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110 Biblical Proofs Tracing the Lost Tribes to Western Peoples.
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110 Biblical Proofs

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The Brit-Am Movement of the Ten Tribes represented by Yair Davidiy presents 110 proofs from the Bible tracing Western Peoples to the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

 [A group of peoples all related to each other
must be located that fit ALL of the criteria]
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Biblical Evidence

Brit-Am understands that the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel assimilated to the ways of the heathen and lost their identity. Eventually they reached Western Europe. From there their descendants populated North America, Australia, and other regions. These assertions are proven by historical studies and related disciplines. Nevertheless, the most important proofs are those found in Scripture. The Bible told us where the Lost Ten Tribes were destined to be in the End Times. The points below when taken as one comprehensive whole provide incontrovertible evidence as to where the Lost Tribes were to be. Each proof is accompanied by reference to a Biblical verse exemplifying the point given and a LINK to a short article of explanation and additional clarification. This is PROOF! The Bible was intended to be taken as literally as possible. It was also intended to be taken as an overall composite body, a kind of multi-dimensional jigsaw with each each piece dove-tailing with the pieces around it.

1. Ends of the Earth: Isaiah 24:16, 26:15, 41:8-9 43:6 49:6
2. Isles Isaiah 24:15  49:6 60:9 Jeremiah 31: 9-10
3. Thighs, Peninsulas, and Coasts: Jeremiah 31:8
4. Tarshish (Atlantic Ocean Area) Isaiah 60:9
5. Western Location:  Isaiah 24:14, Hosea 1:10
6. Located to the Northwest of the Land of Israel: Isaiah 49:12
7. In the "North" Land:  Jeremiah 3:18  31: 6-10
8. Australia ("Land of  Sinim") Isaiah 49:8
See also Brit-Am Computer Codes on Australia and New Zealand
9. Best Places (Atziliyah) Isaiah 41: 9
10. Fires in the Isles referring to Celtic Britain Isaiah 24:15
11: Zarephath, meaning France and Britain, Obadiah 1:20
12. Dolmens showing Pathway of Migration  Jeremiah 31:21
13. Many Waters (Several Oceans) Numbers 24:7

14. Bald-Headed Eagle (symbol of USA) Micah 1:16
15. Lion and Unicorn (Symbol of Britain) Numbers 24:7-9

16. Cyrus: Messiah son of Joseph  Isaiah 44:28
17. Rule Over OTHER Peoples:
Genesis 27:29 48:19 "A MULTITUDE OF NATIONS" (Hebrew: "Malo HaGoyim" i.e. Complete the Peoples, Onkelos: = Rule over the nations), Psalms 47:3
18. Being Recognizable as a "Brit-Am" Isaiah 42:6 49:8 Covenant of the People
19. Seafarers Isaiah 42:10
20. Be the Dominant World Power Numbers 24:7-9 Micah 5:7-9
21. Military Might: Deuteronomy 33:27 33:29 Jer. 51:20-21
22. The Battle-Axe of the Almighty or "Police-Man of the Globe"
Jeremiah 51:20 Zechariah 10:7
23. Defeat Edom (Germany and Europe) Ez. 25:14 Obad. 1:18
24. Light for the Gentiles Genesis 12:2-3, 18:18-19, 22:18 24:4  Isaiah 42:1 42:6 Amos 6:15
25: Alcoholic Drunkards Isaiah 28:1, 3

14. Separate from Judah: Isaiah 11:12-13  49:21
15. Not known to Judah:  Isaiah 49:13-14, 21. Hosea 1:7
16. Christianity: Hosea 2:8, 2:13, 2:16  11:12  Jeremiah 31:6
17. Gomer: Linkage with European nations;  Hosea chapter one

18. Numerous: Genesis 15:5, 22:17,  24:60, 32:12, Numbers 23:10, Isaiah 10:22, 24:16, 26:15 Hos.1:10
19. Agricultural Plenty: Gen 27:28 49:25 Deut 33:13-16  Hoshea 2:8
20. Mineral Resources Genesis 49:25  Deuteronomy 33:13, 15
21. GATE(s) OF YOUR ENEMIES (International Strategic Points) Genesis 22:17  24:60
22, 23, 24. Cush (India), Egypt, Chains in Slaves from Africa to be taken overseas to homeland Isa. 44:28  also Isa 43:3 45:14
25.  Ruled by Sons of David Jeremiah 33:22, 26
26.  Headed by Kings Genesis 17:6, 16,  35:11

27. The name Hebrew (The Western "Celts" called themselves "Iberi" meaning "Hebrews"!):  Genesis 14:13 39:17 40:15 1:12  43:32  Jonah 1:9
28. Isaac: (Genesis 21:12 48:16). Scythians, Zohak, Ishkuza, Sacasson, Saxon.
29. Jacob: Isaiah 49:6 Tribes of Jacob: Union Jack, Yankee,
30. Israel: "Isru" traditional ancestor of the Irish and Scottish
31. John Bull (nickname for Britain):  Deut 33:17  Jeremiah 31:18 "Aegel" (Angle) was a nickname for Ephraim
32-102. Seventy Tribal and Clan Names many of which are still in use.

103. Nobility Principle associated with  Ephraim  (UK) Jer. 31:20
104. Representative Democracy associated with Manasseh (USA) Genesis 41:51
105. The name "America" from Machir firstborn of Manasseh. USA the major  Capitalist nation and "Machir" denotes Principle of Sale.
106. Zebulon on the shores of the Sea (Gen 49:13) Sabulingoi (People of Zebulon) in Holland who do literally dwell on the sea-shores.
107.Proof from Biblical Brit-Am Computer Codes
108.Ephraimite Criteria
109. Object of Islamic Terror
110. Numerous Other Proofs in Scripture and Related Sources.

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