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The History of Brit-Am

Many of us know that we descend from Israelites.
Or at least we would want to have done so and instinctively feel that we did.
These instinctive feelings are confirmed by Biblical verses and secular studies.
Brit-Am, the Ten Tribes Movement, is engaged in these studies and in bringing knowledge of them to the general public.
Brit-Am is comprised of Jews and non-Jews and works for what it considers to be the good of all the Israelite Peoples. This includes Judah (the present-day Jews) and the Lost Ten Tribes.
This is the story of Brit-Am or rather part of the story as it has evolved unto the present.
We are writing this account since it answers questions we are frequently asked, it is important in its own right, and since lately others have been presenting a misleading picture of what Brit-Am was and now is.
We are working mainly from memory but documents and records do exist. The reader should expect several of the dates and facts recalled below to undergo revision as different points are clarified: We may well revise and alter this article several times over in the near future. The account below will not interest everybody but some of you who are familiar with the subject should find it of great interest.
Brit-Am sees itself as both as both a movement and an organization. The Brit-Am movement came first and comes first. The Brit-Am Organization is meant to give some kind of formal framework to the Brit-Am Movement and further its cause.
Brit-Am as both a movement and an organization has been around for some time.
How did Brit-Am start?
Yair Davidiy: Antecedents and Early Life

To understand Brit-Am we need to speak a little about Yair Davidiy since up until now much about Brit-Am resolves around Yair.
Yair Davidiy was born in 1950 in Sydney, Australia.
His father came from southwest Wales.
He was born as William Hugh Russell-Davis  but referred to himself as "Hugh Davis".
The father of Hugh was William Russell-Davis. He was the head-master and the owner of a boarding school. The father of William was (as far as I know) a tailor also known as William Davis. He was born out of wedlock and his father is unknown/or there never was a tailor and he is the one who is not known, the subject is confused. Either way the idnetity of the father of my grandfather or his father is not known. This has only became known to the family in the last few years due to inquiries by my aunty. My father never mentioned it and may not have known about it. On the one hand, my father, Hugh Davis, was an avid believer in British Imperialism. On the other, he loved Ireland. He may have known something. A recent DNA test indicates that he was indeed descended from the Tribe of Neal who had once ruled over all Ireland and Western Scotland. Descendants of the Tribe of Neal are now concentrated in the Northwest of Ireland. Historically they were known as Gaels and as Milesians.  Within the Tribe of Neal DNA markers for our family indicate the sub-clan of Donal and the Irish area of Ireland just south of Protestant Ulster, i.e. concentrated in Ulster but that part of it now belonging to Eire. This is of interest since a good portion of a Brit-Am book we published (before having this information), "Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races" (1996) concerns the Milesians.
The mother of Hugh Davis (grandmother of Yair) was from a "Plymouth Brethren" family who reputedly never allowed in their house any other book than the Bible. Not all her family were so pious however and it was believed that one of her physical antecedents was Prince Frederick (d.1751) father of King George-iii and like most of the Hanoverians the father of numerous offspring from several women.

