Introduction to Proofs
Related to Joseph



Biblical Locations
of the Lost Ten Tribes

by Yair Davidiy

 Biblical Evidence Related to Joseph

Introduction to Joseph and Biblical Proof
The Symbolic Significance of Joseph
India and Egypt
Rule Over Other Peoples
A World Power
Military Might
Joseph Defeats Esau-Edom
The Bull-Calf English "Aegel"
Ephraim and Aristocracy
Menasseh and Representation
The Lion and Unicorn
Summary of Joseph

Introduction to Joseph and Biblical Proof
We continue our explanations of Biblical Evidence proving the majority of the Lost Ten Tribes today to be amongst Western Nations. We have divided these blessings into different categories though in some cases the distinctions may seem somehat asrbitary and the different sections overlap with each other. The present section of Biblical Proofs concerns evidence related specifically to the Tribes of Joseph. Joseph was divided into two, Ephraim and Manasseh. Joseph inherited the birth right. It was predicted that Joseph would receive blessings particular to himself in addition to being blessed like the other Tribes but several times over. We have found Joseph to be dominant amongst English-speaking peoples with the Tribe of Ephraim expressing itself more in the "British" and British-associated countries while Manasseh is exemplified by the USA.
This section dedicated to Joseph shows how the figure of "Cyrus" as described by Isaiah actually pertained to a predicted British rule over India, Egypt, and the Suez Canal, as well as indicating the transportation of slaves from Africa across the Atlantic Ocean. These events and situations were prevalent in the recent past. Joseph was destined to rule over other peoples, be the major world power, the main military might, to "rule the waves", and oceans of the world, to defeat Germany, Japan, and associated European powers. Joseph was also destined to be immensely wealthy which aspect of identification we deal with in our sections on Biblical Proofs and the Blessings. Ephraim the son of Joseph was to be known as a "Bull-Calf" (i.e. "John Bull") which in Hebrew is "Aegel" and could be pronounced as "Angle". Ephraim was also to be distinguished by an aristocratic type society whereas Manasseh was to be known for the Principles of Responsible Representation and the Capitalist Ethic.

The Symbolic Significance of Joseph
The figure of Joseph in the Bible in effect prefigures the destiny of his descendants. Joseph in Egypt was not known to his brothers. Joseph became the effective ruler of Egypt which controlled much of the world at that time. Joseph reformed Gentile society and agrarian practice saving humanity from famine. Joseph also supported his brothers and helped them before being reconciled to them.



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