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Jerusalem News
1. Quit the Hypocrisy! The Ultra-Orthodox are not Wanted!
by Yair Davidiy
2. Mother and Children Escape Deadly Fire Attack in Central Israel
3. Yochanan Spielberg Murdered in Nachlaot. Bible Codes Expert Killed and Besmirched.

Jerusalem News
1. How Many Palestinians Are There Really?
Showdown Brews Between Obama, Congress Over Accuracy of Count of Palestinian Arab Refugees
2. Syrian rebels abduct 5 top Hizballah commanders (Used Israeli Intelligences Sources?).
3. Evil. Most Islamic Extremism Terrorism (Taliban, Al-Quada, Muslim Brothers, Sudan) funded by Saudia.
4. PM Binyamin Netanyahu is Accomplished.
5. Steve Collins: A Secret Agenda Behind US Submarine Maneuvres?

1. Reuben on the Warpath.
Why is France so Eager to Destroy Syria but not Nuclear Iran?
from Steven Shamrak.
2. British SAS [and US Seals] free four hostages in daring Afghanistan raid.
3. The problem was Oslo - not the occupation.

1. British government considers Iran war options: BBC. Britain Backs Israel.
2. Pakistani who helped US sentenced to prison.
3. New Archaeological Discovery. Bethlehem Mentioned!

1. Letter from Yair Davidiy Regarding Conscription of Hareidim to the IDF.
2. Israeli Exports Up Nearly 15,000% Since 1948 by David Lev.
3. What the Evangelicals Give the Jews by Michael Medved.
4. The Crony System That Makes Israelis Poorer by Daniel Doron.
5. The Negative Health Effects of Homosexuality.

1. German Judeophobia (Anti-Semitism) is Alive and Kicking!!
(a) Guenter Grass, German Poet Attacks Israel.
(b) Extracts from an article by DANIEL JONAH GOLDHAGEN.
2. UK MPs: We speak up for Israel, and get death threats
3. PA Minister Touts Palestinian Unity as a Means to Destroy Israel

1. The Terrible Reality of Almost Universal Hate Jews Have to Live With!
by Brit-Am.
2. From Anti-Semite to Hassidic Jew
by Rachel Hirshfeld
3. Ex-Mossad official: Only force works against terror

1. This Ongoing War: A Blog Recommended by Brit-Am.
2. Some Recent Israeli Agricultural Achievements: Get ready for Agritech Israel.
3. The New Nazis [Come from Islam].

1. West Bank Arabs Want to Leave Now!
2. Sbarro Terrorist gets Talk Show with Hamas.
3. Did Iran Test a Nuclear Bomb in North Korea in 2010?

1. Quote from Albert Einstein on the Situation of the Jews Before WW2.
2. Steven Shamrak on Mohamed Dura:
Boy May Never Have Been Shot in the First Place!
3. Tamar Yonah Interviews Yosef Dayan!
Advocates a Monarchy for the State of Israel.
(a) Message from Yosef Dayan.
(b) Description of Interview by Arutz-7.
4. Israel, Kurdish fighters destroyed Iran nuclear facility, email released by WikiLeaks claims.
5. Israel rated second-best cleantech innovator in the world.
Only Denmark scores higher in index of 38 countries.

1. Former Egyptian army general accuses US of planning to invade, divide Egypt.
2. Is Israel losing Temple Mount war? by Amir Shoan.
3. Is Mohamed Dura the New Simon of Trent? by Yair Davidiy.

1. Israeli Advises Laplanders of Norway on Language Preservation.
2. Saudi Ready To Acquire Nukes.
3. The silence of the West by Giulio Meotti.
Fogel massacre anniversary reminds us that world tolerates murder of Jewish children.

1. New York Under Threat from Iran?
2. Huckabee: No Republican Will Win Without Supporting Israel
3. Bare-Breasts in the Bus. The Buses part 3.

Jerusalem News
1. Arab Conspiracy Theories.
2. Aharon Davidi Passes Away (Note: Aharon Davidi, as far as we know, WAS NOT a relative of Yair Davidiy).
(a) Extracts from Wikipedia Biography of Aharon Davidi.
(b) Aharon Davidi ' A Son of a Disappearing Generation.
Posted by Much Courage and Peace
3. Science:
How Your Cat Is Making You Crazy by Kathleen McAuliffe.

Jerusalem News
1. A new peace is needed By Ari Shavit.
2. Who Are the 'Syrian People'?
3. Palestinian Authority Funds Land Grab in Samaria.
4. Former Army Officer Says Syrian Troops Used Chemical Weapons.
5. Arabs Ask Government: Save Us from Our Violence.

Jerusalem News
1. 'Israel to ask for military facility in Cyprus'.
2. IDF Intel Chief: 200,000 Missiles Aimed at Israel.
3. Israel National Library uploads trove of Newton's theological tracts.

Jerusalem News
1. Canadian FM: Israel has no better friend than Ottawa!
'Delegitimization of Israel is new anti-Semitism'.
2. Beware Baby-Faced Politicians by Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu.
3. The 10 Most Educated Countries in the World: Canada and Israel top the List!
4. A Tragedy Shrouded in Silence: The Destruction of the Arab World's Jewry
by Adi Schwartz.
5. Israelis are Europe's baking champions, Germans second, Australia third.

