Rabbi Avraham Feld

  "Mohammed Wept"  
 A Response to Islam 

Chapter Nine
Modern-Day Violence and Islam-Backed Terror

Mosques across the territory of Israel ( Gaza and other places), Egypt and other countries, continually call out for the extermination of the Jews. As Zawed al Nahwan (a cleric in Israel ) warned in his sermons, Allah will torture and humiliate Jews and they must be butchered and killed. The USA forced Saudi Arabia to fire about 1400 such clerics from their mosques. Why hasn’t Israel done the same? Here, the state of Israel faces much greater risk and immediate danger then does the US . Palestine media watch director Itamar Marcus points out that children are pushed by their parents, teachers and friends and the education they receive in the P.A. schools glorifies death as martyrs. On World Children’s Day, the leadership of the PA instructs the teachers, and the media to encourage children to be suicide bombers. Thus, the only place on the planet, where on Children’s Day, children are told to kill themselves and murder others is under the Palestinian Authority. In a book entitled Children are from Heaven, the author says that as important as it is to develop a child’s mind, it is of utmost importance to develop a child’s conscience. On a lighter note, anyone who thinks the art of conversation is dead ought to tell a child to go to bed (Robert Gallagher.) Kids have grown up when they stop asking where they came from, and refuse to tell you where they are going (Reader’s Digest, Changing Times, the Kipplinger Magazine.) We ought to be nice to our children because they may possibly choose our nursing home. I tried to make my house child-proof, but the kid’s friends keep getting in anyway. Grandchildren are the reward for not putting your kids up for adoption. In the few years that make up the period of the teens, you age 25 years. Sean Penn says in Oprah Magazine, “I’m not going to have a better day, a more magical moment then the first time I heard my daughter giggle.” We all can take comfort and lighten up on ourselves from the fact that even G-d couldn’t get his two kids to listen to his simple instructions. So, He fixed them. G-d figured the best educational experience they’ll ever have is to have children of their own. Ray Remano in “ Everything and a Kite writes, “Everyone should have kids; they are the greatest joy in the world, but they are also terrorists of course. You’ll realize this as soon as they are born and they start using sleep deprivation to break you." (Paula Dean from the Food Network, has cited in Reader’s Digest, Love is blind, but Marriage (with kids0 is a real eye-opener!)

I asked a kid once, how does he know that G-d is one, (implying likewise that humanity is one, to reflect supernal oneness) so in response he sang a little Chassidic Song – and added his own interpretation for good measure: “Hashem is here, Hashem is there, Hashem is really everywhere. Up down down, right, left, all around. |Here there everywhere, that’s where he can be found. Sooooo, if G-d is here, there, and everywhere, there’s no room left for another god.

We see that the ideas of the Mufti Husseini are alive and well, being propagated by the P.A. and by the Egyptian media. Holocaust denial is rampant. False and sick conspiracy theories such as the Jews blew up the World Trade Center along with their own buses and cafes. These absurd ideas are taken as facts on the ground. Abu Mazen, for example, received from the Soviets his doctorate in Holocaust Denial. Even the hundreds of thousands of deaths that he is willing to concede did occur (though not 6 million of course) he maintains, occurred by the hands of the Jews themselves!

In Jordan (The Hashemite Jordanian Kingdom of Palestine ), there exists a law allowing for the murder of anyone selling land to Jews. This can even be carried out as a sort of citizen’s arrest; that is the killing may take place extra judicially – as long of course as the charges are correct. Here too now, the Palestinian Authority has taken upon itself this law. (In)justice minister Freih Abu Median of the PA, has declared that the PA would see to it that the law was implemented. Yet, the ruling coalition and the media dismiss the gravity of the above facts. It reminds me of a criminal convicted of murdering his parents. He comes before a liberal judge for sentencing. The judge says, “The court must be merciful with the convict. After all he is an orphan.” The Saudi Arabian Muslim extremist media machine is very successful; the only thing missing in their brainwashing of Muslims and the West is simply the truth.

