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  "Mohammed Wept"  
 A Response to Islam 

Chapter Fifteen:
Arabic/Nazi Hatred Continues Unstopped
- The Consequence Will Be War

Just as the Jews of Europe refused to grasp the ferocity and seriousness of the Nazis intentions and capabilities, so the Israelis do not want to comprehend the true hatred and intentions of the neo-Nazi don Abu Mazen and gang. Included here are concise excerpts from Israel Katzover of The Modia and Aguda, providing clear impossible-to-ignore examples of this true, difficult-to-swallow hatred.

We live in a time when world attention is focused on large scale events, world-wide, world-view, world news, super size, super markets, mega stores, mega attacks, and then of course mega memorials with uncountable names, and endless flames in a sea of candle lights.

While we are busy memorializing with walls and museums, the victims of events past, it is important that we remember why we are having these memorials.

Of course we wish and must honor the dead of past attacks and of the so recent holocaust, seared into our minds. But are we not forcing ourselves into a pattern of time when as we trudge thought the present into the future, we are given marked times, by the clock so we should not forget to gaze back over our shoulders, remember what and why, what to do and what from what to refrain. Never again?

Thus, with all of these checks and balances, preordained times to be happy, to weep, to look forward and back, is it not amazing and alarming that we stumble over the same warning signs of tragedies past? Alarming anti-Semitism that exists in Eretz Yisrael, and anti-Israel actions supported by the western world should as a matter of course be noted, registered and dealt with. Yet we make the same mistakes of years past; going through diplomatic channels when the time for talking has long past, and bodies are already littering the ground.

Last week a report was released investigating why Palestinians believe that Islam demands of them genocide –obliteration of the Israelis and Jews. The study, the first of its kind , sought to determine whether the ideology of hate is promoted and glorified by fringe groups only or whether it is in fact official PA policy. After years of intensive research, authors Marc and Crook of Palestinian media watch, found that the PA itself endorses a virulent fundamental anti-Semitism that legitimizes and encourages genocide. Is this a surprise? We should have known this from those periodic glances we take over our shoulder.

This document does supply further details. Over an eight year period, the report follows and documents a trend of steady indoctrination of anti-Semitism, beginning long before the Intifada in September 2000, and continuing freely from then on throughout the Arafat regime and after his death into the Abu Mazen Regime. The anti-Semitic hatred is deeply rooted and permeates all levels of Palestinian Leadership: political, religious, academic, media and communications

Is this anti-Semitism raw, primitive, ignorant hatred? Again, the winds of the past should bring us reminders. Sophistication and hate are not mutually exclusive. If the Germans could do it, then anyone can. According to the report currently discussed, the PA’s case against the Jews has multiple stages. First, Jewish traits are defined. Then it is explained how these traits endanger the world and world security. Third and finally, it is explained how to annihilate this threat, i.e. annihilate the Jews.

Israel Katzover of HaModia and Aguda, points out inquiringly: Is it not bone chilling to think that 60 years after the Holocaust, the official offices of Palestinian society openly

report and distribute the doctrine espoused by the Nazis?

If, for example, the three levels described above still leave one queasy and uncertain, then a bombardment of propaganda defining Jews as subhuman anyway, makes the medicine easier to swallow.

One such example of lowering the status of the Jews is as follows: a children's movie screened repeatedly through Palestinian (including PA) media channels, shows Jews preparing ovens in which to burn Palestinians. When one oven is destroyed they build another hundred.

The media also shows Abu Marzan demanding the release of terrorists, including many repeat offenders. He demands those incarcerated not only from the last four years of war, but even from the period which was called "peace" (Sept. 93 – Sept. 2000). Thus they are teaching that terrorism is heroic at all times. Palestinian human rights activists cry out that hundreds of so-called collaborators have been murdered over the past four years, that these murders were also carried out before that, and before the second intifada/rash of terror as well. This includes a Mom of seven children, in Tul Karam. The media would be up in arms over such a violation, or even at a hint of or an alleged human rights violation. Gross violations perpetrated by the PA however are scantily reported and glossed over by the media.

