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Chapter Seven
Egypt's treaty violations
live on in Oslo

So do lack of repercussions. Agreements have not been complied with and no measures have been taken to enforce crucially important promises made by the terrorists. There is no demand being made for the accountability to the politicians that have led Israel into this abyss. These unconditional disengagements have led to the death of thousands, and the wounding of close to 100 thousand. Now, these same political forces are about to repeat the exact same tragic mistakes, with arrogance, cunningly and without media criticism.By not enforcing agreements we have ipso fact opened Pandora’s Box. For example, in the War of Attrition, the Nixon administration brokered a cease-fire between Israel and Egypt . Egyptians made demands with bravado and Israel acceded to every one of them. The day after the treaty was signed the Egyptians violated it, moving artillery and anti-aircraft batteries across the Suez and into the Sinai. The Israeli’s lodged feeble-hearted protests to the UN but there it ended. This is similar to the situation today; Israel overlooks hundreds of serious and deadly agreement violations. Back then, the Israelis should have responded immediately; launched an attack, destroyed the Egyptians guns, and taken the Suez Canal – forever. There is (should have been) a price to be paid for violations, and genocidal aggression. (All of Egpytian media predicted and preached throwing the Jews into the sea, and destroying the Zionist entity.) What happened as a result of this lack of reciprocity; Israel complying with the agreement and doing their part by redeploying, and Egypt committing severe violations without repercussions? What happened is that during the Yom Kippur War in ’73 the Egyptians were thereby able to cross the Suez Canal without any difficulty. Their anti-aircraft fire therefore inflicted severe losses upon Israeli planes. The big picture shows us that in the short run, the illusionary treaty gave a break to Israel in the long battle but in the long run cost 3000 lives and almost the loss of the state of Israel . The Yom Kippur probably never would have been waged had Israel ’s response been swift and forceful in response to those early treaty violations of the Egyptians. Because of her resulting strong foothold in the Sinai, Egypt had the confidence to launch its deadly attack. (Eyes Upon the Land, Sichos in English, p. 34). This reminds me of John Steens humorous observation: A slogan on the back of a trucking company car read, “We always go the extra mile.” Underneath, someone had scribbled “That’s because we missed the last exit!” The ruling Israeli Coalitions keep missing the point in their geo political relationships and failed to take the strong actions that situations warrant.
HaModia was one of the only newspapers to give front-page attention to the startling revelations by the General Security Services (AKA the Shabak) then head Yuval Diskin. He testified to the Knesset Foreign affairs and Defense Committee that it is absolutely forbidden to completely remove the Israeli army from the Gaza Strip; under no circumstances should Egypt be trusted with border security. In addition, the Israel Defense Forces must maintain the high ground in Northern Samaria ; without keeping control of both areas, Israel would be setting itself up for unstoppable terror attack and a third Intifada.
Diskin continued: “ Northern Samaria without the IDF means terror and the firing of missiles; it would leave the IDF without an effective method of fighting terror in the region.” That threat would be exacerbated if Hamas succeeds, as it seems well on its way to do, in the coming PA elections. Logically speaking, this kind of intelligence reports should end all support of Sharon ’s plan and the above information has been practically censored. The Israeli communities in Gaza actually serve the interests of the army. There are thousands of Arabs that somehow have something to do with these communities (work, etc.) Some of these Arabs are involved in passing crucial intelligence information. This information saves lives, Christian, Jewish, Muslim lives, both in Israel and abroad. The communities in Gaza give motivation, justification for the army’s very presence there. The army is righteously guarding law-abiding innocent citizens. Army chiefs have said that if they did not exist, we would have to create them because in the war against terror they provide crucial jumping-off points that are close to target areas. According to military evaluations, without these communities, it would take days of severe fighting just to penetrate that deeply into these areas when the army needs to in order to carry out life-saving , terror-stopping missions.
For these reasons, when considering solely the security perspective, no military expert has counseled return of the lands Israel conquered in ’67. On the contrary, military men from the US and other countries have been amazed that Israel has spoken about making any concessions. Even left-leaning Israelis have called the pre-’67 borders, “the borders of Auschwitz .” Who has offered such concessions? Politicians, including some military experts who have become politicians. (Eyes upon the Land, Sichos in English)
Avi Dichter, head of Israeli Shabak (FBI), who announced that Israel ’s ruling coalition is continuing to give 4.5 billion shekels to the PA. [ There are no checks and there is no supervision on how the money is (ab)used.] Likewise, a second example, there are no scientific checks and balances, no supervision on the PA’s use resources that they share with the rest of the region. The resources, such as water, are delicate, precious and must be used in such a way that also preserves and encourages future supplies. Yet there is no line dividing the PA’s water sources from other communities. One cannot draw a line on a map and separate the two.
