Rabbi Avraham Feld

  "Mohammed Wept"  
 A Response to Islam 

Chapter Six
From Islam to Politics

Truth is a religious value. Hence, historical truth is a necessity in the evolving spiritual personality and the covenantal community which seeks redemption. Therefore, in the next part of our discussion, we will deal with how the details, dynamics, and relevant modern-day facts have all shaped modern-day affairs. It is not my goal to convince, but merely to show the other side of the conflict. My Muslim and Arab friends have expressed appreciation for being shown a rational and possibly Jewish view of the dilemmas. Just as all of Israeli media, education, film and entertainment, is seeking to show Arab views and promote sensitivity to Arab frustrations. So it is healthy for Arab Muslims to see and feel the other side of the coin.
Every Israeli government, every Israeli Minister of Education, and Communication etc. have worked to condition, brainwash and prepare Israelis for “painful concession” and painful decisions. Again, my Arab Muslim friends have told me that the opportunity to see the situation from a viewpoint other then their own spin was mind-opening, and revealing. To that end, the rest of this document is dedicated. As my father would say, “When parties are really talking, they’re not shooting. Or, as my friend (physicist and mathematician) Rabbi Dr. Aryeh Kaplan once wrote, “In correcting others and bringing them to the Truth, a person also emulates G-d. It is written (Proverbs 3:12 ), ‘G-d corrects those whom he loves, just like a father {corrects} a child whom he cherishes.” (Source: see Zohar 3:85b, Reshis Chochmah, Shaar HaAnvah 5-22,8a.) Rabbi Kaplan continues; “If we think about it, the love of G-d toward man is the greatest love possible. Just as G0d Himself is infinite, so is His love infinite, and indeed, God Himself calls his love Ahavas Olam – an ‘infinite love.” (Jeremiah 34:3). All of the 114 chapter of the Koran (minus 1) begin by describing G-d as compassionate and merciful. Sounds to me as though that is in sync with compassion and mercy that Judaism claims G-d is all about.
How Nazi-infected Islam influences current events and modern beliefs
Returning to the subject of radical Islam, Nazi-Marxist coated Islam has contaminated Egyptian media, schools, entertainment and culture. All of these institutions perpetuate the belief that there was no holocaust (though they imagine it would have been better had there been one.) Ultimately, they believe a holocaust must occur in order to insure their own protection from the Jews in Israel. Dr. H. Halkin, in Commentary magazine explains that the holocaust made people less rather then more able to see anti-Semitism, because if the Nazis demonized the Jew, then they also demonized the anti-Semite.
As CB Glick explains, if the anti-Semite is not a Nazi, then it is difficult for people to perceive the threat. Massacres of Israelis are genocidal because the terrorists’ ultimate goal is to destroy the entire Jewish people. Like the Nazis, the terrorists do not view Jews as human beings. “The fact that they don ski masks and kaffiyas rather then brown uniforms and swastikas also makes us undervalue” the Nazi quality of it all, and we become lax in properly estimating the danger of modern anti-Semitism and neo-Nazi threats. “Defense Minister Shaul Mofaz casually mentioned last week that 43 communities in the Negev will be in rocket range of the Palestinians from Gaza .” Another example of our laxness: Israel ’s tolerance of fictitious ceasefires. “This is a magical cease-fire that gets concluded anew, daily, right after the terrorist shooters have finished their terror attacks on Israelis for the day.” In other words, the entire peace-process is only make-believe…..
Another interesting quote for you, dear readers, a warning to properly heed dangers: “You declare, my friend, that you do not hate the Jews, you are merely ‘anti-Zionist.’ And I say, let the truth ring forth from the high mountaintops, let it echo through the valleys of G-d’s green earth. When people criticize Zionism, they mean Jews…” Was this from today’s newspaper? Last night’s news? No. This warning was issued by none other then Nobel Peace Prize Winner and civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Along these lines, Ehud Barak warns, “PM Sharon is leading the nation astray.” Getting out of Gaza will not guarantee the future of settlement blocks and these dangerous lies according to the former prime minister are bound to lead to another round of horrific bloodshed. “ Sharon is deceiving the public in Israel but not the Palestinians…It is clear to them that he got no quid pro quo, but capitulated to terrorism. Therefore, they will go back to terrorism, there will be another round.” (Haaretz Magazine May 20, ’05 )
