Brit-Am Tribal Researches
Brit-Am Tribal Researches (BATR)


We already have an off-and-ongoing regular feature known as Tribal Reports.
The Tribal Reports (TR) are valuable and perhaps in the future we should develop this feature more.
Tribal Reports concentrates on news items and matters of interest concerning different ethnic and national groups we consider to be of substantial Israelite origin.

Alongside of and in addition to TR we are now starting a new feature Brit-Am Tribal Researches (BATR).
This will give information concerning the individual Israelite Tribes as we come across it.
This will not only assist our research efforts in the long run but also at the same time be for the benefit and enjoyment of our subscribers many of whom may find much of interest in this new feature.

Table of Contents: See Below.

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Contents of "Brit-Am Tribal Researches" (BATR) Postings

BATR no.1.
Brit-Am Tribal Researches

18 July 2011, 16 Tammuz 5771.
1. Jewish Families descended from King David.
2. All High Priests Descended from Pinchas (Phineas).
3. Levi Characterized by Religious (and other) fanaticism?
4. Redheads Amongst Levi?
5. Manasseh: Various Degrees of Clannishness.
6. Manasseh and American Womens Rights?
7. Manasseh, Benjamin, Naphtali: Numbers up for Good Behavior?

BATR no.2.
Brit-Am Tribal Researches

1 September 2011, 2 Elul 5771.
1.Changes in Identification.  The Southern  Irish from Asher? Stephen Coneglan was right?
2. Scottish from Ephraim and Manasseh insted of Asher? Some Sources.
3. Previous Brit-Am Findings Consistent with the Irish Being Descended from Asher.

BATR no.3.
1. Which Tribe for Each Country?
Notes Towards Criteria to Determine the Tribal Identity of Every Israelite Nation.
2. Tribal identification and Bible Code Indications.
3. The Tribe of Levi.
(a) Not to be Conscripted with the Other Tribes.
(b) Not to be Kings.

BATR no.4.
1. Lasse Martinsen (from Norway) : Two Alternate Identifications.
2. Rabbi S. R. Hirsch: The Levitical Aspect of the Cohanim.
3. Christopher Grech (Malta) Disagrees with Ireland Tribe of Asher Identification.

Brit-Am Tribal Researches
1. "Pastor Jack" Objects to Asher-Asherah Linkage!
2. Jeremie Hongerloot from France Appreciated Identification with Reuben.
3. THE TRIBE OF ASHER IN IRELAND. Rewritten, New Information.

Brit-Am Tribal Researches
1. Ingileif from Iceland Disagrees with Dafyd over Naphtali!!
Rollo (of Normandy) declared his descent from Benjamin!
2. Some Tribal Symbols from Synagogues.
3. Interesting Article in Hebrew on Naphtali -Translated Extracts
Naphtuli shel Naphtuli [The Inertwinings of Naphtali] by Rafi Yaacovi.

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