Rabbi Avraham Feld

  "Mohammed Wept"  
 A Response to Islam 

Chapter Five
The Koran distorted and adulterated by foreign dogmas

Many true scholars of true Islam provides explanations at to over the years, during different periods, Islam has become adulterated by foreign dogmas. This has been to the detriment of Islam and is responsible for much of the carnage, violence and hatred that has been expressed in the name of "Islam." These adulterants include communism, fascism, Nazism, racism, intolerance, greed, and other such destructive forces.

Hazrat Mirza Hamud, for example, (who has over ten million followers), condemns without exception all forms of terrorism. These acts, he says, done in the name of ''Islam," are without exception simply murder. There is no such support for these acts in the original traditional, religious observance of true Islam. Many Koranic sources, he brings down, and can be found, to back up his statements. This is not the opinion of a single man and his followers, but rather a peaceful doctrine of which he reminds us.

He also writes at length on the influence of Marxist writings on Islam. As he and others point out, some modern Islamic writings are adulterated by (or even quote directly!), the Communist Manifesto. Unfortunately, there exist pseudo-Muslim spokesmen who without hesitation attribute these Marxist concepts to Mohammed. These distortions of Islam have stealthily infiltrated into Islam in general and created a cult of death.

Professor Hamud goes on to explain that Communist concepts are not the only teachings that are foreign to true Islam but have succeeded in worming their way in. The concept of heresy is another foreign and destructive doctrine. as punishable by man was never a tenet or practice of Islam. Two bizarre cults -Wannabe and Deobani have disfigured Islam by their incorporation of medieval positions on heresy. Orientalists who often criticize Islam, agree that there exists no such dogma of heresy in Islam, and that in this manner Islam cannot be compared to Christianity. As Bernard Louis held,
“What mattered in original Islam, as with Judaism, was what people did,” (Orthopraxy not orthodoxy). Muslim warlords like Maulama Maudadi introduced Calvinist Christian ideas of heresy that were foreign to Islam. Eventually the foreign roots were forgotten and it became entwined into Islam as the accepted "rule of thumb.

Calvin’s logic held “death as the punishment of apostasy”, but the Koran says over and over that heresy is taken care of by God, and it is not in the realm of man to mete out punishment. In the Koran (76;30) it says “surely this is a reminder; so whoever wishes may take the way that leads to his God.” The principle leader of the Muslim Council of Britain Abdul Jalil Sagid has condemned terror saying that no excuses can be used to justify it; it is a perversion of Islam, and represents outside, non-Muslim influences. Sagid wants an active policy of naming and shaming radicals. Thus we see that often it is not Islam distorting Biblical narratives, but rather Arab political chiefdoms that gave new interpretations. In the case of Isaac, Christianity, Bahai and other religions have the same version as the Jews. There are even ancient texts predating Islam that support the original Biblical versions.

Arab political military needs came together to intimidate Muslim scholars. Mohammad bin Hasan al Shaybani dedicated an entire book to Muslim military campaigns. He explains that though out the centuries, the politicians and the armies of Muslim states would press jurists to give rulings on the laws of combat etc., that were radicalized and distorted, but served their agendas. The army would tell the Muslim scholars “Give us this or that ruling, or the enemy will come for you and your dear books will go up in flames.” Prison and torture was also an option for obstinate scholars. “Like all super powers, the Muslim state became intoxicated by its own strength.” (Says the scholar Abou El Fadl). “The problem is that we have the books,” says a Muslim Professor, “but they have the terror organizations.”

Or as I like to cite the old Creole saying “Konstitisyon se papye, bayonet se fe.” (A constitution is made of paper, a bayonet from iron) This notion has been the defining element in much of Muslim religio-political decisions. A famous comedian Bill Cosby once said, “I wear glasses so that I can look for things that I keep losing.” Unfortunately, because of prejudice and self-interest, so many of us keep losing the merciful and tolerant aspects of theology and politics. We must all need glasses, (or as for me, I’ll drink straight from the bottle).

As far as Orthodox Judaism is concerned, the foundations of theology and politics are the same as the underpinnings of religion and philosophy – namely, mercy and tolerance. Judaism cries out for you my G-d are good and forgiving and abundantly kind to all who call upon You (Psalm 86-5.) “G-d is near to all who call upon Him, to all who call upon Him sincerely” (Psalm 145.) All good people have a share in the world-to-come (Talmud.) The very act of creation of this world is one of benevolence. The infinite eternal indivisible G-d of pure spirit, made room so to speak, for a finite, physical creation. This infinite, divine being, that is indescribable, so to speak hid or constricted his divine light to allow for a separate creation to exist. Our job is to imitate Him, “imitation of the divine qualities.” .” “But you who cleave to the Lord your God, you are alive every one of you today” (Deuteronomy 4-4 and Sanhedrin 64a.) The sages ask,

"How is it possible to cleave to the Holy One G-d who is a devouring fire?" (Deuteronomy 4-24.) That means, so to speak, that the Divine is so far beyond us, is transcendent from us. The sages answer that by cleaving to the righteous scholars who can process or filter G-d’s fire\light in a way that makes it accessible to everyone (Ketuvot 111b, Zohar I 51a.) Cleaving to G-d can also be accomplished by cleaving to His Torah; His love letter to humanity containing so to speak his wisdom and will. Finally, cleaving to God, means imitating his character traits personified for our understanding, behavior that He allows us to know through His interface with the finite world (Likutey Halachot, Heksher Keilim 4-5.) Therefore, just as He is merciful, so you must be merciful, just as He is kind, you are to be kind. Where he constricted himself, so to speak constricted His infinite presence so that worlds could come into being, so we too are to be humble and restrict ourselves, our egos and presence, to allow others to grow and be different from us.

