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  "Mohammed Wept"  
 A Response to Islam 

Chapter Thirteen: Military Strategy

"Israel was never really recognized by its neighbors. This requires military supremacy",
(German Foreign Minister Joschka Fischer, Der Zeit, May 12, on acknowledging Israel’s need for military supremacy over its neighbors.)

What should be done optimally against this onslaught of terror, and why is it not being done? Remember, even the left-wing Arab lobbyist Kissinger has admitted that détente (concessions) should not be used when dealing with terrorist entities. So why is Israel always making concessions, and what is not being done right in dealing with this onslaught of terror.

The Just Must Fight For Their Rights. A Military Solution is Needed

Allow me a digression. If you have a problem with your car motor, does it matter if you’re right wing or left wing? No, you answer, it does not matter. Why not? It doesn’t matter if you’re right or left, Jew or Gentile, earthling or other. We humans have under our belts 140 years of industrial and mechanical knowledge wisdom and skill. If you have a medical problem, again, does it matter whether you’re black or white, a poet or scientist? No, everyone benefits from the store of medical knowledge and skills that has been collected over the years. Likewise, if you have a military problem, there exist thousands of years of knowledge and wisdom in military science and strategy. Therefore, we pose a question relating to these stores of military knowledge and strategy. A fairly strong country is facing dictators and terrorists. What should be done? All military literature will say, all strategic centers will agree that this country must fight until victory, and here, victory means, forcing the enemy to unconditional surrender and a process of reeducating the population from children to senior citizens. This is exactly what has been done throughout history, with successful results. Toward the end of WW II, the Allies refused ceasefire proposals from the Germans and Japanese and fought until the enemy militias were bent into the submission of unconditional surrender. After the surrender, the allies continued with a program of reeducation. In Germany for example, it was called de-nazification. This program has been an enduring success, such that if Dr. Mahmud Abbas (Abu Mazen) was to pick up and move to Germany today - with his more then 300 million dollars - he would be arrested and serving hard time. In Japan , through healthy education, the Japanese were freed from the belief that the Emperor was god himself. After a short time, Japanese people no longer wanted to commit suicide for the emperor. Many Japanese soldiers (POW) died under allied supervision. Despite the abundance of food and good conditions, they refused to eat the food of the enemy, the enemy in their mind being states such as Australia , England , New Zealand , Philippines, and the USA. Their real enemy of course was the Japanese propaganda machine. It took an unconditional surrender and reeducation to free the Germans from Nazi-ism and the Japanese from the Hirohito cult. More recently, Serbia asked numerous times for a ceasefire, explaining how NATO bombing was killing women and children and was destroying electric and water stations. The answer of a left-wing elitist European NATO, was no, only unconditional surrender followed by a supervised reeducation of the population and it’s school systems. Likewise, here in Israel , the proper response is indeed a military one, and as shown above, the reaching of an unconditional surrender with a reeducation follow-up. Throughout history this has been the most effective way of freeing the general population from their dictatorial, corrupt, hate-inciting regimes. The vain left-wing hope for reform from within the PA is actually a cruel joke. Try this. How could a bunch of good Germans reform the Nazis? Could a group of clear-thinking Japanese change the emperor worship cult? Or the anti-racist Serbians win over the regime? In all of these cases the terrible regimes needed first to be overthrown. Would the US and it’s allies changed Saddam for his sons, or switched the head of the Taliban for the next-in-charge? The world would not have changed Adolph Hitler for Adolph Eichman. Yet all of these lessons of military science, and freedom-building wisdom, seem to be lost in the case of Israel . Israel just changed Abu Amar (Arafat) for Abu Mazen. In Iraq , the Iraqi soldiers now fight shoulder to shoulder with the US and its allies, against terrorist Iraqis. Their defense minister attacks Arab media outlets as evil, cursed, and part and parcel of terror. In Israel, leaders of the PA are not only equivalent to the Taliban in that they support terror, but they can also be likened to Bin Laden in that they actually carry out terrorist attacks. By the way, Israel ’s President, Moshe Katzav and the PM, both referred to Arafat as another Taliban and Bin Laden. Egypt ’s long term goals is the ultimate destruction of the Zionist entity, stage by stage, slice by slice. Domestically, they hold terrorist groups on a short leash, and in exchange for holding back radical Islam domestic activity, the government helps these same groups to ferment unrest in regards to Israel . If Egypt were to control entrances to Gaza , then terrorists would no longer need tunnels in order to smuggle in arms; instead, according to Israeli security experts, they could enter festively by the truck-load. As mentioned earlier, the Iraqis condemned the terrorist propaganda, whereas Egypt ’s and the PA’s controlled media, constantly spews hatred. Then they have the audacity to claim that it is a free speech issue. (Try speaking up about Egyptian human rights violations). The US and its allies are determined to stay in Iraq , even against the Iraqi’s wishes, until freedom is achieved. And Israel , who gave the concept of freedom to the world (“proclaim liberty throughout the land..”), is ready to surrender an entire population to criminal gangster and terrorist control.

