Brit-Am is a Movement seeking to prove that the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are in the west. Brit-Am works for the reconciliation of Judah and Joseph.
Brit-Am provides answers for Ephraimites and for the Two House Movement.

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Brit-Am Answers to Queries: Ephraimites

1. Is Brit-Am another form of British-Israel?
2. Is Brit-Am  a White Supremacist Movement?
4. Does Brit-Ish really mean "Man of the Covenant" in Hebrew?
5. In Brit-Am correspondence and articles the expressions "we" and "us" occur frequently though it appears that the writer, Yair Davidiy, is intended, why is this?
6. Is Brit-Am Dangerous?
"T" asks:
<<An acquaintance keeps saying to me that Brit-Am is dangerous. She seems to claim that Brit-Am is liable to provide justification for anti-Semitic "Identity" movements or for Christian groups who claim they have an equal right to the land of Israel as the Jews or who may use "Brit-Am" type beliefs as a tool to missionize Jews.
<<I tell her that Brit-Am is a good positive movement but it would be easier if I had a specific article on your web-site directly dealing with these issues to which I could refer.
7. Are there General Rules for corresponding to the Brit-Am e-mail list? And if so, what are they?
8. What is acceptable for correspondence with Brit-Am?
9. How many members does the Brit-Am Organization have? How many are on the Brit-Am e-mail list? How many visit the Brit-Am web-site?
10. Is Brit-Am Racialist?

1. Question: Is Brit-Am another form of British -Israel?
It has been claimed that Brit-Am Hebraic Identification beliefs derive ultimately from "British-Israelism" or "Anglo-Israelism" and that therefore something is wrong with it. An uninformed misguided article, "The Ephramite Error," for instance said about us:

<<Davidy's dependence on another probable source, the writings produced during and after the eighteenth century movement called Anglo-Israelism or British-Israelism. And it is for good reason that these sources are not mentioned, as they are popular among some American anti-Semitic groups for their pro-white, racial claims to being Israel.
<<I will list several parallels that are striking in their agreement. Both groups (Anglo-Israelites and Ephraimites) build their theories on the mythic story of the ten "lost tribes" of the northern kingdom. Both groups put great store by suspect and contrived etymologies of English words based on Hebrew. Both groups claim pre-eminent, "first-born" status as purported heirs of Ephraim. Both share an innate hostility toward Roman Catholicism and Judaism. Both proclaim that the teaching they propound is a "mystery" revealed only through their teachers. Both argue that the lost tribes migrated to areas where they eventually became known as Saxons. Both groups make mention of the nobility of anglo-Saxons as evidence for their biblical, Israelite heritage.

Answer: Brit-Am is NOT British-Israel especially not in the negative sense the term is often applied. Brit-Am derives its Knowledge from the Bible, Rabbinical Commentary on the Bible, Science, History, and Related Sources!
In our researches we try to acknowledge any source we use and in some cases we did use the same sources as British-Israel. The movement called "British-Israel" was not originally anti-Semitic and the organization now identified as "British-Israel" (i.e. the British Israel World Federation) in the ideological sense has only a shaky claim to the title.

See our article:
"Brit-Am versus British-Israel Brit-Am is Closer to the True British-Israel Movement
in the Positive Sense!!
British-Israelite Ideaology in the Light of Reality"
See also:
"Brit-Am Now"-327
#5. Question on British Israel
"Brit-Am Now"-334
#4. Some famous Believers in Israelite ANCESTRY
"Brit-Am Now"-393
#2. Athol Bloomer: British Israelites and the Jews
"Brit-Am Now"-563
#7. Jan Christiaan Smuts

It is not true that most "Ephraimites" are anti-Jewish since we have found the overwhelming majority to be pro-Jewish or at least highly sympathetic to the Jewish people, the State of Israel,  and the Jewish religion.
They are also not necessarily anti-Catholic since there are some Catholics amongst them and at least one (Athol Bloomer) has carried out research of value to the Brit-Am "Ephraimite" movement. Apart from that, Brit-Am does its own thing and should be judged on its own merits and not be judged by alleged associations with anybody else. Brit-Am is capable of withstanding comparison with any Biblically-based conventionally-accepted criteria.

