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25 November 2009, 8 Kislev 5769
1. The Man Who Despises America by Mark Hyman
Obama slams Gilo [Israel] plans
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1. The Man Who Despises America

By Mark Hyman http://spectator.org/people/mark-hyman on 11.11.09 @ 6:09AM
The Obama Watch
Barack Obama despises America.
The central conviction of Obama's ideology is that America is guilty of limitless moral failures and is the chief architect of the world's ills. Obama has boundless enmity for America, its key institutions, and its longtime allies. Consider these facts.
The 30-years of Obama's post-adolescent life are radical by any measure. First, he grew up listening to the ramblings of committed Communist Frank Marshall Davis. It had such a profound effect on him that he wrote fondly of Davis in his first book. In fact, that book is replete with statement after statement about how the U.S. is deeply flawed. Most Americans believe in American exceptionalism. Not so with Obama.
Patriotic Americans would not have listened to the bigoted, anti-Semitic, hate-America rants of a fringe religious leader for 20 seconds let alone for 20 years. Yet, Obama who admitted he attended services at Trinity United Church at least twice a month for two decades called Jeremiah Wright his mentor and his moral sounding board.
Nor would most Americans cultivate a close friendship with an admitted domestic terrorist and his wife whose most notable life's accomplishments were to set off bombs that killed and maimed innocent people.
Joining Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright in organizing attendance at Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan's 1995 march on Washington is beyond imaginable. Especially after Farrakhan demonstrated public support for Colonel Muammar Qaddafi during the Libyan Leader's most bellicose years against the U.S., which included Libyan complicity in numerous terrorist attacks.
Obama's view of America in national security and foreign affairs is profoundly disappointing to say the least.
Americans overwhelmingly view the men and women who saved Europe and the Far East during World War II as comprising the Greatest Generation. By his comments and actions, President Obama obviously thinks otherwise.
Obama did not honor American greatness on the 60th anniversary of the Berlin Airlift while on his first European trip. Instead, he accused "America [of having] shown arrogance and been dismissive, even derisive" toward its European allies.
He also denigrated the accomplishments of the American G.I. during World War II in the Pacific theater when he offered a thinly veiled apology for the U.S. having dropped the A-bomb on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Those acts brought the war to a swift conclusion, perhaps saving hundreds of thousands of lives when it appeared Japan was prepared to wage an island-by-island battle to the last man.
Obama ordered the release of the so-called CIA "torture memos," seriously damaging delicate intelligence relations with allied nations and placing at grave risk the safety of U.S. intelligence officers working overseas. The impact of his action handcuffs the ability of U.S. intelligence officials to protect the U.S. and American interests from acts of terrorism.
In a matter of weeks last spring, Obama gave deference to a variety of belligerent leaders while stiff-arming longtime American allies. First, he called for closer relations with Cuba while ignoring that nation's long list of continuing human rights abuses. Then he warmly welcomed Venezuelan dictator Hugo Chavez at an Organization of American States summit.
In his speech before the Muslim world, Obama made the patently absurd claim of equivalency between the status of displaced Palestinians and the slaughter of millions of Jews during the Holocaust. His claim that 7 million Muslims live in the U.S. is a figure inflated by as much as 700%.
In an earlier speech, Obama claimed that the U.S. is not a Christian nation, which is at odds with the fact that 79% of Americans self-identify as Christians and the nation's founders were devout Christians.

Obama's disagreement with American values and institutions is evident in domestic issues. He has stocked his administration with wild-eyed radicals who believe foreign law trumps the U.S. Constitution (Harold Koh); include an avowed Marxist and "truther" who believes George Bush was complicit in the 9/11 attack and is also an ardent supporter of cop-killer Mumia Abu Jamal (Van Jones); and include a devoted admirer of Mao Tse-tung who slaughtered as many as 75 million people (Anita Dunn). (In contrast, George W. Bush's Attorney-General nominee John Ashcroft was savaged by the news media for being an Evangelical Christian.)

One of Obama's very few suggestions to cut into his $1.4 trillion budget deficit was to have servicemen and women pay for their own war injuries. He's all for providing free health care to illegal aliens but believes wounded warriors should foot their own hospital bills. In fact, the Defense Department is about the only sector of government in which Obama has proposed slashing spending.

Hours after a belligerent "African-American Studies" Harvard professor engaged in behavior unbefitting anyone let alone a professional man, Obama accused the exceedingly tolerant Cambridge police officers as having "acted stupidly" and then digressed into how people of color have been unfairly treated by white America.
Bush was prolific in quietly and privately visiting the military wounded and family of the fallen. In contrast, Obama attempted to make political capital of his one visit to Dover Air Force Base. Obama's motives were so transparent that families of 17 of the 18 fallen denied permission for Obama to engage in a photo-op alongside the returning caskets.
In May, Obama immediately issued a statement that he was "shocked and outraged by the murder" of a Kansas doctor specializing in partial-birth abortions. He called it a "heinous act of violence." Attorney-General Holder mobilized U.S. Marshals nationwide to provide protection to abortion clinics.
But Obama remained silent the very next day when two U.S. soldiers were gunned down by a Muslim extremist outside a Little Rock recruiting station. After repeated prodding for a presidential comment, the White House faxed an after-hours statement to select media outlets two days later offering a tepid remark that Obama was "saddened" without even mentioning the soldiers were murdered.
Five months later, another Muslim fanatic gunned down nearly four dozen Americans, killing 13, at the Ft. Hood army base. It was an act that demanded the most serious demeanor of the military's Commander-in-Chief. Yet, Obama referenced the massacre in the most insincere fashion just seconds after a jocular shout-out to an audience member during a public speaking engagement. It was the equivalent of attending a funeral in swimwear while en route to the beach.
The odd inadvertent comment or occasional verbal faux pas can be explained away as just that. However, Obama has a lifetime of comments and actions including 10 months as president that belie his real attitude toward the U.S. The difference between Obama and his immediate predecessors such as Ronald Reagan, the George Bushes and Bill Clinton who actually revere and honor the greatness of America and its citizens and institutions cannot be overstated.

