Rabbi Avraham Feld

Response to Islam"

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Year 5765 (2005)

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Note by Yair Davidiy:
"Mohammed Wept" represents the PRIVATE views of Rabbi Avraham Feld. They are presented for public interest.

The attitude of Brit-Am may be deduced from Brit-Am writings.
Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that the following work establishes Rabbi Feld as a foremost authority on his subject.
This work represents years of ongoing study of the subject matter alongside hands-on experience with Israeli reality, community involvement, and close contact with both the Jewish and Arab populations in Israel. Through the Maccabee Institute Rabbi Feld constantly comes face to face with general Jewish and specific Israeli experience. He lives here. His family lives here and he, day and night, is involved with helping people who live here.
Rabbi Feld also works with the Palestinian population and helps them, often serving as a go-between for those Arabs who wish to help the Israeli public in ways that they are able to.
As part of his life-mission Rabbi Feld is acquainted with numerous Rabbis, social activists, givers of social assistance, Israeli officials, politicians, social and politic commentators, and with the Israeli public at every level of its existence. For years Rabbi Feld has in fact been a source of inspiration, insight, and information for several leading Current Affairs Commentators.
Up until now the contribution of Rabbi Feld has been largely anonymous so as not to interfere with the activities of the Maccabee Institute. Now the situation has changed.
The message is important and is being delivered through the agency of the Brit-Am web-site.
Rabbi Feld has been a supporter of us from the very beginning and is a co-founder of Brit-Am.
Brit-Am works for the Redemption and Identification of all Israel and for the re-unification of Joseph and Judah.
Both sides need each other.
"Judah" and "Joseph" need to work together and this requires an acknowledgement of truthful reality.
"Mohammed Wept" is an answer to such a need.

-Yair Davidiy, on behalf of Brit-Am, Jerusalem, Israel

"Mohammed Wept. Response to Islam"
by Rabbi Avraham Feld


A Bible-based MOVEMENT that recognizes Israel’s destiny…
A Bible-based MOVEMENT that understands the place and the importance of the pro-Israel Ephraimites…
A MOVEMENT that recognizes the need for the Ephraimites to be a part of the destiny of the Land of Israel

"Mohammed Wept. Response to Islam" (Introduction and Chapter One) describes how the Egyptians are sueing Israel because more than three thousand years ago the Ancient Hebrews took Egyptian goods with them when they came out of Egypt. This reflects Muslim mentality. Under Islam women are severely abused and minorities (such as the Christians) oppressed.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Two) tells in detail how: According to true Islam Jihad must be declared by a central authority; Victory must be certain; The British and the Jews have given much including tribute to Muslims. Those who have given tribute, must be given protection. Jihad is no longer a military concept but one of spiritual rejuvenation. Suicide acts are prohibited except under duress and threat of annihilation. No such state has ever been declared.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Three) says that real Islam should recognize the Zionist Jewish right to the Land of Israel and gives quotations from Muslims who support Israel.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Four) explains that many of the basic ideas of Islam derive from Judaism and that in its true form Islam may most correctly be interpreted along lines consistent with Jewish principles.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Five) relates that the original doctrine of Islam has been polluted by foreign acretions.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Six) informs us that the Palestinian Arab Leadership wants primarily to exterminate the Jews and all other aims are secondary.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Seven) imparts the information that the Arabs do not keep treaties and cannot be expected to do so.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Eight): Diplomacy does not work with the Arabs, only violence. That is what they advocate and what they understand.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Nine): The existence of "Palestine" as a separate entity is a myth created mainly as a weapon to use against Israel.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Ten): While the Palestinians continue to support terrorism and act like the lowest type of criminal the Jews are in danger of self-demoralisation due to wishful thinking and misplaced liberalism.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Eleven): The Muslims are not interested in territorial concessions. They want everything. A War of Genocide is being waged against Israel. The Demographic Demon is a Scarecrow. Israel needs all the land it has and more. Most Palestinians would prefer to move elsewhere, to a non-Arab country, some would want to convert to Judaism if given a chance. Transfer of the Arab population is the most humane solution.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Twelve): The Palestinian Terrorists are murderers and nothing more than that. The world has a double standard. The attitude of the Palestinians towards Israel would not be tolerated by other nations if they were in Israel's position.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Thirteen): A military solution may be the only one possible. Israel must fight to survive. Leading members of other religions also acknowledge the right of Israel to exist. There are Neo-Conservatives who are pro-Israel, Christian Zionists, and Muslim Zionists. Christians should be Pro-Jewish and Pro-Israel. Yair Davidy and Brit-Am are working for support of a Greater Israel.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Fourteen): Repentance is possible for everybody. We can all change ourselves and the world for the better through prayer, effort, and repentance.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Fifteen): We must learn from history. In order to survive Israel must confront Islam. Unless the hate propaganda of the Arab side ceases war will break out. The Jewish victims of Arab terror were often very worthy people whose memories should be consecrated. We are owed an apology for Oslo.

"Mohammed Wept" (Chapter Sixteen): This is an Appendix that gives additional evidence that the demographic menace of the Palestinians has been exagerrated; points out that the USA also benefits from aid to Israel; Jesse Helms said, Israel is America's battleship in the Middle East; the media has an anti-Israel bias. God created the world and HE gave the Land of Israel to Israel.

"Mohammed Wept"
by Avraham Feld

5765, 2005


Chapter Title Sub-Titles Chapter Number
"Mohammed Wept" Introduction   Introduction
Egypt Sues Jews From Time of Moses Civil Rights Not Civilized Christians Persecuted Chapter One
The Illegal Jihad: "Holy" war prohibited by genuine Islam Jihad and acts of suicide From the original Koranic principle to the current hate, violence and ant-Semitism Chapter Two
A Zionist Koran: Italian Council allows true Islam to shine through the cracks   Chapter Three
Jewish sparks in early Islam   Chapter Four
The Koran distorted and adulterated by foreign dogmas Nazism Infects Islam Chapter Five
From Islam to Politics   Chapter Six
Egypt's treaty violations live on in Oslo   Chapter Seven
Stop! For Clarity Purposes: A Moment of Review   Chapter Eight
Modern-Day Violence and Islam-Backed Terror The Uses of Terrorism and the real hidden agenda; Origin of the name Palestine Chapter Nine
History Repeats Itself The Enemy Within: Be Your Brotherís keeper and Keep Up The Morale Among your People Chapter Ten
Dire Warnings; Unheard, Unheeded Common Sense, Truth, and Justice; The Demographic Demon is a Scarecrow; Potential Jewish Converts? Historical Background and Precedents Chapter Eleven
Double Standards!   Chapter Twelve
Military Strategy The Just Must Fight For Their Rights; A Military Solution is Needed; What Does Jewish Law Say? We can learn from history; Other Religions; Christians Should be Pro-Jewish and Pro-Israel; Yair Davidiy and Brit Am; Neo-Conservatives and Christian Zionists; Muslim Zionists Chapter Thirteen
Is Peace Within Our Reach? Is Change Possible? Final Words of Encouragement Chapter Fourteen
Arabic/Nazi Hatred Continues Unstopped - The Consequence Will Be War Need to Honor the Matyred Victims; A Poem by Amir Gilboa; They Owe Us An Apology For Oslo Chapter Fifteen
APPENDIX: Some After-thoughts Disengaging reason; building Palestine upon the ruins of Israel; Demographics; American Aid; Jesse Helms: "Israel is America 's battleship in the Middle East"; HaModia (9 Iyar 5765) Enlightens Us; Parting Thought Chapter Sixteen