"Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph"

Joseph has a duty to reform mankind. It was prophesied that Joseph would be granted the ability to fulfil his national task. This book explores the Task of Joseph in the light of Biblical, Rabbinical, Historical, and Up-to-date Geo-Political analysis. This work contain important and interesting information much of which is not available elsewhere.
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"Role to Rule.
The Task of Joseph"

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The Lost Ten Tribes went to the West. Descendants of Joseph are to be found primarily within the English-speaking nations of North America and the British Isles and their overseas offshoots. Joseph had a predetermined role in world history to fulfill.

"Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph" examines the destiny and duty of Joseph, how it was fulfilled, and what remains to be done.

It is shown there really was an exile of the northern Israelites and that they really were lost. Joseph received a greater blessing than all the other Tribes along with the right of the Firstborn. Joseph technically at present has the status of a "Gentile" but as a nation he also has particular obligations beyond those of Gentiles and even beyond those of other Israelites. The names of Abraham the Hebrew, Isaac, Jacob, and other Patriarchs are recalled as national appellations of the British and American peoples. Joseph was required to become a blessing for others, a light to the world, and a civilizer of the non-Israelite heathens. The sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh, were each to have their own national distinctions. Joseph was blessed that he would possess the "Gates" of his adversaries meaning the control of strategic points exposing the vulnerabilities of potential enemies. This was a characteristic of British Imperial Policy in the past and if anything it is EVEN MORE a feature of US strategy in the present. Joseph was to be involved in Egypt, Africa, and India and to populate Australia and New Zealand. Joseph is destined to defeat the Edomite-dominated nations meaning most non-Israelite powers of importance. Joseph is OBLIGED to rule over the nations and guide them in the right direction.
The Jews are representative of Judah who also has a unique task of his own in this world and on the whole the Jews have and still do fulfill their task. Joseph and Judah are in need of each other.

Appendices include a full improved translation of an article from the Rabbinical Scholar, Nachmanides (1194 - c. 1270 CE), proving that the Lost Ten Tribes had been exiled, were in the North, and were destined to defeat the Heathen Edomite Powers and return to reunite with Judah.
A Prophesy (Deuteronomy 28:68) that the Exiles from the Land of Israel would be taken to Egypt in ships was fulfilled in Judah as recorded by secular historians.
Rabbi Avraham HaCohen Kook (1864 - 1935) was the first Chief Rabbi of the State of Israel and the Spiritual Guide for all Modern Religious Zionism. A translation of an article by Rabbi Kook confirms our understanding of the roles of Judah and Joseph.

"Role to Rule" is at present the ONLY source where much of this information and more of equal importance may be available.
"Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph" studies Biblical Messages concerning Joseph in the light of Rabbinical Tradition along with up-to-date expert geo-political analysis and historical anecdote.

This book is indispensable for an understanding of the USA, Britain, and the West today.
It is also interesting and pleasantly readable.

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