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Brit-Am Now no. 1685.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
27 April 2011, 23 Nissan 5771.

1. New Article. Preparation for Moloch?
A Preliminary Overview of Germany, World War-2, and the Holocaust.
2. Jeff Booth: About
3. Albert
Delai: Israelites in Fiiji?
4. Dell Griffin (
aka Magid ben Yoseif) back on the warpath!
Is President
Shimeon Peres really "a good friend and former neighbor" of Yair Davidiy?
5. New Article: Subjective Well-Being and Israelite Nations in Statistics.


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1. New Article.
Preparation for Moloch?
A Preliminary Overview of Germany, World War-2, and the Holocaust.

An article in our ongoing series:

Moloch. The Holocaust and World War 2.

1. The German Stereotype.
2. History and the Wars.
3. The Treaty of Versailles and its Aftermath.
4. Walther Rathenau.
5. The Ideological Climate in Europe.
6. The Nazis and Jews in Germany.
7. WW2 and License to Kill.
8. Holocaust Denial Refuted.
9. The Armenian Massacre and Holocaust Denial.
10. Britain and the British Dominions.
11. France.
12. Comparisons Between Different Countries. An Indication of Israelite Origins?
13. Quotes and Sources.

2. Jeff Booth: About Obama


How do the verses below pertain to president President Obama today?

Deut. 17:15 Thou shalt in any wise set him king over thee, whom the LORD thy God shall choose: one from among thy brethren shalt thou set king over thee: thou mayest not set a stranger over thee, which is not thy brother. KJV.

Deut. 17:15, Be sure to appoint over you a king the LORD your God chooses. He must be from among your fellow Israelites. Do not place a foreigner over you, one who is not an Israelite. (NIV)

It goes without saying that President Barack Hussein Obama is not an Israelite. He has never spoken an ill word against Islam. Claimed that the Islamic call to prayer was the most beautiful sound he ever heard. Bowed himself before the king of Saudi Arabia. Has a stand-offish attitude toward Israel and the Jewish people. Holds an unbiblical approach towards Christian salvation. He believes in a "collective salvation" and has stated this on numerous occasions but this claim cannot be found nowhere in the Bible. Snubbed  Benjamin Netanyahu when he visited the White House by having him enter in through the back door. Snubbed the British Prime Minister,  David Cameron, by giving back a bust of Winston Churchill, a gift the British people gave us after 9/11. And the list goes on...and on...and on. Your thoughts, please. Personally, I have a very bad felling about this man. But...your thoughts, please.  


Brit-Am Reply:
We were against Obama from the beginning and wrote quite a lot against him.
The Prophet Balaam and Barak Hussein.

The Hussein
Obama Pages

HOP Poetry

3. Albert Delai: Israelites in Fiiji?
Please have a read, and a thought or two.
Dear friend, it's me Albert from Fiji. I have some pressing issues which I was wondering you could help me with. You see historically Fijians trace their heritage back to Tanzania in Africa, though their are legends of our ancestors coming from western Egypt and brought the god Osiris with them. Still, there are other tales of Fijians' ancestry being from an African king named Meneliki. However today, Fijians don't associate themselves with Tanzania or Egypt, or any other African or Middle East country but Israel.Every Fijian everywhere claims descent off of Israel rather than anywhere else.

Is this possible? Is it possible for a country with no archaeological or proven records to link to present day Israel or the Jews, to be related to it in some way?

It all started with a military Colonel who highlighted in a social gathering some years back that Fijians were descended from remnants of the tribes of Penijamini (Benyamin), Simione (Simeon) and Livai (Levi). He based his assumption on the fact that ancient Benjamites were highly skilled warriors, that they were very family-oriented and that their loyalty was not so easily bought. Fijians' sometimes religious fanaticism and highly superstitious ways he likened to Simieon. And the fact Fiji is a heavily religious society, he associated with Levi. Though Fijians had had aspirations of somehow being connected to the royal tribes in some form or manner, his opinions spread like wildfire and within decades, his sentiments were reflected in almost every corner of Fiji's indigenous society. A 'World Praise Festival' organized by a number of the country's Christian churches in 1997 attracted a Jewish couple that revealed sentiments similar to this Colonel's opinions.

