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Dell Griffin Refuted Again!   

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Dell Griffin Refuted Again.

This is a continuation of our article "Dell Griffin Refuted!"
It is a reply to the reply of Dell Griffin to us.

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Dell Griffin Refuted Again!
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Brit-Am Foreword
We have posted below the response in full of Dell Griffin to our reply to him.
Here and there we have interspersed our own comments and replies to what he says.
Dell Griffin in some peoples opinion may not be worth replying to. Nevertheless he has a following. In the past he made a contribution to spreading "Ephraimite" awareness. Some of the ideas he comes up also appear from time to time amongst other "Ephraimities". This alone makes it worth while replying to him and there are other considerations.

Yair,   Again, my request is for you to publish this response, which is of necessity rather lengthy, in full. However, I fully expect you to interject your comments again to attempt to discredit me. Therefore this will be my last posting to you, Yair. You simply don't play fair. Please remove me from your email list until such time that you come off of your racist position regarding the identity of the House of Joseph (being exclusively Britain and the British colonized, USA).   There are a few more clarifications now necessary because of things you stated that are not correct in your posting, "Dell Griffin Refuted."  I will be adding this to my website later today or tomorrow, but wanted to give you a heads-up beforehand.   By the way, the reason I no longer use my given birth name is because of several reasons, which I believe I should explain to you and hope that you will honor.  First, I made an arrangement with my late father, Dell Sr., z"l, shortly before his death in 2006.  I realized that a lot of controversy would surround this name due to people like you, the Kairites, the "messianic" Jews, the Trinitarians and Jesus deists and the corrupt members of the Sanhedrin who I must also confront and oppose and expose. So I promised my father, that I would use the name "ben Yoseif" (simply "son of Joseph") in these endeavors. This was the name given to my by the Spirit in the bat Kol of 1994 in which Hashem spoke into my belly these words:

  "You are the son of Joseph, your father. And I am giving you, your father, Joseph's heart for his brother, Judah. And I am turning the hearts of the sons of Joseph to their father, Joseph; and I am turning the hearts of the sons of Judah to their father, Judah. Because there was no enmity or vexation between Joseph and Judah who were reconciled in Egypt but the enmity and the vexation is between their sons."

  Finally, in 1998, a Jewish friends in Queens, NY advised that I begin writing with the name "ben Yoseif" after he found my given name in the Torah Codes "spells out":  "beN yoseiF Yimtzah yisRael Gam s'guLah ephaDto" and "vayaveiN vayasaF vaYakum, yisRael Gadol, L'amor avDim". (The latter is why I suggested the Halachic category for Joseph's return as AVDIM (servants) at my meeting with Brit-Am in Jerusalem in 2001.  There is also a third match mentioning Pinchas but it does not contain as direct an allusion to the son of Joseph or to "build, gather and raise up" Israel as these two do.  I would ask you to respect this wish of my father, and also refer to me as "ben Yoseif" or if you are incapable of doing this, by any name other than my given birth name.
YD: (a) Dell Griffin says he changed his name due to the wishes of his father and a "voice" spoke to him through his stomach!
Fair enough.
A person can call himsef whatever he likes as far as we are concerned.
The name that Dell wishes us to call him by however is more like a title than an appellation.

(b) DG wants Ephraimites to accept an inferior status.
Dell says,
"I suggested the Halachic category for Joseph's return as AVDIM (servants) at my meeting with Brit-Am in Jerusalem in 2001."
This is against the Bible and against Rabbinical traditions.
When Joseph returns it will be as an equal with Judah (Ezekiel ch.37). Jewish tradition (as explained by Brit-Am quoting from the Malbim and others) even suggests that at least at the beginning the status of Joseph will be higher than that of Judah. Apart from that who gave authority to any of us to even tentatively "negotiate" such issues?
  Mostly, you appear to be critical of me by claiming that I have no sources or I am making up things. My sources are listed in every article on my website, which has changed to  because the URL without the hyphen was somehow pirated, but the best compilation is from these writings:  
1)  The petition for rights of inheritance for Joes which I wrote to the Sanhedrin Court dated 10 Tevet 5765, in which the concept of Ephraim comprising a Global Rov (not just a British-American identity) is explained in all the detail and with all the sources you could not handle, when I presented this to your group in the meeting at the Jerusalem Hilton (where you invited me to speak) the night before I was arrested and imprisoned in 2001.  This is an effort to suggest a resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict using the Halachah of the Global Rov.  I think you could learn a lot from it.
YD: (a) There is no real Sanhedrin and no Sanhedrin Court.
There is an organization (The Jewish Congress) that hopes to become a Sanhedrin but the likelihood of this occurring appears to be extremely doubtful. Nevertheless "The Jewish Congress" does enjoy much prestige and may have some influence.
Brit-Am would not be adverse to a recommendation from them though we can live without it.
Dell sent them a petition. Dell knows some of the people in it. This is a strength of his approach. He may not have much of substance to say but he makes a point of meeting people and making contact with all kinds of types in the hope that it may benefit his cause. Sometimes it pays off. We could learn from him.
To imitate him however in this matter might be counter-productive and would take up too much of our time which is better spent on Brit-Am matters. People come to us on their own initiative.