The "Plymouth Brethren" were a small group but historically important. They believed that the Jews should be helped to return to the Holy Land and receive their own State. They are credited with having influenced the Scofield Bible and the later Evangelical Movement in the USA that supports Zionism and Israel. [Orde Wingate who helped the Zionists prepare their future army was also of Plymouth Brethren stock and also believed in British Israel.] My grandmother believed in the Lost Tribes being in the British Isles and did research of her own on the matter. According to Oren Davis (brother of Yair) she helped found an independent branch of British Israel in Wales.
The mother of Yair was born in London of Jewish parents. Her father, Leo Jacoby (also known as Joseph Levi), was a silk merchant (son of an accomplished violinist) who was born in Denmark but had come to England at an early age. He served as a liason officer between the British and French Forces in Gallipoli against the Turks in World War I. The mother of my mother came from Strasbourg in Alsace, France. Both my parents served as officers in WW-II. The sister of my father was a nurse who was taken captive by the Japanese and died in captivity. Relations of my mother in France and Germany were killed for being Jews.
Yair was born in New South Wales but grew up in the State of Victoria which is further to the south. His parents owned a series of food shops and small restaurants.
In Australia, Yair became acquainted with British Israel Literature and with the writings of Herbert Armstrong and his group. Yair at one stage attempted to conduct research of his own on the matter but did not get far. Having been born Jewish according to Jewish Law, Yair began to study Judaism whilst still in Australia.
In 1974 Yair moved to Israel. He served in the IDF as well as learning in various Yeshivot and Rabbinical programs. Yair studied both independently and under direction. Rabbi Menachem Jacobsen of Beer Yaacov was an important influence. Rabbi Jacobsen encouraged Yair to learn the sources and to interpret them. We learned enough to acquire some acquaintance with that part of the Torah most obviously pertinent to Brit-Am and to lay a foundation that could be built on. This however was not our intention at the time but rather we were learning for the sake of it as is the practice amongst Orthodox Religious Jews. We still learn today and find it helps us in many ways as well as being good for Brit-Am.

Yair was married for a period and six sons were born to him. Yair had changed his name twice due to a combination of personal issues and Israeli bureaucratic rulings. The surname "Davidy" (later spelt "Davidiy") is close in sound and meaning to our original name, "Davis", and is Hebraic in character.
Yair had always maintained a strong interest in Biblical Knowledge, history and contemporary affairs. During his Rabbinical Studies he came across sources indicating that there may be something to the belief that the Lost Ten Tribes were to be found amongst Western Peoples. Information from other sources and various incidents strengthened this impression. Gradually an overwhelming urge developed to resolve the issue once and for all.
Were the Lost Ten Tribes in the West or not?
A preliminary investigation indicated that even if they were found not to be amongst Western Peoples it might be worth writing a book on the subject since the issue had had historical importance.
It did not take long however for our basic intuitive understanding to be confirmed that the concept was indeed a true one and consistent with the Torah.


The Researches
In 1984 whilst living in Shiloh (in the former territory of Ephraim) Yair began intensive research on the matter. He wrote summaries of his findings in Hebrew and discussed the subject with Rabbis and academics. Yair also spoke to Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail who headed the Amishav organization. Rabbi Avichail held that the Lost Tribes were to be found in eastern countries such as Afghanistan, Burma, etc. The two did not agree.
In 1985 Yair moved to Jerusalem and continued his researches in the National Library and elsewhere. The National Library is one of the best libraries in the world. It has a Rare Books section that proved very useful. Davidiy became a fixture in this Library and was treated with great consideration by the staff. At that time Yair worked as a professional scribe. This is a very demanding and painstaking profession requiring considerable expertise and a special aptitude. He was not really suited to it. Nevertheless it had the advantage of providing an independent source of income whose work was not restricted to set hours.
Yair changed addresses several times but mostly lived in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City. Many intellectuals and Rabbinical students are to be found here. Frequent informal discussions concerning our researchs were held. On the whole reactions were favorable.

Kiryat Arba, Hebron


In ca. 1990 (?) Yair through a mutual acquaintance of Yaacov Fogelman (Director of TOP: Torah Outreach Program) came in contact with John Hulley and moved to Kiryat Arba besides Hebron in the south of Israel. John Hulley had done research and had come to similar conclusions as Yair. John Hulley authored various articles some of which were later published in Brit-Am publications. Hulley later published "Comets Jews and Christians" (1996) in which he attributes true scientific achievement on the whole to a combination of Israelite ancestry together with relative closeness to Biblical truth. He uses recipients of Nobel Prizes as criteria. John Hulley was also preparing another work which as of now remains unpublished. John recognized the potential value of our researches. We had new information confirming the identity of the Lost Ten Tribes with Western peoples. We used Biblical, Rabbinical, and Secular sources and showed how they all tied together. We were capable of presenting our findings in a format religiously and nationalistically acceptable to Judah (the Jews) while true to the Biblical Truth of Joseph, i.e. the Ten Tribes. John Hulley became our first supporter. He also employed Yair (for a few days each month) as a part-time research assistant.
In Kiryat Arba at that time there existed a coterie interested in the Lost Tribes. Some of them were researching and writing about it. Most members of this band were converts to Judaism but natural born Jews were also present.