For example, before and after the Exodus for Egypt , the ancient Hebrews were explained the Sabbath commandments. Here, they were instructed to allow their man and maid servant to rest like them. Why? Because they are like you, everyone is a creature of the One Creator. Slavery is only a socio-economic disadvantage and does not speak to the essential quality of the individual. For everyone’s worth come from their being created in the image of the divine. Therefore, the Greeks and Romans legislated a death penalty for all Jews who would keep the Sabbath because it challenged their societies built on slavery.

Remember, the Greek democracy of free men consisted only of one percent of the population, 99% were in abject slavery. As Shimon Peres said (Former PM of Israel ), “The Sabbath commandment was the first call to humanity at large for real equality. And the first summons of freeing man from the bondage of man, for freeing man from him Himself, from the routine of work. This was the first significant taste of freedom and equality. And this taste has never faded since,” (“The Buzz about Shabbat,” Olam Magazine, (Special Edition) www.olam.org ).

Like a game of cosmic hide-and-seek, the Divine has hid His light, and throughout the course of our lives it is our job to seek out that light, reveal it to ourselves and to others; in such a way His light is tolerant, benevolent and abundant in blessings for all. As the great Rabbi Akiva said, ‘Love thy neighbor as thyself,’ (Leviticus) is the fundamental principle of Judaism.” As Hillel, one of the great Rabbis of the Talmud proclaimed, “Be of the disciples of Aharon, loving peace, pursuing peace, loving your fellow creations and drawing them closer to Torah.”

Nazism Infects Islam

As Dr. Asher Ader of the Islam-Israel fellowship (Root and Branch- Aryeh Gallin) points out, in the twenties and thirties the Haji Amin el-Husseini kicked off bloody pogroms against innocent Jews. He proceeded to raise two Muslim SS divisions for the Nazis, and then cried out from Berlin Radio for Jihad against the Jews: “Kill them where ever you find them…” After his release by the French in 1945, he successfully spread a Nazi smear campaign in the Arab press. Hitler’s writings became bestsellers and the Haji Amin el-Husseini forged Islam into a bigoted, anti-Semitic ideology, drenched in Nazism.

Many of the important key leaders in the Palestinian movements today have voiced their support for and belief in the Haji Amin el-Husseini, as well as publicly stating that their goals are to implement his goals. The same present day leadership goes as far as to claim to be spiritual relatives of Husseini. (They went against that old adage that you can pick your friends but not your relatives). The same Mufti Husseini demanded a reversal of the Hungarian governments plan to rescue Jewish children by sending them to the Holy Land . Through his continued pressure he succeeded in having the rescue plan aborted. Another 900 children were thus sent to extermination camps in Poland . (From the personal diary of the Mufti Husseini, cited by Joan Peters, from Time Immemorial ).

The Mufti’s conduct reminds me of a section of a verse from the Prophet Ezekiel (35: 4-5). “You shed the blood of the children of Israel at the time of their calamity.” Feisal Hussein was a blood relative of the Mufti, and also leader, spokesman and key player in the Palestinian leadership. He revealed that the entire Oslo process was a Trojan Horse tactic to destroy Israel . Like Hitler’s invasion of the Sudetenland , if someone had called his bluff, he would have retreated. So modern day Hitler Wannabes bluff and huff and puff - and Israel does the retreating.

In the meticulously documented book The Secret War Against the Jews, J. Loftus and M. Aarons show how Germany of the 1920s was a cash-starved, weaponless, powerless country, and would have remained so if it had not been for a massive influx of investment capital. Oil companies and Saudi Arabia were the secret source of wealth and influence that helped Hitler to rise onto the world’s stage. It was the influence of this Arab money that caused Britain to decide to close its doors on the millions of Jews looking for an escape route out of Nazi-controlled Europe and into British-mandate Palestine . This also is a partial explanation as to why other countries also abandoned the Jews.

Greed for oil and Arab investment capital played no small role. Today, the exact same thing is happening. Instead of working towards Hitler’s Final Solution Plan, they are working according to “The Plan of phases.” The Saudi Arabians etc. are masquerading terrorist groups as a “people.” They continue seeking to destroy the Jews but in novel ways. Laurent Murawiec, the brilliant analyst for the Rand corporation, explained that Saudi Arabia is “the kernel of evil, the prime mover, the most dangerous opponent,” of western values and interests in the Near East .. Left-Wing analyst M. Steinberg of the publication, the American Prospect, wrote “the desert kingdom leads the way in financing and inciting Muslim Holy warriors the world over.” (Robert Sherrill, The Oil Follies, Double Day, Craig Unger, House of Bush, House of Soud, ,Michael Moore, Fahrenheit 9-11, and Former Ambassador Dore Gold’s Peace Center contains many crucial publications: his book on Saudi Arabian sponsored terror, Hatred’s Kingdom is a must, as well as the Tower of Babel on the UN (WWW.jcpa.org and jcpa@netvision.il, 972-2-5619281). Cheryl Benard’s Civil Democratic Islam: Partners, Resources and Strategies, www.rand.org ) .

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