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24 January 2012, 29 Tevet 5712
1. David P. Goldman: Islamic Civilization is Dying (followed by Brit-Am Comment).
2. Why There is No Peace Between Israel and the Arabs by Werner Cohn.
3. Laying the Foundations for Future Movement Overseas?
Wikipedia: The Arab Diaspora in Latin America and Elsewhere.


Members of the Fogel Family from Itamar; Murdered (March 11, 2011) by Arab Terrorists for being Jewish .

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1. Islamic Civilization is Dying (followed by Brit-Am Comment).
A briefing by David P. Goldman

November 15, 2011

Rather than focus on Islamism and its conflict with modernity as chief culprit for this instability, Mr. Goldman pointed to the massive decline in Muslim birthrates attending the growing education of women. Iranian women, for example, used to bear 7 children on average; now the rate has fallen to 1.5, with the most highly educated subgroup approaching a fertility rate of 1.0. Such an inverted population pyramid means that fewer and fewer young people will be forced to support a growing but aging populace. This is not some pipe dream of Western demographers; President Ahmadinejad himself has called the decision by Iranian youth not to have children an act of genocide against the Iranian nation.

Turkey, which also boasts a high literacy rate, including among its women, has seen the fertility rate among ethnic Turks declining to 1.5 children per woman. At the same time, Turkey's restive Kurdish population is now some 20% of the citizenry, with Kurdish women averaging 4.5 children. If this trend continues, and there seems to be no reason it will not, the inverting Turkish population pyramid will be overwhelmed by the "normal" Kurdish one, in essence creating a Kurdistan within the borders of Turkey, a situation fraught with the potential for intensified conflict.

The population decline of these two Muslim countries is to be contrasted with Egypt with its 45% illiteracy rate, and where two thirds of the population lives in rural areas relatively untouched by education or opportunities for women. Combine Egypt's burgeoning population with its diploma mill universities (producing essentially unemployable graduates), its reliance on imports for half its caloric consumption, and its drawn-down of hard currency reserves and one has what can be viewed as a "perfect storm" for upheaval and potential chaos.

Besides bringing the Muslim Brotherhood to power, Tahrir Square has decimated the tourist industry; the camels upon which vacationers used to ride around the pyramids are now being slaughtered for meat. There has been massive capitol flight and the generals seem to be stealing everything not nailed down. Egypt is now facing economic collapse and is in danger of becoming another Somalia, filled with starving people.

Does the impending collapse of the nation-states of the Middle East ruled by plutocrats, dictators and mullahs offer an opportunity for the West' Unfortunately not, according to Goldman.

The hard truth is that countries that feel they have no future will take extreme steps because they have nothing to lose. Tehran does not behave rationally, at least not in the Western sense, and poses an existential threat to Israel; it will use its nuclear weapons once they are developed.

Goldman's advice then is to bomb Iran and take out its nuclear capability, despite the collateral damage that will likely ensue. In countries roiled by the Arab uprisings which are slipping into Islamist hands, hostile to U.S. interests, American policy should be to destabilize them through various measures.

Brit-Am Comment:
The comment of Goldman deals with only one aspect of the Islamic menace.
Islam has two heads:
a. Islamic States such Egypt, Turkey, Iran, Saudia, etc.
All of these are potentially unstable perhaps in stage of degeneration as Goldman indicates but still dangerous, perhaps even more so for facing disaster in the long run at all events.
b. Islam alongside Israel and the West.
The Palestinians in Judah and Samaria and in Israel itself as well as the Muslims in the West, in France, and Holland, and Sweden, etc.
All these are increasing at the expense of their host countries. In every case their birthrate is higher than that of the peoples they live amongst, some times very much so.
Here their influence and the threat they pose are increasing.

2. Why There is No Peace Between Israel and the Arabs
by Werner Cohn


...the Arab elites and the Arab "street" will not tolerate a Jewish state, no matter how small, anywhere in what the prevailing Arab view holds to be sacred Arab land, namely Israel.

In brief, I would accept what Professor Richard Landes has described as the Honor/Shame-Jihad paradigm:

The [Honor/Shame-Jihad paradigm] understands the Arab-Israeli conflict through the prism of honor-shame culture and Islamic jihad. These elements of Arab culture are the main factors that have made it impossible to reach a solution to the conflict. Arab leaders view any compromise with Israel as losing face, since such an agreement would mean recognizing as a worthy foe an inferior group that should be subject. Such a blow to Arab honor cannot be tolerated for cultural and political reasons: losing face means to feel utter humiliation, to lose public credibility, and to lose power. In search of lost honor, Arab (and Palestinian) elites, never particularly concerned with the welfare of their masses...

 The Arabs' total rejection of any kind of Jewish presence in the Middle East is often hidden by a pervasive policy of forked tongue: peaceful phrases in Western languages directed toward the West, violence of action and incitement to violence in Arabic-language pronouncements.

The atmosphere of Jew-Hatred
"The Jews, sons of apes and pigs, destroy Al-Aqsa" Source: Al-Aqsa TV (Hamas), Oct. 9, 2009 Friday prayer and sermon, unidentified Hamas speaker: "Today we look at Al-Aqsa as it sighs beneath the yoke of the Jews, beneath the yoke of the sons of apes and pigs, brothers of apes and pigs. Destroy the Jews and their helpers."