Individuals whom we remember well in this connection include:

John Hulley, from the USA, a scholar and gentleman whose field is similar to that of Brit-Am but with more of a non-Hebrew Biblical emphasis and a more restricted historical focus.

Aaron Minazzi, from Milano, Italy, saw Jewish and/or Israelite ancestry as an explanation for Hebraizing (or "Judaizing") tendencies amongst "heretical" Christian groups, especially in Italy.
Minazzi sought answers as to what practical conclusions members of the Ten Tribes should be expected to reach once the truth of their Israelites ancestry became clear to them.

Mordecai Lapid was a veteran immigrant from Russia where he had been a famous "refusenick" or activist on behalf of the right of Jews to move to Israel which at that time was forbidden by the Russian authorities.
His interest was genetic studies as a means of tracing Israelite ancestry. On the whole he too traced the Lost Ten tribes to Western nations. This was before the era of DNA. Mordecai and his firstborn son, Israel, were murdered by Arab terrorists in a driveby shooting, in ca.1994.

Calev Ardon, from Flanders in Belgium, Considered Biblical belief and practices as indicative of Israelite origin.

Mair Horenstein, from the Walloon area of Belgium, applied principles from Jewish Thought and General Philosophy to Historical Phenomena.

Yehonatan David White from the USA is the son of a Rabbi. He believed that the Lost Ten Tribes were amongst Amerindians and had done original research on the subject. Yehonatan was also an expert in Jewish Mysticism. He read at least one of the manuscripts that Yair had written and became an early supporter of ours.

There were others. The names are perhaps less important than the overall outlook that developed. The Jewish Inhabitants of Hebron in the Middle Ages are reported (see the book "Hebron") to have considered the Sambation River where the Lost Ten Tribes are to be found as just over the hill. Literally speaking this was not the case but it could be that a special quality conducive to tracing the Lost Tribes was indeed present.

We would hold frequent discussions about the Lost Tribes being in the west. We analyzed the available evidence and spoke between ourselves of its implications. Conclusions reached at that time and impressions made were later to be important. During this time Yair prepared the manuscripts of three different books along with several suitcases of written notes. Hundreds of summaries of these works were sent to publishers. A publishing company in the UK showed interest, examined a manuscript for about a year and in the end decided that the work did not fit in with their line of publication.

Yair tried at this stage to start an organization dedicated to the subject but it did not take off.

Davidiy and Hulley
Yair Davidiy (left) and John Hulley in Hebron

Sussia, the Hebron Hills

yatir forest
Source of Picture:

In ca. 1991-92 (?) Yair moved to Sussia in the southern Hebron Hills between the Yatir Forest and the edge of the Judean Desert. He lived on a sheep farm owned by Israel Feld. Israel Feld helped us a lot. Israel was the brother of Rabbi Avraham Feld. Israel read one of our manuscripts and thus became acquainted with Brit-Am teaching concerning the Lost Ten Tribes and in turn persuaded his brother Avraham.

Rabbi Brett Oxman, a friend of Avraham and Israel Feld, lent Brit-Am the money to publish "The Tribes" in 1993. At first we tried to interest numerous historical and ethnically-related societies in the work but without success. Eventually Yair made contact with Shabat-keeping and similar Christian groups in the USA. We sent a book to British Israel in the UK. Things started moving. Craig White of Australia contacted us as did Steven Collins and others in the USA. Herman Hoeh (a great historian associated with H.W. Armstrong) spoke with us on the phone and recommended our work to his pupils. Clifford Smyth of Ulster also  contacted us. We were invited to speak at the annual BIWF (British Israel World Federation) in Britain. They would pay for our trip and Yair was billed as the guest speaker. We understood from them that we could say what we liked and that they were prepared to consider revising their somewhat anti-Semitic anti-Zionist platform. It transpired however that because Yair owed money to the Israeli Government he could not leave the country.
Bet-el [Biblical "Bethel"].