See also:
"Brit-Am Now"-106
#1. Clarification from Steven Spikerman in London and Note by Yair Davidiy
"Brit-Am Now"-109

For details about the treasonous criminal "Identity Cult" see:
"Brit-Am Now"-187
#2. The 'Chistian Identity' Cult
"Brit-Am Now"-529
#1. Joan Griffith: WCG was indeed Pro-Zionist
"Brit-Am Now"- 534
#2. Note on HWA and Zionism

2. Question: Is Brit-Am  a White Supremacist Movement?
Brit-Am Ephraimite ideas may have been associated by others with White Supremacy.
Answer: Brit-Am does not recognize color-differences only Tribal Ones.

See our Answers to the Questions: Race 1. Is Miscegenation (Racial Mixing) Forbidden? 3. Are there Black Israelites?

Answer: In Ulster and possibly in Scotland the idea may lie behind some aspects of their ceremonial. This however is more of a local phenomenon introduced by neighborhood enthusiasts. It is not characteristic of Masonry in general.


4. Question: Does Brit-Ish really mean "Man of the Covenant" in Hebrew?
Answer: The name "British" could be understood to mean "Man of the Covenant".

"Brit-Am Now"147 #1. British = Brit-Ish?

5. Question: In Brit-Am correspondence and articles the expressions "we" and "us" occur frequently though it appears that the writer, Yair Davidiy, is intended, why is this?
Answer: Brit-Am is a team effort. Without the support, assistance, feed-back, and input of others we could not function.

"Brit-Am Now"306 #2. The use of "we" and "us".

6. Question: Is Brit-Am Dangerous?
"T" asks: <<An acquaintance keeps saying to me that Brit-Am is dangerous. She seems to claim that Brit-Am is liable to provide justification for anti-Semitic "Identity" movements or for Christian groups who claim they have an equal right to the land of Israel as the Jews or who may use "Brit-Am" type beliefs as a tool to missionize Jews.
<<I tell her that Brit-Am is a good positive movement but it would be easier if I had a specific article on your web-site directly dealing with these issues to which I could refer.
Answer: Experience shows that no matter what one does or says there will always be those who will try to present you as intending the opposite. In some cases the people concerned are genuinely mistaken and it may be possible to show them the error of their ways. There have however also been instances where antagonists appear to have been mentally disturbed or to have sinister motives. In these cases it can help to make "probing" inquiries of one's own. One reply is to ask those who make negative claims against us to refer to something specific that we have said and which can be related to.

In addition, you quoted three possible types of claim being made against Brit-Am:
(1. Concerning Anti-Semitic "Identity" movements
Brit-Am provides the following answers:
Go to:
"Brit-Am Now"-659
#1. Brit-Am Reply to "Jewish" Objections.

Here we reply to objections of a "racial" nature and also refer to articles on our site proving from the Bible that the Jews of today in Biblical terms are "Judah" of Scripture.
We also have a popular article ("The Khazars") where we affirm that most Jews are not descended from the Khazars and at all events the Khazars were of Israelite origin.
(2. Christian groups who claim they have an equal right to the land of Israel as the Jews:
We agree in principle that descendants of Israel do have a right to the land and in future they (or a good representative main portion of them) will return and inherit (alongside Judah) their Tribal allotment within the Promised Land from the Nile to the Euphrates. We emphasize however that this is not pertinent at present. We have dedicated a lot of time and energy to making this point and numerous articles deal with it on our site.
Go to:
Replies to Queries: Ephraimites
Question #3: What criticisms are made against "Ephraimites" and how does that concern Brit-Am? The criticisms are listed below and then answered.

Here it is shown that Judah at present is acting on behalf of all Israel and that the task of "Joseph" on the whole is to remain in their present places while helping Judah keep and develop the Land.
See also:
Replies to Queries: General
Question # 4. Do you think that members of the Lost Tribes should move to Israel at present?

