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Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
For Information concenring the Ten Tribes and their presend-day location amongst Western Peoples.


Too many people hear the outlines of our findings and then jump to conclusions.
We are not trying to make people Jewish. Nor are we saying that anyone should consider themselves to be Jewish.

The Ten Tribes are not Jews. The Ten Tribes together with the Jews comprise the Tribes of Israel.
We say that very many amongst Western Peoples descend from the Ten Tribes. At the individual level the probability is not absolute. We cannot be absolutely certain. Even if we were 100% sure it still would not change much!
Being descended from the Ten Tribes does not mean that the person is Jewish or obligated by Jewish Law.
It also does not grant any rights or privileges.  In the End Times, in the Messianic Era or the Times leading up to it, things may be different. In the meantime those who are possibly descended from Israel should learn the subject, heighten their Biblical Awareness, support the State of Israel, and draw closer to the Jews.

Our message is primarily in the aggregate: Certain nations have a high proportion of inhabitants descended from Tribes of Israel who lost knowledge of their ancestry.
These nations have received blessings and capabilities. They also have obligations. This is what we all need to be more aware of.
This is the message of Brit-Am.

For more information:

Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
Holocaust Documentation.
Free e-book.

The Threads of Life
Malka Glikstein, Jerusalem, Israel, 2011, (130 pages).

Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

Lost Israelites Identified with Gentile Nations Scripture
Rabbinical Sources
Ten Tribes in the West The Khazars
were of
Hebrew Origin
Biblical Zionism

Most Recent Articles.
Last Five:

Characteristics of the Tribe of Manasseh.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

What is Judaism?

TG Replies and Replies to TG:
Sceptics Who Lack Substance!

Characteristics of the Tribe of Joseph.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

Characteristics of the Tribe of Gad
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

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Ten out of the Twelve Tribes of Israel were exiled and lost their identity. Their descendants are now to be found amongst Western Peoples. This is proven from the Bible, Talmud, and Rabbinical Sources as well as from Secular Studies in Ancient History, Archaeology, Mythology, Linguistics, and related fields. The Prophets spoke of this. Peoples that emerged from the British Isles (including North America) represent Joseph. The Jews of the State of Israel and the Diaspora are Judah. Joseph and Judah are destined to re-unite! The Tribes will be united in One Kingdom.
Each Tribe shall dwell in its own territory.
The articles and sources below explain, prove, and discuss these issues in detail. The evidence exists and, taken as a whole, is irrefutable!
Read for yourself!
This information deserves to be studied and internalized.

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  Movement of the  
  Ten Tribes  

Biblical, Rabbinical, and Secular Evidence

Lost Tribes of Israel Settled in the West!

Biblical Proofs Identifying the Lost Ten Tribes

Present-Day Tribal Identities:
An Outline.

Israelite Physical Types

Pictures of Ancient Hebrews

Secular Proofs.

Tribe of Dan.

Bible Studies and Commentary

Bible Codes

Biblical History


We in Brit-Am research the whereabouts of the Lost Ten Tribes.
We have proven they are to be found amongst Western Peoples.
We study the Bible, Rabbinical Sources, and Secular Disciplines such as History, Mythology, Linguistics, National Characteristics, Anthropology, and DNA.
In the past we have merited to reveal new information and insights of value. This is what we still do from time to time. To do this requires a constant ongoing application to the subject.
This needs Funding.
We also enable they who have queries to receive answers, they who have insights to express and share them with others, they who have doubts to resolve them, and they who hunger for the truth to receive some alleviation.
This too requires Funding.
In addition we help enhance Biblical Consciousness, give voice to support for Israel, encourage loyalty to the USA and UK and Israelite Nations in general, and other related matters.
This also needs Funding.
All of our support is derived from the sale of our publications and the offerings of others.
Our belief is that they who help Brit-Am will be blessed from Above.
To Make an Offering to Brit-Am!

Completeness of the Exile

The Ten Tribes are still in Exile but will Return

Their Hebrew Origins

The Black Woman.
Color Prejudice Condemned by the Torah

Why the Jews are Judah
Jew-Haters Refuted

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Brit-Am Now.

New Jerusalem News.

BARS Brit-Am Research Sources.