Beth-el Map

Yair Davidiy
Yair at a later date

In ca. 1995 Yair moved to Bet-el (i.e. "Bethel") north of Jerusalem. In that same year we had published the first edition of "Ephraim", 1995. Later in the 2nd edition (2001) this work was to be entitled "Ephraim. The Gentile Children of Israel".
"Ephraim" includes a chapter the sources for which and some of the opinions expressed therein were supplied by Israel Feld.
In the meantime we had met Azriel ben Moshe a new immigrant from Britain though born in Rumania. Azriel had a youth group of his own known as "Bnei Geulah" (The Children of Redemption) which more or less merged with what we were doing. This was to be a Movement rather than a formal organization. We had already been using the term Brit-Am almost from the beginning and continued to do so. In ca. 1995 Azriel traveled to Europe and on behalf of Brit-Am made contacts in the Netherlands, Britain, and Ulster.

Yair gave a series of talks in Jerusalem on the Brit-Am subject. During these talks we met future Brit-Am supporters Cecil and Donna Davis and their son, Don. Cecil and Donna are of mixed Amerindian Scottish-British stock. Cecil is a former professional jet-fighter pilot. Don works in web marketing.
The Brit-Am talks at first were organized by Aryeh Galin from the Root and Branch Society. Aryeh was one of our earlier supporters.
Other individuals and organizations also helped us organize talks.
In 1996 Brit-Am published the first issue of our magazine "Tribesman".
This magazine still functions. Over the years it has endured several changes of name.
It was once known as Brit-Am TRUTH but we have since (yet again) renamed it "New Tribesman".
In 1996 was published
"Lost Israelite Identity.
The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races

This was a large and important work with new findings and vital information. For some time it has been out of print.

The Return to Jerusalem.
The Brit-Am Organization as DISTINCT from the Brit-Am Movement!
In ca. 1996-1997 Yair moved back to Jerusalem. In ca. 1997-1998 we found ourselves sharing an apartment with Rabbi Avraham Feld and a few others. Whilst still in Bet-el we had begun our Internet activities and continued them in Jerusalem. James Trimm set up an e-mail discussion group based on the work of John Hulley and Yair Davidy. There was also a popular Bnei Noach e-mail list at the time one of whose moderators was sympathatic. Through these and other avenues we had begun to build a following.
In ca. 1998 Yair Davidiy announced the creation of Brit-Am as a formal organization. He named Rabbi Avraham Feld as a co-founder.
The task of Rabbi Feld was primarily to help in the field of Public Relations in which he contributeed a great deal.
At present Avraham Feld is no longer a part of Brit-Am.
An explanation for this development may be found in various "Brit-Am Now" postings or in an article on the subject that we might prepare.

Brit-Am Events and Activities
In ca. 2000 we moved out of the apartment with Avraham Feld and into one owned by Isaac Mozeson (author of "The Word") and after that we moved again to a flat that we shared for several years with Chaim Hayman before he was married. Chaim is an educational activist in Biblical Studies, a scholar, and an entrepreneur. He was and still is of assistance to Brit-Am.

In August 2000 Steven Collins, David Hofer, and Howard Davis came to Israel. They were preparing a documentary about the Lost Tribes and requested that we assist in this. Rabbi Feld and Yair traveled with them throughout the Land of Israel during the course of about a week.
Steven Collins has written an article about his experiences on this trip.
Anonymous sponsors and UCG collaborate on video trip
by Steven M. Collins
The documentary unfortunately never materialized due to problems with its sponsor.

From around 2001 onwards we had began to organize regular meetings.