Jerusalem News
1. The Movie "Footnote" and Brit-Am.
(a) The Movie.
(b) The Brit-Am Aspect.
(1) The Movie and Biblical Values.
(2) Brit-Am and the Movie.
2. MK Katz: Women Harmed by Service in Combat Units
by Gil Ronen
3. Study: Belief in G-d, Religious Observance on the Rise
by David Lev

Jerusalem News
1. David P. Goldman: Islamic Civilization is Dying (followed by Brit-Am Comment).
2. Why There is No Peace Between Israel and the Arabs by Werner Cohn.
3. Laying the Foundations for Future Movement Overseas?
Wikipedia: The Arab Diaspora in Latin America and Elsewhere.

Jerusalem News
1. Climate Change Adaptation Report for Israel.
2. EU to PA Arabs: We'll Help You 'Grab Land' from Israel.
3. Foreign Interference in Israeli Affairs. Part Two of The Buses: The Anti-Jewish Aspect.
(Introduction: What Do You Care who Rides in Buses or How they Travel?
(1. The Background.
(2. The New Israel Fund.
(3. The Matlon Case.
(4. Some Results. Pogrom Climate.

Jerusalem News
. Special Edition.
In Defense of Anastasia.
Michaeli was Justified and had Little choice! Saved Jewish honor!
1. Who Is Anastasia?
2. The Water Queen.
3. What Really Happened?
An [Almost] Eye-Witness Account.
4. Proud Husband.

Jerusalem News
1. Britain threatens military action against Iran.
2. Repeated Palestinian Terror Attempts and European Complicity.
3. Brit-Am On the Ground Jerusalem Report.
The Buses. Part One.

Jerusalem News
1. Call for Jewish Theocracy. Dismantle Israeli democracy, says settler leader Katzover.
by Chaim Levinson ' Ha'aretz
2. Israeli Society is Actually Becoming More Cohesive!
Our World: Is Israeli society unraveling?
By CAROLINE B. GLICK The Jerusalem Post
3. The Armenian Massacre.
This is what they want to do to us!

1. Index for the Talmud.
2. Israel's top 20 greatest inventions of all time.
3. Arabs Abuse Jewish Girls while Leftist Feminists Keep Quiet!
Police Admit Bedouin Abuse, Abduct Young Jewish Girls.

1. Norwegians Suffer From Muslims Raping their Women; Blame Israel?
2. 5-Dec-11: Attempted murder by rock (in UK).
3 Son of Yair Davidiy Attacked by Arab Stone-Throwers.
4. Jewish Boycott?
5. Muslims Kill Non-Muslims indiscriminately!
Collective Punishment Under Islam
by Raymond Ibrahim.

1. Clarification of the Europe, Syria-Turkey Situation.
Who Kills the Syrians
? A Globalized Network of Considerations Enables the on-going Butchering of
Thousands of Syrians
by Mordechai Kedar
2. Former General: We'll Have to Bulldoze Gaza.
Former IDF Major General Yoav Galant says Israel's negligence vis-a-vis Gaza will eventually force it to undertake a major ground offensive.
By Gavriel Queenann
3. Our World: An ally no more.
4. Reply to Hillary:
Distraction Tactics of the Rich and Hateful
by Yair Davidiy.
5. Australia expands Iran sanctions amid nuclear concerns.

1. Iraq still the Key to World Energy Needs! The Coming Oil-Shale Revolution?
by Aymenn Jawad Al-Tamimi
2. Poland fears German 'inactivity' more than German power
By Honor Mahony
3. Cairo rally: One day we'll kill all Jews.
4. Quisling Organization, "Peace Now" Funded by Governments of UK, Norway, and Germany.
5. Hatred of the Jews is the Motivating Factor of Palestinian Nationalism.
Palestinian Authority Symbolizes New Anti-Semitism.
The PA is a symbol of new anti-Semitism disguised as anti-Zionism, says the president of Latin American's Zionists.
By Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

1. UK Ambassador Matthew Gould: Israel, UK are scientific superpowers
2. Criminal Probe against Rabbi Eliyahu for 'Racism'
3. US Topographer: Israel is Greece and Cyprus' Line of Defense
Israel is now the heart and soul of NATO's southeastern flank.

1. Rulers of Iran are Suicidial Maniacs out to Destroy Judah and Civiliization!
2. Terror Group Hizbullah (An Iranian Proxie) Taking over Lebanese Army, Threatening Israel.
3. High-Tech Scenario for a Possible Coming War?
Jam, Spoof and Hack Iran First by Spencer Ackerman.
4. British Pro-Palestinian Assertive Interference in Israeli Affairs.
(a) Why would Britain Care? (British Pressure on Israeli Parliamentarians)
(b) Dirty British Money for Arab Nazi Fanatics and Jewish Anti-Israel Quislings.
5. Joseph Comes Together: U.S., Britain, Canada Announce New Iran Sanctions