Rabbi Avraham Feld

  "Mohammed Wept"  
 A Response to Islam 

Chapter Eleven
Dire Warnings; Unheard, Unheeded

The Golan Heist, The Gaza Stripped And West Bankrupted (Sam Orbaum, Rest in Peace).
PM Barak proposed a Golan give-away to Syria . This served as an excellent decoy; amid the demonstrations and cries of opposition under everyone's noses he was quietly ceding land to the PA, slipping 5% here then 6.1% there. So likewise today, Sharon 's plan of surrendering Gaza is a mere decoy. Secretary of Knesset Reuven Rivlin says that reintroduction of Barak's divided Jerusalem is on the agenda and will be implemented shortly after the Sharon-Mitzna-Peres plan. Remember the false mother who came before King Solomon? She preferred cutting the infant into two rather then allow the real Mom to enjoy the baby. Likewise, under old hatreds and oil influence so many entities would prefer to see Jerusalem cut in half. (Ignore the second half of this parable for the purposes of this chapter please)

My few and far between Muslim Zionist friends have said that indeed the Torah Nebi Musa has promised many blessings to Ishmael (Genesis 17-20.) As it is said ''I shall surely bless him…I will make him into a great nation. But my covenant, I will establish with Isaac… ''In fact Abraham had not only Ishmael and Isaac, but additional sons who were given gifts and sent far eastward, with ''wisdoms,'' wisdom that became the basis of other religious civilizations. So Ishmael received tremendous blessings of wealth, power and nationhood. But not the land of Canaan . This was reserved for Abraham's son Isaac and for his descendents.

All of Israel ’s neighbors are busy preparing for the next war, and when it comes, the Zionist entity should expect to be destroyed and dismantled. The late great State of Israel, will be but only another memory of Jewish destruction. These strategists believe the above to be absolutely true, and only a supernatural involvement of god in the affairs of Israel , can save these blind Israeli from themselves.

We will lose the ability to control terror by not physically being in the Gaza Strip, and will also lose crucial intelligence info needed to prevent terror within Israel and abroad. Israeli generals have pointed out, that if we did not have settlements out there being guarded by the army, then we would have to create an army presence in order to control the situation. A recent military action illustrates this point; a mission was carried out with the goal of dismantling laboratories in Shechem ( Nablus ) that produce explosives for military suicide/homicide bombers. If Israel had not had the two little settlements that do exist in Shechem, then it would have taken four days of heavy fighting just in order to reach these points.

A unilateral withdrawal would also have economic consequences and bring about financial ruin. Ten billion dollars worth of investments in business, agriculture and community life would be lost. Tourism and low-grade foreign investments in Israel , and moral as well, would also become casualties of such a unilateral withdrawal.
Left Wing spokesmen go on to say that the worst thing about this issue, is that there are Arab Muslims who have accepted the fact that there is a Zionist entity in their midst, and that it is unbeatable. Therefore, they hold that terror should be stopped, reality should be faced, and life should move onward. This is a very soft, weak and small voice within the Arab Muslim world, and if we would give such an valuable gift of the settlements and of Gaza to no one for nothing, then we would silence this small voice. Unilateral action would destroy the very Arab Muslims who could possibly be potential peace partners.

The very population that could sign a meaningful agreement would be discredited in the eyes of the rest of the Arab Muslim. In other words the Arab Muslim does not need to accept the Jews and Zionist entity, does not need to stop terror, but it need only to raise the body count and the Israelis will run away on their own. The message we send is that pseudo-diplomatic activity along with hard-core terror will effectively achieve the goal of Israel ’s destruction in stages (as described above). These same left-wing spokesman have said that in any case, such a surrender to terrorists doesn’t satisfy anyone.