A Brit-Am World Congress was held in the Hilton Hotel, Jerusalem, attended by people such as Clifford Smyth from Ulster, Bert Bryan from Jamaica, Binah from India, Steven Spykerman from England and several others from overseas along with inhabitants of the Holy Land. Later Rick Richardson hosted on two occasions Brit-Am Conferences in Jerusalem that were very well attended and highly successful.

Eddie Chumney of Hebrew Roots for a long time was a strong supporter of Brit-Am and assisted us in publishing our works.
There were other contributors to our cause but we are not sure whether or not they would want their names made public.
At the moment we have no "heavy" backers but rely on a handful of supporters who make moderate offerings. This modest support together with sales of our publications in the past had enabled us to get by most of the time.
At present income has fallen drastically apparently as a result of the current economic crisis. The future is uncertain.

Betty Rhodes had set up the first Brit-Am web site. This was in 2002. Betty assisted us greatly and selflessly for several years. She also put her own geneaological researches and original family coat-of-arm illustrations on our site. This doubled the traffic. Yair learned to use html text and manage the web-site himself. Betty turned ownership of the site over to us. When the lease ran out we renewed it in our own name.

[Betty later came out with racist-type opinions that obliged us to disociate ourselves from her. Prior to that, Betty had either not had such notions or she had managed to keep them to herself since we were not aware of them. Towards us she had expressed herself differently and even provided us with research material that was proof against her later viewpoints.]

We also through cyber space established quite a few autonomous chapters of Brit-Am throughout the USA as well as in other countries. Due to lack of funds, executive manpower, and other factors most of these groups disintegrated and disappeared.
Even so, we have shown that the potential is there.
The Brit-Am branch in Texas had been especially impressive with tens of adherents and regular activities on behalf of the State of Israel.

In 2002 we rented a two-and-a-half room apartment in an Ultra-Orthodox enclave in Rechavia, Jerusalem, in full view of the Knesset (Israeli Parliament) Building. This was to serve us as living quarters, office, and storage space. The rent was somewhat high but the geographic location and other aspects justified it. Nevertheless, in July 2014 we moved to the city of Beitar Ilit.

Yair Davidiy in Rechaviah, Jerusalem
Yair Davidiy in Rechaviah, Jerusalem

During ca. 2002-2003 through the agency of the Maccabee Institute (run by Rabbi Feld and his brothers) we had received the use of a bomb shelter in the center of the city in which Brit-Am meetings were held fairly regularly. [For years past, this facility has no longer been available to us.]
Amongst the Jewish supporters of Brit-Am at the time was Shmuel ben Yaacov who helped us a lot. Shmuel is well known as an activist for Jewish Nationalist causes.

Ephraim Frank also attended most Brit-Am meetings.
At first attendees at the meetings were mainly Jewish or half-and-half, then gradually Ephraimites became predominant.
The whole businesses of arranging meetings, speaking before an audience, dealing with others, etc,  was all new to us. We had had no previous experience in the field. We conducted the operation differently than perhaps we should have.
The Separations
In ca. 2004 some of the Ephraimites decided they wanted their own Ten Tribes orientated organization in Jerusalem. We were against it not only because we dislike competition -which we do even though it can often help more than hinder: We also did not want any other group in the Land of Israel presenting the same doctrine and we wanted it to emanate from a Jewishly-acceptable source, i.e. ourselves.
Anyway they went ahead and did found their own association. Rabbi Feld was later informed that a Christian philanthropist had promised large sums of money to establish an Ephraimite circle in Israel on condition that no Jews be involved. Several groups emerged. All of these groups, apart from Brit-Am, seemed to have been backed by outside Christian financial sources.
All of them owed something of what they believed to Brit-Am.
All Ephraimite assemblages anywhere in the world today have received input from Brit-Am. Very few of them acknowledge this. They may not always be aware of it. Many items of information that have since become common knowledge were first revealed by Brit-Am.

