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The Maariv Article on Brit-Am and Reactions:
A Translation and Commentary

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1. Preamble
2. Translation of the Hebrew Article
3. Translation of Reactions to the Hebrew Article
4. Analysis of the Reactions

1. Preamble
The Maariv web-site has a leading feature in Hebrew concerning Brit-Am.
Maariv is Possibly the most important newspaper in Israel.
It could be described as secular, in principle pluralistic but in practice somewhat left of center in its outlook.
For a long time it had the highest circulation of all newspapers in Israel and now is in second place. The article was written by Yair Davidiy with the editorship and some additional commentary of Yonatan Levy the site manager of the NRG New Age section.
The article received numerous reactions of which we will translate the first fifty or so and then classify and analyze them as representative of a major section of the Israeli public and its attitude to our research-findings.

Below is a rough Brit-Am English-language version of the article together with a translation of the reactions or at least part of them.

The article is accompanied by pictures chosen by the site editor that were included in the original article.

Concerning NRG the Maariv web-site see:

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2. Translation of the Hebrew Article

The Covenant [Brit] with the British

"Holy Moses"!

A Jewish religious organization claims that the Ten Tribes are in effect the English, the Americans and other peoples in the west. For this reason they are a little less anti-Semitic and slightly more supportive of Israel. Yair Davidiy brings conclusive evidence.





Yair Davidiy




Are the Lost Ten Tribes now living in the west?

Is President Bush the head of the Tribe of Manasseh?

Is Tony Blair a member of the Tribe of Ephraim?

Is it for these reasons that the USA and Britain should stand against the entire world and work solely for the good of the Jews?


The answer to these questions, according to Brit- Am which is an organization of observant Jews in Jerusalem, is Yes!

When asked about what our claims are based on we bring evidence from the Bible, the Sages, linguistics, and from history. In addition, we point to what is happening in our world today when (despite negative phenomena) the peoples of the west are almost the only ones that sympathize (even a little) with the State of  Israel, and amongst  whom there is any point in arguing on behalf of the Jewish Nation.


In the past amongst the Jewish people discussions were held concerning the fate of  the Ten Tribes. Suggestions were made about peoples in Africa, the Caucasus, in the east and in outlying areas. We in "Brit-Am" believe that the Ten Tribes are in the west – in Western Europe, North America, Australia, New-Zealand and South Africa: Amongst enlightened and progressive peoples that are similar in their appearance and general outlook to that of the majority of Jews. Our goals are to research the familial connections between the Jewish and Western peoples, to spread knowledge of the connections, and to work towards a meeting of the minds  between "Judah", that is the Jews, and between "Joseph" i.e. The Ten Tribes.

How Did the Lion Become a British Symbol?



What proofs do we have?

The Ten Tribes were exiled and lost "in the land of Assyria". In the Books of Ezra and Nehemiah individuals from the Ten Tribes are not mentioned because they did not return to the Land of  Israel with the descendants of Judah. In the Bible (because of lack of space we will not bring sources) we are told that the descendants of the Ten Tribes were destined to become amongst the most populous, powerful, wealthiest of peoples, with vast natural resources and abundant raw materials along with favorable conditions for successful agriculture, that they will live in the most blessed areas of the world which will be located at the "Ends of the Earth", i.e. in the Continental Extremities. They will be living in the Islands of the Sea and will be Seafarers. All these features, as is known, characterize the peoples of the Western World.


The descendants of the Ten Tribes were described as symbolized by the lion and the unicorn which are the symbolic emblems of Britain (Numbers, 24: 8-9 ) and of the bald-headed eagle (Micah 1:16) which is the symbol of the USA. The Tribe of Ephraim was represented by an "Aegel" ("Bull-Calf",  Jeremiah 31:18) and the name "Aegeli" was a nickname for an Angle whose people gave their name to England (Angel-land, England, Aegel-land).  It was said that on the whole they would not be aware of their Israelite origin and that they would practice another religion (Hosea 7:18, 2:13, and 16:11-12). These signs and many more like them are to found only amongst those people whom we have identified as "Joseph". They were to be a "light to the Gentiles" and to bring a blessing to the world (Genesis 12:3), "and I will give you for a covenant of people (Brit-Am) – a light to the gentiles" (Isaiah 42:6).