Modern history has already proven that containment doesn’t work. (Kannen’s idea that influenced Pres. Truman on how to deal with Soviet expansion). Even the beefed-up version; “we will quarantine them” of Secretary of State, John Foster Dulles during Eisenhower's presidency failed miserably. It was only President Reagan who began to make inroads against soviet aggression, with the policy of “rollback.” In short, concessions to terrorists and tyrants are counterproductive, and only a policy of bringing them to total surrender and then reeducation can be effective, rekindling the hope of a return to freedom and human dignity.

Even if we won’t implement the proper force to free this people, why is it that no one will fund the reeducation of the sort described above?

What Does Jewish Law Say?

The code of Jewish Law (Shulchan Aruch, Orach Chaim 329:6)states: “When there is a (Jewish) city close to the border, then, even if (enemies mount an attack, although they) come only for the purpose of (taking) straw and stubble, we should (take up arms) and desecrate the Sabbath because of them. For (if we do not prevent their coming) they may conquer the city, and from there the (rest of the ) land will be easy for them to conquer.” The source of the above is Talmud, Eruvim 45a, which gives an example of a city in Babylonia , thus emphasizing that the concern here, is not the sanctity of the land, but the sanctity and preservation of life. That even one an enemy attack does not pose an immediate danger, since allowing him control of a border puts the entire land in danger, we should take up arms to prevent that danger from arising. This is precisely the situation today. All of Israel is like a city on the border and is vital for security. Give-aways expose all of her inhabitants to attack. This why many Torah leader are against giving any land away. The reason is unconnected from the holiness of the land or the fact that they love it. Instead, this a life-threatening issue. The lives of millions of people are at stake. Security provisions should never be sacrificed in order to achieve what appears to be a vague diplomatic movement. (Eyes upon the Land, Sichos, in English. 5757 (1997))

We can learn from history

Robert L. Pollock is an editor and writer with the Wall Street Journal. He is overall, left-wing and supports the establishment of a Palestinian state. Despite this, in an article entitled “Peace doesn’t come from a process,” he describes serious flaws in the current proceedings in Israel, and he reminds us how problematic a situation of negotiations is when one of the variables is terrorism. “ Peace doesn’t come from a process.” We can learn from history. Writes Pollock: “The US has spent a lot of energy encouraging ‘peace processes’ from the Middle East, to Columbia, to Sierra Leone . All have failed. Is there perhaps a lesson here?” ……”One of the few recent governments to resist the lure of negotiations was Turkey ’s. Faced with a seemingly intractable guerrilla war led by the Damascus based Abdullah Ocalan and his Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), the Turks decided in 1998 simply to mass their troops on the Syrian border and demand that Ocalan be expelled – or else. He was, and was soon captured. One lesson was that terrorists don’t last long without state sponsorship. Another was that it’s simply not true that new terrorists will always replace the old until the grievance at hand is addressed. Deprived of its charismatic leader, the PKK has appeared to simply fade away.”