Without handing Gaza over to a authorized, recognized authority, the international community will still hold Israel responsible for whatever happens there, and the Arab Islam world would also still not happy. We would just whet their appetite for more. And, finally, if one day a partner would emerge, with what would we have left to negotiate?
Mitzna and his platform supporting unilateral withdrawal, won the election for labor party chief. Despite misgivings expressed by other Labor Party members, they ultimately chose to stay within the party framework – with all the benefits that this accrues rather then stand by their principles against unilateral action. What’s wrong with unilateralism reminds me of what was wrong with Soviet agriculture. Pres. Reagan’s answer was simple, “spring, summer, winter and fall.”
It must be remembered that there are people on the political left, who envy the pioneering, back-to-the land spirit of the settlements. Despite this, they preferred to sell out their brothers and sisters, fellow Israeli citizens, rather then jeopardize their status and positions within party politics. Thus we see a repetition of the sin of selling Joseph.
Likewise, certain minority elements within the Likud, opted to also sell out their fellow citizens because of personal gains, interests, and pressures. The very Likud planners of the unilateral surrender have expressed the crucial importance of the existence of a security fence, running the length of the Jordan Valley and other important boundaries. This fence was considered an integral part of the plan and even a condition to the success of the withdrawal. European and American pressures, together with the intrusiveness of the Israeli judicial system, construction of the fence has been slowed to a crawl.

Therefore, the project – lacking one if it’s necessary components, should be postponed until the dilemmas have been resolved. Speaking of fences, military experts realize that without a friendly deployment on the other side of the fence presently surrounding Gaza , we are in trouble. In order for the security fence to be effective there must be a sanitized buffer zone, clear area on either side of the fence. Yet, the ruling coalition is breaking down all the doors and fences in order to sell their fellow citizens down the tubes. By selling Joseph out, we are fulfilling a verse in Proverbs : “Where there is lacking of vision, people die,” as well as Isaiah's idea that at certain national destiny points, the wise will become blind.
As mentioned earlier, we also continue to act in the manner of the biblical spies who slandered our ability to possess the land of Israel . “We are not able to go up against the people because they are stronger then we…and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers…. And so we were in their sight.” (Numbers 13\36) The Bedouins have a saying, that when you are despised in your own eyes, others will despise you, but when you have pride in yourself, others will respect you.
If you want to see yourself as a grasshopper, fine. But it is absurd to project this delusion and to recommend military strategy based on it. The fact is, in modern times, Arab Muslim media paints the Jews as beyond super-strong, controlling the capitalists and the communists. They express in their media, that the Israelis have the fourth best air-force in the world, enough atom bombs to obliterate all of Africa and Europe , have America tied around its little finger, and tell Bin Laden what to do! Despite all this, the Israelis are chronically ill with self-doubt, and suffer from a severe vitamin deficiency of self-respect, dignity and faith.

Common Sense, Truth, and Justice

Common sense is not so common. The left wing told us (Oslo Accords) that the creation of autonomy in Judea , and other areas, would bring an end to the occupation. Then they lose an election and they once again start calling our presence ( in biblically liberated territories), an occupation. There is no such thing as an occupation anymore. Once there is autonomy there is no occupation. Check the dictionary: the definition of autonomy connotates less independence then sovereignty but certainly more then occupation. When I asked my left-winged friends about the plight of the Arab helpers of Israel , they respond to the effect that one cannot get involved or intrude on the independence or sovereign integrity of the PA’s autonomy. Former House Majority leader Dick Army says that the territories are not occupied and that the simplest thing to do is simply to transfer the Arabs out of Israel .
The truth is that several levels of war are being waged against Israel . Strategic institutes, chiefs of staff and other security analysts have all said clearly and repeatedly that the global and localized jihad against Israel is a war of genocide. Even Amos Harel, military correspondent for “HaAretz” and Avi Issacharoff , Israel Radio’s Arab Affairs correspondent, call the present situation “The Seventh War” Yet the media refers to the violence and conflicts as “the situation.” This lures us into a state of complacency, encourages concessions and lulls Israel ’s citizens into a false state of security.
Justice demands that a spade be called a spade. If the veil of denial is lifted, and this violent war would be seen for what it is, then a sense of self-preservation, and defense against danger would kick in. Dick Chenney insist often that Israel must stop the delusion of OSLO and must respond against terror the way it responded to the Iraqi nuclear reactor, constantly, consistently and not needing permission from the UN, EU, or the US. Chenney reminded Israel that she should not carry on negotiations with terrorist organizations.