Closer examination of all other groups shows that none of them are dedicated, as Brit-Am is, exclusively to the point of view that the Lost Ten Tribes are physically today amongst western peoples.
None of them are able to present their viewpoints in a way acceptable to Judah and every one of them is associated in some way or other with a Christian denomination or Christian theology of their own.

Raymond and Carmelita Lee were strong supporters of ours. Raymond is a building contractor and construction advisor. Carmelita is a Court Transcriber, authoress, and columnist. She occasionally writes pieces for the Jerusalem Post. In 2005 Raymond arranged that Rabbi Feld and Yair be interviewed about Brit-Am on Revelation TV in the UK. This interview was successful and resulted in several Britishers making contact. 
Ephraimite Opposition?
In the past we had also spoken quite frequently to different tourist groups. These opportunities were welcome. They enabled us to meet people, spread the message, sell books, receive donations, and also often get paid for speaking. For some reason we became blacklisted, and pressures were put on the tour organizers. Speaking engagements became rarer and rarer.
The Ephraimite Movement apparently preferred to emphasize theological issues pertinent to their own internal world rather than seriously consider the possibiliy of physical descent.

At all events most of our activity at this stage has been in cyber space where we had other matters to concern ourselves with.

Tamar Yonah of Arutz-7
Tamar Yonah is a prominent newswoman and radio personality for Arutz-7.
On several occasions Tamar interviewed Yair on his own or Yair Davidiy together with Avraham Feld.
At all events, most of these interviews received a very wide coverage and were most helpful. Recordings of these broadcasts remain a popular feature on the Brit-Am site.

Dr. Gavin Finley
In 2008 Dr Gavin Finley video-taped a ca. 2 hour dialogue between himself and Yair at the Hyat Hotel in Jerusalem. From the footage Gavin obtained about 13 short clips that were posted to U-Tube etc on the web.
tens of thousands of visitors have viewed these filmings.
For Gavin and myself this was something of a first-time experiment that proved itself. One of the clips by Gavin at kalamata777
had received 103,992 views by September, 2014.

At present Brit-Am is attempting to continue and expand its You Tube presence.

Kosher Radio and New BAMBI 
Contact was made with Ray Maccabee of Kosher 101.9 Radio.
This resulted in Yair being interviewed often on Kosher 101.9 and Brit-Am recordings being also frequently broadcast on that station. These broadcasts were relatively popular and a small additional following of Brit-Am teachings resulted from it. This lasted through the second half of 2009 and then was discontinued though old recordings of ours continue to be broadcast by the station.
At first we had doubts as to whether we should associate ourselves with a Messianic radion station but after consulting with a Rabbi were encouraged (in this particular case alone since among, other considerations, Kosher Radio had declared itself against missionizing to Jews) to go ahead with it.

Parallel to this our own broadcasting activities (that we had begun several years beforehand but had left off) were intensified and may now be accessed under the heading of New BAMBI (New Brit-Am Broadcasting Israel).  This has also had an effect in spreading our message.
It has been replaced by the Yair Davidiy You Tube Station.
In July 2014 we moved to the city of Beitar Ilit. This is near Jerusalem to the west of Bethlehem and north of Efrat. It may in fact be in the area of the Beth-Lehem of Biblical Times.

Beitar Map

In 2010 Eddie Chumney had prepared a series of 10 interviews with Yair Davidiy. These were intended for a TV program that closed down prematurely. In September 2014 Eddie uploaded the Interviews to YouTube. See:
Eddie Chumney Interviews Yair Davidiy (2010)

Below we present some of the controversies we were involved in, briefly summarize some of our present achievements, and give a listing of Brit-Am Publications accompanied by brief descriptions.

Some Controversies that Brit-Am was Involved In.
We were criticized heavily due to our contempt for and condemnation of Conspiracy Theories in general and especially those of the type propagated by Barry Chamish and his followers.