“In short, while history affords numerous examples of force successfully solving the problem of terrorists, rebels, or rogue states, there are scarcely any examples of agreements with undefeated belligerents that stand the test of time. Even in cases where there are legitimate complaints of injustice……..governments would be best advised not to negotiate under fire. Saudi Arabia ’s latest proposal to normalize Arab relations with Israel , even if it were sincere, would amount to just one more tenuous deal reached at gunpoint.”

The collapse of Columbia’s peace process, therefore, is not a setback but an opportunity. Terrorists do respond to incentives. And if the world’s governments can not only say that they don’t negotiate, but also appear to mean it, they should have less to fear in the future. No more peace processes, please.

Other Religions

We are not the only ones who have noticed all this. There are many Muslim scholars that do recognize the Jewish right to the Biblical Holy Land. As the Islamic scholar Khaleel Mohammed said, “as a Muslim I have no choice but to believe that God gave the land to the Jews.”

The Koran often calls G-d merciful and good, hence it is proper to interpret verses in that light and in that understanding. If something seems at first glance to be absolutely cruel, then one must look again, especially in the context of that which was revealed about G-d; namely that God is good, forgiving and merciful. Also crucial to remember,, is that a huge amount of the most glorious stories and pieces of wisdom in the Koran, have their roots in Jewish Oral and written tradition. Hence a well-read Muslim who is aware of this fact would feel gratitude for this very wisdom that throughout the ages was preserved with such devotion by the Jews. For example, Sheikh Professor Abdul Hadi Palazzi, a member of the Council of Muslim Scholars, addressed this exact point during a conference in Jerusalem in 2001. He said, “You have heard me state that a good Muslim should be a religious Zionist. I would like to emphasize and clarify this point by saying that a Muslim who is not a Zionist is not a Muslim.” At that, he received applause.

Christians Should be
Pro-Jewish and Pro-Israel

The Catholic Pope has called the Jews “our elder brothers.” Arch Bishop of Vienna Cardinal Schoenborn, said, I am myself a refugee." He explained that various claims between people irregardless of their merit are matters of international law, "'whereas the chosen-ness of the Jewish people and their inheritance in the Holy Land were matters of faith that date back to the bible itself."' Pope John Paul the Second declares that the Jews have an everlasting covenant that remains valid today. They have a biblical commandment to live in Israel . The official position of the Vatican is that Christians should rejoice in the return of Jews to the Holy Land as the fulfillment of Biblical prophecy. The Catholic Church has for quite a while been down playing anti-Jewish language in the Gospels. They are interpreting more verses symbolically and are emphasizing the pro philo-judaic or Paulinian verses. The gospels say in Romans 11 that the gentiles are merely a wild branch grafted on to the olive tree. Does it make any sense for the grafted-on branch to attack the tree to which it is attached? Similarly, it makes no sense for gentiles to insult or malign the great tree (which means Jews and Judaism) on to which they are grafted. Paul insists that the Jews are beloved for the sake of the Patriarchs and they shall obtain mercy. That the gentiles are partakers (Romans 15-27) that they are brought near, and are Abrahams offspring (by faith, (Epithians 2-12). The olive tree symbolizes the eternal promises and covenants to the Jews. G-d did not break his promises with them (Romans 11-29). The Gospels speak against becoming arrogant. It's obvious that the roots support the branches but not vice versa (Romans 11-20). Nothing is said of replacing or usurping the Jews. Protestant theologians have said that when Mathew says 'think not that I have come to destroy the law and the prophets….'' This means that we need never be at war with the Rabbis scribes and sages in Judaism, rather, we can look at them as wise, pious protectors of Gods original words and covenants.

If there is any validity to the gospels quotes above, then there is no need for missionary activity among he Jews, for they have a valid covenant and relationship with God –a living olive tree; and they shall obtain mercy. In addition the bible calls the Jews, the apple of G-ds eye. No one should be messing around with such a delicate, sensitive part of the body! The Hebrew scriptures forbid the Jews from going after a god that their fathers have not known. All Christian theologians admit that no form of Christianity fits into a category of the historic Jewish faith experience. There is no such thing as an ancient continuous Hebrew-Christian Church . Jews that embrace any form of Christianity have historically disappeared from the face of the Jewish community. Therefore, it would be strictly biblically forbidden for even the best intentioned missionary to lead Jews astray, after a god that their fathers had not known. These same Christian scholars point out that the biblical penalty for so doing, for missionizing to Jews, is death. This concept appears in the following verses. In Mathew 22 it is written: ”The Rabbis and scribes sit in the seat of Moses", and in ”Romans 11/29: “The gifts and the calling of God are irrevocable.” Sitting in the seat of Moses sure sounds like a ring-side front-row seat to me (with no need of an upgrade!)

