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4 December 2009, 18 Kislev 5770
1. Thomas Gray:  "
Obama's behaviour ...completely appropriate"
2. Offended by HOP on the Brit-Am Site
3. In defense of
Barack Obama by Lenny Ben-David
4. The Source of
Obama's Anti-Israel Policy
by Bishop E W Jackson Sr.
5. Obama a Champion of Homosexuality
(a) Obama: Decriminalize Homosexuality Worldwide
(b) President
Obama confirms loyalty to radical homosexual agenda


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1. Thomas Gray:  "Obama's behaviour ...completely appropriate"
Re HOP no.17: The Obama Attitude
#1. The Man Who Despises America by Mark Hyman

Dear Yair,

I wanted to make a note that I watched the video of Obama makiog the announcement about the Fort Hood killings and I found Obama's behaviour to be completely appropriate.  It was not a news conference, but a time of concluding remarks at the end of a conference on Native American affairs.  His "jocular shout-out" was a recognition of the presence of a special guest in the midst of other recognitions and thanks related to the conference just concluded.  Obama actually spoke in a serious tone the whole time, and he did what I would have done under the circumstances, which was to get the lighter affairs at hand taken care of before going to the somber announcement about the killings.  We have serious issues about the Obama presidency.  It does not help our case to be making up issues out of nothing, as Mark Hyman and others have done.

There are also many Americans who disagree with the decision to use the atomic bomb on civilian populations and I don't see such a viewpoint as denigrating American involvement in WW II in general.  Stopping Japan and Germany were essential tasks.  However, the actions of leveling Hamburg and Dresden when Germany was at the point of collapse, and deliberately killing civilian populations with the fire-bombing of Tokyo and the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki have put the United States in the way of divine retribution, according to Isaiah 33:1.  The Japanese made a surprise attack on a military base.  The United States made retaliatory attacks on Japanese military bases, which is allowed.  But the United States never has had cities leveled with citizens suffering the effects of a nuclear attack.  I hate to say it, but it is coming.  When'  When the U.S. stops blessing the Jews.  I don't mind Obama apologizing for the atomic bombs.  The real issue is his anti-Israel actions.  As long as the U.S. does not turn anti-Jewish towards its own Jewish people, perhaps the retribution will be postponed.  I hope so.

By the way, I have come to believe that the U.S., knowing that the atomic bomb was in the works, would have saved a lot of American lives by not attempting to rout the Japanese from islands on the way to Japan.  In at least one case, the U.S. marines landed and found they had the run of the island until they finally came to the Japanese dug in at the far end of the island.  It was a provision of God.  Simply round up all the native folk and take them on board the ships.  Then fly over broadcasting an offer of surrender to all Japanese.  After an appropriate wait, back off the ships and annihilate all life on the island with the atomic bomb.  Repeat this procedure until the entire Japanese army and Navy was either destroyed or surrendered. I think that would have defeated Japan with no American or civilian casualties, and no retribution due from God.

Thomas Gray.
2. Offended by HOP on the Brit-Am Site
re HOP no.17: The Obama Attitude
J  wrote:

I am very offended by your ant-Obama section.  Why not stay with the Jewish issues, the bible, etc.
I'm not interested in your political positions.

Brit-Am Reply:
The section is not sent to you but rather posted on our site.
We sent out Brit-Am with notices of new postings, the relevant UTLs, and headings of the articles contained.
The intention is that if you are not interested then you may ignore these notices.

You have a point that perhaps Brit-Am should concentrate a little more on what it is supposed to be about i.e. the Lost Ten Tribes and if not that all the time then at least more Biblically-pertinent content.

On the other hand these features do have a relevance to Brit-Am concerns and studies. Many of our subscribers appreciate them and have expressed their appreciation of them.
3. In defense of Barack Obama by Lenny Ben-David , THE JERUSALEM POST

Nov. 30, 2009
Received from
IMRA - Independent Media Review and Analysis
who also are responsible for most of the editorial comment in square brackets
[..] below.

Extracts Only:
This week a senior respected Israeli analyst asked me to look back and decide, "Are we seeing the worst crisis in US-Israel relations' Is this the worst ever administration from Israel's perspective'" Also this week an Israeli minister termed President Obama's administration "awful," and an Israeli political activist was quoted in Israel's largest circulation paper
as saying, "The Obama regime is anti-Jewish and anti-Semitic."

To all, I respond with the strongest possible retorts: balderdash, tripe, silliness and stupidity! There are other serious ideological problems with this US administration which results in rock-bottom popularity for the US president in Israel but the labels of "anti-Semitic" or "the worst" are just bum raps.

Just look at the history.

IN 1957, the Eisenhower administration threatened to come down hard on the fledgling Israel, including removing UJA's tax-exempt status, as a way of pressuring Israel to withdraw from the Sinai Peninsula.

