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HOP Poetry
1. Baruk Obama: A Poem for Pesach
2. Another Obama Sonnet
3. The Obama Hymnal: A Poem
4. Great Poems of the Western World: Yes, Jerry-Can!
5. Poem In Memory of the Slave-Trading Arab Forbears of Barak Hussein
6. The Closing of the Interogation Facility at Guatanamo bay in Cuba
7. Tutukan

HOP no.1
1. Introduction .
2. The Brit-Am Contribution to Great Poems of the World and Reactions to it.
(a) Baruk Obama: A Poem for Pesach
(b) Negative Reactions: The Barak Hussein O.. Ruckus
(c) Anti-Jewish Conspiracy Nut Complains of Brit-Am Racism!
(d) Positive Reactions: The Barak Hussein O.. Ruckus
3. Brit-Am Reply to Negative Reactions and Charges of Racism
More Brit-Am Sources on Obama

HOP no.2
1. Henry Rhea: Reply to Carol Hawke
2. Mr & Mrs Kennedy: Reaction to Carol
3."mtrankov": "commanded to not put a stranger to rule over Israel"
4. Yair Davidiy Interviewed by Ray Macabee concerning Obama and the State of Israel
5. Obama in Moslem Dress: Photo (2006)

HOP no.3
1."only slightly more antagonistic"
2. David Jackson: "wishy-washy" candidates were the problem
3.Tom Parker: Fly Over NY no mistake!

HOP no.4
1. Muslim grandmother of Obama to Make Trip to Mecca
2. Where Was Hussein Obama born?
3. Will BHO break the brotherhood between Judah and Israel (Zechariah 11:14-17)?

HOP no.5
1. Anne Bayefsky: Obama's latest calculated move against the Jewish State
2. The Obama Lovers Consensus
3. Israeli Quisling (Uri Avnery) Shows the "other side of the picture"
4. Another Obama Sonnet
5. Jackie Mason on Obama

HOP no.6
1. The Obama Hymnal: A Poem
2. Israel in Danger because of Obama?
3. State Dept.: Obama's Demands To Stop West Bank Expansion Includes Jerusalem

HOP no.7
1. Great Poems of the Western World: Jerry
2. Likud: US meddling in Israeli politics
3. Frank Gaffney, Jr.: Obama sows a Mideast whirlwind

HOP no.8
1. Muslims nickname Obama "Jewbama"
2. Obama's Racist, America-Hating Church
3. Israeli Cabinet Minister - Obama = Pharaoh
4. "He looks like Pharoah"
5. David Tempelhoff: The Bible Warns Obama

HOP no.9
1. Brit-Am Masterpiece to be re-named
2. Rabbi Chaim Richman of the Temple Institute
Jewish Response to Obama Speech
3. Measure for Measure: Illegitimate President wants to de-legitimatize Biblically Sanctioned Settlement
4. Paul Rahe: Obama's gestures
5. Netanyahu Knocks Down Obama Outpost Ahead of Policy Speech
6. Obama Outpost named Maoz Yonatan i.e. Fortress of Yehonatan?
7. JewBama Pictures

HOP no.10
2. Poem In Memory of the Slave-Trading Arab Forbears of Barak Hussein
3. Leading Conspiracy Authority Repents of Mistaken Target
4. Obama Had Close Ties to Top Saudi Adviser at Early Age
5. Steven Shamrak: Is Obama Constitutionally Eligible to Serve?

HOP no.11
1. Worse than we thought!
Obama hints at anti-Israel pro-Iranian Agenda
2. Honduras Fights for Constitution, Obama Takes Sides with Chavez against the Honduran People
3. The Obama Bow to the King of Saudia

HOP no.12
1. Poem: The Closing of the Interogation Facility at Guatanamo bay in Cuba
2. BORN IN THE USA? Hospital won't back Obama birth claim
3. Professor Paul Eidelberg: The Anti-Israelite Obama Agenda

HOP no.13
1. Joan Griffith: President Andrew Jackson also had questionable legality
2.Woodrow Lovett: Why is the birth record Not Publicly Available?
3.Has Obama's birth certificate been disclosed?
4. 9/11 Families: Obama Favors Saudi Terror Financiers Over Victims
5. Did Obama Help Fund Moslem Terrorism in Kenya?