Yair Davidiy and Brit Am

Yair Davidiy and Brit Am have won the support for Greater Israel from untold numbers of people. Yair and company have proven that the ten lost tribes ultimately ended up in western Europe, later moving into the British Isles and America (http://britam.org or E-mail at: britam@netvision.net.il or POB 595 Jerusalem.) Millions of people identifying with the Ten Tribes, likewise identify with a strong secure and Greater Israel . In other words, Israel’s own brand of a biblically-based, historically accurate manifest destiny. These folk take seriously Isaiah's words ''Do not be afraid for I am with you; I will bring your children from the east and gather you from the west. I will say to the north, Give them up, and to the south, Do not hold them back. Bring my sons from afar and my daughters from the ends of the earth.'' Just as there always remains a faithful remnant of Jews, so the land of Israel never gave up its bounty to any of the foreign conquerors, but waited for her native sons and daughters to return for her blossoming and flourishing and giving of her fruits.

Neo-Conservatives and Christian Zionists

Defense Minister Donald Rumsfeld and the neo-conservatives are by and large in concurrence with the above. They don’t know why Israel doesn’t say “no” to White House pressure and to anti-Semitism as it has many times during it’s 57 year history. (Secretary of State Roger’s Peace Plan, Secretary of State Schultz’s Peace Plan, President Reagan's Peace Plan, etc. etc.)Mr. Rumsfeld recently explained that there are no occupied territories. Israel defended itself and won back its historical homeland. The territories are spoils of war belong to Israel fair and square.

70 million Christian Zionists in the US , tens of millions in Europe and South America agree with a strong stream within Orthodox Judaism, that we are in the beginning of a redemptive process. The Lord tells us that He will bring Israel back while they are still partially sinful. “After they are in the land, he will cleanse them….I will take you from among the nations, gather you out from all countries and bring you into your own land. Then I will sprinkle clean water upon you and you shall be clean”(Ezekiel 26\24, Jeremiah 33\7). Since millions of Jews have returned to the land and since miracles have allowed the state of Israel to survive many wars, it is becoming increasingly difficult to argue that these things have happened by accident ( from The Mountains of Israel by Norma Archbold).

People the world over, of all religions, believe this - and this fact should give strength and incentive to even the most secular of Israeli’s to stand tall and defend their homeland. ‘When Israel ’s strength increases, holiness increases. The more vibrant Israel ’s life, the more brightly God’s light shines. That light is never extinguished, “the eternal one of Israel shall never lie or change his mind.” (I Samuel 15-29).

Muslim Zionists

Professor Sulaman Bashir has compiled an entire book of important Arab Muslims who believe that there should be a Jewish State, and who see the ingathering of the Jewish exiles as a necessary prelude to the final redemption! Israelis are kept ignorant by the media of the above mentioned international support. Even the most well-read Israeli would have to be a veritable Sherlock Holmes, scour the newspaper with a magnifying glass to see even a fraction of the whole picture of world support.

Rabbi Y.L. Levine’s HaModia states in an editorial: “The problem is that Israeli establishment began “disengaging” long ago, not only from Gaza but from the heritage that has kept the Jewish nation strong throughout all it’s years of exile. To our great sorrow, there are people who see it as their goal to uproot Torah from Am Yisrael, who want to disconnect the Jews from their past, without realizing that in essence this means disconnecting them from their source of sustenance. Protecting and holding on to Eretz Yisrael is first and foremost a spiritual endeavor and not a political, military one. May it come speedily in our day, and may it come without afflictions, but rather with abundant peace and blessings!
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