The Demographic Demon is a Scarecrow

Another flagrant falsehood and a sneaky seditious way of weakening Israeli fortitude is by putting an emphasis on demographics - the size of the Arab populations. This is incompetent, irrelevant and immaterial so long as we are in a state of war. (The Jewish people operate on a different scale of demographics then do other nations. A demographic argument would imply that that such a small nation on a small piece of land would long since have been swallowed up by the surrounding sea of Muslim nations.) American experts as well as Brig. General David Shalaf have destroyed the PLO demographic game. Besides proving that the PLO inflated statistics by one and a half million, they also show how their birthrate is declining and how Israeli’s will continue to be the overwhelming majority.
First the safety of a countries citizens must be secured, then the issue of demographics can be addressed. First the war must be won. With victory follows reeducation. Re-education then influences and impacts upon demographics. Currently, Palestinians living under the authority of their fellow Palestinians, must bow under penalty of death, to party beliefs and censorship in speech, thought, and writing. A Jewish victory would result in an unprecedented amount of freedom in thought writing, and speech. Also, given the option to learn Koranic teachings afresh, un-poisoned by Nazi-Marxist radicalized Islam, a significant part of the population would emerge more tolerant and liberal, some would be more friendly to coexistence, and another portion would even emerge as Muslim Zionists.

Potential Jewish Converts?

According to the results of our surveys, there are actually some Muslims, that given a choice and unthreatened by murder, would choose to convert to Judaism. A crucial statistic that the left never relates to, is the fact that more then 76% of the Arab population, would rather live in a different country altogether. 80 percent of this 76 percent, would choose to live in a non-Arab state. Again, a full Israeli victory would seriously influence the variables of demographics.

Historical Background and Precedents

Secular humanism , ethics and morality, all allow nations to hold areas of strategic interest, irrelevant of demographics. When the white New Americans came and ruled over the red Native Americans, no issues of preservation of democracy were raised. Only over the course of centuries were the Indians granted the rights of citizens. Also the Philippines were ruled by the Americans from the 1880s to 1945. Throughout WWII, Philippine soldiers fought bravely next to American soldiers. Only then were they granted independence. Strategic interests always override demographics. Another factor. No one in the 1920s expected 600,00 Jews to arrive in the 1940s. Nor was it predicted that 800,000 from the former soviet union, would arrive, nor the 700,000 who were expelled or fled from Arab countries. With the current increase in anti-Semitism, a drop more of Jewish Idealism could easily bring about another wave of immigrating Jews.
Left wing friends and folk like Larry Derfner have said; “Oh but the Arab Palestinians don’t have a state. And we do, even if it’s tiny!” There is certainly no common sense in that remark! Open a map, see the obvious, please. The left wing secular Abba Eben addressed the UN in 1947, put his hand on a bible, and said, “Gentlemen of the UN. This is the document of our right to the land of Israel .” Ben Gurion said that no coalition of any Israeli government has the right to give away the land of Israel . This land of Israel , in all of its dimensions, within all of its borders was promised to the people Israel , was promised to our ancestors as an inheritance to all generations to come. To consider giving away any part of this timeless promise is a decision of such magnitude that it would require a referendum of all the souls of the people Israel, Jews outside of Israel, Jews in the diasporas, souls of our ancestors, and the souls of our children's children since this land is also a promise to our descendents.

Over 3600 years ago, the first Hebrews arrived in Israel . The Jews had at least 1199 years of sovereignty here. Over the years about 25 different kind of warring Muslim dictatorial dynasties invaded the land of Israel . They came from Iraq , Morocco , Egypt , Arabia , Turkey . There never were, however, any such dynasties of Palestinians. As pointed out earlier, Jordan was a river, never a state. So why don’t we have left-wing people pointing out the obvious? All of the Arab nations who passed through were occupiers. The Jews were the liberators. The Versailles peace conference after WW I concluded with an agreement that divided the Ottoman Turk empire among the Arabs. 99% of the former Ottoman-Turk empire was land given to Arabs, and only 1% was allotted to be the Jewish homeland?
My dear reader, have you ever received this 1%? No, nobody did back then either. The British, in the 20s, cut off Tran Jordan from what was originally supposed to be the Jewish homeland, and created the artificial Hashmonite Jordanian Kingdom of Palestine . Then in 1948 the British offered an additional Palestinian state. Immediately after the Six Day War, Israel offered to sign over the territories it conquered, to any country that would sign a peace treaty with Israel . Later, as part of the Camp David Accords PM Begin and the state of Israel , again offered to make another Palestinian state, after a five-year period of autonomy. In 1993, Israel turned the territories into autonomous areas; the only thing standing between autonomy and full statehood, is the continuing terror attacks.