2. Obama slams Gilo [Israel] plans
News agencies
Ynet: 11.18.09

US President Barack Obama says Israel`s latest move to build hundreds of new Jewish housing units in Gilo - a neighborhood claimed by the Palestinians - complicates administration efforts to relaunch peace talks and embitters the Palestinians.

Obama told Fox News in an interview Wednesday that additional settlement building doesn`t make Israel safer.

He said such moves make it harder to achieve peace in the region, and embitters the Palestinians in a way that he said could be very dangerous, possibly referring to Palestinians plans to unilaterally declare statehood ? an option which continues to gain steam.

Obama and the Palestinians have demanded that Israel halt settlement construction.

The Jerusalem city government moved forward Tuesday with plans to build in a Jewish neighborhood in east Jerusalem, which Palestinians claim for their future capital.

Britain and France have also condemned the construction in Gilo, but in Israel - as Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni stressed to French Foreign Minister Bernard Kouchner - there is consensus on the Jerusalem neighborhood.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon deplored the Israeli move, spokesman Farhan Haq said. Ban `believes that such actions undermine efforts for peace and cast doubt on the viability of the two-state solution` for Israelis and Palestinians, he said.

AP and Reuters contributed to this report

3. Charges Against Obama
An Obama Anal Examination



Mr. Obama ran as a black man... He being 50% white, 38% Arab and only 12% black is the one defaming blacks...
Second, we examine the jihad issue.
First, we know Mr. Obama has a Muslim name in Barack Hussein Obama. His heritage is Islamic, he attended Islamic teaching in Indonesia, lived and vacationed in Islamic nations and was called Isalm's own son by Libyan Khadaffi.
Mr. Obama was bowing to the Muslim king of Saudi Arabia who guards the shrines to Islam. He did not bow to Queen Elizabeth where his 50% white heritage stems from, but bowed to his 38% heritage.
Second, we know that Mr. Obama constantly allowed hisself to be called a messiah, had halo pictures produced and never once stopped liberal publications terming him a "god".
Third, the definition of jihad is a holy war. Mr. Obama has made hisself a religious icon and he has been extremely busy making extermination war on "bad" terrorists while befriending "good" terrorists.
He has released the Lockerbie bomber of Libyan oil contracts, taken in 300 million dollars in illegal Muslim Middle Eastern 2008 campaign donations, has awarded Muslim Syria which has been exposed as assisting al Qaeda against America and has done nothing to stop the Persian communists from creating more nuclear bombs.
Fourth, Mr. Obama was hisself photographed in Kenya wearing a Muslim turban and later in Egypt was sporting the "Muslim look" in addressing the public there in his unshaven Arafat beard.
Third we examine the Birther issue.
On all counts, Mr. Obama's internet document of birth would not be allowed as proof in any court of law, driver's license examination nor in a voter identification issue.
This blog noted exclusively that "African" on Mr. Obama's certificate proves it is a fraud as the 1961 term would have been negro or negroe.
Mr. Obama is required by law to prove he is a Citizen of the United States. Yet, he has not.
In fact, Mr. Obama admitted on his website he was indeed British, but claimed the issue expired when he came of age. That is not legal as the British Mandate does not expire and Mr. Obama never in public renounced his British citizenship. Therefore he is British as his father was British and his mother being a child when she married Barack sr. was in fact British automatically at that point.
So Mr. Obama was born to two British subjects at birth. It therefore makes no difference where he was born in Hawaii or Kenya as he is British by law and could at this moment run for Parliament legally in Britain.

Furthermore, Mr. Obama was adopted by his step father, Lolo Soetoro, and in double jeopardy is not even a naturalized Citizen of the United States, but an illegal alien.

Mr. Obama has proven nothing, except spending almost 2 million dollars hiding all of his legal documents.
Lastly, in remembering Fort Hood, it is a fact that Nidal Hasan was an Obama voter. Mr. Hasan actually as a Muslim on the brink, was employed in the Obama transition to the White House.
Furthermore, Mr. Hasan, was protected by Mr. Obama and the Muslim oil mandates in making it illegal to even file a report on a Muslim of any sort.
Mr. Obama hisself, refuses to use the word terrorist concerning Muslims and has changed the war on terror to one of a police action where troops in his Afghanistan war are not afforded the rights in combat to protect themselves that Chicago Police are.
It was Mr. Obama's jihad policies which caused Nidal Hasan on the brink to go over the edge. Mr. Obama has now forbidden Congress to immediately review the Hasan terror attack and refuses to define it as a Muslim jihadist terror attack on American soil, equal to the terror attacks in his Afghanistan war.

Obama Bows Obama Bows

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