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BATR no.2
Brit-Am Tribal Researches
1 September 2011, 2 Elul 5771.

1.Changes in Identification.  The Southern  Irish from Asher? Stephen Coneglan was right?
2. Scottish from Ephraim and Manasseh insted of Asher? Some Sources.
3. Previous Brit-Am Findings Consistent with the Irish Being Descended from Asher.


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1. Changes in Identification .  The Southern  Irish from Asher? Stephen Coneglan was right?
All the Tribal groups are intermixed with each other. They moved to and from over the same territory. Genealogical Changes took place that are not always noted in historical sources.
Our original Tribal identifications were based on the sources. We were not wrong in an absolute sense. It may however that in a few cases the determinant Tribal element was different from the one we believed it to be.
One of our mistaken identifications may have been the Irish.
The Scottish of Scotland, the Scotch-Irish of Ulster, and the Irish of Eire-Ireland are all different people. Historically they have intermingled with each other. Elements of one are to be found in the other. They often share characteristics, physical appearances, and patterns of thought. Nevertheless overall they need to be attributed different Israelite Tribal ancestries.
Even after we modify our identification it should be emphasized that numerous exceptions will be found.
The area of Donegal and its surroundings for instance in the northwest of Ireland may pertain to Dan whereas the rest of Ireland probably does not.
In the past we identified the Irish with Simeon and Dan. These elements are in Ireland.  We now think however that Ireland pertains to the Israelite Tribe of Asher.
See below (and in coming posts) for more on this matter.
At present we need to apologize to Stephen Coneglan.
A good few years ago Stephen asserted that the Irish were from the Tribe of Asher. His letters are below.  We rejected his claim at the time but now must acknowledge that (in this case) he was right.
Stephen Coneglan also made OTHER SUGGESTIONS  for Tribal changes that we DO NOT ACCEPT.

Here are relative extracts from the postings of Stephen.
Brit-Am Now 266
#4. Stephen Coneglan: Asher in Ireland..
What people constitute Asher?
It is my firm conviction that the Irish are Asher, mixed with Dan and Judah to some degree. But predominantly Asher. I suggest looking along this line
in further research because it WILL prove abundantly fruitful.
The Irish and Scottish are truly kindred peoples.
Asher had the Mazzaroth sign of Sagittarius (Deuteronomy 33: 24 - 27, Asher's blessing), the qualities of which include fortune or good luck.
Hence it is said 'the luck of the Irish' and 'the rub of the green'. Green comes from the stone for Asher, the 'shebuw' or 'shevoo' being the
Greek 'chrusoprasos', which is the chrysoprase. The colour of the chrysoprase is exactly the shade of green that represents Ireland. Although
it is called 'The Emerald Isle', emerald green is not the shade of green worn by Irish nationals when representing their country. (Again ignore any
other translations of 'shebuw', for the commentators really had no idea what its true identity was).
(The green of chrysoprase and the arrow of Sagittarius are found combined today in the green arrow traffic signal of all places).
Interestingly, 'shevoo' is very close to the Irish name Siobhan, and Asher is close to the name O'Shea, but this cannot be advanced as evidence.

... The research is almost entirely original to my knowledge, and no historical evidence has been
used. I've only used what is found in Scripture, but the evidence is plentiful and self-corroborating.

Stephen Coneglan

"Brit-Am Now"-857
#3. Steve Coneglan: Scots from Gad, Irish from Asher, Sweden Naphtali
... one of many reasons for my belief that the Irish contain a large element of Asher. I have yet to meet a happier people than the Irish. Part of my own heritage goes back to Ireland, and my father's side of the family has an amazing happiness which is just inborn. This applies to the Irish that I have worked with, also. Many years ago I worked for an airline in Switzerland. We had over thirty-three different nationalities working in the company at the time, all of which I interacted with. The Irish had a special happiness that none of the rest had. They truly merit the name Asher, meaning 'happy'.

Brit-Am Remarks:
In addition to the above.
Someone (we thing it may also have been Steve Coneglan) wrote us saying that Heber the son of Asher is recalled in Heber who in Irish tradition was one of their first ancestors. [We have not been able to find this post and therefore must rely on memory.]
"And the sons of Asher; Jimnah, and Ishuah, and Isui, and Beriah, and Serah their sister" and the sons of Beriah; Heber, and Malchiel" Genesis 46; 17.
Their leaders in invading Ireland were Heber and Heremon [FLOOD, J.M. "Ireland: Its Myths And Legends", New York, 1970, ch.2].

We did not accept this at the time.
The Hebrew personal name Heber (meaning companion, union, etc) also spelt Cheber is one name.
The word Hebrew (spelt in Hebrew as Ibri) lends itself when transliterated to several different forms. Hebrew, Iber, Over, Iver, Ivri, Ibri, etc are all acceptable permutations. This word was what what the early "Celtic" peoples
all over Europe but ESPECIALLY in the British isles called themselves!
Even though the personal name HEBER and the ethnic appellation IBRI (Hebrew) in Hebrew are quite different when transliterated into other tongues they can look identical.  We had taken it for granted that Heber ancestor of the Scottish Irish derived his name (like numerous other "Celtic" names) from the word for Hebrew.  We now agree that in this case the name was probably derived from Heber the same as that of Heber son of Asher.
We may explain this point in more detail at a latter date.

2. Scottish from Ephraim and Manasseh Instead of Asher? Some Sources.
In the past we identified Asher with the Scottish or at least part of them.

"Brit-Am Now"-237
#The major settlers of Ireland were the Milesians who arrived after the Dana. The Milesians were also known as Gaedhals, Scotti, and Hiberni or "IBERI" meaning HEBREWS. Their own traditions stated that they had previously sojourned in Northwest Spain before which they had once been in Egypt at the time when the Israelites were in bondage. The Egyptian sojourn was in addition to their Scythian ancestry. Their forefathers (they
said) had once kept the Mosaic Law and their forces had at least included people from the Children of Israel. Their ancestors bore Hebrew sounding names such as Isru, Semuen, Iar, Hiber, and so on. #

We found a connection between Heber son of Asher and the Vandals and then between the Vandals and northern England and  Lowland Scotland and the Highlands of Scotland.
The Israelite Tribe of ASHER

Brit-Am Now no. 1177
#1. Brit-Am Secular Proofs: Mythology
Irish Ancestors included Israelites.
Stone of Scone is stone upon which Jacob slept and remained with his descendants.
Their leaders in invading Ireland were Heber and Heremon [FLOOD, J.M. "Ireland: Its Myths And Legends", New York, 1970, ch.2]. These are both Hebrew names like much of Irish nomenclature...


3. Previous Brit-Am Findings Consistent with the Irish Being Descended from Asher.
Ireland in Biblical Codes
#1. Ireland and Israel
Has Asher in Ireland (Eire EIRA) quite clearly.

The Brigantes were also descended from Beriah. They were located in the northern areas of Roman Britain (i.e. North England), in Gaul, in east Switzerland and in southeast Ireland.
In the Vandal period North Africa via Spain had been invaded by other related groups such as the "Massagetae" (probably Nephtalites), Suebi, Franks, and others and these must have joined the Vandals and moved with them to Ireland and from there to Britain.
Geoffrey of Monmouth reported that 160,000 "Africans" from Ireland joined the Saxons in invading Britain. These so called "Africans" were Vandals and kindred bands.


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