I would highly appreciate your thoughts on the matter and anything else you would like to add. Just before I leave, I've added some secrets about Fijian society that not everybody outside knows of - just to give you a better background on Fiji and us Fijians:

1. Fiji was a British Colony until 1978;
2. Fiji was first inhabited around 3000BC but it seems with an increase in migration waves from probably 1100BC to 800BC;
3. A third wave of migration around 500AD - 600AD;
4. A fourth and probably the last wave of migration around 1100AD;
5. Indians were brought in as Indentured Labourers by the British Colonial gov't in the late 1800s;
6. From the arrival of the last migration until the early 1800s, tribal wars were common, complex and included highly sophisticated war contraptions being used by very skilled warriors;
7. Ancient Fijians were skilled sailors, warriors/ archers, engineers and builders.
8. From the 1400s to the 1800s cannibalism was rampart;
9. Fijian military involved in every major British military campaign since 1874 and every UN peacekeeping mission since 1978;
10. Presently, has the military with the highest percentage of its forces involved in UN missions around the globe;
11. Fijians are usually quiet, well-mannered but can quickly fly into a fit of rage when upset - a few hundred Colombians serving with Fijians in the MFO mission in Sinai have been injured when whole battalions were beaten up in retribution for muggings of Fijian troops;
12. Fiji is endowed with abundant natural resources in terms of agriculture, marine life, and mineral;
13. Tourism and sugar are Fiji's main revenue earners along with gold;
14. Fijians love re-heating and eating food left over-night;
15. Fijian troops serving with missions in the Sinai or in Iraq take it as a mission that will ensure the safety of Israel;
16. Fijian missionaries are found in America, Africa, the Middle East and Asia;
17. Fiji is a heavily religious nation;
18. In Fiji, touching the head of a person is strictly forbidden and in ancient times was reason enough to kill a person on the spot;
19. Carvings on some islands in the north-western part of Fiji appear to be either Scandanavian runes or Hebrew alphabets;
20. Well-known Fijian legend of a sacred chest that fell into the sea off the coast of Yasawa-i-Ra Island, guarded by a huge serpent and/or dragon (shark);
21. Ancient legends of huge canoes coming annually to trade with Fijians in the ancient times - trade involved gold, gems and other valuables;
22. Oil is said to be within Fiji's Exclusive Economic Zone, though explorations are still being carried out - Gas and kerosene identified to be leaking from parts of the country;
23. Fiji is still a heavily communal society;
24. Fiji is strategically located in the Pacific, sometimes referred to as the 'HUB' of the Pacific as it links all air/ sea lanes between Australia, the Americas' and Asia;
25. It is one of the most advanced and mature nations within the region besides Australia and New Zeanland;
26. Though Fijians still holds the British Monarchy in high regard, Fijians and Australian have a sense of enmity/ competition towards each other (where this stems from is still unknown);
27. Distinguished military record in World War Two alongside American forces, earning Fijian soldiers the reputation of being the most fearsome and deadly 'Jungle Fighters';
28. Most Fijian troops serving in Iraq, Sinai or Lebanon would highlight how Fijians were said to have been descended from the ancient Egyptians to locals in that particular country so as to offend them on their pro-Israeli stance; and lastly
29. 'FIJI' is the name given to our country by the Europeans, who got it from our neighbours the Tongans/ Samoans who call us 'FICHI', their version of 'VITI'. The main island in Fiji is called 'VITI' and every indigenous person or person that traces his ancestry to the first four migrations calls himself 'KAI VITI' or 'KAI VICHI'. The only other name we know ourselves by is 'I TAUKEI', meaning 'RESIDENT', or 'FINALLY SETTLED', or 'I WELCOME MYSELF'.

Shalom and I look forward to your reply.

4. Dell Griffin (aka Magid ben Yoseif) back on the warpath!
Is President
Shimeon Peres really "a good friend and former neighbor" of Yair Davidiy?