The Talmud, Midrash and Rabbinical sources explain the relevant Biblical verses in the same way as understood by our organization, "Brit-Am". The Sages confirm the Biblical and historical findings that we base ourselves upon.  Similar affirmations are found in Classical Authorities such as Targum Yehonatan, Rashi, Iben Ezra, Radak (Kimchi), Ramban (Nachmanides), Abarbanel, etc.


The meaning of names of countries and peoples in the Hebrew language according to the great commentators together with tribal characteristics in the light of the Sages parallel the identifications of  "Brit-Am". The name "Machir", for example, in  Hebrew  can represent the principle of price [which is one of the meanings of the name "Machir"] i.e.  Capitalism. The Hebrew name "Machir" ("HaMachiri") was transliterated in the Latin of Europe as "Americo". Eventually the name was given to an Italian navigator, "Americo Vespucci", who gave his name to the whole of America. The USA (America) is the major nation that upholds the principle of Capitalism, i.e. of Price, of "Machir". "Machir" was the first born son of Manasseh (Genesis 50:32).
The name "Manasseh" according to the commentary of Rabbi Shimshon Raphael Hirsh (Genesis 32:33) represents the principle of collective responsibility and of responsible representation such as that of the

Similarly, the name "Ephraim" may be explained as encompassing the meaning of "high social class" and of an aristocratic society with all its ensuing values and considerations such as those practiced in Britain.


The Messiah son of Joseph in Jewish tradition (e.g. Malbim on Ezekiel 37) will be the leader of the Ten Tribes and he represent the process that in the Latter Times involves their fate.

By comparing descriptions of the Messiah son of Joseph it is possible to identify descendants of the tribes as nations that today fulfill the described task.


Jewish philosophers and Rabbinical Commentators explain the characteristics of the tribes and especially the differences between Joseph and Judah. These explanations are frequently based on fine distinctions in Biblical  verses and traditions. All this strengthens the identification of "Brit-Am".

The Head of the Tribe of Manasseh, George Bush.

The Paths of Migration of the Ten Tribes

A portion of the Exiles from Israel were taken in the Phoenician ships of Tyre and Sidon and those of the Philistines from Gaza and Ashdod to Spain, Gaul (France est.), the British Isles, and the North. Those who went to Spain later moved to Gaul or to Britain and Ireland.


The rest of the Exiles went to the north of the Assyrian Empire and there they became part of the Confederation of the "Children of Gomer" (Hosea 1).

In history they are referred to as the "Gimirri" (Cimmerians), Scythians and Goths. The Cimmerians invaded Europe and went westward. They adopted to themselves the culture of the Celts. In Gaul and Britain a section of them were considered as Galatians and known as Galaadi (i.e. Gileadi). The Scythians and the Goths moved from the Middle East to Russia and from there to the West, in wave after wave of "Barbarian"  Invasions that conquered the Roman Empire.


The Khazars were part of the Ten Tribes, especially from Manasseh and Simeon. They remained in Russia and some of them converted and became Jews.


Apart from the British Isles and regions in the West small groups from the Ten Tribes were scattered throughout Europe. On the whole they remained separated from the people around them. Later most of them migrated to North America and to lands controlled by the Ten Tribes.


Descendants of Jews who were forced to change their religion or assimilated are to be found in many parts of the world. They will return in the Last Days and it would  seem that their destiny is wound up with the return of the Ten Tribes.

Tony Blair and his wife: The Tribe of Ephraim

More Proofs! …………………………………………………………………………………………..

There exist additional proofs from other fields:

1. Linguistic: The "Celtic" languages of Britain and Ireland are built on a conceptual basis, framework, grammar and  other features similar to those of Hebrew.

In the "Germanic" languages and especially in English there are parallels to Hebrew in the changes of letter sounds and vocabulary. The Germans are not part of the Ten Tribes but they were influenced by them in the past.


2. The Culture of the West is Hebraic culture in many ways. Ruth Schechter  from the University of  Beer- Sheva  conducted researches and wrote a number of books in Hebrew  concerning the common denominator between Jewish Philosophy and Western Thought, especially in regards to that of the British Isles.


3. Religious Values: There exists a tendency amongst western people to adopt from the Bible or from the Jews in general religious customs, beliefs and patterns of thoughts Even the more devout Christians among them tend to emphasize the  Hebrew Bible ["Old Testament"] and to reduce the pagan elements in their religion.
(Genesis 49:8)


4. Identification as Israelites: Great men as well as whole groups that were important  in the history of the West identified as "Hebrews". Although they usually intended more in the spiritual sense than in the physical one their heroes, manner of speech, and outlook were those of the Hebrew Bible.     


