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Various Traditions #8 by Yair Davidiy
adapted from:
"Lost Israelite Identity.
The Israelite Origin of Celtic Races" (1996).

Irish Israelite Ancestry and 'Roberts'.

     "Roberts" in what is described as "one of the oldest histories in the English language" (quoted by RAYMOND F.  McNAIR, "America And Britain In Prophecy", 1996, U.S.A. ) speaks of Israelites led by a certain Bartholome (also known as "Erain"? cf. Numbers 23:36, Eran son of Ephraim son of Joseph) who were driven from Spain and settled in Ireland:

"Gwrgan(r)t....directed them [Bartholomew and company] go to Ireland, which at that time lay waste and uninhabited. ...and there they settled..; and there their descendants are to this day in Ireland." "He Bartholome .. had his name from a river of Spain called Eirinnal, on the banks of which they had lived.....they had arrived from  Israel (Palestine) their original country and ...their ancestors  dwelt in a retired part of Spain,  near Eirnia, from whence the Spaniards drove them to sea.. "

         "Bartholomew" or "Partholomew" is also mentioned in Irish accounts as leader of one of the first groups who settled in Ireland. In the account of Roberts above it says expressly that "Israel (Palestine)" was "their original country".

         In 1581 Vincenzio Galilei (father of the astronomer, Galileo Galilei) wrote that the Irish believed themselves descended from David, King of Israel, and that was why they used a harp as their symbol.  
7. Irish Accounts of their Ancestors:
Milesians Continued.

9. The Clan of Yair in Israel, Ireland, and Scotland.

Various Celtic Traditions
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