The way the media is trying to sell us these terrorist entities reminds me of the marriage broker trying to persuade a fellow as to the virtues of his intended bride-to-be, and as to the wealth of his future parents-in-law. The boy asks, “Don’t you think they might have borrowed that silver, just to make a good impression on me?” “Of course not,” answers the marriage broker, “who would lend their silver to such a pack of thieves1”

The ruling Israeli coalition so much wants to be accepted by the oil-controlling powers that be, that it reminds me of the very Jewish new immigrant to the United State , Esther N. She so wanted, and finally was accepted to an exclusive anti-Semitic American Social Club. At a fancy luncheon some soup was spilled upon her lap and she automatically screamed, “Oy gevalt! Oy vey is mir!” Gaining her composure, she quickly said, “Whatever that means.”

Ehud Barak says that since “there is no viable opposition {i.e. Republic, Democrat in America } and therefore the media is remaining mute. There is no true reporting, there is no true discourse. Everything is being kept under wraps. Everything is being kept in a state of fogginess. (Haaretz Magazine, May10). Barry Ruben, the distinguished editor of the journals Middle East Review of International Affairs, and Turkish Studies, goes a step further and says, “the situation has reached a point that many students studying the middle east in European or American Collages get largely the same messages and understanding of the region they would receive if they were attending Universities in Damascus or Tehran.

Hopefully waiting for peace partner: Peace summits are opium for the masses.

The Jerusalem Post editorial, said, what is remarkable about Abu Mazen’s statement at a recent summit is that it reflects so little change over the past few years. He still uses well-worn code words for Israel ’s destruction. No where, at no time, has the Palestinian leadership spoken of the necessity of Palestinian concession, in contrast to Israelis, let alone giving up on taking over Haifa , Jaffa , Tzfat. They dream not of two independent free states, but of three Arab states – the Jordanian Palestinian Kingdom, the Fattah Abu Mazen state, and turning Israel into yet another Arab Palestinian state. In the face of all of this, we remain naïve, tolerant and wallowing in our own delusions of ‘peace now.’ We have become so open minded that I’m sorry to say, our brains are falling out.

Even MK Yosi Sarid, from the far left Meretz Party commented that the Palestinian Authority has yet to understand that they must stop terrorism, and that there will be no right of return to Israel . Mk Eliezer Samberg of the left-wing Shinui Party says that what counts are acts, not declarations. Abu Mazen’s PA has physically, spiritually, militarily, and financially been part and parcel of terrorism. This is the reality. As MK Zevulem Orlev referred to these summits, they are festivals of deception, an opium for the masses, selling false hope. Col. Ra’anan Gissin security expert and government spokesman said, “Abbas’s men, could have and should have stopped them” (the last terrorist attack on Tel Aviv youth). Remember, how Avi Dichter and Avi Diskin had said how terrible, how horrendous, how awful it will be when soon, terrorism starts to increase by leaps and bounds if IDF forces are removed from Gaza and replaced by Egyptian forces, and if IDF troops are removed from the heights of the Northern Shomron .

Gissin said, “Abbas hasn’t taken one step…and the Kassams keep falling.” It seems as though we kept some kind of pleasure from pain, because despite these many facts, we keep rewarding these terrorists instead of eliminating them. We have had Ghetto mentalities from thousands of years in the diaspora and in exile. We are grasshoppers in our own eyes, afraid of insulting our bitter enemies, wanting desperately to be accepted and liked. It reminds me of two Israelis facing a firing squad in Egypt . The Egyptian executioner approaches one of the Israelis for a final inspection and Israeli number 1 spits in his direction. At which, the second Israeli gets emotional and riled up; “Vat’s the matter wit’ you! You vant dat vee should be get into trouble or something?”.

Who are we afraid of? We are not grasshoppers. We are not facing a firing squad. The ball is in our court. We can make demands, and others can concede or tremble. The PA has yet to arrest and hold a single terrorist, or to stop the firing of one mortar. Cease-fires are used to give time to terrorists to regroup and reorganize, get the international community to press Israel for more concessions, and to plan more terror. Besides the fact, that during these ceasefires, there are thousands of violations that are hardly reported by the media. Thus these so called “cease-fires” are not cease-fires at all; they are merely a cessation of security, justice and rational thinking. More wallowing, instead of demanding. Like the Monty Python “Dead Parrot” skit, its owner insists its parrot is alive regardless of the proofs the customer brings otherwise. For each, the store owner has an answer. Israel is full of parallels to this funny skit, in which denying the obvious, sheer persistence, manipulation of the facts, readiness to lie, are all winning the day. (Barry Ruben of Global Research in International Affairs).

