Rabbi Avraham Feld

  "Mohammed Wept"  
 A Response to Islam 

Chapter Three
A Zionist Koran: Italian Council allows true Islam to shine through the cracks

From the examples given above, the reader has already been shown part of the distortion that has occurred within mainstream Islam. Islams misinterpretation of history and it's current unjust anti-Semitism, it's position on Jihad and conduct toward other nations in general, and it's conduct to the citizens within their own nations; these examples all reveal the rot that has invaded Islam and covered the face of the true and original Islamic doctrines. What are these real doctrines then?

As intelligence analyst Bruce Brill and Arye Gallin (of Root and Branch Association) never tire of pointing out, true Islam accepts Jewish sovereignty over the land of Israel and respects Judaism as well. What if it were finally realized by all, and publicized by the media that true Islam demands of it faithful followers to actively support Jewish sovereignty in the land of Israel? Such a realization would bring instant peace. Fulfilling the real practices and observances of true Islam by devout Muslims under the leadership of truly devout leaders would make the Israeli- Palestinian conflict a non-issue.

Real Islam on suicide bombings…
"The slaughter of children to protect wicked regimes…

Certain scholars of Islam, do point out truths relating to peace with Israel and with Jews. Recently for instance, a council of Islamic scholars issued a statement condemning violence against Israelis.
“Allah will bless the nations… who condemn those parents, teachers and terrorist criminals who poison the minds of children with hatred and violence.
" {They are referring to the sick twisted practice by certain Muslims who are willing and eager (mistakenly in the name of Allah) to send their children to death "through acts of fitnah" (apostasy and sedition}.
"The suicidal sacrifice and slaughter of these children are in no way shape or form a manifestation of Islam but rather are a tool used by wicked regimes, who take advantage of ignorant people and send them to their death, all with the goal of defending the regime and keeping it in power. This has nothing to do with Islam, nor any other religion for that matter."

Real Islam on the Zionist entity… "There is no such precedent or doctrine preventing the recognition of a Zionist state…" The cultural institute of the Italian Islamic community, is another example of true scholarship. Their conclusions sum up the words of a learned sheikh: Classical Islamic source do not support the so-called “Islamic anti-Zionism” preached by radical groups. The idea of making Islam a factor that prevents Arabs from recognizing the sovereign right of Jews over Palestine, is an artificial construct. There is no such reference nor precedent in classic Islamic sources. Islam-based Anti-Zionism is a modern convenience, a rewriting of history that helps to explain and justify otherwise illogical positions and unspeakably cruel acts.

Another voice of truth and logic in the area of Arab-Jewish relations is the voice of the greatest Islamic scholar of the 20 th century, Sheikh Mohammed al-Azhar. He openly preached peace and cooperation between Muslims and Jews. The fame of this Sheikh scholarship was that he was able to silence those who say ‘peace with Israel is against Islam.’ As shown in the paragraph above, true Islam and Judaism should have no problem living in peace and there should be no problem with the existence of this small Israeli State. Most of the Islam publicized and taught today has turned rotten by the infiltration of Fascist, communist and Nazi texts.

Real Islam has a common link to the Jews….
"The Koran announces a reestablishment of the House of Israel in the Land… and Allah said to the children of Israel: dwell securely in the Promised land…"
A comparative analysis of Koranic and Torah sources reveals an agreement on the point that the link existing between the children of Israel and the Land of Canaan depends directly on God Almighty’s will, toward which we are asked to submit to Allah constituted the offspring of Jacob as heirs off the promised land. From King Feisal of Iraq to King Abdullah I of Trans-Jordan, many Islamic voices that had been pro-Jewish were silenced and the irrational hostility toward Zionism was introduced. Being against Jewish sovereignty over Palestine is denying the history of revelation and prophecy. The head of an Islamic council of scholars, Sheikh Abdul Palazzi, continues in this vein and notes that the Koran announces a reestablishment of the House of Israel in the Land before the last judgment, where is says: “and therefore we (Allah) said to the children of Israel, Dwell securely in the Promised land.” And when the last warning will come to pass, we will gather you together in a mingled crowd.” (Koran 17-105)

