Testimony in rock

The Name 'Ephraim' as seen by Satellite from the Heavens - to view 
Click Here. The picture runs from North (on the leftside) to south.
  You may see the name Ephraim written in Hebrew letters in mountain
formation running along the west bank, i.e. the former territory of Ephraim. We hope to update this site and include more maps and ENGLISH EXPLANATIONS soon so that the whole thing will be much clearer and you may see exactly where the name Ephraim is written in the mountain ridges running through the territory of Ephraim. The name of God in Hebrew and the name of Ephraim in Hebrew are written large in the mountain ridges of EPHRAIM in the Land of Israel and can be seen from the skies!  Even now you may go to the following site and get an idea what we are talking about.  This phenomenon as far as we know was first reported by  Vendyl Jones


The name EPHRAIM is shown in the contours of the mountains in the former territory of Ephtraim as seen from a satellite and was only noticed recently. The map itself is an official satellite map and is sold freely in Tourist  shops in Israel. Most people however are not aware of what is written in the mountain tops until it is pointed out to them. ONLY in our generation has it been possible to see this phenomenon and there must be a reason for this.

Below is an enlargement of the name EPHRAIM as seen in the mountain formations of the Land of Ephraim.