In 1970, Richard Nixon threatened to cut the supply of 50 F-4 Phantoms to Israel because of insults hurled at French Premier Georges Pompidou by Jewish-American activists in New York.

Observers feared the worst in US-Israel relations in 1975 when the Ford Administration weighed a "reassessment" of American policy in the Middle East, including cutting aid to Israel.

In the 1980s, Ronald Reagan earned a place in history as one of Israel's strongest friends, but his administration included strong critics of Israel such as vice president George H.W. Bush and defense secretary Caspar Weinberger. The sale of AWACS, just the tip of a massive arms sale and a realignment of US policy to embrace Saudi Arabia, took place under Reagan's watch, and the political war cry of "Reagan or Begin" was broadcast to suggest American Jews' dual loyalties. Arms to Israel were embargoed and delayed after the 1981 Osirak reactor bombing and the 1982 Lebanon War. And the Pollard affair pulled the US-Israel relationship to new lows.

Could relations have been worse than when George Bush Sr. went on national TV to challenge 1000 Jewish lobbyists to block $10 billion in housing loan guarantees over the issue of settlements at a time when hundreds of thousands of Soviet Jews were flowing into Israel' Actually, yes, they worsened when his secretary of state, James Baker, was quoted as saying,
"F*** the Jews, they don't vote for us anyway."

YOU GET the point: Anti-Semitism and crises in the US-Israel relationship have existed in the past, and there is simply nothing like it in the current US administration. Arms embargos and aid cut-offs then truly endangered Israel's security and gave Arab states tangible proof that American support for Israel was assailable. There is no such talk of cuts today. In fact, the strong support given to Israel by Congress and the unprecedented joint anti-missile exercise carried out by US and Israeli armed forces last month should put to rest the canard of an anti-Israel America.

So why the pervasive malaise about the Obama administration - a distrust so deep that Obama's popularity in Israel is equal to the margin of error' Well, Obama's failure to visit Israel doesn't improve his popularity, nor does his repeated cold-shouldering of Israel's prime minister.

Even the appointments of prominent Jews, Rahm Emanuel (chief of staff), David Axelrod (senior advisor), Mara Rudman (NSC/Mitchell's team), Hannah Rosenthal (envoy to monitor anti-Semitism), etc. don't make a difference.
They arranged the first ever Seder in the White House, and sent the president to visit a concentration camp. How can anyone accuse these individuals of being "self-hating Jews," when they are members of synagogues, observe Jewish holidays, have relatives in Israel and send their children to Jewish Day Schools'

Because they are "Newest Testament" Jews; Jews who have embraced the new American Jewish religion of tikkun olam [fix the world] liberalism. Tikkun olam is the new overarching mitzva [commandment, good deed] that guides them, even though it was never one of the 613 precepts of the Torah. The founding of Israel and the creation of Palestinian refugees may not have been the Original Sin in their theology as it is to others on the Left, but the settling of the West Bank following Israel's victory in 1967 is definitely viewed by them as Israel's
Golden Calf

[The universalism of tikkun olam is a direct challenge to the exclusive "chosenness" of the traditional Shma prayer.  Shma Yisrael - Hear O' Israel (why only Israel'), Hashem Elokeinu --the Lord is God (isn't God dead or maybe She's retired'), Hashem Echad -the Lord is One (doesn't declaring the Oneness of God exclude the believers in Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Wiccan gods, or Elvis')]

The translation of Newest Testament universalism into action can be seen in the words and policies of the modern day shaliach tzibbur [leader of the service], J Street.

[Obama advisors, according to the National Journal, participated in the meetings to set up the "Soros Project," later to be known as "J Street." In keeping with the Newest Testament, J Street's director Jeremy Ben-Ami told the New York Times of his staff's penchant for Buddhist seders and defended intermarriage in an interview with The Atlantic's Jeffrey Goldberg.  ]

The policies of J Street - the self-proclaimed "blocking back for Obama" - hold open the option of negotiations with Hamas, oppose Iran sanctions, and embrace the Saudi Plan, now called the Arab Peace Initiative, which demands a return to the 1967 lines, dividing Jerusalem and the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

"There will be no peace if the settlements remain in place," wrote one of the Newest Testament prophets, MJ Rosenberg. "Pre-1967 Israel was not terrible at all. In fact it was pretty wonderful," he also wrote. "The secular areas [of Jerusalem] are charming but much of the rest is Jewish Taliban country... No humor, no aesthetics, just lunatics in black."

The Obama administration certainly has committed its share of questionable activities, such as ignoring George W. Bush's assurances on Israeli population centers in the West Bank, being over-confident in the ability of Palestinian security forces, attempting to appointment Chas Freeman to a high intelligence post, and abysmally executing its campaign against Israeli
settlements and building in Jerusalem.