Our defense of Judah and the Jews also engendered a barrage of e-mails from "Identity" freaks but when we systematically began expunging them from our list they quietened down quickly.

We hold that descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are not obliged to keep the Torah Laws of Moses at present. Many object to this aspect of our beliefs. We do however  consider  growing interest in Torah and its commandments a positive phenomenon.

We are reserved about "Ephraimites" coming to live in Israel at present and demanding equal rights in the Land alongside Judah. For some Ephraimites this attitude of ours has been considered somewhat disapointing.

We do not believe the Lost Tribes are in the East.

We are against Racism but for an awareness of Israelite uniqueness. Judah and "Joseph" have each in their own way been "chosen". This involves both blessings and obligations.

Defence of Jews and Anglos
We have defended the British from the Criticism of Afrikaners, Irishmen, Jews, and Americans.
We ourselves are not always sure why we bother.
We have defended the Jews on occasion from almost everybody.

We criticized Nehemiah Gordon who attempts to revive the defunct Karaite Movement through spreading the message to Christians. This involved us peripherally due to our belief in Rabbinical Commentaries and for other reasons. Consequently we were attacked by Joseph Dummon who heads Sighted Moon and therefore is loony. Dummon considers himself an adherent of Gordon. Dummon was not content with criticizing us but quoted from Willie Martin a known Aryan Nations ideologue close to the Nazis. A brief examination of the Dummon site showed similar references and attacks against Jews. See:
Touche! The Karaite Allies Threat to Brit-Am and the Brit-Am Answer

Acheivements Despite Financial Disabilities
Previous Stastistics concerning number of visitors to our sites turned out to be mistaken and gave too high a figure. This was not our fault but rather that of the monitors supplied us by our server etc. At present (September, 2014), we have two main web-sites and a few others that are not really active.

According to Google analytics (September 2014) receives 3706 visits per month i.e. ca. 120 per day. receives about half that number.
We also have an e-mail discussion list that goes out several times a week (sometimes a few times each day) to more than 2000 subscribers. These numbers have remained fairly stable over the past few years. They include a turn-over ratio with some people moving on and newcomers coming in: The numbers have roughly stayed the same but a portion of the numbered has been changing. In one way or other a great number have become acquainted with our teachings. Recently the number of subscribers has increased.  
The e-mail discussion list is divided up into different features. It provides an important service with Biblical Commentary, updates (from a Brit-Am perspective) on contemporary events, DNA, archaeological findings, historical research, etc. This service includes the "Brit-Am Now" postings, "Jerusalem News", the "New Joseph Forum", and other Features.
For a list and brief description see:
Brit-Am Contemporary Newsletters.

The Yair Davidiy You Tube Station
as of September 2014, had received 133,668 views. It had 520 subscribers, 337 video clips, and over the last 30 days had received 6,735 views.

There were also at least four fairly active Facebook Pages with which we were involved:
There was the Yair Davidiy Facebook Page which was intended to be private but developed as an adjunct of Brit-Am.

There was the Hebrew Nations Facebook Page which was meant to be our official forum.

There was Lost Tribes of Israel
which we seldom visited but adherents of Brit-Am frequented and discussed matters.

Brit-Am Facebook
This had been set up for us by Andy Steven Varnum. We seldom visited this site but it was quite active and positive. Adherents of Brit-Am and others of similar inclination discussed various issues between themselves.

These e-mail features provide a forum for Jews and Ephraimites and whoever else wishes for discussion, exchange of information, Biblical Study, etc. This activity is strictly moderated.
Nevertheless it is the only avenue at present available in which people genuinely interested in the subject may confront clarify for themselves the implications of Brit-Am findings (and those of others along similar lines) concerning the present-day identity of the Lost Ten Tribes.