5. Allies of the Jews: In the events of our times these peoples, and particularly the USA, are often allies of the Jewish people and of the state of Israel. It is true that there are many exceptions to this rule but in general it is valid. For the sake of comparison, the Jews themselves are not always faithful to their brothers.


6. Philo-Semitism: There exists amongst the peoples we identify as the Ten Tribes a greater sympathy for the Jews and for the state of Israel. Compared to other peoples they are less Anti-Semitic.


7. Contribution to Humanity: Despite their many sins they have given much to the world, more than any other ethnic group, and even more than the rest of mankind put together, they became a "Light to the Gentiles" (Isaiah 42:6)

Christian Lovers of Israel Blowing the Shofar in the Golan

The Task of Judah in Our Time


The words of the Sages and Great Jewish Thinkers confirm the interpretation of "Brit-Am".
What however should it mean for us if part of the peoples of Western Europe are our blood relations?
Are they also Jews? What are the implications? Must we, based
on a handful of Biblical verses, accept the English and Americans as our "Lost Brothers"?


The Jewish people should study the subject-matter of the Lost Ten Tribes whilst strengthening their Judaism and learning the sources. If after such study the claims of "Brit-Am"are accepted as proven, it will be necessary to spread knowledge of the Ten Tribes and to seek to bridge the gap between Judah and Joseph. The Jewish people needs the Ten Tribes. The Ten Tribes need Judah.


The ball is in the hands of Judah. The Jews should conduct themselves a little like a youth courting a girl. This is best done from a standpoint of self-confidence, inner strength, and a genuine regard for the good of the other side together with recognition of their mutual existential needs.


In the Bible it says that towards the last days the Ten Tribes will return and re-unite with Judah. The Complete Redemption and Return of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel is dependent on the return of "Samaria," that is the Ten Tribes. Judah will go out to the Ten Tribes and bring them back. At the time of the return of the lost Ten Tribes many Jews will not want to recognize them [as fellow Israelites]. 


The Ten Tribes are required to seek the Almighty, the G-od of Israel and the evidence that affirms their Hebrew ancestry. According to Prophecy, first they will return and after that they will remove their abominations and be purified. The Almighty will renew his covenant with Judah and Israel. In the End Times, the Ten Tribes will return in ships and aeroplanes. Ephraim will return to the "Bashan", and to "Gilead", and to "Lebanon", and to the Cities of the Samaria. The Descendants of Joseph will defeat  Edom (see the Book of Obadiah) since they are the only ones capable of doing so (Baba Batra 123b) .

[NRG Editorial Comment:]Anglo-Israelites

It appears that there are not a few Britishers (and Canadians, and Australians, and even a former Prime Minister of New-Zealand, William Massey) who think their descent is from the Ten Tribes. "British Israel" (or "Anglo- Israel") developed from as far back as the 18th century and was wide–spread amongst the Free Masons.

"Brit-Am" is therefore an exceptional organization in this scenario since it is comprised of religious Jews.


Link to Brit-Am Site


3. Translation of Reactions to the Hebrew Article


Until Now 56 reactions under 41 Discussion Headings:

[reactions begin from the latest to arrive (highest number) and work down to the first]

41. [Not translated. Original in English]
A lot of comments miss the point of the relationship.
Ken Quinn, Amsterdam, 04/06/07 04:15
We are not Jewish and do not want to be Jewish. However, we have a lot gifts from our forefathers, Joseph, Israel, Issac, and Abraham. And these gifts are spiritual and physical.
And you mistakenly confuse the whole nations with the individuals WHOSE HEARTS ARE RIGHT. BECAUSE, IF YOU KNOW YOUR TORAH, G_D LOOKS ON THE HEART. Of course the ''nations'' of England and America are really a diseaster and the politicians and so called leaders are little more than elite scum. This is all true but it will not change the regathering of the people by G_d. And believe me, I am ready for this to happen because if you want to know the truth, THE LAND IS MY INHERTIANCE ALSO. Ha Ha, and wait until the Aaarrrrraaabs find out the Ephraim is going to move in on them as well, AND SOON.

40. If Everything is Known

and the Past and the Future are already written,

What are we doing here?



39. Cheap Philosophy

The claims are ridiculous.