BHR Brit-Am Historical Reports

Brit-Am Tribal Researches

TR Tribal Reports

Anthropology and DNA Update

Anthropology and
DNA Articles

Brit-Am Megalithic Bulletin Update

How Megaliths and Dolmens Delineate Ancient Israelite Migratory Routes.

How do You Know
Whether You Descend from Israel?

Ephraimite Criteria

Questions and Answers


Other Languages:

Ezekiel Sticks Illustrated

Hundreds of additional articles,
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go to either of the following:

Site Index: Articles in Alphabetic Order

Contents: Articles According to Subject

YouTube Video Clips

Biblical Truth
Role to Rule

Scandinavian Secrets.
Hebrew Origins of the Runes
by Orjan Svenssun

Bronze Age Atlantis
by Walter Baucum Bronze Age Atlantis

Current Afairs.

"They Must Go!" The Proposed Movement of Arab Populations.

Ulster Flag

Esau and the Edomites
Esau: Contents.
Esau the Man.
Characteristics of Esau.
Nations of Esau in Ancient Times.
Esau in Germany.
Poem about Esau.

Dan in Ireland and Wales.
"Giving to Brit-Am"
by Avigdor

"The Vision Was There. A History of the British Movement for the Restoration of the Jews to Palestine" by Franz Kobler, 1956, London   Whole book online, Classical Literature exclusive to this site; shows traditional pro-British attitude to Zionism!  
Also available in .pdf formate as one complete file!

The "Mission" and Goals of Brit-Am.

 Rabbinical Affirmation of Brit-Am Findings. 
Rabbi Yisroel Alter ("Bais Yisroel") of Gur:
GOMER is a Name of Israelites! 

Joseph in the Eyes of the "Rebbe" ("Sefas Emes")!
Characteristics of the Tribes According to Rabbinical Sources.

"Prove Loyalty to Your Israelite Ancestors
- Help Brit-Am" by Avigdor.

The Order of Encampment
in the Wilderness
and its Historical Significance

"The Oldest Title Deed in the World"
The Jewish Right to the Land of Israel
by Stephen Spykerman

"Have The Ten Tribes Ever Been Torah Observant?"
by Edward Anderson

by Bruce McKerras

Introduction to Brit-Am Teachings.

Division from Judah.

The Purpose of Exile and Loss of Identity.


Exile of the Ten Tribes to the West by Ships

Migratory Movements of the Ten Tribes.

Khazars from the Ten Tribes!

The Khazars were NOT Turks!

The Khazars were Hebrews!

The Lost Ten Tribes Identified and the Relevant Statistics.
An Ongoing Series.

Hosea 9: Muslims Hate All Israelites!

The Blessings and Tasks of Joseph.

Bequeathment of the Blessings to Joseph.

Don Isaac Abarbanel:
"The Fourteen Aims of Biblical Prophecy"

  Israelite Empires in the Recent Past.

  Israelite Military Might:
A Comparative Study

  Israelites are the Most Peace-Loving!

  Israelites are the Most Generous!

The Legitimacy of King David Depended Upon the Oral Law!

Lost Israelite Identity. Now Available in .pdf format as Three separate Books:

Manasseh. Israelite Origins Of the Cimmerian Celts In Western Europe.

"SEA-WAY". The Movement by Ship of Exiled Israelite Tribes to the British Isles.


  Origin of the Name "Wales"
 A New Appreciation. 

Religious Zionism, Jewish anti-Zionism, and the Lost Ten Tribes Today"
by Alexander Zephyr.

Judaica from
Samaria, Israel!
Temple Puzzle

Free E-Book!
Unique Holocaust Documentation.
The Threads of Life by Malka Glikstein

Now Available!
Indian Interlude Cover


The Assyrian Exile
by Cam Rea.
The Assyrian Exile by Cam Rea

YouTube Lecture, Article, and Poem:
Australia is the Land of Sinim
associated with the Ten Tribes!
See Isaiah 49:12


   Land of Sinim   

"Is Australia Sinim?"
by "Dafydd"
a .pdf file.

The Order of Return in Ezekiel.

The Ephraim-Manasseh Settlement of the USA
by David Jackson.

Debate: "Will All the Israelites
Come Back?"
Completeness of Resettlement
in the End Times?

