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New Jerusalem-News nos. 1 onwards
Current News Items and an Explanation of their Relevance to Brit-Am.

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"New Jerusalem-News"-1 (928)
Current News Items and an Explanation of their Relevance to Brit-Am.
1.The Menace of Islam.
Muslims are becoming more and more anti-Jewish.
(a) New Trends in Arabic Anti-semitism - Vimeo.
(b) The growth of Islamic Fanaticism by Yair Davidiy.
2. Palestinians Actively and Consciously Befoul the Land of Israel!
'The Arabs Are Conducting an Ecological Intifada' by Elad Benari.
3. Anti-Jewish Blood Libel Exposed!
"The France Two news report is a blood libel. It's a hoax. Fabrication. And that's it."
4. Abortion Condemned; Medical Reports Often Misleading!
Rabbi Yosef: Doctors kill the living by Kobi Nahshoni.
5. Israel Was Prepared to Use Nuclear Bomb said British Diplomat!
Documents, released under Britain's 30-year rule, include Marget Thatcher saying that Israel's settlement policy was 'absurd.' By Danna Harman and The Associated Press.
6. Israel, USA, and UK United as Allies versus Iran???
'Mossad, US, UK tried to sabotage Iran nuke program' by JPOST.COM STAFF.
7. Israel Considered as Fighting the War for Survival of the West?
Support for Israel's Settlements From Europe's Right by ROBERT MACKEY.

"New Jerusalem-News"-2 (929)
Current News Items and an Explanation of their Relevance to Brit-Am.
1. Saudia Obtains Nuclear Weapons from Pakistan!
2. Vulture in Saudi Custody Suspected as Mossad Agent!
by Gil Ronen.
3. Knesset Votes to Investigate Radical Left Funding Sources by Hillel Fendel.

"New Jerusalem-News"-3
2. Your Enemy is Mine as Well. Jew-haters also hate America and Britain!
3. Israel, The Good Enemy by Mudar Zahran.

"New Jerusalem-News"-4
1. Religious People (especially Jews) Are Happier!
Jews, religious or not, top US 'well-being' index,
2. Obama Forced by American Public to Support Israel in UN!
3. Outlines for a Brit-Am Article: What Kind of Israeli Army Do We Need?
A Brit-Am View of the IDF and the Ideal Army.
The Present Reality.
The Torah Position.
Brit-Am Recommendations.

"New Jerusalem-News"-5
1. Lebanon, Hizbolla, and Possible Western Intervention.
Western military fleets are heading to Lebanon & Israel's army is on full alert/By: Elias Bejjani.
2. Saviour of Jewish Children recognized in New Film.
Prague - New Film About Briton Who Saved Jewish Children.
3. Iran, Lebanon, and Israel.
Iran Changes the Balance of Power in Lebanon by Lt. Col. (ret.) Michael Segall
4. Iranian Nuclear program Hit by Special Computer Virus.
Israel, the USA, and Britain blamed by Iran for Stuxnet.
5. Brit-Am News-Line (incorporating Israeli Daily Report).
# Bombing at Moscow Airport.
# WikiLeaks Reveals Bush Administration (31 October, 2008) Ordered United States officials to Spy on Israel.
#Tony Blair: West May Need to Go to War Against Iran.
# Population Swap Considered by Leading Israeli Politician.
# Big Families May be Better!
# Rape is the Tool of Muslim Hate from Steven Shamrak.

"New Jerusalem-News"-6
1. The Animal Kingdom Pro-Israel Conspiracy!
"Bewitched Animals and the Muslim Media" by Raymond Ibrahim.
2. Iranian warships coming to Mediterranean and Red Seas.
3. US Proposed Resettling 'Palestinians' in South America: Arutz Sheva Summary.
4. Condoleezza Rice: send Palestinian refugees to South America: British "Guardian" Source.
5. Palestinians condemn US plan to settle refugees in South America.

"New Jerusalem-News"-7
1. Left-Wing Activists in Israel Funded by NGOs who receive money from Arabs and Europe!
2. Germany Supports Iran!
Israel: Will Germany Uphold the Spirit of Sanctions on Iran? by Amiel Ungar.
3. Is the Muslim Brotherhood About to Take Over Egypt?

