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For more references to the articles below as well as more information on these and related matters, see our works:

Other Publications

Awareness of Israelite Origins and National Survival.

A Recall to Salvation. Highlights from the Book of Zechariah.

To Rebuild the Temple. Zechariah and the Future Building.

A Call to Israelites of Britain and the West by Alistair Williams.
Considerations of Hosea 10

Judah and Ephraim Need Each Other! The Separate Tasks in One Verse.

Proof of Josephite Origin:
The UN-US Vote for Partition

The Two Houses Together in the Re-Conquestby John Hulley (Richards).

The Return of Ephraim. US and British Forces in Kurdistan Indicate the Ten Tribes Returning!

The Striped-Tie Triad.
Brit-Am Ephraimite Mini-Summit in Jerusalem
Subject of Discussion: Proposed Establishment of Ten Tribes Colonies in Israel and the Middle East.

Arabia. Who's Who in the Sunni-Shiite Muslim World?
Islamic Religion and Minorities. Part Two.

Wahhabi Woes.
Who's Who in the Sunni Shiite Muslim World? Religion and Minorities
.Part One.

Lone Option Brit-Am and the Jewish Do-Gooders: The Difference Between Us.

Wilderness of the Nations
by Alexander Zephyr.

Lost Ex-Jewish Americans.
How Many Gentile Descendants of Jews in the USA are there

The Hebrew Nations: An Overview of Brit-Am Beliefs.

Statistics: World Jewish Populations and the Ten Tribes.

Statistics: Israelite-Dominated Nations and World Population.

Friendly Shadows?
Shavuot, Ruth, Bethlehem, and New Archaeology Find

Cimmerians, Celts, and Hebrews.Other Possibilities Refuted.

Brit-Am and Herbert Armstrong.

Slow-Down Planet? Is the Year Now longer?
A New Research Breakthrough Thanks to Velikovsky??? Or A Wild Goose Chase? by Yair Davidiy.

Is Longtom a Shortjohn?
Reply to Hate and Mendaciousness.
Brit-Am Answer to Brit-Am Exposed - Part 1.

Ronald Reagan and Belief in the Ten Tribes".

You Lucky People! King David and Repentance.

Individual Tribal Personalities.

Relative Rates of Judeophobia (Anti-Semitism) and Philojudaism (Jew-Love).
Part One. Selected European Countries.

New DNA Article.
Some Came Running! The Very Recent Movement of YDNA R1b to Western Europe.

Philistines and Israelites in the West.
Part One. Who Were the Philistines?

Hebrews or Yew Trees??
What Did the Celts Call Themselves

We are the People.
Tribal Hints to Goodness

Were the Ancient Hebrews the Same as the Habiru?
by Yair Davidiy.

The Fulfillment of the Prayer of Asaph
by Bruce McKerras

The Israelite Sea Captives. Part One: Over the Ocean Blue!

Reward in the Next World is the Main Thing!

Past History and Future Redemption. The Prophecies of Micah ben Moresheth
by Bruce McKerras

Thighs (Peninsulas) of the Earth. A Biblical Proof.

Statistics: Brit-Am Nations and CleanTech Innovation.

Why Jews Should Support Brit-Am!

The Importance of Brit-Am Information

An Eye for an Eye in the Bible?
Biblical Study: Lex Talionis? [Based on an article by Matan Gringer ].

Hebrew Bagpipes in the Temple
and the Harp of David.

Hebrews at the Ends of the Earth

Christian Conversionist Intentions and Brit-Am

The Name, the Language and Sacrifice
by John McKerras

The Two Houses Together
by John Carrington Richards [aka John Hulley].

NZ Testimony: Saved by Brit-Am!
A Near-Victim of Conspiracy Theories and Media Bias Against the Jews Testifies to the Positive Effect Brit-Am Has Had On Him.

The Epithet Jew, Tassels, and Redemption!

What is the Brit-Am Mandate?

The Blessings of God to Shem and Japhet
by Alexander Zephyr.

Foreign Interference in Israeli Affairs.
Part Two of The Buses. The Anti-Jewish Aspect.

The Offspring of Noah: Shem, by Alexander Zephyr.

The Offspring of Noah: Ham, by Alexander Zephyr.