"Preparation for Moloch?"
A Preliminary Overview of Germany, World War-2, and the Holocaust.

" Subjective Well-Being and Israelite Nations in Statistics."

Assyrians, Scythians, and the Ten Tribes.
The Almighty As a Husband to Israel.

The Gaza, Sinai, and Israel Conflict
Part One: Background Information.

Was King Jeroboam the First Ephraimite?
The Ten Tribes and Replacement Theology
in Biblical Times and Today!

Judah and Joseph:
Different Roles But the Same Destiny!!

UK-USA, Ephraim-Mannaseh.
The British-American Symbiosis in the Light of Scripture and History.

Why Britain is Ephraim: Nobility.

Joseph in Cush.
The USA and UK in Afghanistan. A Maelstrom of Conflicting Interest.

The Similarity Between English and Hebrew.
Examples from a Biblical Passage Chosen Arbitrarily.

More Brit-Am Rabbinical Sources .

Jewish Lawyers and Angle Lore.
Do Anglo-Saxon Traditions Prove the Rabbinical Oral Tradition?

Did the Jews Know Where the Ten Tribes Are?
Jewish Traditions Locating the Ten Tribes of Israel in the West.

Re-Union. The Two Sticks of Ezekiel 37.

The Israelite and Scythian Origins of the Scots in Early British Tradition..

Ephraim-Britain, "A COMPANY OF NATIONS".
The British Island Nations.
England, Eire (Ireland), Ulster (North Ireland), Scotland.

Is Obama a Wild Donkey-Man Lackey?
Reply to Speech about Israel (May 19, 2011).

Brit-Am Radio Interview Comments on Obama and 67.
Recording and Transcript.

Why the USA Needs Israel!!

Why the USA Needs Israel!! Continued.
Reactions to Interview with Tamar Yonah of Israel National Radio.

Judah Should Bring the Ten Tribes Back!!!
by Alexander Zephyr
(with some Editorial Comments by Brit-Am). Part One.

Is Brit-Am a "Guardian"?
Replies to Critics of Brit-Am
and of Proposed "Ephraimite" Settling in Israel.

  Israel-Syria-Ireland in Megalithic Parallelism  

YouTube Lecture
Joseph in the End Times

Security Cameras, Florida, USA.
security cameras

Rebuilding the Temple
by Bruce McKerras

The Rotten Egg-Head Omelette.

The Academic Deluders of Israelite Nations Should be Punished!
Thoughts: Class action Against the Scientific Experts??
by Yair Davidiy
A slightly learned tirade against intellectual oppression in which we heartily inveigh against the nefarious deceit behind abortions, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, Biblical Criticism and the Doctrine of Evolution.

The Brit-Am Plan for ALL Israelites!

Proposed Brit-Am Program for the State of Israel.

Answer to Dum-Wit!
Brit-Am Replies to Another Jew-Hating Idiot

New Brit-Am Articles,
Improvements, and Updates

Older Brit-Am Articles,
A Selection.

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  What is Brit-Am?  

"Shoshana Yaacov"
The Brit-Am Rose


Symbol of the Ten Tribes
and of Brit-Am
Representing United Israel

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Revealing the Lost Ten Tribes
Amongst Western Peoples
List of 122 (was 110) Biblical Proofs

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Sequence of Return in Ezekiel.avi

Duration: ca. 19.5 minutes

A Portion of Judah will be the first to Return. This is the present State of Israel. At First they will be Reluctant to Receive the Ten Tribes and Assimilated non-Identifiable Jews but after that they will. The Tribes will Return at first Physically and AFTER THAT in the Religious Sense; Judah needs the Return of Samaria (Manasseh and Israel) both physically and spiritually for the sake of Its own Redemption; Judah will teach Joseph; The Ten Tribes will Return and Help Judah Rehabilitate the Land of Greater Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates. The Rest of Judah will then Return.

For accompanying article see:
"The Order of Return in Ezekiel".

Descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are today found amongst Western Nations according to the Bible and Rabbinical Commentary supplemented by historical and related studies. It is in these countries that Israelite Tribes realized their Destined Ancestral Expression. This is what was prophesied. It is what took place. It obligates us to take heed of who we are and all that it entails. This is the message of the Bible to us, today!

