

The Tribe of Dan in Biblical Codes. The Land of Israel
by Yehonatan Davidiy.
George Washington's Inauguration & America's Israelite Destiny
by Dr. Richard Griffith.
by Cam Rea.

Questions and Answers:
Contents: List of Questions and Answers
Afghans and Pathans, Amerindians, Anti-Semitism,Arabs, Archaeology, Australia, Being Sure of Israelite Descent, Belgium, Benjamin, (Bible) Codes, Biblical Studies, Britain, Brit-Am, British-Israel, Canada, Captive Jews, (Barry) CHAMISH, Christianity, (Bible) Codes, Conspiracy, Controversy (USA=Ephraim or Manasseh?), Criteria, Custom, Dan, David, Denmark, DNA, Dolmens, Edom, England, Ephraimites, Exile, Europe, Finland, France, Genealogy, General Questions, Germany, Gog, History Holocaust, Identification, Ireland, Issachar, Italy, Japan, Joseph, Judah, Judaism, Khazars, Land of Israel, Law (Mosaic), Linguistics MAP = Movement of Arab Populations, Literal MEANING of Scripture, Megalithic Monuments, Messiah, Mythology, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Orjan Svensson, Other Claims to be descended from the Lost Ten Tribes, Peoples and Places, Phoenicians, Promises and Prophecy, Proofs, Prophecy, Race, Recent General Questions, Religion, Returning to the Land of Israel, Reunification of Joseph and Judah, Russia, Scandinavia, Scotland, Scythians, South Africa, Sweden, Switzerland, Symbolism, Tarshish, Tribes, Ulster, USA, Wales, Zionism

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Cam Rea:
Brit-Am List of Secular Proofs Brit-Am Refutes its Critics.
The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia:
Reply to Criticism
The "Red Jews" or the Lost Ten Tribes
Zionism from a Brit-Am Perspective
The Khazars
Israelite Tribes in Exile
A New Love Story
George Washington's Inauguration & America's Israelite Destiny
by Dr. Richard Griffith
The Land of Israel
by Yehonatan Davidiy
Shoshana Yaacov:
The Britam Rose
List of 110 Biblical Proofs
with links to short explanatory notes.
"Death of an Empire: The Decline and Fall of Assyria" by Cam Rea Role to Rule.
The Task of Joseph
Brit-Am and Judah: Answers to Criticism against Ephraimites
Rabbi Nathan:
Characteristics of the Twelve Tribes
"The War Machine of Scythia" by Cam Rea
Rabbinical Sources
Tribal Characteristics
"Sometimes they Come Back.
The Assyrian Exile
" by Cam Rea
Aed and Israel.
Jewish and Arab Traditions Place Lost Ten Tribes in France and the British Isles!
"The Cimmerians, Scythians, and Israel" " THE ISRAELITE ORIGIN OF THE SCYTHIANS"
by Steven Collins
"What Spake Zarathustra?"
The Lost Tribes of Israel Influence on the Persians
Articles about The Tribe of Dan
Characteristics of the USA and Manasseh
in Rabbinical Sources
Leading Israeli Newspaper Web-Site has Feature Article on Brit-Am
"Maariv" Article with Readers Reactions Translated from the Hebrew
Scottish Food Taboos
Remnants of the Mosaic Code?
The Hebrew-Hiberi of Ireland and Scotland
The Hebrew Linguistic Traits of Welsh
"The Name Ephraim as Seen by Satellite" Written in the Mountains of Ephraim The Hebrew Sources of Northern Tongues
by Terry Marvin Blodgett
The Need for Unity between Judah (the Jews)
and the Lost Ten Tribes

by Zippora Feld
Brit-Am Beliefs
and Intentions
Articles by
Stephen Collins
Spain and Israel
The Legitimization of Ruth and David
according to Oral Law
The Pagan Roots of Islam
by Stephen Spykerman
Western Celtic Traditions of Hebrew Origin Messiah Son of Joseph
Future Leader of the Ten Tribes
The Japanese Are Not Israelites!
Who is Edom? Ephraimites South Africa in Prophecy Phoenicians in the West Tribal Identification
Biblical Place Names in the USA
Biblical Names in Each State Noted and Discussed
Selected Articles about Joseph Dan in Biblical Codes "Cyrus the Israelite"
by Cam Rea
Why Should the Jews Care
that the Lost Ten Tribes are in the West?
Brit-Am Questionairre
Answers, & Summaries
"Prophetic Outlines of Biblical Books.
Main Brit-Am Scripture Points"
"YDNA Reversed"
Was Adam "R1b1c"? or "N"? Was Noah?
"Answer to an Anti-Identity Polemic"
Return of Ephraim?
The US in Iraq
-The Order of Return
of Judah and Joseph
The Book of Jeremiah and the Lost Ten Tribes Joseph and the Law.
Do Ephraimites have to Keep the Law of Moses?
The Muslim Madness and Predicted Terror Attacks Against the West
Franz Kobler
"The Vision Was There.
Complete Book Online
Brit-Am and Judah.
Answers to Criticism against Ephraimites
Khazars, Turks, and Israel The Stages of Exile THE STAGES OF REDEMPTION The Book of Isaiah with Summaries, Commentary, and Feature Articles

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