The Offspring of Noah: Japheth, by Alexander Zephyr.

The Wife of Noah and Canaan
by Alexander Zephyr

List of Articles by Alexander Zephyr

In Defense of Anastasia.
Michaeli was Justified and had Little choice! Saved Jewish honor

Ephraim Comes First!
Malbim on Joseph
(Genesis chs 48 and 49).

The Tribes - 4th Edition Fill Cover Spread.

Notes About Joseph.

The Differences Between the Kingdom of Judah and the Kingdom of Joseph.
by Rabbi Shimshon Dovid Pincus.

Rabbi Shimshon Dovid Pincus: The Kingdom of Joseph

Characteristics of Joseph.
Based on the writings of
Rabbi Shlomoh Carlebach.

Canaanite Genocide Part Three.

Dan Will Redeem!
Some Aspects of Dan
and Our Future Liberation.

Three Reactions
to Parts One and Two
of Canaanite Genocide.

A Hebrew Multitude
Israelite Nations by Population
and Percentage.

Demographic Reality.
How Many Israelites (from the Ten Tribes)
Really Were Exiled?

Rabbi Shlomoh Carlebach:
The Blessing of Joseph.

by Alexander Zephyr

Canaanite Genocide.
Moral Problems with the Bible
(Parts One and Two)

Part Four

by Alexander Zephyr (final article in this series).

The Tribes 4th Edition Overview.

Brit-Am Tribal Identifications.

by Alexander Zephyr.

Reply to Hillary:
Distraction Tactics of the Rich and Hateful
by Yair Davidiy.

Amiable Aiming.
Your Brit-Am Israelite Goals
What Does Israel and Brit-Am Want From You? Disallowing a Few Misconceptions.

by Alexander Zephyr.

The Division of Power!
Benjamin and Joseph to Rule Over Gentiles
, Judah Over Israel!
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

Characteristics of the Tribe of Benjamin.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

Characteristics of the Tribe of Manasseh.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

What is Judaism?

TG Replies and Replies to TG:
Sceptics Who Lack Substance!

Characteristics of the Tribe of Joseph.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

Characteristics of the Tribe of Gad
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

TG on the Warpath!
Brit-Am Refutes a Sceptic

Some Niceties of Translation.
Biblical Insights that are Liable to be Overlooked

List of 122 Brit-Am Biblical Proofs With Verses Quoted..

The Names of Ireland and the Ten Tribes.

Naphtali in Ireland?

The Threads of Life
by Malka Glikstein, Jerusalem, Israel, 2011, (130 pages).

Answer to Dum-Wit!
Brit-Am Replies to Another Jew-Hating Idiot

The Brit-Am Plan for ALL Israelites!

Proposed Brit-Am Program for the State of Israel.

The Matriarchal Aspects of Israelite Tribes.
Inter-Relationships Amongst The Tribes
Based on "Kuntres, Zug MeKudash. Torah veTefilah" (1998) by Zeev HaLevi Kamen.

by John Hulley.
-- The ten lost tribes of Israel

The Return of Judah and the Ten Tribes
in the End Times
by John Hulley

Rosh HaShana and the Bible
Adapted from the Commentaries of Rabbi Yaakov Tzevi Mecklenburg and Rabbi Shimshon Rafael Hirsch.

Rebuilding the Temple by Bruce McKerras

The Rotten Egg-Head Omelette.

Brit-Am and Rosh HaShana (Every Year).

Characteristics of the Tribe of Asher.
[Rabbi Fishel Mael, Nechama Sarah G. Nadborny, Brit-Am.]

World's Most Livable cities all Pertain to Either Israel or Edom!!

Unicorns Did Exist!!

The Tribe of Asher in Ireland.

Brit-Am Book Evaluation.
The Strong Horse.

Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations, by Lee Smith.

Who is the Satan? by Yair Davidiy

We Were Not all Do-Gooders!
Karl Marx from Levi and Friedrich Engels from Ephraim!
by Yair Davidiy

The Importance of the Tribes.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

The Israelite Tribes
Selected Essays Based on the Work of Rabbi Fishel Mael.

A Few Select Recent Testimonials Concerning Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

Reflections on Brit-Am beliefs Concerning the Ten Tribes and Practical Conclusions.