In the territory of the Palestinian Authority, streets and other public places are regularly named in honor of suicide-terrorists who have died, thus honoring the deeds of Jew-killing as much as the terrorists who gave their all to banish the Jews from the Middle East. The Palestinian Media Watch (an absolutely indispensable resource) has documented this ongoing PA practice. Israeli spokespeople have rightfully pointed out, repeatedly, that the PA here incites to murder, that it thereby contradicts its own verbal professions of non-violence.

Holocaust-denial, currently the most practiced of the anti-Semitic propaganda tropes worldwide, is pervasive in the PA territory as it is in the media of the Arab world. The PA President, Mahmoud Abbas, has a PhD in Holocaust-denial, awarded by a Soviet university:

The Other Side: the Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism (Arabic: al-Wajh al-Akhar: al-'Alaqat as-Sirriya bayna an-Naziya wa's-Sihyuniya. Publisher: Dar Ibn Rushd, Amman, Jordan. 1984) is the title of a book by Mahmoud Abbas,[1] published in Arabic.[1]

In the book, Abbas argues that the Nazi Holocaust had been exaggerated and that Zionists created "the myth" of six million murdered Jews, which he called a "fantastic lie".[3][4][5] He further claimed that those Jews which were killed by the Nazis were actually the victims of a Zionist-Nazi plot aimed to fuel vengeance against Jews and to expand their mass extermination.[6] (Wikipedia)

One of the most symbolic actions of the Arab elites is the annual observance of "Nakba Day" (Day of the Catastrophe) to mark the establishment of Israel in 1948. Contrary to verbal declarations that PA demands could be satisfied by a return to 1967 borders, the staging of the annual Nakba event consitutes a rejection of Israel even if it were confined to its most limited borders, i.e. those of 1948. These Nakba observances send a powerful message to the Arab "street": the existence of Israel itself is a crime, no matter how small Israel might be; and our cause today is what it was in 1948, when the armies of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, and Lebanon invaded Israel, with material help from Saudi Arabia, Yemen, and Lybia.

The rejection of Israel by the Arab elites is so extreme that sometimes it appears comical. One case in point is the ritualistic denial by Arab scholars, for propagandistic purposes, of any ancient Jewish connection to Jerusalem. In brief, according to these professors and, in the case of Jerusalem's Al-Quds University, of official University policy, there were no Jews in Jerusalem before modern times, there was no King David, there was no Jewish Temple. I have documented these pseudo-scholarly distortions in a previous posting.

Violent Hatreds in the Muslim World
These Islamist manifestations of hatred against the Jews are very disturbing, but they must be seen against the larger, equally disturbing background of Islamist hatreds and violence that have nothing to do with Israel or the Jews, but which nevertheless have a bearing on the conflict between the Arabs and Israel. The point here is that if the Arabs (and the Muslim world) behaves so violently in its internal conflicts, what hope is there for more pacific behavior when it comes to the Jews?

3. Laying the Foundations for Future Movement Overseas?
Wikipedia: The Arab Diaspora in Latin America and Elsewhere.

The Americas have long been a destination for Arab migration, with Arabs arriving in some countries at least as early as the nineteenth century, but even as early as 1492 with several Moors among Christopher Columbus' crew.[citation needed] The largest concentration of Arabs outside the Arab World is in Brazil, which has nearly 10 million Brazilians of Arab ancestry.[3] Of these 10 million Arabs, seven million are of Lebanese ancestry,[18][not in citation given] making Brazil's population of Lebanese greater than that of Lebanon itself. Most other Brazilians of Arab descent are mainly Syrian. There are also large Arab communities in Mexico (about 400,000 Mexicans of Lebanese descent), Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Jamaica, the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Trinidad & Tobago, Ecuador, and Venezuela.[19] Palestinians cluster in Chile and Central America, particularly El Salvador, and Honduras (between 150,000 and 200,000).[20] The 500,000 strong Palestinian community in Chile[21][22] is the fourth largest in the world after those in Israel, Lebanon, and Jordan. Arab Haitians (a large number of whom live in the capital) are more often than not, concentrated in financial areas where the majority of them establish businesses. In the United States, there are around 3.5 million people of Arab ancestry. Most Arabs of the Americas are of either Lebanese, Syrian, or Palestinian ancestry. The Lebanese minority in America are mostly Christian, with sizable Muslim, and Jewish minorities.[23]

The Lebanese diaspora, while historically trade-related, has been linked more recently to the Lebanese Civil War, and the 2006 Lebanon War. In October 2006, shortly after the 2006 Second Lebanon War had concluded, the Edinburgh Middle East Report ran an article covering the brain drain from Lebanon's universities.[24] Increasing numbers of Lebanese students are travelling abroad to further their education in safer environments.

As of June 21, 2007, the U.N. High Commissioner on Refugees estimated that over 2.2 million Iraqis had been displaced to neighboring countries, with up to 100,000 Iraqis fleeing to Syria and Jordan each month.[25][26][27] As a result of growing international pressure, on June 1, 2007 the Bush administration said it was ready to admit 7,000 Iraqi refugees who had helped the coalition since the invasion. According to Washington based Refugees International the U.S. has admitted fewer than 800 Iraqi refugees since the invasion, Sweden had accepted 18,000 and Australia had resettled almost 6,000.[28]

About 80,000 Iraqis live in Sweden, forming the country's second largest immigrant group.[29] France is home to a now estimated 3 to 5 million Arabs and of Arabic-speaking nationalities, esp. from North Africa.[citation needed][dubious ' discuss] There is also a medium sized Arab community in Australia (home to roughly 400,000 Arabs, mostly Lebanese), where Arabic is the fourth most widely spoken second-language. The number of Muslim and Christian Arab Australians are roughly equal with a slight Christian majority.


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