  The former head of the Worldwide Church of God in California invented the idea of the Lost Ten Tribes fifty years ago. This is like the story of the Coffee that was imported to Israel years ago as bird-feed, if they [the birds] wish to they will eat it, if they do not so desire they will not.

Gadi Yaari


38. The word "British" is in fact "Covenant-Man" [Brit-ish].

That is  "Man of the Covenant". Nevertheless in my opinion  this has no connection to the Jews but rather to the Free Masons who at the moment control Britain and the USA. George Bush, for example, John Kerri and Al Gore are all related to the Monarch of Britain. This is not a coincidence. The dynasty has been ruling the world for centuries.

Aryeh in Europe.


Reaction to the above Reaction [not translated: Original in English]:

Rubbish! Brit might be [covenant] but ISAH is common suffix.

Jaqueline, Arad


37. Leave Childishness Alone. The bottom line is that we are all brothers and sisters.

Conspirationist, City of Stages.


36. Research is research! And according to books I read the claims are true.

Nir Sadeh, Jerusalem


35.  The lost 10 tribes?  [not translated: Original in English]
17/05/07 11:57
Igli has nothing with
England. England is the ANGLE land of Europe.But maybe BRIT is from hebrew :covenant. At the reign of Solomon's son Rehav'Am the kingdom was split into two: Jewish Yehuda (2 tribes) with Jerusalem as Capital and NON jewish Israel (10 tribes) with Samaria as capital , founded by king Omri . Scholars trace Samaia in Uzbekistan (Samarkand) Samara :KYUIBISHEV .In south Africa , the tribe of Lemba calls itself Bnei Dan just like the Fallashas and even The Igbos ..(Biafra) of Nigeria claim to belong to Dan and in fact Igbo is a travesti name of hebrew. Some AmerIndians from New Mexico claim or indeed did find stones with 10 commandments. In India ,there are Jews : Bnei Israel and NOT bnei Yehudi who claim an independent state of Israel inside India. around Manipur Mani (Menashe and pur :city).i
We have Jews from Zvulon in China at Kai-feng who say they are YO'day ,likewise many hebrew words are found in Japanese with different tonality etc..etc......

          I extend my warmest greetings to you [not translated: Original in English]
        Ngozi Igbo girl,    18/05/07 10:18
We met last christmas at Abakaliki : Igboland Nigeria


34. A load of rubbish just like your beloved Palestinians who claim descent from the Philistines. Think about this.

Zerububiel, Maaleh Karnfayim


33. What a Thrill! We searched for a Refuge and found a family!

We have a blood belationship with the most enlightened of Americans!

With the Klu Klax Klan!! With the Inquisition!! With the Great White Egyptian Nation!!

What a thrill that these are your family relations.

Would not Bin Laden be preferable?



32. There is no doubt that human genes are intermixed.

If we are to consider this however,

"[If we are to be related to someone]. It would be preferable to be related to the Descendants of Ishmael than of Esau". I do not think that Western Culture exactly suits us. The disasters that the descendants of Esau have visited upon the Jews were much worse than those of the Ishmaelites.



31. It is preferable that we not have any connection to Bush.

Who needs such an idiot in the family?

Can One choose their family?


30. bnei menashe,  bnei menashe,    17/05/07 08:04 [not translated: Original in English]

29. [not translated: Original in English]  to be honest, i feel closer to the moderate muslims than to those
   english, the anglo saxons can be lovely people indeed, when you follow their way, but when you oppose them...ooohhhh... when you go against them...the hard cold blooded looks they can have on thier faces...the amazing violence...the, they cannot be called jews, not even the lost 10 is simple mathematics...the common bussiness language will be allways the language of the concorer, the ruthless, the violent...and with a small change in history - it could very well be the germens...and than what? we will see power greedy jews saying the germans are the lost 10 ??

  avi tzanani,    17/05/07 05:46        

Lo concorer ella conqueror Ya ahbal !1   "  
        Ali,  Sakhnin,    17/05/07 09:42
              ooh, i my mistake, i bag your parden   "  
            avi tzanani,    18/05/07 06:20
                  I bag yr parden ??!!!....i   "  
                Simona,  Dimona,   
18/05/07 09:44


 28.  Is Sarkozi really the chief of Zebulun tribe???? [not translated: Original in English]    
    Daniel,  Dordogne-FR,   
17/05/07 02:01

          In Hungarian Shar means ''Bots'' He is a villager
        Jaqueline,    17/05/07 09:46
Different from a city dweller who in some languages is considered a man of asphalt.Son pere est d'origine Hongroise


27.  excellent book i know about it! [not translated: Original in English]
   kabbalah and meditation for'' the nations''
everything is there
for more info you can call me

kabbalistzurich,    17/05/07 00:40


26. Just for General Knowledge,
The British for some time have considered themselves, "The True Children of Israel" they who received Christianity from Joseph of Arimathea and not through Rome.
"Surprisingly", Anglo-Saxon movements in Britain and the USA that consider themselves Israelites, "British Israel" for instance, are also in general anti-Semitic and Racist. Amongst other things they claim that the Jews are cheats and impostors.