Brit-Am Research Acheivements

Israel-Syria-Ireland in Megalithic Parallelism

Reflections on Brit-Am beliefs Concerning the Ten Tribes and Practical Conclusions.

Is Brit-Am a "Guardian"?
Replies to Critics of Brit-Am
and of Proposed "Ephraimite" Settling in Israel.

Judah Should Bring the Ten Tribes Back!!!
by Alexander Zephyr
(with some Editorial Comments by Brit-Am). Part One.

Why the USA Needs Israel!! Continued.
Reactions to Interview with Tamar Yonah of Israel National Radio.

Why the USA Needs Israel!!

Y DNA haplogroup E Changed According to Surroundings!

The Gaza, Sinai, and Israel Conflict
Part One: Background Information.

Assyrians, Scythians, and the Ten Tribes.
The Almighty As a Husband to Israel.

Well Spoken or Badly Spoked?
Brit-Am Replies to PM Binyamin Netanyahu Speech, May 24, 2011.

YDNA Types Changed According to Surroundings!

Will They Ever Learn?
Remarks on the Speeches of President Obama (May 19, 2011) and Prime Minister Netanyahu (May 24, 2011)
by Alex Zephyr.

Brit-Am Radio Interview Comments on Obama and 67.
Recording and Transcript.

Is Obama a Wild Donkey-Man Lackey?
Reply to Speech about Israel (May 19, 2011).

Edom Amongst Other peoples? China, Japan, Italians, Hispanics?

Esau in Germany.

Is Not DNA Determined by the Environment???"

Joseph in Cush.
The USA and UK in Afghanistan. A Maelstrom of Conflicting Interest.

Why Britain is Ephraim: Nobility.

UK-USA, Ephraim-Mannaseh.
The British-American Symbiosis in the Light of Scripture and History.

Judah and Joseph:
Different Roles But the Same Destiny!!

" Subjective Well-Being and Israelite Nations in Statistics."

" Preparation for Moloch?"
A Preliminary Overview of Germany, World War-2, and the Holocaust.

Was King Jeroboam the First Ephraimite?
The Ten Tribes and Replacement Theology in Biblical Times and Today!

The British Island Nations.
England, Eire (Ireland), Ulster (North Ireland), Scotland.

Ephraim-Britain, "A COMPANY OF NATIONS".
Part One.The Blessing to Jacob at Beth-el: A Nation and a Company of Nations.

Debate: "Will All the Israelites Come Back?"
Completeness of Resettlement in the End Times?

Reply to a German Apologist.

All the Israelites Will Come Back
by Alex Zephyr.

The Israelite and Scythian Origins of the Scots in Early British Tradition.

Notes Concerning the British Empire.

The Ephraim-Manasseh Settlement of the USA
by David Jackson.

Why the British are Ephraim!

YDNA Haplogroups Determined by Climate!

The Two Sticks
of Ezekiel 37.

by Alexander Zephyr.

Did the Jews Know Where the Ten Tribes Are?
Jewish Traditions Locating the Ten Tribes of Israel in the West.

Dan and Judgment.

"Prove Loyalty to Your Israelite Ancestors
- Help Brit-Am" by Avigdor.

Brit-Am Questionnaire.
(Shevat 5771, January 2011).

by Henry Rhea and Brit-Am Reply.

Religious Zionism, Jewish anti-Zionism, and the Lost Ten Tribes Today
by Alexander Zephyr.

The Origins of Japanese Populations
 by KINO.

My Brother's Keeper.
The Obligation to Spread Israelite Awareness!

Pelops, Ahab and the Achaeans.
by John Salverda.

The "Mission" and Goals of Brit-Am.

Joseph in the Eyes of the "Rebbe" ("Sefas Emes")!
Characteristics of the Tribes According to Rabbinical Sources.

The Karaite Blight!
by Rabbi Avraham Feld.

The Ten Tribes were all Exiled and are Amongst Western Peoples!
Polemics: David Parsons Refuted!

More Rabbinical Affirmation of Brit-Am Findings.
"Rabbi Yisroel Alter of Gur:
GOMER is a Name of Israelites!

"Are the Ten Tribes Like Ethiopians???