Remember when Moses said to his people, “Oh my people, remember the presents that G-d gave to you when he appointed prophets from among you, and made you kings, and gave to you what he had never given to anyone else in the world (a clearly mapped out homeland in Israel). Enter then my people the holy land that God has commanded for you.” Again, in the sections called Hobbling 15; Cow 44-116; Smoke 30, the Koran recognizes the particularity of Israel, with its unparalleled gifts, including the Promised Land. In the section called Table-23, the Koran insists that the Holy Land was given to Israel. In the section called Jonah 93, the Koran states that Allah settled the Jews there and in the section Cow 60,247, even rebukes Israel for not fighting hard enough for Her land.

Islam on Judaism…."The Koran recognizes the teachings of Jewish prophets and… the continued validity of the Torah…" The Koran, in section Table 48, recognizes the teachings of the Jewish prophets and even the validity of later sages and Rabbis. Other parts of the Koran recognize David’s kingdom and his Psalms, and he is confirmed as divine viceroy and judge on earth (Zad 19,25;Cow 252). Abraham is called a true Muslim as are the prophets (who are also Rabbis), even though they kept the Sabbath and prayed in the direction of Jerusalem. (Kings I, 8: 30-42). ( Koranic sources include Imram 60, Pilgrimage 77 Cattle 162, Table 48, Cow 140 and 143, Greeks 5, Hobbling 31, Believers 76. )

Interestingly, just as Bahai, Christian etc... sources rely on Hebrew scriptures, so does the Koran, and specifically, it speaks of Israel’s return to the land and to the holy city Jerusalem. (Bani Israel 8, 105). The Koran also demands that faithful Muslims help the Jews and their return to Zion. Finally, the Koran insists that there is continued validity to the book of the Jews (Jonah 38, Bee 45, 47, Cow 172, Table 52, Believers 56, etc). There are several sources in the Koran that recognize that there exist different religious rituals to reach God; especially the significance of good deeds, and the importance to God of love and forgiveness. (Sura 49, Inner rooms 13, Sura 109, The Heretics 6, Sura 5, Table 48, Sura 9-29, Sura Elchajrath 13-49.).

Another interesting fact, not known to many is that opting for Ishmael over Isaac satisfied the political need to assert Arab preeminence in the Muslim world. Substituting Ishmael at the binding of Isaac likewise satisfies a desire to negate the centrality of Jewish figures like Moses etc. By the way, Moses is the individual most cited in the Koran. The great orthodox Muslim scholar, Ata’ Ibn As-Sa’ib, finally concluded after a lifetime of research that the sacrifice was indeed Isaac!!!! Other classic texts such as Ibn El-Arabi’s Illuminations of Mecca (12 th century) which shows the importance of coexistence are suffocated by modern twisted Islam.

A Muslim cleric once said, “Ibrahim was granted Isaac with a divine promise, that Isaac would be granted Jacob…” (Abraham-Passia, page 42) Also is cited in the Koran: “When he had turned away from them and from those whom they worshipped besides God, we bestowed upon him Isaac and Jacob, and each one of them became a prophet. (Koran 19-49) Furthermore, the Koran states that these two were gifts granted to Abraham. “And we bestowed upon him Isaac, and as an additional gift, (a grandson): Jacob. And we made righteous men of every one of them.” (Koran 21-72).

The Koran on Violence… The true spirit of Islam condemned barbarity and the spilling of innocent blood.. Leading expert on Islam Khaled Fouad Allam has written that the true sprit of the Koran condemns barbarity and the spilling of innocent blood. There is tremendous cultural impoverishment in today's Islam. The Muslim world is submerged in an intellectual night, but it's possible to emerge from. For example, if you dear readers could help in spreading this important information, that would help free so many from the darkness of their brainwashed isolation.