For more facts on the above check out www.israelbehindthenews.com, and Inside the Palestinian Authority by A. Kushner, Israel Resource News Agency: David Bedein at media@actcom.co.il. Mitchell G. Bared An Idiots Guide to Middle East Conflict – Alpha Books , Daniel Pipes, The Origins of the Palestinian Arabs, at www.us-israel.org Joan Peters From Time Immemorial – Harper & Row - Trude Dothan, Sea Peoples and the Philistines of Ancient Palestine – Hendrickson publishes, Gil Hoffman , "Netanya`` Palestinians are "foreign workers" – Jerusalem Post July 15, 2001, "The Palestian Problem`` Its All in a Name" New York Magazine March 13, 1978, Near East report Myths and Facts. Also available is a fantastic, user-friendly work by Randall Price called Fast Facts on the Middle East Conflict (Harvest House 20003).

Haifez Barghouti editor of the important Al-Hayit Al-Jadeeda has stated that the factions which together make up the PA security forces, in actuality lack coordination, have an absence of discipline and rule of law, and are unable to carry out basic and necessary duties. Anyway, besides all this, they don’t want to prevent other “martyrs” like themselves from doing the “holy work.” Sharon says that violence cannot be rewarded. He insists that
We must dismantle terrorists infrastructure, and that we must disarm and subdue them. We must end terrorism once and for all, and only by crushing, completely, terror and violence, will this happen”
(PM A. Sharon). He previously had insisted that
Netzarim is as much a part of Israel as Tel Aviv. ” Sharon also said
"A unilateral retreat is not a recipe for peace - it is a recipe for war."
He emphasized that the settlements are of "extreme strategic importance."

In addition, Sharon said,
“Abu Mazen is on a path directly contrary to the road map. Instead of dismantling terrorist organizations, he strengthens them… and allows Hamas to run his corrupt elections."
The recycling of Oslo in the form of disengagement/unilateral retreat is far, far more dangerous then the original failed disengagement plan ( Oslo ). To paraphrase Jerusalem Post Editorial from April 12 th 20005,
“By committing to dismantling settlements long before final-status talks, Sharon went far beyond the roadmaps obligations….. The continued White House refusal to even tacitly recognize such a bargain creates tension.”
Here, Sharon and others are forgetting Bush’s vision in June 2002 of a roadmap that only begins after terrorists have been completely neutralized. Yosi Beilin, Yosi Sarid, Shimon Peres and a host of leftwing leaders, severely condemned the unilateral disengagement plans of Mitzne and Barak. At the time, Peres was a tender and impetuous child of, say, 77? And Sharon , also protested and condemned unilateral engagement at this time. He must have been a naïve child of only 75? This is the same Sharon that in ’94 confessed he had sinned and erred grievously in throwing Israeli’s out of the Sinai, dismantling army bases, etc. and who even implied that Egypt was so desperate it would have quickly accepted Israel in the Sinai had we stood firmer. Shalom t’murat shalom , or peace for peace, not peace in exchange for anything else. The same Sharon called for a referendum against Oslo and expected soldiers to refuse cooperating with any orders to throw Israelis out of their homes. And he never tired of showing a Stalin-like suppression of ideas which clashed with and contradicted the labor government.

Freedom and democracy first, final status talks later. Finance Minister Netanyahu says
"A pattern has been created of unilateral withdrawal including the evacuation of neighborhoods, without any tangible return from the other side. A great portion of the territory, two-thirds or three-fourths is empty of inhabitants, but is filled with history, strategic and security importance for us… Mahmud Abbas is not moving a finger against terror ".
These are very wise and correct words. But what happened? Sharon then proceeded to honor, legitimize, and give weapons plus 4.5 billion shekels annually to a pioneer of terrorism and chief terrorist of the day: Abu Mazen of the Fatah-PA.