Again, in 1999, Ehud Barak and President Clinton, in an additional offer, were willing to surrender 97% of the liberated territories, (making up the 3 % difference with land from the Negev), half of Jerusalem, authority over the Temple Mount, many economic packages and a token acceptance of 100,000 refugees as a humanitarian gesture. The Arab response was a new wave of war and terror. So, to my left-wing friends and Larry Derfner, have you checked out that map yet? The Jordanian state is about 80% of British-Mandate Palestine. They do have a state, in addition to 22 Arab states and an additional 56 Muslim states.

A short history lesson is now in order. The Ottomans essentially kicked put 30,000 Jews from Israel between 1914 and 1918. This was due to the pressure of local mafia-like families (i.e. The Khalids Hashashibas, Husseiniss, etc) The wise guy Effendy families were big land holders who ruthlessly exploited the Arab migrant peasants (Fellahin). 90 % of the land Jews had purchased by 1936 had come from effendis. $40% of these lived in Egypt and Syria . In addition the Jews purchased 87,500 acres of swamp land. And over 12,000 acres that had never been cultivated.
According to UN reports, 590,000 Arabs left Israel with everything they had except non moveable property. 850,00 Jews were kicked out of Arab countries without anything. Shimon Peres said: ''The Jewish communities in Arab lands… when uprooted, left behind their personal and communal possessions.'' The new-born Israeli state absorbed 600,000 of them. Israel spent 14 billion dollars in rehabilitating them (Middle East Digest Nov 1999).
If you took the time to look at Arab Press releases at that time, you would see clearly that Arabs left Israel at the encouragement of their own leadership. A quote by the British Police of the Haifa district in April 1948 reads ''Everyeffort is being made by the Jews to persuade the Arab populace to stay and carry on with their normal lives, to get their shops and businesses open and to be assured that their lived and interests will be safe.'' Then in 1949, a Catholic Bishop is quoted in the Herald Tribune on the same subject: ''The Arabs of Haifa fled in spite of the fact that the Jewish authorities guaranteed their safety and rights as citizens of Israel .'' Intriguingly, modern events sometimes correlate eerily with ancient writings and sources. So it is in this case…

Mystical writings explain that as a reward for circumcision, the descendants of Ishmael (being partially identified with Muslims and Arabs) will have temporary control over the land of Israel . Also, the Arabs will evoke many battles around the world by provoking Edom . Then, according to the mystic sources, G-d will start to remove the children of Ishmael from the land of Israel , and the Jews will begin to return en masse, and reestablish themselves. So, in modern real-time events, the Turkish Empire and other Muslim tribes ruled the land. The descendents of Esau ( Edom = Rome = Germanic Tribes) then were greatly aided by Arab oil investments and helped creating Hitler's powerhouse (provoking world-wide wars, as was said "'armies from the ends of the earth will join the battle'').
Now, indeed, Arabs have been removed or removed themselves from the land, in our modern terms creating a refugee situation. Not convinced? When Genesis says Esau married one of the daughters of Ishmael, ancient oral Torah suggests that in the future there will be alliances between otherwise contradicting entities, for the purpose of destroying Israel . Now in modern days there is no shortage of examples of alliances unlikely to the point of absurdity. Soviet atheists and the Islamic religionists.

Extreme left wing European Christians and the Iraq , the PA, reactionary extremists. The Muslim Mufti and the National Socialist baptized Hitler. When the attempt to liquidate the infant Jewish state failed, Arabs living in Jordan claimed refugee status, saying that the war has cut into them economically (but they were not refugees). UN Economic Survey Commission reported that the number of non-refugees was already above 160,000. In 1952 UNWRA reported births are always announced, and deaths whenever possible, so that everyone can continue to collect rations.