Over the years Brit-Am has achieved quite a lot.
The weight of our activities have been concentrated on researching and publishing the information, alongside the Brit-Am e-mail list and web-site. These have steadily improved. The information that is regularly available from these sources is impressive.
In the sphere of Biblical Studies we have advanced and our subscribers have kept pace with us.
Quality has gone up. Brit-Am provides its subscribers with depth and breadth of understanding that is of value. We may well have contributed something of great value.
We also regularly provide information concerning the Lost Ten Tribes and proof as to who they are today. In many cases this information is unobtainable elsewhere until we make it public.
We do not just talk.
We usually actually merit to deliver the goods!
Thank God.
Our publications are of good quality and of great value. They are unique.
Over the years our works have sold quite well, reached many people all over the world, and have had an influence.

They who subscribe to us also make a good impression.
Brit-Am subscribers on the whole appear to be God-fearing, clean in character, intellectually honest and intelligent.
These standards are not easy to come by.
This in itself is a blessing.

Books and Publications
"The Tribes. The Israelite Origins of Western Peoples" (1993) identified specific ethnic entities and peoples with Israelite Tribes and Tribal clans. Proofs adduced in "The Tribes" consisted of hard evidence combined with an analysis of name similarities. National peculiarities were compared with recorded Israelite Tribal characteristics. The principle of statistical probability was employed relying on the fact that a very great number of direct correspondences cannot be all due to mere chance.

"Ephraim. The Gentile Children of Israel" (1995) concentrated on bringing proofs primarily from Jewish sources. In its way "Ephraim" proves its case though it also requires some confidence in the sources and in the way they have been presented and interpreted. "Ephraim" in part was a Statement of Faith of great value and almost indispensable interest.

"Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races (1996) is an historical work. It analyzes the Ancient Hebrews in Egypt (where they were known as "Hycsos") and in the Land of Israel. The Ten Tribes seceded and were later exiled. They became associated with the Cimmerians and Scythians. These nations in turn gave rise to Western national groupings one of which became the "Celts". Part of the Celts were Hebrews as "Lost Israelite Identity" proves.

"Joseph. The Israelite Destiny of America" was first published in 2001; a second edition somewhat different from the first was published in 2004. This work concentrated on showing the Israelite characteristics of the American Nation and its association with the Tribes of Manasseh.

In 2002 we published two books:
"Biblical Truth. The Lost Ten Tribes of Israel in the West according to the Book of Genesis". Analyzes the Blessings to the Patriarchs and to the Tribal Ancestors and shows how the Promises have been fulfilled in Western nations especially the British and North Americans.

"Origin. You too are from Israel. You too are the People"
[This works summarizes much of Brit-Am research and may be regarded as an overall picture of what we are about. The book gives an historical summary of Israelite migrations to the west alongside an analysis of the Biblical Prophets and what they said concerning the Lost Tribes of Israel.]

"Achim Acharim. Eseret HaShevatim BaMaaariv" (2004).
[This is a Hebrew-language version of "Origin"].

In 2007, "Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph". The Lost Tribes had a duty as well as the promise of blessings. The one was contingent on the other and both were even necessary for the fulfilment of the other. This work analyzes what the duty of "Joseph" was meant to be and to what degree the Tribes of Joseph have fulfilled the role the Bible charged them with.
Our latest publication,
"The Khazars. Tribe 13" (2008).
The Khazars were a people related to the Angles and Saxons and their kin-folk. They converted to Judaism and became quite powerful. Evidence proving their Israelite origins is important in its own right and necessarily also proves the Hebrew ancestry of kindred peoples.

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"Scandinavian Secrets. The Hebrew Code of the Runes" by Orjan Svensson (2007).

"Bronze Age Atlantis. The International Nautical Empire of the Sea Peoples" (2008) by Walt Baucum.
Brit-Am/Hebrew Nations is at present the ONLY prominent organization in the Land of Israel identifying the Lost Ten Tribes with Western peoples. Hebrew Nations is open to all Hebrews, both Jew and non-Jew, But it is headed by Yair Davidiy who believes in Judaism and endeavors to live accordingly. From one point of view it may be described as a Jewish organization. It is the only Jewish organization in the field.


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  George Washington

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