If you agree that is was criminal negligence to invite master terrorist Arafat to come and rule over parts of Israel, then how much more so with this recognition, should you be vehemently against Arafat’s legacy in the form of Abu Mazen, and the Fatah-PA. If you recognize the error that was made, by offering to surrender parts of Israel to what turned out to not be a partner of peace, so how much more negligent would be the error of doing so once again – this time knowing that your partner is no partner for peace, yet only a terrorist veiled by a thin mask of political rhetoric and false promises. For airy-fairy pieces of signed paper, Israel gave away actual tangibles. ( Camp David I and Camp David II, Whye, Sharm-el-Sheikh, Oslo and on and on and on. It was naiveté at best, corrupted influenced paybacks at worst. Don't we ever learn?)

No other democracy in history, has physically coerced its citizens to leave their homes by the thousands and surrender territory to hostiles. Go find another case such as this. I dare you. You would not operate a lemon stand, pizza parlor or kiosk, the way we conduct politics in this country. We give it all away for free. If we have a true “business’ partner then we’ll hold negotiations, cut deals with compromise here and more compromise there. If we don’t have a serious business partner, then – well, then we’ll just give it away for free. If they continue to be belligerent, then we’ll show them, we’ll teach those terrorists a lesson. We’ll dump on them the whole country.

This old classic story may help illuminate Israeli’s reluctance to relate to the hate that surrounds it. Rabbi Asher had known for a while that Esther’s friend had died a year earlier in another faraway town. Since Esther was sensitive, frail, and not in the best of health, the rabbi had not told her – anything to spare her further stress, distress and anguish. The Rabbi learned that Esther planned to make this long trip to visit and find our why he had not written for a year. The time had come when the Rabbi had to tell her of the person’s passing, but how could he do it without shocking her too much?
“I see that you are getting ready for a trip,” inquired the Rabbi. “Where are you going?” Esther answered that she was going to visit her friend since she had not heard from him over the course of the year. “I wouldn’t worry about that if I were you,” said the Rabbi, “My friend died more then ten years ago and I haven’t heard a word from him either!”

While we’re on the topic… Joe jumped Moshie and started to beat the heck out of him, all the while cursing Yanki; “Take this Yanki, take that Yanki, I’ll show you! How does this kick feel Yanki?” After the dust settled, Moishe was laughing his head off, “The jokes on you fellow. I’m Moishe ha ha ha, not Yanki!”

Perhaps, it’s the optimism, the deep optimism, other-oriented love, and joy in life, of the ancient religion of Judaism from which springs the inability of present-day Israelis to face up to the hostility and enmity of those enemies which surround it. Judaism believes that the individual and the world are ultimately redeemable. Rebbe Yochanan Ben Zachai who had just witnessed the destruction of the temple, a destruction of holocaust proportions, was known for greeting his fellow man even as the ashes hung still in the air, being the first to say a friendly hello even if as he walked in the market place and greeted a pagan gentile.

Therefore, on an optimistic note…

Jews believe that - You have to accentuate the positive,

E-li-mi-nate the negative,

Latch onto the affirmative,

Don’t mess with Mr. In-between.

You’ve got to spread joy up to the maximum.

Bring gloom down to the minimum, have faith or pandemonium.

Liable to walk upon the scene.

To illustrate these last remarks:

Jonah and the whale, Noah and the ark/ What did they do? Just when everything became so dark?

Man, they said,

We’ve better accentuate the positive…..

The sage and tzaddik Shammai, known for his strictness, said, make sure to greet every human being with a warm, embracing and sincere friendliness. This is another part of the puzzle, the questions as to why it is so hard for Jews, the Israelis –right, left, religious, anti-religious, to accept bad news. In fact, the Talmud bids us to try and not be a bearer of evil tidings.

This is the same PA that conducts telethons in order to raise “charity” - that is funds for families of terrorists. Some of the more sophisticated of these telethons are held in Saudi Arabia . Hundreds of millions came from the deep pockets of the royal family. King Fahd, Crown Prince Abdullah, Defense Minister Sultan Preineo, all have given funds for suicide bombers of Hamas and Fattah's Al Aksa Martyrs Brigade. There is no qualitative difference between the PA and these groups, merely superficial, tactical applications serving the various maneuvers in the strategy of stages (From the Intelligence and terror info center www.intelligence.org.il ). Hamas was created by Egypt , Nasser created the PLO, and so to, the false Palestinian identity was artificially forged with the help of the crazed Wannabe-ism of Arabia . Once again, the world and Israeli media rushes by and skips over the real Arab intent and actions.