As Journalist Melanie Phillips (social welfare and political expert, and columnist for the Daily Mail) clarifies, it is a grave mistake to think that the Israeli-Arab conflict is actually about land. “The actual cause of terror – the indoctrination from the cradle in gross Jew hatred, paranoid delusions about the West and a cult of death sanctified and even mandated by religious edict – are studiously ignored by the media which present it instead as a dispute over land.” As the Bedouins say, sedition is worse then murder.
An interview given by Arafat and published in The Arabs, by Thomas Kiernan reveals some of what is expressed above. Arafat casually, almost glibly describes the Fattah/PLO real agenda and his expectations for what might occur after a first phase concession of land. The interviewer asks Arafat if peace will then reign over the land. “Let us say,” began Arafat, ”that the situation will be defused. We are realists. We know that the entire focus of the situation is changing here in the Middle East . In time, Israel will disappear altogether as a Zionist state. It will either kill itself off trying to resist the closing in of Arab ness from all sides on its Jewish identity, or it will submit peacefully. How can it be otherwise? How can Israel continue to exist as a Jewish island in an Arab ocean? It’s like pouring a cup of cold water into a tub of hot water – the cold water from the cup will turn warm, then hot; it will not turn the hot water cold. That is Israel , the cup of cold water.” Arafat seems to have similar predictions for the US as well. He continues; “The United States will be no more able to stop the future then it was able to stop the present situation. America has a choice. Like the Zionists, it can try to resist the future. Or it can join it {the new vast Arab State }. If it resists, it could very well bring about its own downfall.”
Since the above statement, Fattah/PLO have had a host of agreements that could have led to cessation of hostilities ( OSLO I, OSLO II, The Tenet and Mitchell Recommendations etc). But where there is no will, there’s no way. I apologize; there is a will, but this will is for destruction, the destruction of the little Satan , Israel , and of the big Satan, the USA .
In The Middle East Quarterly, Security expert D.Almog, proves beyond doubt that transferring control of Gaza to the terrorists and to Egypt would be a catastrophe to the stability of the entire region. He also points out that Egypt is a cruel dictatorship that fails to meet basic reforms. The PA just complained that Egypt pressured them to release Hamas terrorists. They need Israel to exist as a focus of hatred, otherwise the antagonism of the people would focus on the inefficient state itself. The Egyptian ruler’s strategy of cementing their own stability equals a constant barrage of Jew hatred and active support of PA (et al) terrorism. Anwar Sadat’s goal of destroying Israel in slices (see address made at the eighth Arab-National Conference) continues in the present-day terrorist–encouraging Egyptian Government. Their two step plan is to first undo the successes of the sixty-seven war and then to remove the successes of the ’48 war of Israeli Independence. Even Sharon ’s supporter Uri Dan, proves that Egypt is the patron of Hamas just as Iran is the boss of Hezbollah. Mubarak seeks to increase Israel ’s distress canceling the demilitarization of the Sinai and allowing for the deployment of the Egyptian war machine along the border. Egyptian ambassador to Israel firmly stated “don’t expect Egypt to be your policemen in Gaza . Egypt will not play this role.”
