Movement of Arab Populations (MAP)

The Arabs must leave the Land of Israel and surrounding areas and go elsewhere. This is for their own good and what a signifincant percentage of them would prefer. They should be helped to go.
This is a Biblically-based Injunction. It is essential for the future survival of the Jewish State of Israel.

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Movement of Arab Populations (MAP)


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Movement of Arab Populations (MAP)
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Sources Options for Survival. A Solution to the War in Gaza

"The Arab Problem. DRIVE THEM OUT!" by Alexander Zephyr

"They Must Go!" The Proposed Movement of Arab Populations.

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#4. Transfer in Lebanon?
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#5. An Alternate Opinion Concerning THE DEMOGRAPHIC PROBLEM
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#3. Why is "MAP" (Movement of Arab Populations) the Only Realistic Solution Ignored?
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( 1. Only 1/4 of Israeli-Arabs Supported Israel in War, as Predicted
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#1. Population Transfer- Arab Style Al Qaeda Drives out Yazidi Kurds
Edom (Europe) and Ishmael (Islam) to Unite?

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