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5 June 2012, 15 Sivan 5712
1. Reuben on the Warpath.
Why is France so Eager to Destroy Syria
but not Nuclear Iran?
from Steven Shamrak.
2. British SAS [and US Seals] free four hostages in daring Afghanistan raid.
3. The problem was Oslo - not the occupation


Members of the Fogel Family from Itamar; Murdered (March 11, 2011) by Arab Terrorists for being Jewish .

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1.Reuben on the Warpath.
Why is France so Eager to Destroy Syria but not Nuclear Iran?

From: Steven Shamrak <shamrakreport@gmail.com>
US President Obama recently vetoed a detailed Franco-Saudi plan for ending President Bashar Assad's rule by means of a massive air strike against his palace that would, with one fell swoop, wipe him, his family and top leadership circle out. Their plan was for French warplanes to take off from the Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier off Syria's Mediterranean coast and Saudi and United Arab Emirates bombers to fly through Jordan. (Because it will install another unpredictable Islamic regime on Israel's border!)

2. British SAS [and US Seals] free four hostages in daring Afghanistan raid
by Sean Rayment and Ben Farmer in Kabul


The dramatic details of how the SAS completed a "brilliant" rescue of a British aid worker and three other female hostages in Afghanistan can be revealed.

Defence sources said the "surgical" operation showed the "precision, skill and courage" of British special forces after they stormed the cave where Helen Johnston, 28, was held, and killed her kidnappers.

David Cameron spoke individually to the soldiers to thank them for an "extraordinarily brave" mission. He warned that anyone who took British citizens hostage faced "a swift and brutal end".

Miss Johnston, a committed Christian, along with Moragwa Oirere, a Kenyan colleague, and two Afghan women who worked for the same aid agency, were said to be physically well after their ordeal.

Miss Johnston's parents expressed their gratitude to the SAS and American Navy Seals from the same unit that killed Osama bin Laden, for freeing their daughter. Mr Cameron spoke to the rescued aid worker as she recovered at the British embassy in Kabul.

The raid was ordered by commanders amid mounting fears that Miss Johnston and the other three captives, who were seized on May 22, were in danger of being killed or handed over to more dangerous terrorists.

On Saturday night, sources said it had been a "classic operation" that was "brilliantly executed" after days of painstaking intelligence gathering. The hostages' exact location was pinpointed early last week using mobile phone interception technology. Predator drones flying silently at 20,000ft kept their captors under 24-hour surveillance.

International Security and Assistance Force (ISAF) commanders hoped initially that the kidnapping would be resolved peacefully. Shortly after the four women were seized, the kidnappers, who were known to have close links to the Taliban, released a video in which they demanded a ?6 million ransom and the release of a comrade.

But by Wednesday analysts had received intelligence that the hostages had been spilt into two groups and were being held in separate caves in a forest in a mountainous valley in Badakhshan, north-east Afghanistan.

Concern for the women's safety increased when a member of the Taliban was overheard in an intercepted mobile phone conversation pressurising the kidnappers to put on a "show of intent".

The plan went into action almost straight away. The team of around 70 special forces troops were already at a forward operating base in Badakhshan province, with a fleet of Black Hawk helicopters and Apache gunship escorts.

They flew to a pre-arranged rendezvous in a high mountain valley around two miles from where the hostages were being held and marched two miles through thick forest, moving into assault positions around the caves.

Around 7pm local time the US and British troops stormed the two caves, killing 11 kidnappers within minutes. There was a moment of alarm when the US troops reported back that although they had shot dead seven kidnappers, the cave they assaulted did not contain any hostages. The tension was broken, however, when the SAS commander on the ground reported that his team has successfully rescued all four hostages.

A military source said: "This was a classic operation. All the bases were covered and it was executed brilliantly. The strike was made with surgical precision - we were 95 per cent sure of the kidnappers' exact location, weapons and motives. The SAS and the US special forces were always ahead of the game once the kidnappers' position had been fixed."

Lt Gen Bradshaw said: "This was an operation in very demanding terrain, high mountains and deep gullies, and very arid and demanding. It was carried out by immensely professional troops who applied precision, skill, and courage."

In Downing Street yesterday, Mr Cameron said: "It was an extraordinarily brave, breathtaking even, operation that our troops had to carry out. I pay tribute to their skill and dedication."

3. The problem was Oslo - not the occupation
Dr. Aaron Lerner Date: 24 May 2012

Extracts Only.

"The truth is harsh. The occupation is destroying Israel. It is undermining Israel's ethical, democratic and diplomatic foundations."

So claimed Haaretz Correspondent Ari Shavit on 17 December 2009.

I would suggest that, in retrospect, much of the activity surrounding Oslo - rather than the "occupation" - has been "undermining Israel's ethical, democratic and diplomatic foundations."

#1 Respect for Human Life

Oslo corrupted our respect for human life. Soldiers and civilians alike became no more than pawns in a game of peacemaking under the gun.
violence in the schoolyard.

#2 Israel's intelligence system

Oslo corrupted the very top of Israel's intelligence system. Some allowed their ideology to seriously cloud their judgment as they naively thought they could sub-contract Israel's security to their Palestinian pals ..

#3. Political system

Oslo corrupted the political system, with it becoming acceptable to make bare-faced lies to the Knesset... when time and again the explicit policy choices made by the citizens was ignored after election day. ... Oslo introduced brazen and open foreign interference in the Israeli democratic process with money from the European Union and other nations financing various leftist groups in Israel and even some politicians.

Oslo corrupted the news media as reporters abandoned their critical "watchdog" role, opting to either distort or ignore the truth as their contribution to the "peace process".

Oslo corrupted our society. Oslo corrupted our democratic system. Oslo corrupted our security.

#4. Security

Thanks to Oslo instead of knives, guns and an occasional homemade bomb we
find ourselves facing trained armies in our backyard and even living room.

#5. Flood of foreign workers

Thanks to Oslo our country is swamped with the foreign workers who were
brought in to replace the masses of Palestinian workers who, thanks to the
Oslo security fiasco, could no longer be trusted.

#6. Diplomatic standing

And Oslo - not the occupation - served to undermine Israel's diplomatic

... We didn't get into this mess because of the "occupation". It's the
reckless ideologically blinded pro-withdrawal policies that got us into this


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