Perhaps the biggest mistake of all, however, was the advice given by Obama advisors that the rules of tikkun olam have a place in the compassionless Middle East.
4. The Source of Obama's Anti-Israel Policy
by Bishop E W Jackson Sr. (United States), Jun 29, 2009 at 11:25

Posted on November 27, 2009 by freemenow

Like Obama, I am a graduate of Harvard Law School. I too have Muslims in my family. I am black, and I was once a leftist Democrat. Since our backgrounds are somewhat similar, I perceive something in Obama's policy toward Israel which people without that background may not see. All my life I have witnessed a strain of anti-Semitism in the black community. It has been fueled by the rise of the Nation of Islam and Louis Farrakhan, but it predates that organization.

We heard it in Jesse Jackson's 'HYMIE town' remark years ago during his presidential campaign. We heard it most recently in Jeremiah Wright's remark about 'them Jews' not allowing Obama to speak with him. I hear it from my own Muslim family members who see the problem in the Middle East as a 'Jew' problem.

Growing up in a small, predominantly black urban community in Pennsylvania, I heard the comments about Jewish shop owners. They were 'greedy cheaters' who could not be trusted, according to my family and others in the neighborhood. I was too young to understand what it means to be Jewish, or know that I was hearing anti-Semitism. These people seemed nice enough to me, but others said they were 'evil'. Sadly, this bigotry has yet to be eradicated from the black community.

In Chicago, the anti-Jewish sentiment among black people is even more pronounced because of the direct influence of Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam. Most African Americans are not followers of 'The Nation', but many have a quiet respect for its leader because, they say, 'he speaks the truth' and 'stands up for the black man'. What they mean of course is that he viciously attacks the perceived 'enemies' of the black community white people and Jews. Even some self-described Christians buy into his demagoguery.

The question is whether Obama, given his Muslim roots and experience in Farrakhan's Chicago, shares this antipathy for Israel and Jewish people. Is there any evidence that he does. First, the President was taught for twenty years by a virulent anti-Semite, the Reverend Jeremiah Wright. In the black community it is called 'sitting under'. You don't merely attend a church, you 'sit under' a Pastor to be taught and mentored by him. Obama 'sat under' Wright for a very long time. He was comfortable enough with Farrakhan Wright's friend to attend and help organize his 'Million Man March'. I was on C-Span the morning of the march arguing that we must never legitimize a racist and anti-Semite, no matter what 'good' he claims to be doing. Yet a future President was in the crowd giving Farrakhan his enthusiastic support.

The classic left wing view is that Israel is the oppressive occupier, and the Palestinians are Israel's victims. Obama is clearly sympathetic to this view. In speaking to the 'Muslim World,' he did not address the widespread Islamic hatred of Jews. Instead he attacked Israel over the growth of West Bank settlements. Surely he knows that settlements are not the crux of the problem. The absolute refusal of the Palestinians to accept Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state is the insurmountable obstacle. That's where the pressure needs to be placed, but this President sees it differently. He also made the preposterous comparison of the Holocaust to Palestinian 'dislocation'.

Obama clearly has Muslim sensibilities. He sees the world and Israel from a Muslim perspective. His construct of 'The Muslim World' is unique in modern diplomacy. It is said that only The Muslim Brotherhood and other radical elements of the religion use that concept. It is a call to unify Muslims around the world. It is rather odd to hear an American President use it. In doing so he reveals more about his thinking than he intends. The dramatic policy reversal of joining the unrelentingly ant-Semitic, anti-Israel and pro-Islamic UN Human Rights Council is in keeping with the President's truest albeit undeclared sensibilities.

Those who are paying attention and thinking about these issues do not find it unreasonable to consider that President Obama is influenced by a strain of anti-Semitism picked up from the black community, his leftist friends and colleagues, his Muslim associations and his long period of mentorship under Jeremiah Wright. If this conclusion is accurate, Israel has some dark days ahead. For the first time in her history, she may find the President of the United States siding with her enemies. Those who believe as I do that Israel must be protected had better be ready for the fight. We are.
5. Obama a Champion of Homosexuality

(a) Obama: Decriminalize Homosexuality Worldwide

ABC News' Kirit Radia reports: The Obama administration said today it will sign on to a United Nations declaration calling for the decriminalization of homosexuality around the world.

The move is a reversal of the position taken by the Bush administration, which refused to sign onto the document when it was first circulated late last year. It has already been endorsed by 66 other countries, including the entire European Union, Japan, Australia, and Mexico.

(b) President Obama confirms loyalty to radical homosexual agenda


The speech illustrated how deeply this President is alienated from God as understood in the natural moral law and the Judeo-Christian tradition. The latter denies the claim that same-sex unions are a human right, or that its practitioners are born that way, or that there is anything legitimate or good about homosexual acts. The President's promise can only become true if America were to become a modern Sodom and Gomorrha.

            The following list of homosexual agenda bills in Congress today demonstrate that the Obama presidency is hard at work to bring this about. (Source: Americans for Truth, October 10, 2009)

Obama Bows Obama Bows

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