A January 19 headline in the Israeli press read A WEEK OF QUIET. If you were to look a bit deeper past the headline, you would see that people were wounded, automatic weapons were fired at a convoy of civilian men, women and children, mortars were fired at IDF positions, a forty kilo road side bomb was disarmed, etc…, etc…, etc…, etc…, etc... This was called quiet. What then, would you call loud? In another report, a month marked by the killing of 13 people was referred to as ‘relatively quiet.’ When a month goes by without a mega-terrorist event, my left-wing friends are already acting as though Messiah has come and the sage prophet Isaiah’s words have come to fruition.

You know, the words written on the UN’s Isaiah wall: “Nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore.” Then, Israeli and world intelligence agencies come and spoil everything, by saying something stupid like they tried to. They point out that in that month of so-called quiet, there were over 100 suicide terrorist attempts that were foiled.

Abu Mazen has promised and guaranteed that he would not operate against Hamas, nor would he interfere in their weapons production, or its infrastructure. He is however, willing to give Hamas members work in his own organization of thugs. That is, the Hamas uniform is replaced by a PA one, but the ideology and goals remain the same. Abu Mazen has also turned over previously-frozen funds to Hamas. Seventy-eight of the hundred and eighteen PA council seats were won by Hamas. Hamas will continue to grow, building upon its electoral success. What should long ago have been crystal clear to our Messianic left-wingers was once again made perfectly clear by the PA’s legislative council. In a publicly televised ceremony, Rouhi Fatouh, Qurei, and Abbas (Abu Mazen) swore allegiance to” Arafat’s legacy.” This legacy refers to the progressive dismantlement of the Zionist entity. Abu Mazen may be wearing an expensive business suit, his voice may be clear and his speech cultured, but behind that facade is a blood thirsty pioneer of modern terrorism.

To these very hate filled delusional sick leaders, Israel makes Chamberlainian-like concessions. (On the Eve of WW II Czechoslovakia was sacrificed to Hitler for so-called “peace.”). Concessions and appeasements only whet the appetite of this Mazenian type of leader, who is probably planning to change his family name to Abu Mazzini when it will be Italy ’s turn to be Islamized. As an editorial from the Jerusalem Post points out, the policy of pleasing the un-pleasable has been tried by many including Israel - and each and every time, at the end of the day, it always failed.

The Uses of Terrorism and the real hidden agenda

The decade’s most underplayed news story must have been the one about Khaddafi. Libya’s leader, President Muammar Khaddafi stated dramatically in one of his speeches, “I warned the Jews that this [peace process] is a conspiracy against them.”
"A second Palestinian State in the West Bank and Gaza
,” he continued to explain, “"is a mere stage…...it will be a base for eliminating Tel Aviv, Haifa, Jaffa etc."; Khaddafi continued to explain that the plan is the liberation of all of the Zionist entity. When the PLO was set up, the West Bank and Gaza strip belonged to Arabs. Thus the conflict was for Palestine, not for the West Bank and Gaza. The Arab boycott, the Arab League Charter, the PLO Charter, are all based on liberating… all of the Palestinian territory occupied in ’48. (Contrary to false news reports, nothing at all, has been altered in the PA Covenant vis-à-vis the destruction of Israel.)

“Did the Arabs make the boycott in ’67? No, they did it in ’48. Why? Because again, the conflict is about all of Palestine , not just the West Bank and Gaza … The PLO-Fatah program calls for the liberation of Tel Aviv… and does not recognize the existence of an Israeli State . If they are going to be deceived and say that the West Bank and Gaza are the Palestinian state we should accept, then I would say to them; do not be deceived… If it is only 15 Km between the cease fire line in the West Bank and the sea. This is a stage and it will not stop at the liberation of sea towns. Why should we deceive ourselves and the whole world – the whole world or the Jews. Why the deception?”
The late great David Bar-Ilan, former editor of the Jerusalem post, said,
“It should have been refreshing (and news worthy) to report on one honest Arab voice. No major network mentioned the speech, and few major newspapers reported it.”

Let us remind you, the dear reader, that the Palestine Declaration of Independence ( Nov. 15 th 1988 ) calls the state of Palestine : “…an Arab state, an integral and indivisible part of the Arab nation, at one with that nation’s heritage and civilization… It calls upon Arab compatriots… to mobilize potential and to intensify efforts whose goal is to end Israel. ”.

