Does Europe represent Edom?
Is Europe the natural enemy of Israel?
What is the destiny of Europe?

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"Brit-Am Now"-13
#1. Anti-Semitism in Europe
Jerusalem News-69
#4. Hitler and the Euro
Jerusalem News-73
#2. European boycott targets Israeli universities
Jerusalem News-76
#5. JORDAN TIMES: EU versus Sharon
Jerusalem News-113
#1. EU pays salaries of Arab Nazis
Jerusalem News-146
#1: Anti-semitism in Europe
Jerusalem News-147
#4. Europeans subsidize fifth column and pay for anti-Israeli propaganda
Jerusalem News-150
#3. EU supports murderers of Jews. More Jews killed
Jerusalem News-151
#1. EU being sued for helping murderers?
#4. Peace Now (EU funded) gives opinion
Jerusalem News-168
#3. Europe, France and Germany Against Israel
Jerusalem News-187
#5. Why are France and Germany pro-Saddam?
#6. EU inconsistencies
Jerusalem News-198
#7. French and German Financial Interest in Iraq
Jerusalem News-238
#5. EU Neo-Nazis Still Plotting against Israel?
Jerusalem News-262
#5. EU Shelves Anti-Semitism Report - Because It Cited Moslems
Jerusalem News-268
#1. Western sperm count fall
Jerusalem News-284
#3. Many Europeans hold anti-Semitic views
Jerusalem News-289
#1. EU subsidizes Israeli fifth column
(The Treachery of Issachar)
Jerusalem News-303
#6. EU Bankrolls PLO Enemies of Israel
Jerusalem News-305
#1. EU Sponsors Terror Against Jews
Jerusalem News-308
#2. EU Art and Aims?
Jerusalem News-312
#1. EU Doesn't Even Compare to Arkansas
Jerusalem News-328
#2. Arutz 7 Tuesday, Gen. Eiland: Europe's Interest Not That of Israel's Information on kosher slaughter
Jerusalem News-329
#1. European Attempts to Undermines Israeli Society
#2. Putin: Why Not Price Oil in Euros?
Jerusalem News-340
#5. Arabs and Europe versus USA and Israel
Jerusalem News-354
#5. Joseph Puder: Europe and Israel-A Painful History
Jerusalem News-355
#1. Kyna: Eurabia

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