"Chanukha and the Ten Tribes.

"Arouse Yourself! O Israel!"
by by Avigdor

by Eddie Chumney

"What Should the Ten Tribes Do?"

"Scandinavian Legends and the Hebrew Bible":
"The Aesir Legends from Norse Mythology"
by John R. Salverda.

"The Israelite-Ireland-Jewish Problem":
"The Confusion of the Irish"
by Konrad Siegfried.

"Israelite Tribes Amongst Germanic Linguistic Groups:
Foreword and List of Contents.

"Germania and Tacitus:".
Israelite Origins

"Western Hebrew-Celtic Culture.".
Religion and Customs.

"Celtic Gods and Deities!".
Part One.

"Origin of the Name "Wales"". A New Appreciation

Theo Vennemann and Brit-Am

by Alexander Zephyr.

The Arab Problem.DRIVE THEM OUT!
by Alexander Zephyr

The Japanese are not Hebrews!

Sex, Women, and the Bible.

Jewish Lawyers and Angle Lore.
Do Anglo-Saxon Traditions Prove the Rabbinical Oral Tradition?

The Karaite Allies Threat to Brit-Am and the Brit-Am Answer

Karaites: In Defence of the Oral Tradition.

Athens and the Hebrews. The Other Lost Israelites.
by John Salverda

Israelite Intellectual Achievements.

  Israelites are the Most Peace-Loving

  Israelites are the Most Generous!

  Israelite Military Might:
A Comparative Study

  Israelite Empires in the Recent Past

Israelite Bases Overseas

The Temple, Intermediaries, and the Ten Tribes

Don Isaac Abarbanel:
"The Fourteen Aims of Biblical Prophecy"

Brit-Am Introductory Course.
List of Contents

The Blessings and Tasks of Joseph.

Bequeathment of the Blessings to Joseph.

"Identification of the Ten Tribes"
by Jack Hertzog

More Brit-Am Rabbinical Sources

They Must Go! Expulsion of Arab Populations.

Israelite Peoples are Statistically Amongst the Longest-Lived in the World!!

Hosea 9: Muslims Hate All Israelites!

The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series.

Israelite Nations are Statistically Considered the Most Happiest Countries in World!!

Present-Day Tribal Identities:
An Outline.

Israeli Daily-
A Brit-Am Jerusalem News Service

The Khazars were Hebrews!

The Khazars were NOT Turks!

Khazars from the Ten Tribes!

The Jews Need Joseph!
A Debate Amongst Jewish Patriots

Introduction to Brit-Am Teachings.

Exile of the Ten Tribes to the West by Ships.

The Purpose of Exile and Loss of Identity.

Jewish Roots of the American Constitution  
by Prof. Paul Eidelberg.  


Division from Judah.


"Tribal Symbols on the Sephardic Synagogue Doors in Nachlaot, Jerusalem, Israel"

The Similarity Between English and Hebrew.
Examples from a Biblical Passage Chosen Arbitrarily.

Ancient Egyptian Findings in South-West Spain (Tarshish)??

The International Flotilla Attack on Israeli Sovereignty
Reactions: A Jerusalem News Update Supplement

by Bruce McKerras

"Have The Ten Tribes Ever Been Torah Observant?"
by Edward Anderson

"The Oldest Title Deed in the World"
The Jewish Right to the Land of Israel
by Stephen Spykerman

The DNA War Against Brit-Am.
Nazi Vermin Attack Brit-Am DNA Explanation.

The Order of Encampment
in the Wilderness
and its Historical Significance

The Khazars, Manasseh, and the USA.

Am I Under a Curse?.
Advice for When Everything Seems to go wrong

The Prophet Balaam and Barak Hussein.
Obama, Fareed, and the Promises to Israel.

"What Difference Does it Make?.
What does it matter to you Who the Lost Tribes Are?"

Traditions of Israelite Descent in Scotland.

The Return of the Ten Tribes.

Are The Ten Tribes the Same as Gentiles?

"Cracker True" by Yair Davidiy
Racialists Hurt the Jews and Everybody Else!

THE SAMARITANS. Do traditions of British and French Kinship Reflect Ancestral Connections?