The USA, UK, and related Western peoples have an obligation as Israelite Nations to fulfill their destiny. They are obligated by the Bible to be a great people, to uplift humanity, internalize Biblical Consciousness, maintain Biblical values, and look after themselves not only for their own sake but also for that of the rest of humanity.

This also involves fraternity towards the Jewish People and support for the State of Israel. That is what the Bible demands and what being a Hebrew entails.

Brit-Am traces the Lost Ten Tribes to Western Nations.
Brit-Am is an organization centered in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.
The Director of Brit-Am adheres to Orthodox Judaism but most of our supporters do not.
Brit-Am specializes in research and outreach.
The evidence that Brit-Am relies upon is Biblical in the light of Rabbinical Commentary supplemented by secular studies.
Brit-Am avoids the discussion of religious differences between Judah (the present-day Jews) and the Lost Ten Tribes represented by "Joseph".

Brit-Am has three main aims:
Research -finding where the Lost Ten Tribes went to.
Recognition -Bringing the Results of our Research to Public attention.
Reconciliation - Working towards the eventual re-unification of Joseph and Judah.

Topics discussed on the present site include The Ten Lost Tribes and everything about them.

See "Brit-Am Principles: Hebraic Consciousness"

How Does Brit-Am Differ from Other groups with a Similar Israelite Identity Message?

Bible Commentaries: Nachmanides and Rashi on the Ten Tribes being in the west; The Five Books of Moses and Promised Blessings; Brit-Am Commentaries on the Prophets, Psalms, and other Biblical Books; Bible Codes confirm Israelite Tribal identity; Biblical History and Archaeology.

Physical Ancestry: DNA and its questionable validity on ethnic questions, Biblical Physical Anthropology, Ancient Hebrew Racial Types, Pictures of Ancient Israelites and Neighboring Peoples.

Khazars: The Israelite Ancestry and Western Relationships of the Khazars.

Ten Tribes in the West. Biblical Overview
Duration 10.30 minutes
For More Embedded Video Clips see:
Brit-Am You Tube Video Clips -Embedded

Tribal Identities:

Peoples of specific ancestries throughout history tended to congregate together and/or re-coalesce after division throughout history. Different groups maintained some degree of cohesion and definite identifying characteristics were maintained.
Using a combination of Biblical Promises, Rabbinical descriptions, tribal names, tribal groupings, national symbols, historical associations, and repetitive patterns of behavior specific nations may today be identified as having within themselves significant elements from one or more of the Israelite Tribes.

The English-Speaking Peoples Today Descend from the Tribe of Joseph; the USA is Manasseh; "Machir" ("Ha-Macheri" in Hebrew) the first-born son of Manasseh gave his name in its Medieval Latinized form to "America". The name "Machir" in Hebrew means Capitalism; "Manasseh" means Responsible Representation; Ephraim is Britain along with the overseas "daughters" of Britain. Other Israelite Tribes gave rise to elements within England, Scotland, Finland, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Ireland, Ulster, Wales, France, Holland, and Belgium. The present-day Jews descend mainly from Judah, Benjamin, and Levi, plus representatives portions of all the other Tribes. The Tribe of Dan is to be found amongst part of the Danish, Irish, and Welsh.

Biblical Blessings indicate concrete identifications and locations. The implications need to be studied in the light of history, linguistics, archaeology, legends, and National Characteristics.

Tribal Symbols: Star of David, unicorn, lion, Israeli Stamps.

Historical Studies: Israelite Migrations, Linguistics, Cimmerians, Scythians, the Hiberi-Celts from Spain, The Anglo-Saxons, Vikings, and Normans, the Scottish and Irish, Franks, and Scandinavians.

Megaliths: Correct dating of Megalithic Monuments that outline Hebrew Migratory Paths as Prophesied in Jeremiah 31:21. These "Pathway Signatory Indicators" (Dolmens in Holland and Denmark, New Grange in Ireland, Stonehenge in England, etc.) are found in the Land of Israel and in Western Europe.

Questions of Brit-Am Israelite Identity: Chosen People, Israelite Ancestry, Ephraimites, Captive Jews from Judah in the West,The Two Houses, Returning to the Land of Israel, "British-Israel" versus Brit-Am.