"New Jerusalem-News"-8
1. The Mubarak legend by ARNAUD DE BORCHGRAVE.
2. Israeli Message to Egyptians: "Please Do Not Damage the Pyramids! We will not Rebuild!"
3. US Presidential Candidate Mike Huckabee Voices Opinions in line with Brit-Am!

"New Jerusalem-News"-9
1. Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood Explains How It Will Get Rid of Peace Treaty with Israel,
by Barry Rubin.
2. Hamas is fighting for the tunnels: prevents the transfer of fuel from Israel.
3. Egyptian troops hunt Hamas gunmen fighting to control N. Sinai.
4. Obama Well Knows What Chaos He Has Unleashed,
By Victor Sharpe.
5. Jen: Amused by News Note.

"New Jerusalem-News"-10
1. Israeli Abortion Rates are Down by 19%!by Maayana Miskin.
2. NY: Jewish, Christian Leaders Against 41% Abortion Rate.
by Hillel Fendel.
3. Evil Egyptian Jew Hatred is centuries Old and Continuous!
Lara Logan and Egyptian Muslim Jew-Hatred
by Andrew G. Bostom

"New Jerusalem-News"-11
1. MEF Wire with Efraim Karsh: Does the Arab World Truly Want a "Palestine"?
2. Satellite Photos: More Nuclear Sites in Syria.
3. Homos offered Curative Treatment.

"New Jerusalem-News"-12
1. Congressman who saved Pollard pleads with Obama.
2. Most Americans Favor End To U.S. Foreign Aid To Middle East, Except Israel.
3. Pope Benedict: We Need A World Government.

"New Jerusalem-News"-13
1. Our World: The West's proxy war against the Jews by CAROLINE GLICK.
2. Sarah Palin declares unequivocal support for Israel.
3. Belfast Guards Save Israeli Speaker from Pro-Arab Attackers.

"New Jerusalem-News"-14
1. 47% of Germans think Israel exterminating Palestinians.
2. Israel Navy Uncovers Weaponry on board German Cargo Vessel.
(a) Official Announcement.
(b) Debka Report.
(c) The Weapon Haul.
Navy: Anti-ship missiles, Farsi manual found on seized vessel by Boaz Fyler.
3. Pakistan's Jewish Problem.

"New Jerusalem-News"-15
1. Itamar killings.
2. Five Murdered Members of One Family in Itamar. Links to Pictures.
3. Itamar: The Township.
(a) Wikipedia Article.
(b) Itamar _ Gem of the Hills and the Blessing to Joseph.
Life on Itamar by Leah Goldsmith.

"New Jerusalem-News"-16
1. Japan. Fukushima Nuclear Accident - a simple and accurate explanation
by Dr Josef Oehmen.
2. Sarah Palin in Israel.
(a) What's Palin Doing in Israel' by Dan Ephron.
(b) Sarah Palin visits Western Wall by Yoav Zitun.
3. Royal wedding to include Jewish custom by Ilan Mester

"New Jerusalem-News"-17
1. Do Iranian Rulers Want to be Gog and Magog?
2. Left-Wing Israeli Supreme Court Denies Sanctity of Temple Wall!
3. Arming the Enemy in Libya.

"New Jerusalem-News"-18
1. Muslim Brotherhood Fact Sheet.
2. Cyprus-Israel Co-Operation.
3. Are South Koreans Learning Talmud En Masse? Is this True?
4. Poll: Nearly 50% of Hispanic Americans believe U.S. too supportive of Israel.
5. Netanyahu is 3rd on YouTube World View Series.
6. Israel releases map showing 1000 underground military sites operated by Hizballah.
7. Ozone layer faces record loss over Arctic.

"New Jerusalem-News"-19
1. Information About the Alawi Pagan Rulers of Syria
2. German gov't sought to bribe judge during Eichmann trial
3. Glenn Beck a Victim of Conspiracy Frauds
(a) Brit-Am Explanation.
(b) The Article. Why Glenn Beck lost it By Dana Milbank.
4. Jersey (Britain) looks to Israel for help in diversifying.
5. Iran Fortifying Border Entanglements in Southeast.

