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Make an Offering to the Brit-Am Ten Tribes Movement
Brit-Am works on behalf of ALL Israelites meaning both the Ten Tribes and Judah.
The Brit-Am Ten Tribes Movement depends on offerings and purchases of Brit-Am Publications.
To contribute to Brit-Am or to order a book send checks to one of the addresses below (or use our PayPal facilities):

In North America:
Itamar Davidy
P.O.B. 223814
FL 33020
(Please make checks out to
Itamar Davidy)

Outside of North America and in Israel
or from North America if wishing to attach a personal note to Yair.
Yair Davidiy
POB 595
Jerusalem 91004
(please make checks out to Yair Davidiy)

ALTERNATIVES to PayPal or Snail Mail

1. How to Make Donations or Payments by Western Union

To Send Money to Brit-Am/Hebrew Tribes and Nations
[e.g. to make offerings or to order books]

For Western Union you only need my name and place of the Post Office.

Yair Davidiy, (Rabbi Akiva St), Beitar Ilit, Israel

Pay the Money to Western Union (often available through local Post Offices)

You will then receive a receipt for the money paid and a code number.

You may then send an e-mail to Yair Davidiy with the details, and the code number.
Yair Davidiy may then go to the Post Office here in Israel and pick up the money.

2. How to Make Payments or Offerings Directly in the USA.

It is possible to make a direct payment to the bank account of my son (Itamar Davidiy) which I use as if it was my own.
If making such a deposit it is preferable to let Yair Davidiy know by e-mail.
Anyone can make direct deposits without any problem.
They just need the account number and bank routing number:
Name: Chase Bank
Routing: 267084131
Account: 9402207470
Recipient: Itamar Davidy

For List of Available Publications see:
Make an Offering - choose amount on PayPal's page

If you have any queries or are uncertain about anything do not hesitate to