There is another factor that justifies Palestinian violence against Jews, and that discourages acknowledgement of past parallels which could serve as warnings. This is the great honor heaped upon Arab “officials” for any gesture toward negotiation no matter how hollow, two-faced and artificial the gesture may be. Would the President of the United States shake hands with Hitler? Or encourage anyone to do so? Would Eichman receive a Nobel prize for his innovations and the efficiency of the Nazi killing machine?

Heap honor upon these enemies? Today we even have film makers producing movies that show sympathy to terrorists, and that glorify suicide bombers.

Need to Honor the Matyred Victims

Noting that something here is backwards, R.Fishman of Jerusalem suggested that a film be made honoring the good, righteous people whose lives were snuffed out by these suicide bombers.
People like Yehezkel Goldberg a social worker who saved youth at risk, who was killed in the terrorist explosion on bus 19.

Geela Applebaum Gordon also has a story to tell. Gila had a brother, Dr. David Applebaum and was also a loving aunt to his children, including the lovely young Nava Applebaum. Nava was a dedicated volunteer who helped to rebuild the lives of broken families and of families at risk. In addition she had a special gift for devotedly helping children suffering from fatal diseases (cancer etc). This brilliant young woman planned to be a doctor, and she dreamed of finding cures for the fatal diseases which claim the lives of children. Nava was also a bride to-be. The night before her wedding she went on a father-daughter outing to a near-by café. Neither of them lived to see her wedding day. At the local café, a suicide bomber took their lives and those of others nearby. Nava’s beautiful wedding dress didn't make it to the Chupah (wedding canopy) and it instead became the cloth of the parochet (an adornment for the Ark that contains holy Torah scrolls). It stands in the tomb of Rachel, the matriarch.

The American college of Emergency physicians issued a resolution honoring Dr. David Applebaum and his contributions to emergency medicine. He had devoted his life to saving other lives without regard to race creed or color. He was also a brilliant orthodox Rabbi. It makes no sense that Israel, the western world, Arab Muslim propaganda, the media, do not glorify the lives of these righteous innocents, but they easily glorify bloody-handed terrorists. Danny Abse quotes a poem by Amir Gilboa that aptly describes the current situation faced by many of us. Confronted by the morning paper and evening news, we are left scratching our heads, jaw dropped at the seeming paradox. Is it me, we wonder? Is it just me, or is there something terribly, dangerously wrong with this picture?

A Poem by Amir Gilboa

They held up a stone.
I said,”Stone.”
Smiling they said, “Stone.”

They showed me a tree.
I said, “Tree,”
Smiling they said, “Tree.”

They shed a man's blood.
I said "blood",
Smiling they said "paint".

They shed a man's blood.
I said "blood",
Smiling they said "paint".

They Owe Us An Apology For Oslo

The media, the ruling coalition in Israel, world leaders; they owe us the truth. Darn it, they owe us an apology for the OSLO fiasco. Then they owe us something more then recycled peace shams. We want, we need, more then a “tale told by a fool full of sound and fury signifying nothing. ” (Shakespeare).

You cannot negotiate away hatred. Nothing but unconditional surrender and reeducation, can solve such deeps problems. Someday, despite the confusion, all will come to the inevitable conclusion. Only then will we have a safe Israel and consequently a more secure world for everyone. It is crucial to free Arab Muslims from their sadistic, hate-preaching despots.

We started this article with the story of the lawsuit brought against modern Jews for receiving money from their ancient Egyptian slave masters. Throughout the article much evidence has been marshaled to show that the PA and Egypt are factories spewing out hatred. According to today’s PA and Egypt it’s obvious to assume that they would like to reinstitute the old Pharaohs decree; “Every son that is born you cast into the river.” Pharaoh personified selfishness and egocentricity. The very word Egypt (in Hebrew) can imply "metzarim,” meaning straits or limitations. Thus “getting out of Egypt ” symbolically is equal to getting out of our own limitations, dire straits, and freeing ourselves from selfish egocentricity. Exodus equals freedom from serving Pharaoh, and to serving God and humanity.

Then, for the second time in history, farther down the spiral of generations and exiles and returns, will occur a second Exodus from a Egypt , a greater redemption with reverberations that will quake in all corners of the earth, freeing those in bondage, enabling the blind to see true peace, showing leaders to lead with love not fear.
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