These answers also have references to numerous other notes and articles on this and related subjects dealing in detail with all possible aspects of this type of question.
See also: Queries About the Land of Israel
Question: 1. Who Has a Right to Live in the Land of Israel?

(3. Concerning they "who may use "Brit-Am" type beliefs as a tool to missionize Jews":
See our reply:
Brit-Am Now-667
Item #2. Brit-Am Strengthens Bible Belief and Helps Everybody

Here we show that on the contrary Brit-Am is a deterrent against missionizing efforts and provides answers to them.
If this reply appears a little harsh see the related correspondence:
Brit-Am Now"-668
 Item #1. Thomas Gray: Brit-Am has "a callous disregard"?
Why Not Convert LTTs to Judaism?


7. Question. Are there General Rules for correspnding to the Brit-Am e-mail list? And if so, what are they?
Answer: There is no open group discussion as such.
The Brit-Am list is moderated.
e.g. Someone says something and you wish to reply then you may send your reply to Brit-Am and we then have the option to decide whether to post all or part or none (depending on the situation) of what you wrote to the list.
There are general rules as to what is acceptable and what is not but sometimes the choice may seem quite arbitrary.
If you wish to correspond with us and NOT HAVE any of what you say publicized you have merely to say so.

e-mail addresses: Lately, most correspondents would rather not have their e-mail addresses included in published correspondence but there are exceptions.
Based on what we may know of the person writing or on the nature of what is written we try to guess as to whether the correspondent wants his e-mail address included. We may however be mistaken in some instances. It is therefore advisable for the person writing to say explicitly what they wish.
It is possible to send us a comment or question and have it posted with:
Full name and e-mail address.
Name only.
Neither name nor address.
They who have explicit preferences should make them known.
8. What is acceptable for correspondence with Brit-Am?
Answer: Anything that is pertinent to Brit-Am studies or expressed interests is open to discussion or queries.
Brit-Am cannot accept:
Attempts to convert us or members of the list through our list to particular religious beliefs. This is not tolerated.
Racialist postings or postings liable to unnecessarily offend others are forbidden.
Anti-Jewish postings are forbidden.
Postings overduly ciritical of Brit-Am "Israelite" nationalities are not allowed. In some cases exceptions to this rule may get through. We were once asked why on this matter we are stricter concerning postings against "Judah" than we are concerning postings against "Joseph". The reply is that this is our prerogative and that in this matter "Judah" is much more vulnerable and therefore a greater sensitivity is required.
Brit-Am does not tolerate Conspiracy Theories.
Personal attacks upon Brit-Am moderators, or members of the list are not tolerated.
Brit-Am values are Biblical ones and these must be respected.
See also:
Brit-Am Criteria.
9. Questions:
(a) How many members does the Brit-Am Organization have?
(b) How many are on the Brit-Am e-mail list?
(c) How many visit the Brit-Am web-site?
Answer: In August 2006 (Ab 5766)
[see Update for 2007 below]:
(a) Members. There were about 300 membership-certificate bearing members. Actual membership however was probably greater.
(b) E-Mail List. About 1600 e-mail addresses receive Brit-Am postings. On the positive side, a few of the addresses are multiple-member groups. The Postings could therefore reach about 2000 email addresses. On the other hand about 100 addresses at any one time are defunct, some people receive the postings but seldom read them, etc. A conservative estimate would probably say that a MINIMUM of about 1000 people both receive the mailings and read them fairly regularly.
(c) Web-Site Visits. In January 2006 our main web site received ca 920 visitors a day. In March it had reached 1280 (probably as a result of our interview by Tamar Yonah on Arutz-7), and in August it had fallen back to ca.1080 visits per day. In September it jumped back to 1368, in October it fell to 1330 and in Novermber the present rate is still lower but it is too early to tell. These are the average number of visits per day every day.
Of these visits about 40% are primarily interested in the Genealogy Pages of Betty Rhodes.
Features of persistent popularity are the Brit-Am articles on Biblical Proofs, the Khazars, Dan, The Tribes, Anthropology, and (recently) Jerusalem News.
It should also be noted that the Brit-Am choice of topic and style of presentation appeals mainly to they who have above-average intellectual and moral capabilities and fields of interest.