The Huguenots. Israelite Origins of an Ethnic-Religious Grouping

Brit-Am Versus TG over the Poem "Hebrew Nations"

The Earliest West European Beliefs in their Israelite Origins. List of Contents

Israelite Origin Traditions:
Netherlands: Holland, Frisia.

The Lost Ten Tribes and DNA.
The Land of Israel Origins of Western Peoples

The Aryan Monkey.
Human Adaptation to Environment Reflected in Physical Appearance.

"Messiah Son of David in the Bible".

"The Irish Hero Dagda and Samson

"Are the British and Scandinavians Semites or European??"
Questions on Anglos Belonging to the Indo-European Race and Language

"Should Joseph be Green?"
Why are Brit-Am Research Results Not Accepted in Israel?

"Giving to Brit-Am" by Avigdor

"Dan in Ireland and Wales"

"The Danaans" by John R. Salverda

"Helleno-Yishurin. The Hebrew Origin of Greek Legends" by John R. Salverda

The Identification of Israel with Saturn
by John R. Salverda

Brit-Am Topples TOP the Topless!

Taliban-Who? Pathans are NOT Israelites!

The Scottish Tartan Cloak of Joseph

The Jews of Judah: A Demographic History

Israel and the White Race: A Refutation of Black Liberation Theology

Rabbi Avraham Isaac Kook: The Yearning of Ephraim For Redemption

Was Buddha an Israelite? by Cam Rea

Brit-Am Poetry

My Biblical Fathers. Joseph

My Biblical Fathers. Jacob

My Biblical Fathers. Isaac

My Biblical Fathers. Abraham

Ophir: Where was Ophir?

The Hussein Obama Pages: The USA and Israel in Danger

Collective Responsibility and Rabbinical Authority

Pesach (Passover) and its Significance in the Year 5769

History of Brit-Am

Who Pays the Piper?
The Problem of "Joey-Boy"!

Eliminating and Atoning
for Jew-Hatred

Options for Survival: A Solution to the War In Gaza

Cam Rea: "Assyria's invasion of Media, a Short Introduction"

Cam Rea: "Who was Arsaces, First King of the Parthians?"

The Muslim Madness and Predicted Terror Attacks Against the West ("Ephraim")

The World Crisis and its Causes
by Rabbi Elchanan Bunam Wasserman

The Khazars. Tribe 13
Chapter Outlines

Brit-Am Thanksgiving Day Address

Why the USA is Manasseh. A Summation

Why We Should Support the State of Israel!

Geneaology of the Blessings to Israel

The Present Situation in South Africa
by "Ruth"

New Brit-Am Broadcasting Israel

Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell
List of Israelite Tribes and a Summary of each Individual Tribal Type

Hycsos: Hebrew Shepherd Kings of Egypt

Zionist Doctrines and Polemics

A Refutation of
"Is it Israeli Democracy
or "Jewish Democracy"?

The Ephraimite-Judah Crisis

'Reclaiming Anti-Semitism' Refuted
Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am counters an attempt to hijack the struggle against anti-Semitism to the anti-Jewish pro-Arab Quisling Cause.

The "Red Jews" or the Lost Ten Tribes

Zionism from a Brit-Am Perspective

Brit-Am Refutes its Critics.
A List of Articles Replying to Attacks and Criticisms of Brit-Am and Related Matters

The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia:
Reply to Criticism

'Reclaiming Anti-Semitism' Refuted
Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am counters an attempt to hijack the struggle against anti-Semitism to the anti-Jewish pro-Arab Quisling Cause.

The "Red Jews" or the Lost Ten Tribes

Zionism from a Brit-Am Perspective

Brit-Am Refutes its Critics.
A List of Articles Replying to Attacks and Criticisms of Brit-Am and Related Matters

The Lost Ten Tribes in Australia:
Reply to Criticism

Brit-Am Rose Articles

by Cam Rea.

Brit-Am List of Secular Proofs.


George Washington's Inauguration & America's Israelite Destiny
by Dr. Richard Griffith

The Land of Israel
by Yehonatan Davidiy

The Tribe of Dan in Biblical Codes.

identity cover
Lost Israelite Identity.
Brit-Am TRUTH magazine
"Brit-Am TRUTH"

The periodical magazine
of Brit-Am.
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