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Chapter Twelve: Double Standards!

As Jesse Helms, former speaker of the House stated, he was against giving money to Israel which would be passed on to Palestinians. Why, he questioned, should we help Israel commit suicide? Helms and other Senators and congressman, have pointed out has Israel has supplied the US with tons of crucial intelligence information. So much information about the Russian military and nuclear capability was passed to the US and her allies, that the balance of power shifted. Previously, the Cold War had been frozen in the stalemate of MAD (Mutual Assured Destruction), the most ghoulish of the zero sum game. The influx of intelligence into the US via Israel tipped the balance in the US ’s favor, putting an end to the long cold war, with a victory against communism. In other words, as Jesse Helms said, “ Israel is our battle-ship in the Middle East .” Yet, despite all of the above, the White House and it’s interest in snagging oil investment opportunities, is constantly pushing Israel into agreeing to dangerous and possibly fatal concessions. This highly unreported fact of Israel ’s strategic value is geared to make Israelis feel inadequate, unworthy, impotent and like beggars. The US has given hundreds of times more charity to rebuild and rearm Europe after two world wars, plus the yearly funding of Asian and European defense through NATO. Despite all this, this huge amount of aid, never once have the Europeans or the Asians been made to feel weak, humiliated, defenseless, needy and dependent. Israel , however, has been made to feel all of these things and more. This media trick has placed Israel in an artificially contrived position, of “owing,” “cow towing.” Why the difference between the portrayal of Europe and the portrayal of Israel ? Read: American oil interests. (General Ezra Sohar, author of A Concubine in the Middle East, Gefen)

Throughout the long years of WW II, The New York Times never once thought that plight of the Jews deserved a cover story. For, example, on June 7 1942 , they did mention the killing of 700,000 Polish Jews - this appeared however, a small two-sentence blurb in the middle sections of the paper. Was this not headline news? On page 20, of the Dec 9, 1942 issue, they mentioned – also in passing – that 2 million Jews had already been exterminated, and 5 million more were expected to reach a similar fate. Had the paper properly represented the news, more people would have been upset and thus more pressure would have been put on the administration to act in saving the Jews. This could have resulted in the saving of thousands if not millions of Jews.

Another example of this topsy-turvy world is moral equivalency, where the fireman putting out the fire is compared to the arsonist who set the blaze, or where a terrorist who kills innocent people is compared equally to the soldiers who are attempting to keep order and prevent further deaths. It is not a circle of violence. There is terrorism, and there is a highly ethical, controlled response. The concept of moral equivalency blurs these differences and inspires further terrorist action. It's like what the bully on the schoolyard says, ''It all started when he hit me back!'' The fourth Geneva Convention states in brief that (Part I, Article !, Section 20): warring parties are not allowed to protect themselves by attacking behind civilians. They are not allowed to hide among non-combatants. It is the warring party's fault and they are responsible for the deaths in any military clashes that result.

The international Herald Tribune, reporting on Jan 27 2005 , referred to a murderous bus bombing as “a Palestinian suicide killed himself and ten others.” Can you imagine a similar description of the terrorist event in Madrid, or the siege on the Russian elementary school, or better yet, can it be imagined that the events of 9-11 were similarly described: “ten Arabian Muslims died in a plane crash, also killing 3000 others?”

Examples of this unbalance and prejudice can be found in the writings of Evelyn Gordan. No one voiced any objection to PM Tony Blair’s statement that peace in Northern Ireland can not progress until political parties sever their ties with paramilitary groups. These never advocated genocidal policy against England and they never called for its dismantling. When you recall that Israel ’s identical demand from the Palestinian Authority who does preach genocide and a dismantling and utter destruction of the Israeli state, has been condemned for years as unnecessary and unreasonable. What a double-standard! Blair said, “We cannot have a situation any longer where there are political parties associated with paramilitary groups – where they are committing either terrorist offences or other criminality.” All of this was said, even though the IRA has not violated its cease-fire agreement and has not been directly involved in terror. In contrast, the Oslo Accord produced a sharp rise in hate propaganda and terrorism against Israel . In the first two and a half years after the signing, Palestinian groups have killed more Israelis, fellow Arabs and innocent tourists then they had in entire preceding decades. Evelyn Gordan continues to point out that this violence was not carried out by fringe elements but rather by groups directly affiliated with the PA infrastructure. Over the last few years these terrorist groups have become more associated with the Fattah Party, the movement to which Arafat and Abu Mazen belong. Today, Fattah makes more terror attempts then does Hamas, and it supports Hamas’ attempts at terror as well. Many attacks of Hamas have been carried out or abetted by the PA’s official security services. Recently, the PA’s weapons storage units were opened and made accessible to Hamas terrorists is Gaza .