Dell Griffin was once a well-known figure on the "Ephraimite" scene.
Dell was an early advocate (from the USA) of Ephraimites settling in Judah and Samaria and at one stage received publicity over this.
He had been in Israel before, made contacts, and then returned.
Eventually Dell came to Jerusalem, meeting us, writing to us, returning to the USA, getting embroiled in disputes with us etc.
In the USA he had a new revelation and claimed that the true Israelites were some of the Amerindians and Mexicans.
He then (some time later) declared himself in favor of Mexicans taking over the southern USA at the expense of Israelite Anglos.
He wrote attacks on us to which we replied. After that Dell disappeared from our view.
This was in ca.November-December 2007

Brit-Am in the distant past discussed Dell Griffin several times over:
 "Dell Griffin Refuted!"

"Dell Griffin Refuted Again!"

Reactions and Answers
#3. Some Background Facts About DG

Now Dell has re-merged as if everything happened yesterday and has written a reply to what we wrote about him.

MbY sets record straight
re: Latest attacks by
Yair Davidy's%20latest%20attacks.htm

In short Dell contests our account and gives his own version.
Fair enough. We do not really care any more.

What we had  written was based mainly on past communications of DG himself.
The shenanigans of DG no longer concern us.
He is free to present details of his CV as he likes.

A close look at what Dell writers will show that he does not really contradict most of what we wrote but rather adds some details from his own perspective.

There are however a few inaccuracies:

DG wrote:
# I later learned that it was all because Yair's good friend and former neighbor Shimon Peres, now the president of the State of Israel, took millions of dollars under the table to guarantee a Palestinian state in the possessions of Joseph and had approached the State Dept and the Rothschild family for more funds. #

DG is under the impression that Shimeon Peres is "Yair's good friend and former neighbor".
How come Uncle Shimon is unaware of this?
As fair as I know I have never lived close  to Shimon.
The Residence of the President of Israel is however only about 25 minutes by foot away from  where I live.
Perhaps this could make us neighbors?
The PM Bibi Netanyahu is even closer i.e. ca. 20 minutes!
The whole Knesset is just over the cliff on which the neighborhood of Brit-Am has perched itself!
We are somewhat higher than them which is perhaps how it should be.
I have seen Uncle Shimon quite often on News clips etc but we have never spoken. I cannot remember ever even having seen him in the flesh!
Nevertheless if a former JP reporter of the calibre of DG (and his lawyer!) says we are good friends there must be something in it.

A Brit-Am on-site FeeFind search Engine entry of Shimeon Peres gives us four relevant returns.
In the past we have spoken of Peres in negative terms but since we are evidently good friends and neighbors  let us say something positive.

# Peres despite a lot of questionable viewpoints and actions did do some good things.

He helped Israel obtain nuclear weapons and in the past this may have saved Israel from invasion and destruction and even now is doing the same.
# He (along with Yitschak Rabin) gave the OK for the Entebbe rescue mission which was a glorious and brilliant military operation and a high point in Israeli history.

# When he was Defence Minister he once gave a speech in the Knesset defending the right of Yeshiva students not to be conscripted in the army. This was possibly the best presentation of the case I have come across.

#Peres helped Israeli industry in its early stages.

#Peres sanctioned and assisted Jewish settlement in Judah and Samaria despite officially speaking against it.

# Peres often makes a good impression on Jews and non-Jews overseas.

#Peres probably has many more positive points alongside his bad ones.

Shimeon Peres also has access to millions of dollars due to his association with the Peres Center for Peace.
The Peres Center for Peace usually gives money and support to leftwing subversives but since he is now supposed to be "a good friend and former neighbor" of my humble self perhaps he could give Brit-Am a little something as well?

DG claims that the Shin Bet "has been tied to several assassinations in Israel, including the son of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane and many Kahane supporters."
This is almost certainly not true. It would need some degree of proof to even be countenanced.
DG evidently plays around with Conspiracy notions and has anti-Jewish and anti-Israelite tendencies.

5. New Article:
Subjective Well-Being and Israelite Nations in Statistics.
The Significance of these Findings:

The Cantri Scale derives "Thriving" from the subjective feeling of respondents that have been shown to correspond with an objective reality.

Points to note about the above figures are that:

# Israelite nations (i.e. countries that according to Brit-Am findings have populations that to a significant degree descend from Tribes of Israel) occupy 11 (orange color) of the top 19 places.

# Israel and New Zealand that from other points of view are not at the top of most lists (e.g. income etc) are here in 7th and 8th places. The same applies to Ireland in 9th place.
This is additional proof that these nations also in their own way enjoy the blessings promised to Israel.

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