Fattah uses terrorism not in order to have a state but instead of having a state. Why? Because if they had not used terror, then through negotiation they could have had a state already several times over. But their stated goal has always been the dismantling of the Jewish state. The leadership has said their goal is not the creation of another Muslim state, another Arab state, or another Palestinian state (The Hashemite Jordanian Kingdom of Palestine which occupies 78% of British mandated Palestine is a Palestinian state), but rather the liquidation of the Zionist entity, and the throwing of the Jews out of the sea of Islam. The price of purchasing this is establishing another Palestinian state.

The Jordanian Palestinian father/son dictator Kings have supported Saddam Hussein and any of his actions against the Zionist entity. They allow terrorist organizations to live and thrive within their medieval fiefdom. The only thing not feudal or medieval about them, are their shiny new weapon systems, procured for the purpose of one day using them against Israel . Their media likewise, has its share of holocaust denial, and spews hatred of the Jews. There exists a widespread popular belief that dictator King Hussein some how plays the role (the ancestor’s place) of one of Islam’s early generals. Likewise, his subjects believe that he will soon wipe out Israel and other infidels. Yet the ruling coalitions of Israel continue to make concessions and heap honors and banners of legitimacy on sworn enemies.

PM Golda Meir already answered Syrian insistence that they be rewarded for terrorism and war. Mrs. Golda Meir’s clear and unequivocal response was (and I paraphrase):
“I can never accept that there is no difference between the attacker and the attacked. I can’t make peace with the idea that we had two wars in seven years, and the price we paid for it…”
Then the Arabs say they must get their territory back. I mean, that is chutzpah to the nth degree…isn’t it an encouragement for our neighbors to go on fighting when the fighting carries no loss. Major General Shlomo Gazit, and former head of IDF Intelligence stated, “All the Jewish settlements occupied by Arabs without exception were destroyed and their residents, including women, elderly and children were murdered or taken prisoner. What is Israel requested to take responsibility for? Defending itself, winning the battle?”

Instead of discouraging words from the ruling coalition that break the Israelis fighting spirit, the free Israelis need to hear something along the lines of Churchill’s inaugural address (1940). “You ask what is our policy? I say it is to wage war by land, sea and air. War with all our might and all the strength God has given us, and to wage war against a monstrous tyranny never surpassed in the dark and lamentable catalogue of human crime. That is our policy.”

“You ask what is our aim? I can answer in one word. It is victory; victory at all costs, victory in spite of all terrors, victory however long and hard the road may be, for without victory there is no survival.”

David Price Jones is the brilliant author of “The Closed Circle”, an indispensable source on Arab politics, and a landmark book for understanding the Middle East . The Foreign Policy Research Institute that Price Jones show how westerners have put blinders on their perception of Arab politics, and until they come to grips with the deeper forces driving the Arabs, their misconceptions will continue to undermine policies. In the conclusion of this monumental work, the researcher states “westerners habitually and ignorantly misconceive the responses they are likely to encounter from the Arabs, unsuitably and even laughably projecting their own political and moral attitudes where these cannot reply.”

I would like to update and paraphrase David Pryce-Jones, and add: making concessions and abandoning land as a result is a response comprehensible as pragmatic to special vested interest groups. However, in the Islam-centric perspective, it looks quite different. Concessions are viewed as “a shaming of the entire west and an honor to the anonymous terrorist whose bomb, however freakishly, proved to be strong enough for supreme arbitration.”

As David Pryce-Jones notes in “The Closed Circle”, Nasser (of Egypt ) created the PLO in 1964. His radicalized Islam was heavily coated with communism and Nazism and he openly stated his goals of “pan-Arabism. “He (Nasser), had in mind the example of the FLN, which had recently come to power in Algeria (with the help of his sponsorship. Launching the PLO, Nasser hoped to receive advantages in that enmity to Israel mobilized other Arab power holders in his support and also attracted arms and subsidies from the Soviet Union . The Soviets in fact, wrote the lyrics for these “Palestinian” national songs.”

Muslims of Egyptian background living in Israel , ( Palestine ), looked at the land of Israel as greater Egypt . Muslims of Syrian background and living in Israel , looked at Palestine as greater Syria . For example, Abu Nidal said that Palestinians and Syrians are one people, and he looked at the Zionist Entity as inhabiting greater Syria !