Abu Mazen’s and Arafat’s insistence on the right of return and other deal breakers are an attempt to undo the events of ’48. The PA cannot say they recognize Israel ’s right to exist and at the same time proclaim the so-called ‘right to return. Their PR reps are experts in the use of standard clichés, double-speak, and the twisting of reality. Abu Mazen and Arafat both reject the very legitimacy of a Jewish state, and will strive for its disappearance. Abu Mazen differs from Arafat only in his ability to imagine more ways of achieving this goal (Daniel Pipes, Director of Middle East Forums.) According to Arafat and Abu Mazen , Israel ’s collapse hinges on “PLO efforts to split Israel psychologically into different camps….We plan to eliminate Israel and establish a pure Arab Palestinian State . We’ll make life unbearable for Jews by psychological warfare and with a mass influx of Arabs.” Sarah Honig, a brilliant Middle East analyst quoted these leaders above, and she also points out that the Arabs themselves have concurred that the peace process must inevitably result in Israel ’s downfall. Abu Mazen’s public relations office has just stated ( Feb. 1, 2005 ) that more then six hundred of their police soldiers have died “fighting the Zionis entity (e.g. engaging in terrorist attempts and actions against Israel ). Abu Mazen maintains the “Unified Command of the Intifada,” which coordinates the terror of several terrorist groups: Fattah, Hamas, Islamic Jihad, etc. The PA minister of justice said that the terrorist groups complement us (i.e. the PA) as well as complementing each other. The PA Preventative Security Chief Abu Shabak said,
“The PA will not touch the weapons of resistance groups…”
In the minds of the PA, terror, despite all of the agreements and words to the contrary, equals resistance.
My Bedouin Muslim friend says that “Israelis are missing at least 25% of their brains.” (The Bedouin's have a saying that a quarter of knowledge is common sense, while the other parts are tradition, travel, and experience).
Abu Mazen promised the Syrian Defense Minister that all terrorist groups will be invited to Gaza as soon as the Israeli’s complete their most recent wave of surrender. This meeting was appropriately sponsored by none other then Egypt . This is the same Egypt that encouraged Abu Mazen and Arafat not to accept the Barak-Clinton second peace proposal. These mind-boggling events as usual, were hardly mentioned in mainstream media. Yuval Diskin just testified in the Knesset that there will be unprecedented levels of terror if Israel goes ahead and takes the IDF out of the Gaza Strip and the Northern Shomron . In acts of self-censorship, the news media blocks out such incredibly important pieces of information. (''Whoever is merciful to the cruel, will ultimately be cruel to the merciful.'' Yalkut Shimoni on Samuel Sec. 121).
Additional examples of media self-censorship are; A number one question arousing world interest is whether lessons have been learned from 9-11 and whether there are other bits of intelligence data out there and whether someone is tracking them and using them to build a picture of the next terror attack: www.gpo.gov.il, www.therightroadtopeace.com. Yet there is no inquiry being made into the tragic mistakes of Camp David I and II, or into the criminal negligence of Oslo I and II. Nor is there a media outcry, or public investigation into how concessions on the Israeli side have not been reciprocated by implementation of promised reforms on the part of the Arab entities. The media practically censors former Head of military intelligence, General Yaakov Amidror. He also prepared a National Intelligence Assessment and is a fellow at the Washington Institute for Near East policy. Why in the world does an Israeli need to look at the New York based Jewish Press for an in-depth interview with the general.

The news is, he is suing the government and asking the court to stop Sharon ’s insanely dangerous plan. It is strange that the government hasn’t even bothered to submit a rebuttal against the general arguments. According to the worried general, “ Israel will lose its capability of retaliating against terror originating in Gaza , just as it currently does not fight terror coming from Lebanon . 80% of the terrorist attacks in Judea and Samaria are perpetrated by organizations receiving Hezbollah aid and financing, and Israel is doing nothing because of its fear of retaliatory rockets by Hezbollah.” (Approximately 5136 missiles have rained down on Israel during the past year) Actually, it seems nothing less then miraculous that in relation to the large number of rockets fired at Israel, very few casualties resulted. Even from a purely secular perspective, such amazing lady luck is highly news worthy!

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