Abu Mazen intends to eventually integrate these terrorists into the official PA and arm them officially with PA controlled weapons. The left-wing former PM Barak said, “Once Oslo ’s assumptions collapsed, it cast a disturbing shadow in retrospect….Maybe Arafat cheated all of us… It was an end to what Arafat had done for years – namely, talk in English about his readiness to make peace, and in Arabic about eliminating Israel in stages…..” Salakhalaf Abu Iyad, principal deputy of Arafat and Abu Mazen, said, “We accept the formation of the Palestinian State in part of Palestine . We will start in that part and liberate Palestine inch by inch.”

Given the vast number of casualties since the beginning of the “peace (piece) process”: 1300 dead Israeli men women and children (mostly), around 1500 Muslims murdered (by fellow Muslims) for a variety of unjustified reasons including being against terror, plus over 40,000 injured, Israel’s demand that the PA stop co-opting the paramilitaries and instead dismantle and denounce them, would seem more then justified. Compare the situation confronting PM Blair. Blair demands (similar to those of Israel ) of Northern Ireland , were prompted by many fewer and far less severe offenses. Evelyn Gordan never tires of explaining contrasting examples such as the situation in Northern Ireland . Why for the past several years has the situation in Northern Ireland been calm and peaceful for the most part, while in Israel the Oslo accords have brought nothing but bloodshed. In negotiations surrounding Ireland , an absolute end to violence had been an immovable non-negotiable position. In Israel however, the world has spent 12 years making excuses for the PA’s failures and murders, and has continued to pump billions of dollars into this terrorist machinery and has totally ignored their genocidal propaganda, media and educational system. Maybe we need to pause, and give an example of this incitement because Israelis just don’t get it. They don’t hear about it. They don’t think about it. They don’t realize the severity of it.

The Egyptian magazine Aqiditi put out by a foundation connected to the ruling National Democratic Party, states that the main entrance to the Knesset has the inscription, “Compassion toward a non-Jew is forbidden….when a non-Jew falls into a ditch the Jew should close the ditch on him with a big boulder until he dies…..so that the enemy will lose one more person.” Egyptian professors and the media including the press and digital information pathways, publish anti-Semitic, irrational statements. One example is as follows: “Jews slaughter non-Jews, drain their blood and use it for religious rituals.” Broadcasts with story lines claim that Israeli elite both in the military and in politics keep themselves alive by body parts and organs stolen from Arab children. All Israeli leaders are portrayed as ghoulish thieves and harvesters of body parts. (Thanks again to MEMRI and Avi Shaffran (of Aguda) in the Modia.) Does Israel want to trust its future to Egyptian security forces? Having them coming into Gaza helps them to realize their true goals of liquidating Israel in stages. It will also make our responses to terror far more complicated. All the while that Sharon is depicted in Egyptian media in a Nazi uniform eating with relish Arab children.

Recently Egypt asked Abu Mazen to apologize for celebrating the assassination of Anwar Sadat, as he had done with song and dance and sweets for the children. Kuwait also asked for an apology from the Palestinians for the active aid and involvement in Saddam’s rape of their country. The west has yet to notice, never mind ask for an apology from the Palestinians for their ecstatic rejoicing of the attack on the World Trade Center . The same goes for their rejoicing over the explosion of the space shuttle Columbia or any time someone is beheaded by Iraq ’s terror. This kind of evil can only be overcome by a fight culminating in an unconditional surrender and subsequent reeducation (freedom or thought and speech). When Arab shame/honor mindset leads to the mutilation of girls, building of prison rooftop rooms (used as punishment for suspected immodesty), and killing of girls suspected of immodesty. Only tough legislation, imprisonment of perpetrators, and aggressive reeducation, can lead to an improved situation. In the PA, they have used their autonomy to torture hideously and murder suspected homosexuals, as well as resigning them to closed, hellish mental institutions. Thus, the PA has absolutely no incentive to mend it’s ways, or improve itself. They simply continue their game of changing masks; when beneficial one branch of the Palestinian movement wears the diplomatic mask, where another part of the faction wears the terrorist mask. If necessary they simply switch masks, the PLO for instance took of the terrorist mask and put on the diplomatic mask of the PA, handing the terrorist mask over to branches of the Fattah. But these branches are all actually of the same tree, a fact that European and American cheerleader for peace, fail to comprehend. {Israelis, who cannot help but notice this arrangement, are guilty of willful blindness, letting idealism take the place of a rational sober assessment of reality. (Y Harkabi)}
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