HOP no.14
HOP no.14: Obama Hussein in Egypt-land.
1. Obama in Egypt: Searching for a Look Alike.
Excerpts from Selected Articles:
(a) In the Tomb of an Overseer.
(b) Big Ears.
(c) "Hey, that looks like me!:
(d) Obama a Tutankhamen Double? Obama says, Not Slaves but Aliens built the Pyramids?
(e) Cairo identifies Tutukan with Obama.
(f) Poem: Tutukan

HOP no.15
HOP no.15: Obama Names and Kin
1. What is the meaning of the name 'Obama'? Crooked Boy?
2. What Made Hussein "Kosher"?
3. Spoof poster of Obama's face painted as The Joker branded 'dangerous and mean-spirited'
4. Bonnie Berggren. Our last election.....bb
5. The Half-Brother of Barak Hussein in Kenya: Video Clip

HOP no.16
HOP no.16: Obama from Kenya
1. Obama's Website: Hub of Hate - by Jamie Glazov
2. Obama Gives Presidential Medal of Freedom to Mary Robinson
3. Michelle Obama's Irish roots traced to Irish slave owner
4. AP declared Obama "Kenyan-Born"
5. The Obamas Have a Rabbi in the Family
Cousin of Candidate's Wife Leads Synagogue on Chicago's South Side

HOP no.17
HOP no.17: The Obama Attitude
1. The Man Who Despises America by Mark Hyman
2. Obama slams Gilo [Israel] plans
3. Charges Against Obama.

HOP no.18
HOP no.18: Obama Apologetics
Hussein Obama Pages
1. Thomas Gray: "Obama's behaviour ...completely appropriate"
2. Offended by HOP on the Brit-Am Site
3. In defense of Barack Obama by Lenny Ben-David
4. The Source of Obama's Anti-Israel Policy
by Bishop E W Jackson Sr.
5. Obama a Champion of Homosexuality
(a) Obama: Decriminalize Homosexuality Worldwide
(b) President Obama confirms loyalty to radical homosexual agenda

HOP no.19
HOP no.19: Hopalong Obama
1. Early Incriminating Quotes from BHO
2. Obama Has Half-brother Who is Technically Jewish and Lives in China!
3. Obama Blames Guantanamo Bay for Terror Attacks!

HOP no.20
HOP no.20: Hopalong Obama
1. Thomas Malloy: Liberalism is a mental disorder.
2. Craig Blackwood: Obama not a US Citizen!
3. Obama's Victimization of Jewish Refugees from Muslim Countries
by Daniel Greenfield
4. Barack Obama, Kenya, his cousin Odinga and Islamic jihad
5. Edgar Defends Obama

HOP no.21
1. Why Was Obama Selected?
2. Barack Obama's top 10 insults against Britain
3. Barack Obama's top ten insults against Israel

HOP no.22
1. Is Obama a Wild Donkey-Man Lackey? (Brit-Am Replies Slightly Modified).
2. David: The Almighty Will Protect Israel!
3. Steven Collins: Many Americans Disgusted with Obama.
4. Chuck C. : Obama is our Manchurian candidate!
6. Hark: Comparison to Amerindians?
7. Miri Burgin: The REAL Meaning of Contiguous Borders!
8. Sharon: Obama an Anti-Israel Impostor.
9. What was Obama so Happy About?

HOP no.23
1. Allen Ramsay: US criticism of Israel Courts Disaster.
2. Susanna Garlitz: USA, Obama and Israelites in the USA.
3. Diane Herndon: Disasters/Circumcision.


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