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2 March 2012, 8 Adar 5712
1. Quote from Albert Einstein on the Situation of the Jews Before WW2.
2. Steven Shamrak on Mohamed Dura:
Boy May Never Have Been Shot in the First Place!
3. Tamar Yonah Interviews Yosef  Dayan!
Advocates a Monarchy for the State of Israel.
(a) Message from Yosef Dayan.
(b) Description of Interview by Arutz-7.
4. Israel, Kurdish fighters destroyed Iran nuclear facility, email released by WikiLeaks claims.
5. Israel rated second-best cleantech innovator in the world.
Only Denmark scores higher in index of 38 countries.


Members of the Fogel Family from Itamar; Murdered (March 11, 2011) by Arab Terrorists for being Jewish .

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1. Quote from Albert Einstein on the Situation of the Jews Before WW2.
From: Steven Shamrak <stevenshamrak.e@gmail.com>

Quote of the Week:

"As long as Nazi violence was unleashed only, or mainly, against the Jews, the rest of the world looked on passively and even treaties and agreements were made with the patently criminal government of the Third Reich... The doors of Palestine were closed to Jewish immigrants, and no country could be found that would admit those forsaken people. They were left to perish like their brothers and sisters in the occupied countries..." - Albert Einstein

2. Steven Shamrak on Mohamed Dura:
Boy May Never Have Been Shot in the First Place!

Jamal al-Dura, whose 12-year-old son Muhammad was purportedly killed in 2000 in an exchange of fire between Israeli and Palestinian forces in Gaza and who became a symbol of the Second Intifada. sued French-Israeli Dr. Yehuda David for libel, and ultimately lost...

At the start of the Palestinian uprising in 2000, a French television network broadcast a minute-long clip of the boy purportedly being shot in an exchange of fire between Israelis and Palestinians in central Gaza. The voiceover indicated that the boy was killed by Israeli soldiers, but an investigation later suggested that Palestinian fire had killed him. Many others claimed the entire event was staged and the boy was never shot in the first place. In an effort to bolster his claim that Israelis had killed his son, Jamal al-Dura, the boy's father, presented his own bullet scars, which he claimed were sustained during that same incident. But Dr. Yehuda David refuted al-Dura's claim, saying he himself had operated on al-Dura in 1992, eight years before the incident, and al-Dura already had been scarred then (allegedly as a result of Hamas attacking him over suspicions he had cooperated with Israel)...

David said that he believed that the damage caused by those famous images of 12-year-old al-Dura supposedly being shot as his father holds him can be repaired, despite the global storm surrounding the incident. "There is always room for repair," he said. "Someone once told me something that I think is true: The Dreyfus trial wouldn't have been remembered if he had lost on appeal. It is remembered because he won. That's how this will be. With this victory we have turned over a new leaf in public diplomacy with the Palestinians"...

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu congratulated David, saying "You are a shining example of Israel's battle for truth and of our nation's confidence in our righteous path. You have done the people of Israel a great service." (Several years ago I was confidentially told that Israel's government knew that Muhammad al-Dura was alive and living with his relatives. The government of Israel needs to start fighting the anti-Israel propaganda war in order to lift the moral of Jewish people and their belief in reunification of the Jewish national homeland, Eretz-Israel!)

Note: Three senior French journalists who saw the raw footage in 2004 said it was not clear from the footage alone that the boy had died, and that France 2 cut a final few seconds in which he appeared to lift his hand from his face. France 2's news editor said in 2005 that no one could say for sure who fired the shots, but other commentators, including the director of the Israeli government press office, went further, saying the scene had been staged by Palestinian protesters.

3. Tamar Yonah Interviews Yosef  Dayan!
Advocates a Monarchy for the State of Israel.

(a) Message from Yosef Dayan.
This is just a short note to inform you that Tamar Yonah,
from Arutz7, hosted me in her show for almost one full hour.
We spoke about two main items: Malchut Israel and Pulsa DeNura.

If you can overcome my heavy Mexican accent,
I think you will find some important remarks during the interview.

You can hear the show, or download it to your computer, at A7 website:


The show will be available to download or hear for only about a week.
Please let others know this if they want to hear the show,
as after the week is up, the show may no longer be available.