25. The Germans, for instance, are descended from the Concubine of Shimala. The Ashkenazim are descended from the maidservant of the maidservant of Issachar. That is the reason they still have not liberated themselves from servitude.

Hida Palsanim, the Gefilte Fish of Next Week, close to the Night of the Carp.


24. Notice that the name "Brit-Am" can represent Britain and America. If this was by chance [that "Brit-Am" i.e. Covenant of the People in Isaiah 49 also can stand for Britain and America] it came out well for them. They could have already mentioned this [in the article]. I simply lack the strength to read all of it.



23. Such Rubbish and Lies are not fitting for NRG. It has been some time since I read such a lot of rubbish in one article. Many facts and assumptions in it are absolutely without any foundation.

Historian, Jerusalem.


22. Unfortunately, the impression becomes more and more stronger that we are one of the fifty stars of the USA.



21. Rubbish!!!!



20.  [not translated: Original in English] i allways knew it - that'a why i am writing english...
  but it's all a complete english.
the jews are allways a reference to the ruling empire -
trying to show the way to real ruler of the world.
it's true that the anglo american empire (or ''conmnection'' as they call it) is much closer to the jewish ideas than others - cause we are near the end of days - but if it was the chinese or the iranians who ruled or will rule ''the world'' someday - they
the jews will stick to their asses, trying to direct their ways.
avi tzanani,   
16/05/07 17:44

 19. [not translated: Original in English]  Semitic cultures, midle east.
   The Arabs are the most near people to the jews
16/05/07 17:22

18. The USA and England are closer externally and mentally to the Aryan Race than to the Hebrew one.


17. Hello guys

Anglo Saxon are the English but Saxon are German now I understand why Hitler loved Jewish.

Probably the above also applies to the Catholic kings of
Spain - they used the Inquisition to burn Jews

Ha ha ha
Haifa,    16/05/07 14:33


16. Yair Davidiy – A Serious Professional Researcher

I know Yair and I have read his book. From my personal acquaintance with the man (not in connection to the present subject) I can tell you that he is a serious person and his work is true research.


Benny Cogan, Jerusalem


15. Every Fantasy Becomes a Journalistic Item?

What will become of you?


14. Sibolet-Shibolet,




13. Reaction to nos. 4 and 5

You Fools! You have not learnt Torah and your head is empty!

[For this reason] You are speaking rubbish!

How [can you say] such things?

Fools. Ignoramuses, and unlearned!

First learn Torah and then judge.

Ran, Canada


12. Hold on! What is going on, here?

George Bush, Senior.


11. Completely Controverted!

Linguistic Similarity could at times occur due to certain influences and not because they are Hebrews.

It is really a ridiculous story.

This [claimed] Migration of Peoples is not described in any History Books!

The Americans are a mixture of peoples, English, Dutch, Spanish, Portuguese, Irish, and more others. There is no homogeneity in their backgrounds. It is impossible to assume that they are descended from Hebrews. The story of the name of Amerigo Vespucci that came out of the Bible is so much without foundation as to be embarrassing.

In conclusion, anti-Semitism and anti-Israelism is so great in Europe and America that it is really not clear where the idea that they are for us came from.


Redemption is near? Wow, Really?


[Miss?] Disprover.


10. A Feverish Illusion.


11. They forgot one thing

The Americans, Australians, British, Canadians, New Zealanders and all the others came from France to Britain and from there to the rest of the world. They therefore cannot belong to different tribes.


8. The English love Jewish [not translated: Original in English]
   The English love Jewish and the good example is York tower where the English burn the Jew

Ha ha ha what a stupid story

Meir,  Haifa,    16/05/07 13:33


[reaction in Hebrew]

The Jews love themselves even less.

See how Shalom Achshav [Peace Now movement] love the settlers and vice versa.

A real Romeo and Juliet story.