UNWRA director stated that there are refugees that are holding as many as 500 ration cards. Thus, people would fight to receive the status of refugee; it could sometimes be that worthwhile. If the Arabs had accepted the ’47 UN resolution, then there would not have been a single refugee, nor, by the way, the benefits that went along with being a refugee. The only country to recognize an additional Palestinian state as part of the above resolution (the Partition plan) was the newborn Jewish State! Is that not ironic, amazing, and surprising. Why was there no spontaneous celebration on the part of the Palestinians. As the Partition Plan was given appositive majority vote in the Un, so both the state of Israel and Palestine were concurrently recognized! Is it not amazing that only the Jews danced and celebrated all night, raised the flag, printed money based on ancient design, and sang national songs, written a century before waiting for this moment to be heard. The Palestinians did none of the above. Why? Because there was no such thing as a Palestinian people. Their identity was Arab-Muslim. One would need a microscope to discern a separate Palestinian identity.

Holburn’s “ World Refugees” is a work which covers the topic of refugees and include the figures of how many refugees were absorbed by which countries. For example, broken, divided West Germany absorbed and rehabilitated no les then 9, 688,000 displaced persons. Over 40 million persons, left refugees after WW II have been absorbed worldwide. “In every case, resettlement, but not repatriation, proved to be the answer.” (Near East Report, Myths and Fact, 1976). The wealthy Arab states who caused the refugee problem by waging a war of genocide still refuse to absorb and resettle their own Arab Muslim. Ben Gurion said that when all the unnecessarily killed Israelis come back to life, then he will talk about letting refugees come back. In other word, the Arabs 100% created the refugee problem, by waging a war to snuff out Israel , and know they think that nothing happened, they take no responsibility, they don’t want to pay for it, and they even want rewards for their aggression. The Jews missed an opportunity to establish the Jewish homeland on all the British mandate territory (Tran Jordan), so now they’re going to demand the right of return to Tran Jordan, an area that was recognized by the League of Nations , the Balfour Declaration, the International San Remo Conference, etc. as designated for the Jewish National Homeland? This same area was the homeland for two and a half tribes of ancient Israel , as testifies by archeology, Talmud, history! Do you think that such a right of return would not disturb the Palestinian Hashmonite Kingdom , that has since been established there?

The leftwing is happy to transfer Jews, but commonsense, truth, and justice, would indicate the opposite. 93% of the land west of the Jordan is government owned and empty. Post Six-Day War Jewish villages were in fact constructed on Jordanian and Egyptian controlled land that for two thousand years had lain barren. There are over seven hundred examples of transfer in the past 200 years, including transfers that were conducted by democratic countries. In fact, the great humanitarian Herbert Hoover as well as FDR as well as Saddam Hussein, all at one time or another pointed out the importance of the transfer of Arabs out of the Jewish homeland. (The terrorists of whom are presently “thorns in the side and needles in the eyes [of the Jews],” Bible). Saddam Hussein invited all Arabs who consider themselves Palestinian to come settle in the richly fertile and empty valleys of his country – that is until he was reprimanded by other Arab leaders, who chastised him for taking away a stick which was used to beat Israel with. Again, Herbert Hoover, the great humanitarian, saved millions of refugees in would war one and two. This humanitarian was of the opinion that the most humane ethical moral and logical solution would be the transfer of Arabs out of the Jewish homeland and into the lands of their fellow Arabs, i.e. Iraq . Interestingly, the book of Isaiah predicted that around the final times the spiritual copy cats of the murderous Philistines (wannabe Philistines) will finally be sent to other countries, “on the wings of birds and by way of ships of the seas.”
An ancient Jewish homeland that was liberated from occupying Egyptian and Palestinian- Jordanian control. All of this in defensive wars that were genocidal in nature . Finally you must ask why you support a Nazi – Marxist clad version of pan Arabism Islamic desire to make the land of Israel free of the people of Israel ( Judenrein)!!!.

