Are the American Indians descended from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel? Do the Amerindians fulfil Brit-Am Israelite Criteria? Did Ancient Israelites and Phoenicians visit America? What does the evidence suggest? What about the Cherokee Indians? Is there a connection to Tibet? Who Are the Melungeons? Do the Melungeons have Hebrew antecedents?

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1. Are the Amerindians from the Lost Tribes?
2. Kevin Opp: Notes on Amerindians and Lost Israelites
3. Is there any DNA evidence linking the Amerindians to Ancient Israel?

1. Question: Are the Amerindians from the Lost Tribes?
Answer: People of Hebraic descent from the Lost Tribes from different regions and at various times reached the Americas before Colombus. Nevertheless the overall impression is that the majority of Amerindians were not of Israelite origin though some may well have been.

2. Kevin Opp:
Notes on Amerindians and Lost Israelites

Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-793

I believe it would be silly to think of all native Americans as Lost Israelites.  It is my belief that they are a mixtures of Babylonian, Assyrian, Egyptian, Hebrew, and Phoenician.  Many of the tribes can be associated with paganism and their own form of sun god, eagle, solstice style Babylonian rooted religion; but then again so can the northern tribes.  Recently in Kentucky, Wyatt Archeology, discovered a "high place" that has inscriptions to the god baal in three languages, Paleo-Hebrew, Egyptian, and Iberian Punic..However, growing up in Dakota, and Montana I can add something to this topic.  The Northern plains and Rockies tribes consist of the Lakota (Sioux), Blackfoot, Flathead, Kootenai Cheyenne, and Crow as the major tribes.  These peoples were much different then the sun god associated peoples.  They were heavily influenced by a Monotheism at one point in their history.  Of real interest is the fact that there are 7 Lakota Nations, and the Crow, Cheyenne, and Blackfoot all at one point split off of the Lakota and went through periods of war and peace with them.  That is three plus seven making a total of "10" separate peoples!  Not to mention that their history resembles the history of the northern kingdom.  These were the prosperous tribes of the Dakota and Montana great plains, the ones that were still waring and holding their own against the US Government when all the other Indians had given up and gone to the reservations at least ten years earlier.  In fact Crazy Horse is cited as the only man in history to ever win a war against the US government, it was not a peaceful truce like Vietnam, he literally defeated all US Calvary forces and then the Civil War started so the Government gave up on him until after the Civil War.  This is no little task he was a warrior, by the end of the Civil War he was dead, but his nation was still resisting under Sitting Bull. The US Government bowed down to his demands, and did not go into the Black Hills for it's precious gold until after the Civil War.   These native tribes gather around the fire, or in the "sweat house" which highly resembles the Scythian smoke huts (I don't remember what they are called).  In these ceremonies they play drums and chant something like "Aiy-Aiy-Aiy" over and over again.  Which in English translated "Oh LORD Oh LORD Oh LORD LORD LORD" or something like that.  They call their single God ''Grandfather"  in their native tongue. 
And believe he is the creator of all and giver of all, which is much different than the foolishness of the various pagan gods such as the Dagon, the fish god.  They also NEVER made an image of him like almost all others, they believed he was eternal and of spirit without form. They worshiped him with flutes and chants. And smoked tobacco or other herbs in thanksgiving to him.  There worship never formed around any solar pattern like the other natives, but around grandfather being the great provider, giving the buffalo and all other things they needed to survive.  Though they did have their particular form of a high place though, they considered the Black Hills in SD to be the most sacred ground on earth.  We gave it to them after losing several bloody battles with Crazy Horse, but later we discovered it was full of some of the worlds purist Gold.  To this day Lead, SD is the number 3 gold producer in the world for 100 years and running, it is also world famous for it's quality, and this bit of history is where the famous historic American term "There's Gold in Them Hills," was coined. 
Interestingly also Sitting Bull prophesied his own death 2 years before it happened, to the exact.  He said he would die at the hands of his own people and they killed him.  The Lakota got desperate after the Black Hills were taken and began a very creepy ritual known as the Ghost Dance, the Ghost Dancers tried to contact the ancient warriors to fight for them and bring back things as they were.  Sitting Bull rejected this as evil, and they killed him after he wouldn't start another rebellion with them, which is exactly what he said 2 years before, he even prophesied the exact place he would die in.  If you read some quotes of him, some of the things he says sounds like it came out of the bible.  I am not saying he was a prophet, but find these things fascinating.

Also of interest is the fact that these particular tribes are much more apt to except the God of Israel than any other tribe, though in the form of Christianity, it is still something most tribes are not known for.  Even the famous Evangelist Oral Roberts was mostly Sioux or Cheyenne I forget, but he held revivals on tribal grounds and converted thousands of these tribes, perhaps more than any other native tribes.  I was once also told something very interesting by a young native.  He told me his grandfather told him that once before the white man arrived a prophet came to all the nations of the natives and told them that if they didn't stop killing each other grandfather was going to send the pale face and they would force them to stop killing each other.  He said it was a legend carried down from generation to generation.  God did deal with other nations through prophets like Jonah and Jeremiah, so even though it is not recorded it isn't impossible by any means.   Alcohol is their biggest problem, but whenever these peoples decide to quit drinking they become very productive.  I really don't have a huge belief that they are of the lost tribes, but find these facts of some interest to the topic at hand.  I am sure that they are most likely a mixture.  Steve Collins covers the Nez Pierce as most likely coming from Chaldea, in one of his books I believe, and the tribes I mentioned did much trading with them.

3. Is there any DNA evidence linking the Amerindians to Ancient Israel?

We are not in the practice of answering questions like this nor are we qualified to do so.
Nevertheless, just from glancing at the literature, the DNA of Amerindians on the whole is close to that of East Siberia and Asia in general. There are however numerous open questions on this matter and phenomena indicating some European-type and Middle Eastern intrusions in the distant past. This would be consistent with a degree of Hebrew ancestry relating to a portion of the population.
One of these phenomena concerns the mtDNA haplogroup X2. See:
BAMAD no.29
#1. Amerindians-Middle East-Druze DNA Connection Proven?

In this entry We bring DNA semi-technical extracts that in summarized form may suggest the following theory that seems to be in the process of formation:
In Ancient times mt(female-transmitted)DNA haplogroup X2 was widely prevalent in the Middle East and perhaps amongst the Ancient Israelites in the Galilee area.
A group whose members included those bearing mtDNA X2 went to North America where the X2 experienced a minor change becoming  X2a.
Their descendants are especially prominent amongst the Native American/First Peoples; Ojibwa, Nuu-Chah-Nulth, Sioux, Na-Dene-Navaho, Yakima.
Meanwhile in the Middle East most bearers of X2 disappeared through Genetic Drift (died out, had more males than females with the extra males marrying non-X2 females, or females from outside, etc) with only the Druzes retaining the original large proportions of X2 in their population.
The Druze were able to do this since they are a small community, isolated, not intermarrying with others, and usually marrying only within their own village or extended family.

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