Update Elul 5757, September 2007
(a) Members. Several Hundreds. For various reasons no attempt in recent years has been made to expand membership- just the opposite, though this may change.

(b) E-Mail List. The Postings now reach about 1700 email addresses but they are also posted to our web-site within a day or two and many prefer to regularly read them there.
There is a high turn-over rate, many drop out not because they lose interest but because the quantity of messages overwhelms them and they would prefer to maintain their interest at a lower rate of intensity.

(c) Web-Site Visits. June 2007 showed an average of 1,678 visits per day, July 1,916, August 1,512, and indications for September may presage a further drop. Nevertheless the overall tendency is for variations along an upword incline. The Genealogy Pages that once drew ca.40% of our visitors no longer exist on our site so the REAL increase is even greater than the figures imply. The most popular topics are the same as for 2006 with the addition of Pictures of Ancient Hebrews and Jerusalem News.
10. Question. Is Brit-Am Racialist?
Answer: Brit-Am identifies a certain group of peoples in the West as they who today comprise the overwhelming majority of the Ten Lost Tribes. It is in these peoples that the Lost Ten Tribes receive their Prophesied Israelite Expression.
Concerning these and all other Israelites it was said,


In other words a certain people or group of peoples will become a source of blessing to all other peoples. Just because we do not say that ALL OTHER PEOPLES are the same as the Chosen People by virtue of whom they receive the blessing to them does not make us racialist.
We also say that the Lost Ten Tribes as well as the Jews wandered through many nations and possibly left numerous descendants behind them. Nevertheless from a Biblical Perspecitve only in the Nations identified by the Bible as Israelites do Hebraic Characteristics present themselves as explained in our article on Ephraimite Criteria.

Brit-Am might concentrate on one particular group of nations but people from all over identify with us and support us. Brit-Am sympathizers within Israelite Nations such as the USA include those whose ancestors were Afro-Americans, Amerindians, Spanish, Germans, Ukrainians, Russians, Lithuanians, Italians, Hungarians, etc.
Overseas amongst Brit-Am subscribers and sympathizers one will find Chinese, Jamaicans,Afghans, Indians, and Latin Americans. None of these people have any complaints, on the contrary.
People who identify with us often feel an inner calling and sense of Identification. Brit-Am provides an answer that is not false.
See also:
Brit-Am is a Racist Organization?

Brit-Am does not allow sufficient room for believers who identify with Israel and Judah but are not necessarily of Israelite descent.

Q. 2. Is Brit-Am a White Supremacist Movement?

Joseph and the Law. Do Ephraimites have to Keep the Law of Moses in our time as distinct from the End Times?

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#9. Brit-Am Should "stay on course"
"Brit-Am Now"-969
#5. Inverness: Brit-Am "a light that attracts the mosquitoes"!
"Brit-Am Now"970
#3. New Year for Brit-Am?
(a) The Hebrew New Year
(b) Brit-Am
(1) Negative Side
(2)Positive In Sum.
"Brit-Am Now"977
#2. Wikipedia Article on Lost Tribes
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#1. Identity People to Stay Away From
"Brit-Am Now"981
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#2. Letter from a Biblical Zionist
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#1. Brit-Am Survey: Summaries and Intermediate Conclusions, A1. to 6.
"Brit-Am Now"996
#1. Cam Rea: "the more we help in pumping out books, magazines, and articles, the high criticism will have to respond sometime"
#2. Brit-Am TRUTH Magazine Announcement

Jerusalem News-312
There is NO Political Identification of Brit-Am
Christian Bible believers in the USA are our only allies
Brit-Am is the Real Solution
Jerusalem News-332
#5. Did Brit-Am Unconsciously Give Warning?

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