Brit-Am Beliefs and Intentions

The Three Rs of Brit-Am.
Knowledge Proving the Lost Ten Tribes are Mainly Amongst Western Peoples.

Spreading the fruits of Research.

Working for a Meeting of Mind and Intention between "Judah" (the Jews of today") and Joseph meaning the Lost Ten Tribes in the West and especially those amongst English-speaking peoples.

Brit-Am Magen David

Brit-Am Beliefs and Intentions.


Brit-Am believes that most of the Lost Ten Tribes are to be found amongst Western Peoples in the world today.
This is in accordance with Criteria proving Israelite origin.
Brit-Am beliefs that the Jews are Judah.
The English-Speaking peoples are represented in Scripture by the figure of Joseph.
Joseph has duties of his own.
Judah also has his own task and destiny.
In the End Times "Judah" and "Joseph" will re-unite as described in Ezekiel chapter 37.
The beliefs of Brit-Am should be judged by articles found on this web-site.
Brit-Am is centered in Jerusalem, Israel where it has its headquarters.
Brit-Am is headed by Yair Davidiy who lives in Jerusalem.
Brit-Am does not have a religious agenda and attempts to avoid religious polemic.
Brit-Am believes in the truth of the Hebrew Bible and depends on Scripture for its justification.
Together with the Bible Brit-Am also investigates secular disciplines for supportive evidence.
The policy of Brit-Am is as much as possible to keep up-to-date with all historical, scientific, and related research that has any pertinence to Brit-Am matters.
Brit-Am will relate to all findings with honesty even if certain results appear to contradict Brit-Am beliefs .
Brit-Am considers itself to be working for the good of ALL Israelite Peoples and of the world in general.
Brit-Am fulfils a need ordained by the Bible.
Brit-Am attempts to work within parameters consistent with the Jewish Religion since we understand that this is what the Bible requires and it provides a framework that should be acceptable to both Judah and Joseph.
This point and similar ones are not considered matters for discussion.

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