"New Jerusalem-News"-20
1. Israel at 63: Population of 7,746,000.
2. Left-Wing Liberal Media Ignores Islamic Jew Hatred!!!
Brian Henry: Bin Laden and Antisemitism.
3. Israel's 'Silicon Valley' Chips Away at Australian Boycott.
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu.

"New Jerusalem-News"-21
1. Pakistan and the Islamic Backing of Obama.
Saudi card in Osama kill 'Advice turns Pakistan around by K.P. NAYAR
2. Despicable Hypocrisy of Pinky Leftwing Universities.
US Liberals and Coloreds Replace WASPs in Active Discrimination Against Jews!
The inroads of Jew-hatred into the islands of activism.
3. Is Egypt a Case mode of What Hussein Obama is Preparing for Both the USA and Israel??
Government Condoned Persecution and murder of Christians in Egypt!
(a) Brit-Am Note.
Warning from Obama to Jews and Christians. What You Can Expect!
(b) Obama and Egypt-Type Arab Revolutions.
Quotation from CAROLINE B. GLICK.
(c) The Revolutions in Practice.
Muslim 'Inferiority Complex' Kills Christians
by Raymond Ibrahim

"New Jerusalem-News"-22
1. Yosef Dayan Recommends Glenn Beck Program.
2. Pattie Farm: Urgent request for the nation of Israel.
3. Glenn Beck Plans 'Restoring Courage' Rally in Israel.

"New Jerusalem-News"-23
1. Individual Arab Protesters Against Israel Are Paid Well Per Demonstration by Europe!!
2. Israeli Quislings Suggest Change of Tactics: Undermine Israel from Within!
3. What the US Consul in Israel Does with US Taxpayer Funds.

"New Jerusalem-News"-24
1. Hamas Moving HQ from Syria to Egypt, Warns Netanyahu
by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu
2. Israel Thanks Canada for Defense at G8 Summit.
by Chana Ya'ar
3. Present-Day Moslem Clerical Authorities Permit Rape, Enslavement, and Selling of Non-Muslim Women.
Raped and Ransacked in the Muslim World
by Raymond Ibrahim
4. Western European Nations Fund Anti-Israel NGOs!
NGOs vs. Israel by Ben-Dror Yemini
5. Solution for water shortage in works.

"New Jerusalem-News"-25
1. How Muslims Feel by Dr. Daniel Pipes
2. Gaza Rockets Stockpiled.
3. Syria to Target Gas Rigs in Next War, Warns Vilnai.

"New Jerusalem-News"-26
1. Remarkable Israel by Daniel Pipes
2. Israel to Become a Major Oil Producer? Lawrence Solomon: Israel's new energy.
3. Moshe Arens (Former Israeli Defense Minister ) Islam 4-Point Plan to Take Over the World!

"New Jerusalem-News"-27
1. Three Russian Designers of Iran's Nuclear Plant Die in Plane Crash.
2. Yehonatan Pollard in Captivity!
Our America and Pollard fron The Jewish Star [Long Island, NY] ' June 1, 2011
3. Arab Murderer of Jewish Man, Woman, and Infants Proud of Deed!
Palestinian youths charged with slaughter of Fogel family
4. China Flexes its Muscles!
Clinton says US opposes threats in S.China Sea
5. Judah Betrayed by its Own Children!
Jewish Lobby' US Jews Help Save Pro-Hamas Flotilla
6. Arutz-7 Mislead by Possible False Reports?
Israeli Government Allows 7,000 Bnei Menashe [Burma-India People] to Make Aliyah.
by Elad Benari
7. Humor: To Whom Does The Land of Israel Belong?