Muslims of Iraqi background and living in Israel likewise looked at Palestine as a connected part of the greater picture of Arab unity. There is no issue of a specific ethnic group with a national struggle, but merely an expansion of Arabic unity in the region. For other Muslims of assorted backgrounds (for example, Iran , Turkey ), now living in Israel , the expansion of greater Islam was an important issue. In contradistinction to these examples, there are a few interesting cases of non-Islamic peoples living in Israel (such as Greeks, Syracs, Franciscans, Christian Ethiopians, Armenians and Samaritans) who previously had shown no interest whatsoever in creating a separate nationalistic entity, but over time, were pushed onto the bandwagon by intimidation and fear.

Interestingly, the Kaafkez Muslims and many Bedouin Muslims are fiercely loyal to the state of Israel, as is the entire Arabic Druze population. In conclusion, there do exist many Arabs who completely reject the Palestinian identity farce, and who consistently insist that the real Palestinians are the Jews. Some old Roman conqueror painted the name Palestine over the entire Land of Israel because he was angry with the Jews and wanted to humiliate and debase them. So many hundreds of Arabs have told me over the last three decades: Yalla! So when will Israel do all of this already, do what it should do? Take care of the terrorists and beat them up, give a new and better education for our children. When? When will the Israelis save themselves, and us, at the same time!

Origin of the name Palestine

Intellectual and well-read Arab friends of mine have shown themselves to be well-informed about the actual history of the region, as opposed to the modern rhetoric and propaganda. They also are aware and can explain the origins of the word Palestine . The Jews had waged three wars against the Romans that rocked their empire, the last one called by the Jews, the Bar Cochva Rebellion, (called by the rest of the world, the Hadrianic Wars, 132 Common Era). Hadrian, Emperor of Rome, was so angry at the Jews that he took the name of a pagan non-Semitic people who had exited history a thousand years before him, and changed the name of Israel to their name. These people, hailing from the Isles of Crete, were ancient foes of Israel , and at the height of their power, were still only a coastal strip along Gaza and Ashkelon . These people were called the Philistines. When the Latin Hadrianic Rome was anglicized, so was the word Philistine, therefore it became Palestine . In fact, my Arab friends explained to me that the word Palestine is so foreign to them and their language (Arabic not differentiating between B and P), that they pronounce the word Balestine.

As my Arab friends continued to explain Roman wisdom is a good idea as a way to hide former Jewish claims and ownership of the land. Arabs conclude that such a tool would be effective also today and justify it for the goal of achieving greater Muslim Arab unity. In fact, many Arabs streamed into Israel as late as 1946 looking for better jobs. Jews were still forbidden from entering. Then in 1948 the Arabs initiated violence against the fledgling new born state, seeking to make it a still birth. At the request of the Arab Legion, Arabs, by and large, of their own free will, left their homes “to make room for the fighting,” so to speak. Afterwards there would be time to come back, rape and pillage, and take what they wanted from the Jews. Later, these became artificially created refugees, dealing with the consequences of Arab initiated violence and the changes wrought by this. Even though they were in possession of other passports and citizenships, they illegally qualified to be called refugees in ’48.

My friends confide in me another aspect of their perspective: Who really should be giving land for peace, they ask rhetorically. According to the understandings of all international law, from the “Jew-Christian” League of nations to the United Nations, it is the aggressor who is supposed to make all the concessions. The country that does the attacking is the country that gets punished and has to pay the price at the end of the fighting and battles. The Austro-Hungarian Empire was torn apart, the Ottoman Turk Empire was divided up, three and a half million Germans were kicked out by the Checks and Hungarians after having lived for three hundred years peaceably without compensation, because Germany was punished, for being the aggressor.

So, even though, we (he referred to himself and fellow Arabs) say publicly Israel is the aggressor, we know that we actually launched a holy war of declared Jihad, we attacked with the sole purpose of liquidating, annihilating and blotting out the Zionist entity, or as you (gesturing toward me) would call them genocidal wars so according to international law, it is Egypt who should sign over the Sinai and the Suez canal to the Zionist entity for peace. It is the Arab world who should pay compensation and give land for peace. Why won’t it be this way? Because in the 1974 Cairo convention a decision was made to destroy Israel in stages.