Other Peoples: Edom, Germany, Japan, Gog, Russia, China, Korea, Tibet, Cush, India, Africa, Arabs, Ishmael, Palestinians, Philistines, Canaanites.

Guest Articles: Essays by Yair Davidiy, along with essays by Rabbi Yehonatan Davidi, Rabbi Fishel Mael, "Avigdor", Terry Blodgett, Rabbi Avraham Feld, Steven Collins, Cam Rea, Daffyd from Australia, Stephen Spykerman, Orjan Svensson, Dr. Richard Giffith, Cristian Sildan, John R. Salverda, Prof. Paul Eidelberg, Konrad Siegfried, John Hulley, Edward Anderson, Alexander Zephyr, Eddie Chumney, Jack Hertzog, Bruce McKerras, Eric Flaxenburg, David Jackson, and others.

Contemporary Issues and Specialized Newsletters: Israelite Ancestry Findings and Discussion, Biblical Research Updates; Jerusalem News, Regular News Reports from the Land of Israel and Israel-Related News from overseas; News concerning Archaeology, Anthropology, and DNA researches. News from specific countries.

Enemy Elimination: Anti-Semitism Confronted; The Pernicious and Nefarious Intentions behind Conspiracy Theory Exposed; the Need to Transfer the Palestinians for the good of all including themselves; Missionary Activity Amongst Jews Forbidden; Anti-American and anti-British attitudes rebuked.

"The Khazars.
Tribe 13"


The Tribes
Temporarily Out of Print!
The Tribes

Recent Articles and Features Worth Noting
My Biblical Fathers.
Proof from Scripture
Rabbi Avraham Isaac Kook:
The Yearning of Ephraim For Redemption
Specialized Newsletters
Information and Discussion
Brit-Am Poetry

When is Prophecy to be Taken Literally?

Chapter Outlines to "The Khazars. Tribe 13"

Why We Should Support the State of Israel!

Why the USA is Manasseh. A Summation

Why the British are Ephraim!

Tribal Characteristics in a Nutshell
List of Israelite Individual Tribal Characteristics

The History of Brit-Am

Geneaology of the Blessings to Israel

The Messiah son of Joseph and the Lost Ten Tribes

Brit-Am identity Queries Concerning the USA:
Parallels between the borders of the USA and those of Ancient Israel?

Biblical Place Names in the USA: State by State
Giving the Tribal Allocation of each place-name

The Divine Purpose for the Exile and Division

rose    Collective Responsibility
and Rabbinical Authority
        The Hussein Obama Pages.
Obama Exposed as an Arab Agent!

The Jews of Judah: A Demographic History.
Jews Not Khazars. The Lost Ten Tribes amongst the Jews

The Kings of Judah and Israel.

The Scottish Tartan Cloak of Joseph

Along with much more.
New articles and information are added almost daily.



Duration: 14.53 minutes

The Ten Tribes of Israel were destined to move to Western Europe and from there to North America and related nations. The Prophet Hosea predicted that the Lost Ten Tribes would be in the west, in Western Europe, the British Isles, and North America.
See also:
Brit-Am You Tube Video Clips

Afghanistan and the Ten Tribes:
Taliban-Who? Pathans are NOT Israelites!

Cam Rea: "Sometimes They Come Back".
The Assyrian Exile of the Ten Tribes

"Helleno-Yishurin. The Hebrew Origin of Greek Legends"
by John R. Salverda

The Irish Hero Dagda and Samson

Messiah Son of David in the Bible

The Aryan Monkey.
Human Adaptation to Environment Reflected in Physical Appearance.

The Earliest West European Beliefs in their Israelite Origins. List of Contents

Israelite Origin Traditions:
Netherlands: Holland, Frisia.

Traditions of Israelite Descent in Scotland.

Traditions of Israelite Descent. Finland and the Ten Tribes

Traditions of Israelite Descent. England and the Ten Tribes

Are The Ten Tribes the Same as Gentiles?

The Return of the Ten Tribes.

The Prophet Balaam and Barak Hussein.
Obama, Fareed, and the Promises to Israel.

Am I Under a Curse?.
Advice for When Everything Seems to go wrong

The Khazars, Manasseh, and the USA.

