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Various Celtic Traditions

Table of Contents.

 1. The Irish Story

 2. Israelite Invasion of Ireland
Fomorians and Nemedians

 3. Tribe of Dana

 4. Don and Bile:
The Welsh Version of their Origins.

 5. More on Irish History: Historical Peoples.

 6. The Hiberi-Milesians.
Early Settlers of Ireland.

 7. Irish Accounts of their Ancestors: Milesians Continued

 8. Irish Israelite Ancestry and 'Roberts'.

 9. The Clan of Yair in Israel, Ireland, and Scotland.

10. Scottish/Israelite Food Taboos

11. The Judah Touch and the Red Hand of Ulster.

12. Celtic Peoples and their Israelite Ancestors.

13. Irish History and Yair in the Bible.

14. Irish Mythology:
Semiramus, Bartholomew, and Partholon.

15. The Ladder of Jacob and the Stone of Scone

16. Early Hebrew Practices of the Celtic Peoples.

17. The Chronicles of Eri

18. Morgan-Pelagius.
The Mosaic Faith as a Legitimate Alternative!

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