New Jerusalem-News"-28
1. Brian Patmore: Israelites Should Oppose Palestinian Statehood.
2. The Economic Case for Supporting Israel
By GEORGE GILDER, Wall Street Journal
3. Alawi Rulers of Syria Considered Pagans by Mainstream Muslims!
Al Jazeera: Pagan forces in deadly assault on Hama Muslims
4. Ships and Planes of Fools Pick Wrong Target
by Alan M. Dershowitz
5. Survey: Most Palestinians Want to Kill All the Jews as Religious Exhoration!
6 in 10 Palestinians reject 2-state solution, survey finds

"New Jerusalem-News"-29
by Steven Plaut
2. Palestinians Receive More Per Capita SupportD than all Other Unfortunates!
3. Is Germany Taking Charge of Europe??
Germany's Choice: Part 2 by Peter Zeihan and Marko Papic

"New Jerusalem-News"-30
1. IDF Prevents 98% of Potential Terror Attacks!
2. Glenn Beck: Never Ever Call it the West Bank by Elad Benari
3. The Term "West Bank" May be Correct! by Yair Davidiy

New Jerusalem News
1. Israel's Cottage-Cheese Rebellion.
2. Is Norway promoting terror? by Manfred Gerstenfeld
3. Are Nearly One Third of Iranians Homos!!
1 out of 3 young Iranian men 'gay'?

New Jerusalem News
1. Russians warn NATO targeting Syria.
2. The Big Split in the Revolutionary Islamist Movement: Sunni and Shia Blocs Emerge
By Barry Rubin
3. U.S. Marines Train in Israel at IDF Urban Warfare Training Center

New Jerusalem News
1. Egyptians Want to gas Jews.
2. Rimon - a New Israeli Military Unit.
3. Turkey says it has killed 90 to 100 Kurdish rebels in Iraq from Ivan Watson, CNN

New Jerusalem News
1. The Shame and Criminal Futility of the Israeli Disengagement in 2005
(a) 6 Years Ago: 'No Threat of Rockets from the Disengagement'.
(b) Six years! How much longer? by NOAM BEDEIN
2. Climate Change Due Mainly to Activity of the Sun?
BREAKING NEWS. CERN Experiment Confirms Cosmic Rays Influence Cloud Seeds
3. The Archaeological Implications of Changes in Sunspot Activity.
Carbon Dating in Mistaken!

New Jerusalem News
1. Some Anti-Jewish Aspects of German Foreign Policy
Is Germany a True Friend? by Benjamin Weinthal.
2. Bringing Texas Longhorns Home - to Israel by David Lev
3. History and Politics. The truth should be taught about the 1948 war
by Shlomo Avineri

New Jerusalem News
1. Are President Obama's Actions Hostile to Jews and Israel?
By Morton A. Klein
2. Report: United Kingdom Withdraws From Durban III
3. President Obama Appeals to the God of Jacob!

New Jerusalem News
1. What Jews should know about Christians by Prof. Barry Rubin followed by Brit-Am Comment.
2. Jerusalem - Rav Ovadia Yosef: Leftists Are Angels of Destruction
3. Rape in the USA: Statistics and Social Effects
Prostitution as an Outcome of Child Sexual Abuse.

New Jerusalem News
1. 58 Percent of Jewish Israelis are Religious or 'Traditionalist'
2. Scientists Discover New Life in the Dead Sea.
3. Muslim Iraq Expels Hundreds of Thousands of Arab Christians!

New Jerusalem News
1. Terror victims opposing Shalit deal: Interview with the Roths.
2. Cell Phones Do Cause Brain Tumors.
3. Shalit deal wrong move.

New Jerusalem News
1. David Jackson: Gilad Shalit Exchange Reflects Well on Israeli Values.
2. Israel Helps US Security, Say Ex-Clinton, Bush Aides.
3. Israel: Not Just a Strategic Asset, But a Strategic Bonanza by Robert Satloff

New Jerusalem News
1. Egypt Enables Arab Aggression from Gaza.
2. Arabs Involved in Nearly Half of all Traffic Accidents!
3. Israel a Valuable Ally for the US!
Israel, U.S. to embark on largest joint exercise in allies' history
4. More Academic-Establishment Anti-Semitism in Israel.
Hareidi Fury over Trajtenberg 'Blood Libel' by Maayana Miskin.
5. 5% of US Whites Are Probably Jewish!
There are a lot more Jews in the United States than you realize.

New Jerusalem News
1. Defector: Iran aided 9/11 plot.
2. U.S. Foreign Aid to Israel by Jeremy M. Sharp
3. US Should Stay in Iraq: Arabs Respect Strength!
The strongest tribe By HAROLD RHODE

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