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Brit-Am Now no. 1861: Ten Tribes Studies.
19 April 2012, 27 Nissan 5772
1. New DNA Article. Some Came Running!
The Very Recent Movement of YDNA R1b to Western Europe.
The Ten Tribes and the European Children
of Gomer.
3. Article Upgraded. Brit-Am History.
4. Nelson Thall: Pleased with Book.
5. Letter of the Day:
Does Brit-Am  Seem like  "a high-powered business


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1. New DNA Article.
Some Came Running!
The Very Recent Movement of YDNA R1b to Western Europe.
(1.  R1b Not characteristic of Israelites? Environmental Influence.
(2. Why DNA Findings Are Used by Brit-Am.
(3. R1b in Europe Today.
(4. Did R1b Originate in Ancient Egypt?
(5. Ancient DNA Findings in General.
(6. Earliest R1b DNA Findings in Europe.  The Lichtenstein Cave.
(7. Late Appearance of R1b in Western Europe Affirmed Elsewhere.  Extracts from Other Sources.

18 April 2012, 26 Nissan 5772
The Ten Tribes and the European Children of Gomer
The Prophet Hosea (chapters one and two) was commanded to mate with a loose woman called Gomer. He bore children from them. These children are explained to represent the Ten Tribes of northern Israel who were destined to be exiled and loose their identity. The Almighty says HE would temporarily disown them but in the End Times they will return to be acknowledged as HIS children. Hosea explains how they were to loose their identity but become great and wealthy and eventually return to know (and have it be known) who they are.
The Book of Hosea: Chapter Summaries.
Gomer was also the name of a group of nations descended from Japhet (Genesis 10) who elsewhere are described as being in Europe. Regions attributed to Gomer son of Japhet are also those attributed to the Lost Ten Tribes.
On the whole the sources incline to identify Gomer and his descandants in our time as descriptive of "Celtic" and "Germanic" peoples.
The Brit-Am identification of the Lost Ten Tribes with groups in Western and Northern nations corresponds with the above.
Historically the entities we identify as Israelites were on the whole associated with these federations and migrated westward with them.
This fits the description of Hosea who described the Lost Ten Tribes in Exile as offshoots of Gomer.
Biblical Proofs: Gomer.

3. Article Upgraded.
Brit-Am History
Yair Davidiy: Antecedents and Early Life.
Yair Moves to Israel.
The Initial Brit-Am Researches.
Kiryat Arba, Hebron.
Sussia in the Hebron Hills.
Bet-el [Biblical "Bethel"].
The Return to Jerusalem.
Brit-Am Events and Activities.
The Separations from Brit-Am.
Opposition or Simple Preference?.
Tamar Yonah of Arutz-7.
Dr. Gavin Finley.
Kosher Radio and New BAMBI.
Some Controversies that Brit-Am was Involved In.
Achievements Despite Financial Disabilities.
Books and Publications.

4. Nelson Thall: Pleased with Book.

Received my copies of your new book.
It is simply awesome.
Well organized and great illustrations.
Thank you.


5. Letter of the Day:
Does Brit-Am  Seem like  "a high-powered business organisation"?

Dear Yair,

I am relieved and encouraged by your reply. Firstly it indicates you check
your e-mail personally, and you don't have some flunky doing your
correspondence. Reading through the various e-mails I have seen, I had
somehow concluded that you were a high-powered business organisation rather
than a God loving zealot. ...

The Tribes - 4th Edition Full Cover Spread.

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