Being Sure of Israelite Descent

Are you from the Ten Tribes of Israel? Are you descended from Jews or Crypto-Jews who were forced to change their religion? From one of the Two Houses? Are you a real Ephraimite? Or just a "believing" one? How can you know for sure?

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Being Sure of Israelite Descent

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1.How does one know for sure that one is descended from Israel?

Who Is Israel?
1. Question: How does one know for sure that one is descended from Israel?
Answer: One does not know for sure but a reasonable degree of certainty may be possible.
Even if someone is not of Israelite descent a person can still be one of the "strangers" who identifies with Israel and who will inherit with them (Ezekiel 47:22).
Nobody can be absolutely certain which tribe they belong to. Some people can make a fairly strong assumption based on family names, place of residence, etc. Most people are not in that category.
We all live in certain areas and identify with the people amongst whom we live. The Brit-Am message should be important to you if you can relate it to people with whom you identify.

See our article:
" Ephraimite Criteria.
  How Do You Know You Descend from Israel?"

 In addition to the above an inner instinctive knowledge of identification is very important. It may be enough for certain individuals but usually something more than that is required.

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