The Arab genocidal wars were what caused refugees. Thus, justice, truth and commonsense demand that the Arab regimes bear the full burden of absorbing the refugees. A statement from Abu Mazens writings reads 'The Arab states succeeded in scattering the Palestinian people and in destroying their unity. They did not recognize them as a unified people until the states of the world did so.''' (Issues in Palestinian-IsraeliConflict , Eliyahu Tal Facts as oppose to Myths, sponsored by David Radler and the Jerusalem Post, November 29, 2002 )

No where else in the world is a second generation given refugee status. According to all conferences of the UN regarding refugee issues, there is no such thing as a second generation refugee legal status. Once a refugee secures permanent residency and\or citizenship, he is no longer, according to all UN regulations (understandings), a refugee. People of the territories, in many instances, have Jordanian, Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, Turkish, Iraqi, Greek, etc. etc. passports. Arab Palestinian who live in Europe , America , Africa , etc., enjoy their respective passports and citizenships. They are not, by any stretch of the imagination, refugees. Only, for the purpose of destroying Israel , is a stone called a tree, a war called peace, and a resident called a refugee. No where else in the world does the UN hinder, discourage, stop and prohibit refugees from living outside of the camp and being quickly absorbed into the general population. Also, it is well known, that literally hundreds of thousands of poor destitute people have joined UN camps, even though they nothing to do with the Arab Israeli conflict. The UN camps, with their food, medical care, and education, offered these poor people a vastly improved standard of living. They then became part and parcel of this refugee body that was created and maintained for the purpose of de-legitimizing the state of Israel .

Another piece of common sense. It did not bother the Jews to receive a state containing an Arab population. It was neither a barrier to creating a state, nor an obstacle to peace. Why then, should a Jewish population interfere with the creation of another Palestinian state? Why should the very presence of a Jewish population be a barrier to peace? Again, the logical conclusion is, that the real Arab agenda is to exterminate the Jewish population, the price in this case being the establishment of another Palestinian state. They are not interested really in state building; their real interest is in state dismantling, the end goal to make this Middle Eastern region Judenrein. The Palestinian covenant, the Palestinian leadership and the Palestinian man on the street, all within themselves understood that agreements with the Zionist entity are merely a tool to destroy Israel . Truth, justice and common sense all tell the Israelis to stop acting like an ostrich hiding his head in the sand. The bible compares the Jews to many animals –each tribe for instance is compared to a particular animal- but never have the Jews been compared to the ostrich.

Over the past thirty years, through conversations with many Muslims and Arabs, I have been provided by insights mentioned on a frank personal level, off the record, in a boasting manner. First of all, Palestinian Jordanians are all part of the Jordanian family, per King Hussein. In 1954 Jordanian citizenship was offered and granted to all Palestinians inside the Hashmonite Kingdom of Palestine. The Palestinian national covenant even allows leaders of organizations, who are not of Palestinian background, to be central committee members. The truth is, only a small percentage of the Muslims today, came from the Arabian conquest of Palestine seven hundred years ago (638 Common era). In other words, the Muslims themselves instituted an occupation on Palestine . It was further explained to me that we – the Arabs – have already won 80% of British Mandate Palestine; we only have a remaining 20% to go. Through these many conversations, it was explained that the British created the royal Hashmonite family to rule over these areas. Over the years, decades and centuries, numerous tribes have passed through this area, such as Za’rur Hawatmeh Raziz, and the Gam’ani tribe. In fact, many Muslims expressed that historically for many centuries, the Jordan was a river, not a piece of land or a country. In fact, Muslims from Morocco , Egypt , Iraq , Lebanon , and Turkey have immigrated to this area over the last century because of Jewish and Christian building and economic activity. Many of my Muslim and Arab friends have confidentially mentioned their knowledge of the actual history of the region, as opposed to the modern versions distorted by propaganda. They even go so far as to say, that in the thirties, forties or fifties, if you called a Muslim man a Palestinian , he would take this as an insult and as an insinuation that he was a Jew. These were definitely interesting and enlightening conversations!