The Purpose of Exile and Loss of Identity.avi

Duration: 6.34 minutes

The Ten Lost Tribes were exiled and lost their identity for Reasons hinted at in the Bible. Yair Davidiy from Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes, discusses sources concerning this question.
See also:
Brit-Am You Tube Video Clips

Security Cameras, Florida, USA.
security cameras

Jerusalem Site Design and Promotion
Jerusalem Site Design

Jerusalem Florist

Computers Jerusalem

Yedidyah is Building in Shomron

Brit-Am Introductory Course.
List of Contents.

The Japanese are not Hebrews!

Theo Vennemann and Brit-Am.
De Facto Academic Affirmation of the Presence of Semitic Hebrews in Ancient Europe!

"Western Hebrew-Celtic Culture.".
Religion and Customs.

"Israelite Tribes Amongst Germanic Linguistic Groups:
Foreword and List of Contents.

"Scandinavian Legends and the Hebrew Bible":
"The Aesir Legends from Norse Mythology"
by John R. Salverda.

Celtic Gods and Deities!.
Part One.

"Germania and Tacitus:".
Israelite Origins

"Arouse Yourself! O Israel!"
by Avigdor

Dan and Judgment.

Joseph - an Introduction

Joseph was the  favorite child
of  Israel his Dad
who gave him a coat
of colors in interlocked line
Scottish tartan design
Pride and glory not decline
As the Bible wrote
Pre-eminence he had
Refined and mild
Sometimes also wild

His brothers were jealous
and overduly zealous.
They sold him as a slave
To an Arab band
Taken to a foreign land
The nation to save
The great and the small
Joseph fed them all.

In civil manner
The Manasseh banner
showed a pyramid-tower
Prosperity and Power
As may be seen
On background green
of a US Dollar bill
(Land of fee will)
With an All-Seeing Eye
Our Ruler in the Sky.
          For the Hebrew gene
There has never been
Any national group other
Than Canada and the USA
Australia, New Zealand, and UK
Along with the West
That Fit the criteria best.
The measure to fill
We suit it still.
It cannot be another
Only they to the Jews
Are an old brother
As we would choose.
Even if it were not so.
That is how we would prefer
Our destined task to undergo
Any other choice to defer.
What is more
Our historical acts
and Geo-Political facts
Enable us to be sure
That we are all one nation
With the Hebrews of old
An ancestral corporation
As Prophecy foretold
The signs all fit
We suit all of it.

More Poetry

by Alexander Zephyr.

Biblical Borders of the Promised Land of Israel.

Reflections on Brit-Am beliefs Concerning the Ten Tribes and Practical Conclusions.

A Few Select Recent Testimonials Concerning Brit-Am, Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.

The Israelite Tribes
Selected Essays Based on the Work of Rabbi Fishel Mael.

We Were Not all Do-Gooders!
Karl Marx from Levi and Friedrich Engels from Ephraim!
by Yair Davidiy

Who is the Satan? by Yair Davidiy

Brit-Am Book Evaluation.
The Strong Horse.

Power, Politics, and the Clash of Arab Civilizations, by Lee Smith.

The Tribe of Asher in Ireland.

Unicorns Did Exist!!

Brit-Am Research Acheivements

Characteristics of the Tribe of Asher.
[Rabbi Fishel Mael, Nechama Sarah G. Nadborny, Brit-Am.]

Brit-Am and Rosh HaShana (Every Year).

Rosh HaShana and the Bible
Adapted from the Commentaries of Rabbi Yaakov Tzevi Mecklenburg and Rabbi Shimshon Rafael Hirsch.

The Matriarchal Aspects of Israelite Tribes.
Inter-Relationships Amongst The Tribes

Based on "Kuntres, Zug MeKudash. Torah veTefilah" (1998) by Zeev HaLevi Kamen.

The Return of Judah and the Ten Tribes
in the End Times
by John Hulley

Naphtali in Ireland?.

The Names of Ireland and the Ten Tribes.

TG on the Warpath!
Brit-Am Refutes a Sceptic

Some Niceties of Translation.
Biblical Insights
that are Liable to be Overlooked.

Characteristics of the Tribe of Gad
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

Characteristics of the Tribe of Joseph.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

Characteristics of the Tribe of Manasseh.
[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

What is Judaism?