With much respect

Yosef Dayan

(b) Description of Interview by Arutz-7.
Tamar speaks with Yosef Dayan, an Israeli man who says he can prove he is from the lineage of King David, and wants to restore Israel from a 'state' and back to a 'Kingdom'.
See their website:

 If so, he could be a candidate for the future king of Israel. Also, what did Dayan have to do with the Pulsa diNura (death curses) ceremony that ultimately saw Yitzchak Rabin killed soon after, as well as Ariel Sharon fall into a vegetative lifeless state' A fascinating show examining possibilities most people do not consider today! Check out his book entitled: 'Throne and Crown' and check out one of the chapter's test here.

4. Israel, Kurdish fighters destroyed Iran nuclear facility, email released by WikiLeaks claims

The mega-leaks website, WikiLeaks, has partnered with the hackers cooperative Anonymous, to publish internal emails of the American strategic intelligence company Stratfor. In one of the hacked emails, Stratfor officials discuss information obtained from one of their sources who reports that Israeli commandos, in cooperation with Kurdish fighters, have destroyed Iranian nuclear installations.

In one of the emails from November 2011, Startfor officials discuss the explosion at an Iranian missile base near Tehran and quote a source who "was asked what he thought of reports that the Israelis were preparing a military offensive against Iran. Response: I think this is a diversion. The Israelis already destroyed all the Iranian nuclear infrastructure on the ground weeks ago."

Some of the Stratfor analysts expressed the opinion that Israel had sent commandos into Iran, perhaps with the assistance of Kurdish fighters or Iranian Jews who had immigrated to Israel, to carry out these operations.

5. Israel rated second-best cleantech innovator in the world
Only Denmark scores higher in index of 38 countries

Israel was named one of the most innovative countries in the world in cleantech innovation in a study released Monday, with young Israeli companies leading the world in developing new ideas, methods and products for water reclamation, agricultural development, and energy production. Israel came in second on the first-ever Cleantech Global Innovation Index of 38 countries for its efforts in development and commercialization of environmental technologies, behind Denmark, which topped the study.

Clean technology, also called cleantech, refers to the intersection of business interests and investment with environmentally friendly products and services that use alternative energy sources, water purification methods, and the like.

The study was conducted by the Cleantech Group, which represents thousands of investors and companies in the cleantech industry (the company says it represents companies with $3 trillion in assets), and the World Wildlife Fund. The countries were evaluated on 15 indicators related to the creation and commercialization of cleantech start-ups, companies and ideas, with an index measuring each country's relative potential to produce entrepreneurial start-up companies and commercialize technology innovations over the next 10 years.

Israel came in second on the index, the report said, because 'it leads the pack in its capacity to produce new innovative cleantech companies' ' meaning there are more innovative cleantech companies per capita developing new technologies in Israel than in much larger countries like the US, Canada, Germany, France, Japan, and many others (most of the countries listed in the study are OECD members). Two factors kept Israel out of the top spot: Israel's small domestic market, and a lack of government support for cleantech development.

'Israel places second on the overall index, primarily due to its very high score for evidence of emerging cleantech innovation,' the report said. But Israel comes in second on the index instead of first because 'the country lacks a cleantech-supportive government policy.' However, the dearth of state money is somewhat made up by VC activity, with venture funds and angels funding many small, promising projects, the report added.

Israeli companies also lead in patent activity. As an example of Israeli innovation, the report cited a company called TaKaDu, which develops software-based technologies to detect and prevent leaks in commercial water systems (TaKaDu was named Cleantech's Company of the Year in 2011, and was one of the Wall Street Journal's top innovation award winners last year as well). 'Israel is especially strong in water innovation, driven by the serious water scarcity that affects the region and supported by Mekorot, the highly innovative water utility that regularly partners with local cleantech start-ups,' the report said.

Although Israelis have developed many great ideas, not enough have been implemented at home. 'Israel's success in giving birth to cleantech companies is not matched by its performance on the evidence of commercialized cleantech innovation factor ' the country places 14th,' the report said, adding that 'this is likely due to the limited domestic market in Israel as well as a scarcity of local expansion capital.' Most of Israel's ideas are actually being implemented abroad, benefitting the entire world ' but not Israelis.

With a little effort, though, Israel could duplicate the experience of Denmark, the top country on the index. 'Denmark places first on the overall index, despite a quite average score for general innovation drivers. Denmark's top score for cleantech drivers is primarily founded on strong government policy and public R&D spending.' Israel, which leads in innovation, should strengthen government cleantech policy, and implement some of its ideas at home, the report adds.


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