A balance must be preserved over the region in general and the separate users of the regions resources. As it is, an ecological disaster looms before us just over the horizon; the PA has no supervision over the digging of wells, they are drastically decreasing water levels and allowing sea water to invade the aquifer. Again, these one-sided acts of giving from Israel to Muslims are vastly underreported and their multi-sided significance is again and again missed. Abbas admitted to UN officials “You simply have to accept the fact that we are all corrupt.” Likewise, US House majority leader pointed out that the billions stolen from the PA were stolen by all the leadership: Arafat, Rashid, Dahlan, Rajoub, Qurei and Abbas, Abu Mazen himself.
As Carolyn Glick (caroline@jpost.com ) , assistant Editor of the Jerusalem Post wrote, “all those who attack De Lay believe that ’in the interests of peace’, the US should support a continuation of the PA’s kleptocratic, terror-supporting tyranny over Arab society…. Abbas wants to extend the terrorist-support program by putting Hamas, etc on the payroll. “All of the above is supported with mountains of documentary evidence. For example, during this past April 2005, there were 250 various terrorist attempts; that is a 52% increase since March, the previous month. Promises, promises. Talk is cheap – but it isn’t cheap. It has cost Israelis lives, and when Israel responds to terrorists, it costs Arab-Muslim lives as well. And the last time I checked, as the Talmud says, one person’s blood is not redder then another’s.
The phrase, “in the interest of peace,” used to justify ridiculous concessions, should actually be understood as “special interest groups.” Which groups are these? Itemized in brief, they are as follows: anti-Semites on both the right and left political spectrum who have sold out to their respective ideologies, misguided people who are working with misinformation and become up wrapped up in philosophies based on flawed thinking, politicians with links to the Jericho and soon-to-be-opened Gaza casinos. Sharon ’s advisor Weisglass has yet to divest himself of his law firm that is part-owner of the casinos (source: Israel Corporate Registrar).
IDF OC Central Command reported the black market money-laundering activities and terror supported links of the casino. Shimon Peres and his center processed 164 million Dollars of investments for the PA with the World Bank. If you would just check out the Peres center records, you would find that these funds were never entered, received or remitted. Were the checks cashed on the black market? This is something that the Ethics Committee finally starting to look into, (Israel Resource News Agency.) Let us not forget the special interest groups to which vulnerable politicians belong: those facing criminal prosecution (ala expose in the HaModia newspaper) and those afraid of scandal revelations. Finally, we have ARAB oil investments influencing businesses who in turn influence Israeli businesses, politics, media educators, film, (through foundation monies) etc... The Arab Human Development Report (2004), stated that one of the causes of Arab authoritarianism was the discovery of oil in the Gulf region, and the consequent support of these countries by the world's superpowers. (Their support of these dictatorial regimes was also connected to cold war interests). In short, for many and varied reasons, oil states were supported by superpowers, monsters were created and these tangled ties had many and far reaching consequences.
Thomas Kiernan revealed a profound phenomenon in an interview with Anwar Sadat (The Arabs, ABACUS ’75, page 343.) He (Sadat) held up a finger. It is a well- known fact of history - the Jews….’ And here he struggled for the right words, as if trying to make sure that I wouldn’t misunderstand his meaning. The Jews, the Jewish people, they are inevitably a self-destructive people. Every few centuries they go through a form of mass suicide!” All of the above helps us to understand why the ruling Israeli Coalition disregards the wisdom of a host of strategic think-tanks. For example, Major General Doron Almog, in The Middle East Quarterly warns that transferring Gaza into PA and Egyptian control will result in a mini-Afghanistan.
Chief of military intelligence Ari Farkosh, Former Defense Minister Moshe Arons and General Yaakov Amidror likewise demonstrates how Gaza will become a center for global terror. General Z'evi said Ahmed Queiri is following the path of Arafat and has the exact opposite agenda from peace. Many of the greatest strategic minds concur. Over and over, from all over, political experts and analysts come to the same conclusions and these conclusions are ignored by policy makers and per instructions underreported by the media. Abu Mazen also promised to release terrorist-murderers in Jericho who are presently being protected by him in a state of semi-incarceration. Further terrorist releases are already scheduled to happen after further Israeli surrenders.
Sermons by the likes of Sheikh Ibrahim Madris, are broadcast on official PA television and radio and cry out for the death of the Jews. “Our willingness to return to the ’67 borders does not mean we have given up on the land of Palestine . Know; we shall realize this right by any means it takes. We might be able to use diplomacy in order to return to the ’67 borders, but we shall not be able to use diplomacy in order to return to the ’48 borders.”
The left wing can’t hide and dismiss the above as the product of some obscure extreme element. The above is official PA incitement and Abu Mazen himself campaigned with this same rhetoric. “The unavoidable conclusion is that the only difference between Abbas and the terrorist is tactical: one is willing to use diplomacy for a while, the other is unwilling to use it at all.” (Jerusalem Post Editorial, Feb. 27, ’05.)
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