There it was decided to uses the hundreds of billions of oil investment monies, to intimidate huge conglomerates, to in turn intimidate Israeli companies, in which they have tens of millions of dollars in investments. So there it was decided that we must merely use the term, ‘land for peace,' instead of slicing Israel into pieces. Instead of the aggressors giving the land for peace, we will have the victims further victimized and having to give land for peace. Here, after the victim survived, and went on to build up these territories, they will be asked to surrender and dismantle them! It’s exactly like getting to rape the rape victim again, and robbing the robbed bank again. Just as when oil spills into the sea, it is a type of black oil - a tarry black substance killing birds and marine life and anything unlucky enough to become caught in and suffocated by it.

Likewise, the oil world threatens to choke off the oil flow and investment monies, unless these companies and their host countries join the anti-Semitic anti-Israel band wagon, and encourage the region to accommodate the plan of “land for peace,” or rather, the thinly veiled “plan of stages.” Israel will be forced to participate in its own destruction. We, the oil world will intimidate all companies and will threaten them with the loss of past and future oil investment monies. So oil money will corrupt US and European companies, who will corrupt Israeli companies, all in order to institute “land for peace” policies in both of Israel ’s main political parties. After all, it is Israeli big business that controls Israeli politics.

In addition, many left wing foundations supported by these very companies filled with oil investment monies, will be used as well. They will donate to the Israeli film industry, politics and educators. All this is with the goal of exploiting, humanism, pluralism, democracy, in such a way as to brainwash themselves and the public. By the way, Abu Mazzan is a great believer in exploiting western values and democracy, for the purpose of dismantling Israel . All Israeli films will destroy Israeli will to fight, and pride in themselves as a free nation. The youth will drastically stop going to the army and will search for their fulfillment outside of the Zionist entity. Because of these donations, business, media, politicians and educators, will sell our land for peace slogan.

No one will be able to be a candidate for prime minister unless he abides by this slogan. Of course, in the end, left wing foundations will likewise taste the sword of Islam, but in the meantime, the enemy of my enemy is my friend. Thus, logic, national Jewish pride, history, Bible, political rights of the Jewish people, will slowly be eaten away at, until their will to fight will have been broken. Their own self-hatred, divisions and doubts, will also play important factors in their own destruction. As said one of my friends, quoting Marx, “We will sell them the rope to hang yourself with.”

Terror has yet to be condemned by Muslim leaders, in and of itself as evil. Abu Mazen, a pioneer of modern terror, is only against terror that does not enhance his strategic goal of destroying Israel . For example, he recently said that terror should be used outside the green line to promote more disunity among the Jews. His stated goals have nothing to do with the green line, or the ‘49 armistice line, but rather with the destruction of the state of Israel . It is appropriate, he stated, to use Israel ’s own democratic and western values against itself. If you don’t like hearing the truth from conversations with Arab Muslim intellectuals, then try digesting the words of former Israeli Ambassador to the US , Zalman Shoval: Abbas’ (Abu Mazen) and Arafat’s position’s merge on final status issues. “Hope should not be confused with illusion… His [Abbas’s] ultimate aims with regards to the permanent status are not at all different from Arafat’s… Cease-fire is not an alternative to destroying the Palestinian terrorist infrastructure.”

Israel ’s enemies do not all aim for Israel ’s sudden collapse as a singular dramatic event, rather they are working toward its decline and demise as a process. UN resolutions, big business pressure on politicians, and media, all are instruments which are being used to achieve this goal of Israel’s demise: the “theory of stages” (see Professor Yehoshafat Harkabi, world expert on Arab-Israeli conflict, Jean Francois-Revel: How Democracy's Perish 1984.)

Norman Podhoretz, of Commentary Magazine, often refers to the “peace process” as a war process. Anatoly Sharansky shows how a unilateral withdrawal from Gaza will allow a terrorist state to flourish, because it [the withdrawal] is not conditioned on PA reforms. Reuven Rivlin speaker of the Knesset, said “the Likud was elected because the people were convinced that Oslo would tear the state apart. … Sharon ’s plan…. is much more dangerous.”

Why is the media and why are politicians so reluctant to give the straight goods?
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