Today, Arab administrations have goals whose sole purpose are to undo the successive Jewish successes at being recognized since 1917. Then, the Balfour declaration recognized a Jewish homeland in the entirety of Mandate Palestine. The reaction of Arabs across the board to this declaration was, “there is no such thing as Palestine except as the southern part of Greater Syria.” In March of 1919, the Paris Peace Conference promoted this idea. Also, during the time of Muslim dominance (638-1918), the words Palestine or Palestinian were not used by any Muslim or Arab peoples. The British revived this term. Arab leadership never referred to themselves as the Palestinian Authority but rather as the Arab Higher Committee. The Arab historian, the honored Professor Hiti testified to the Anglo-American Committee of Inquiry that “there is no such thing as Palestine in Arab history, absolutely not.” He was against the use of the word Palestine on maps because in the mind of the average person, the word was only associated with the Jews. Search as you may. Before the creation of the State of Israel, you will not find in any encyclopedia, history book or dictionary, you will not find the term Palestinian used in reference to Arabs west of the Jordan River. Even the anti-Semitic UN in its reports and investigations, until very recent years, never mentioned Palestinians. Ahmed Shuqeiri, (chairman and founder of the PLO,) said to the UN Security, “It is common knowledge that Palestine is nothing but southern Syria .”
Throughout the sixties there was no intention what-so-ever of forming an independent Palestinian state, rather the intent was to erase and replace the Jewish state with an Arab entity that in concert would join the Arab sprawl of the region, and fulfill interests in concordance with pan-Arabism. After the Six-Day War, Arab countries wanted the territories back for themselves – they did not want to donate them to an emerging Palestinian state. This is why the term “Palestinian” doesn’t show up on any documents connected to the Arab Israeli Wars of ’67, the ’73 Yom Kippur War, or the UN resolutions 242 and 33A. Why the omissions? The answer is simple. None of the Arabs referred to in these documents were considered “Palestinians.” In fact, all the Arabs considered the Jordanian Hashmonite Kingdom , Palestine ! “ Jordan is Palestine and Palestine is Jordan .” Arafat and company used to say, “what you call Jordan , is actually Palestine .” (1974). As mentioned earlier, for propaganda purposes, it was to the advantage of the Arabs to describe their struggle – which was actually a struggle to destroy Israel – as a struggle for national freedom. Thus was the birth of the new usage of the term Palestine .

What is the difference between the Jordanian flag and the Palestinian flag? Essentially there is no difference. They share the exact pattern, design, and color. But the Jordanian flag does have one little star probably rewarded to themselves for usurping 78 to 82.5 percent (depending on which calculations are used) of land allocated toward the promised Jewish homeland. According to PASSIA (Palestinian Academic Society for the Study of International Affairs), the colors are connected to Turkish, Iraqi, Egyptian and Moroccan warring Muslim conquerors.

Arab leaders such as Emir Firsal wrote and spoke of the “ Arab State in Palestine .” It was crystal clear that Palestine was that part of the area designated for the Jewish homeland and was separate from the parts claimed by Arabs. The Muslim-Christian Association put forth a resolution that was thus accepted; it read “We consider Palestine as part of Arab Syria. It has never been separate from it at any time. We are connected to it by religious, linguistic and economic etc. bonds.” Thus, one can see that no Arabs viewed Palestine as having an independent identity from general Arab status.
The Peel Commission in 1936 proposed a partition of Palestine . Auni Beys Abdul-Hadi representing local Arab leadership, testified at the Peel Commission, “There is no such country as Palestine . Palestine is a term the Zionists invented! There is no Palestine in the Bible. Palestine is alien to us; it is the Zionists who introduced it. Our country, was for centuries, part of Syria .” Palestine was a secular way of referring to the Holy Land (Terra Sancta, or Eretz Israel ).
As David Lee of London brings to our attention, a memo sent by King Hussein to his PM in June of 1971 reads, “In regards to the PLO planning a government in exile, I wish you to deal conclusively and without hesitation with the plotters who want to establish a separate Palestinian state, and destroy the unity of the Jordanian Palestinian people.” Only later did King Hussein get with the program of the ‘plan of phases,’ of slicing up Israel in stages. They became quiet about the fact that Jordan and Palestine were one entity, because if this were to be so, then it becomes obvious that the Palestinians already have a state, and that the real agenda is an enlargement of Arab territory and the erasure of the Zionist state. Around 1878 historical surveys indicate that because of tough conditions, ethnic groups went to Palestine seeking work. It is from these migrant workers that most of today’s Palestinians are descended. The rest are Bedouin nomads, themselves descendent from previous immigrants.

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