Powerhouse Russel Simmons testified that Minister L. Farrakhan the leader of The Nation of Islam (also known as Louis “the Charmer” Walcott), stated that “A Muslim cannot hate a Jew. We are all members of the family of Abraham and we should all maintain dialogue and mutual respect.” Oil money and media hide all of these Muslim groups and their friendly attitudes. Did you know that over 76% of the Arabs living inside the borders of Israel, do not want to be there andwant to leave? They are tired and have no desire or energy for the artificial conflict created by their extremists. However, over 80% of the above groups do not want to move to a Muslim country but rather to a country with the same freedoms and democracy enjoyed in Israel.

Enjoy the following quotes. They are indicative of the attitudes of untold numbers of people ignored by the media.

“I’d rather have a visa to go and live anywhere in Europe then go to Palestine, most of the people my age who live here feel like that.” ( Khalid Abu Hashish, 27, a Palestinian, on the right of return (Globe and Mail-Canada, May 9)
Even the Jews did not behave like you cowards.” (The 70-year old father of a Hamas supporter responding to a late-night raid on his house where he and his son were roughed up. New York Sun, May 10.)
During the Israeli occupation, I was 100 times freer.” (Iyad as-Saraj, a prominent psychiatrist and director of the Gaza Community Health Program. Ibid.) Hamodia
According to our surveys the over whelming majority of non-Jewish people in east Jerusalem and Abu Dis do not want to be under king of PA rule. They want the status quo to continue. Furthermore (and hold on to your seats…) hundreds of thousands of Arabs in Gaza and the West Bank (Judea and Samaria) do not under any condition want Israel to surrender any control to the PA or any configuration there of. So why, does the democracy-loving media broadcast these numbers from every rooftop? Here are a few gems gleaned from a cross section of the population; Muslims and others.
The Jewish army’s presence is like the Aswan Dam, holding back the various criminal and military groups from completely engulfing us.” (A Muslim electrical engineer)
“To be treated fairly by Hamas you have to be exactly like them religiously and after that, you still need to be connected to the inner circle of power, to eat from the middle of the plate. Any resistance to their standards can result in torture and death.” (Camel, a Muslim, small-business man from East Jerusalem )
None of the present day ruling Arab and Muslim parties have a right to a state here. They should go back to where they came from, like Egypt , Syria , Lebanon , Iran , Tunisia and Europe . They are a pack of howling dogs, picking at our flesh and destroying our children. Life under the Israelis was much much much better, more then you have words.” (Abu Mussa Jeruslam taxi driver and social activist)
“If the Israeli people with their army, leave us, they will leave us even more under the foot of the corrupt Abu Mazzam with his crazy army full of criminals. Do you know that there are thousands of Gazans that work for the Jews who live here. Each worker supports a very, very big family. You do the numbers. If Israel leaves us only the strong will take everything and give it out to their supporters. We will die. The Israeli cannot just leave like scared dogs.” (Mustafa. Technical drawer and farm/construction worker. Gaza .)
Let’s face it, chopping Israel up to pacify the Muslim world will only chop up all people. Muslims, Christians and Jews just bleed, bleed and bleed. Everyone should just leave Israel alone and let Israel rule the land that it won against terrible odds and against people who wanted to cut her stomach open.” (Elias, Christian school teacher)
Only PLO member, those who work for the government, will get everything (following the pullout). We won’t get anything. You didn’t make peace with the Palestinian people but rather with a man from Tunisia . What does everyone want after all? To live peaceably side by side. Your Rabin, before his death, brought us cancer, not peace. Now Sharon also wants to say he wants he is making peace and he will bring us more disease then calm. If you hand over Gush Katif, do you think there’ll be peace and everyone will be happy. No. It hurts me to see my children and to know that in a little while there will be nothing for them to eat. The best situation for everyone would be for them (the Jewish residents) not to leave. What will happen once they leave? We will have more unemployment. Who will receive the land? Not the regular people.” Machmoud. Gazan worker, Hamodia and Yidiot Achronot
In addition to the above sentiments, there are thousands of brave Gazans, who over the years have helped the Israelis to prevent terror. They are clustered together in a handful of villages, terribly afraid of Israel ’s surrender and anticipate the slaughter of their villages.
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