Acga Acga Acga


7. Jewish Arrogance! Absolute Rubbish!

It is unbelievable how vain one must be to think such things and even publish them!

What a load of rubbish! The Ten Tribes apparently were assimilated by the peoples of the region. All the chances are that their genes passed over specifically to the Arabs around them.

Concerning the Europeans and Americans of European origin according to their facial characteristics and other signs their origins are different from that of a Semitic source.

There were so many tribes in Europe so why specifically [pick on] our Ten Tribes? Therefore stop speaking rubbish on the web.



The Origin of all humanity was in Africa 60 thousand years ago.



6. It is possible through a simple blood test to know the origin of every person.

Geneticists today can identify the origin of a person by certain of his DNA sequences. As far as is known about 15 per cent of the Europeans are of Middle East origin. This includes famous figures such as Thomas Jefferson the ancient origin of whose family was from the region of Lebanon.



5. What Rubbish!

If such is the case, the French are also part of us.



4. Horrible Rubbish!



3. I have heard of this and it is possible!

For thousands of years many Jews assimilated or were forced to become Christians or Moslems. Take for example the new President of France or the Englishman, David Beckham, whose origins are Jewish. I heard that in Spain there many Christain families who light candles on the evening before Shabbat and perform all kinds of other Jewish customs.

It is therefore a possibility.

At all events, Redemption is near and so we should know soon.

Leor, Natanyah.


2. One thing is certain

If the two tribes known to us today number 15 to 18 million (and these are the ones who survived the Holocaust) the Ten Tribes should number at least 250 million people.

It is fitting that locating them be made a national and religious goal of the highest level.

"and raise up a standard to gather in our exiles"

Jean-Paul Meire.


Eureka! The Price of Apartments in Tel Aviv will go sky-high!

Greedy Landlord.


With Artic Thawing it would seem that real estate is in a temporary slump.

S.L. Ben Yehudah


Prices should go up now before Ahmadinejad outs out a Demolition Injunction.

Resident of Tel Aviv

1. Interesting

It sounds a little imaginary in parts and even racist (concerning our Western Character) but nevertheless interesting.


Incidentally, it was written [above],


"The Ten Tribes will return in ships and aeroplanes. Ephraim will return to the "Bashan", and to "Gilead", and to "Lebanon", and to the Cities of the Samaria."


Sorry, but it would seem to me that there is not enough room…


Good Day,



Natural Increase was not taken into account,

Which is what the Bible speaks about.
The obsessive compulsiveness of the modern world.


4. Analysis
of the Reactions:

Audience mixed, mainly secular, even includes at least one Arab (see no. 29 Ali, Sakhnin).
The message emphasized Biblical sources and was posted in full.
Reactions were not blasphemous as would be likely to happen before secular American and European audiences. Reactions indicate that many must have read the message and have been interested despite themselves.

The reactions include the following categories:

Other explanations exist for the reported phenomena used in the "Proofs" (nos. 38, 11).
Contrary to Universalist Instincts (no. 37).
Other claims to being the Lost Tribes more acceptable (nos. 35,30).
Identified Brit-Am Peoples are not "Semitic" enough (nos. 19, 18, 7).
Identified Brit-Am Peoples are too anti-Jewish to be acceptable (nos. 33, 32, 26, 17, 8).
Reject idea as being without foundation (nos.23,21,15, 5, 4).

Agreement based on prior [Brit-Am or Other] learning of the subject (no.36, 3).
Agreement with Brit-Am teachings (no. 16, 13, 1).
Agreement to some degree due to historical probability etc (nos.24,20, 6, 2).

Some of those who are against the idea still leave the possibility open (e.g. nos 26,32)

Considering the audience the results are not that bad.
Almost 20% agree to some degree.
Almost 10% (5 in number) quote the existence of anti-Judaism in Brit-Am nations as a reason for rejecting the idea and some of the 5 who consider the belief as without foundation may also have had the presence of anti-Semitism in mind.

These results show that even secular Jews are potentially far far more open to the idea than their counterparts in most of the "Brit-Am" nations probably would be.
The known existence of anti-Jewish, anti-Israeli feelings in the "Brit-Am" identified nations remains the major stumbling block to acceptance of Brit-Am beliefs by Judah.

We wonder what effect a similar article would have if posted prominently on the site of a leading secular newspaper in the USA or Britain not to mention "less sympathetic" countries such as Finland, Norway, Ireland, and Switzerland!