(b) DG mentioned "all the sources you could not handle".
It is not surprising that we could not handle them since they do not exist, at least not in the form DG presents them.
DG does not know Hebrew and does not understand the sources he quotes from.
This would not be so bad if he would quote from them straight out of a translation or something.
He however does not leave the sources as they are but extrapolates (without mentioning it), jumps from one conclusion to another, etc, and in general lets his imagination lead where he is determined to go anyway.

(c) Brit-Am does not say that the Lost Ten Tribes are ONLY to be found amongst people of British-American identity. We rather identify the British-Americans as mainly Joseph finding a predominance of the other tribes elsewhere amongst peoples in Western Europe or their descendants. We also acknowledge that descendants of both the Lost Ten Tribes and of Judah (Captive Jews") are to be found (as a MINORITY) amongst many other peoples.
Dell wants to say that MOST of the Gentiles are descended from Israel. He claims to have proof but he has not. He has not even got a reference or vague indication of evidence to substantiate his claim.

(d) The only resolution of the "Israeli-Palestinian conflict" will come about when the "Palestinians" go elswhere.
See our article, Movement of Arab Populations (MAP)
See also the Brit-Am Commentary to Isaiah 11:14 where it shows that Ephraim and Judah together will cause the Palestinians to be flown to somewhere in the west. See an outline of our work, "Role to Rule. The Task of Joseph" concerning the peculiar predicted role of joseph which was to lead, guide, and rule over other nations and becoming "a light to Gentiles". The Israelites were destined to remain apart from the heathen, rule them, and uplift them.
2) The summary of my 7-year study on the roots of enmity and vexation between Joseph and Judah and the Halachah that can resolve them came from 156 90-minute audio cassettes I produced on all of the Torahs and Haftorahs (quoting Classical and more modern sources from Jewish scholars) examining the theme of "the roots of the enmity and vexation between Joseph and Judah."  This was a study advised by the late Rabbi Terbe Gilner, z"l, when I shared with him the bat kol about Hashem turning the hearts of Joes to Joseph and Jews to Judah each for their respective brothers, since Joseph and Judah had reconciled in Egypt.  This depth study is summarized (with sources galore) in the writing titled "Od Yoseif Chai" (Joseph is still alive), one of the online manuscripts on my website, And of course, with everything else I write and make available to the Joes, it is FREE.

3) The third compilation of sources is another free online manuscript titled:  "The Disputations:  Removing the michshol (stumbling block) between the sons of Joseph and the sons of Judah," done in 2005.  I would especially urge you, Yair, to think about whether your position maintaining British-and British-colonized American exclusivity for the House of Joseph is not such a stumbling block.  You should be further advised that Hashem promises to remove these stumbling blocks.

YD: Same old Dell.
He describes our position as "maintaining British-and British-colonized American exclusivity for the House of Joseph".
Instead of arguing according to the Bible and the facts he attempts to circumscribe us, present us as believing things we do not, and then appeals to what may be of benefit to us or himself regardless of the truth.
Isaiah spoke of the Lost Tribes when in the End Times the peoples of India and Africa will make acknowledgment to descendants of the Israelites,

See the Brit-Am Commentary to this section of Isaiah.
Also see the Brit-Am Summary to the chapters in question.

It was prophesied that Israel, SHALL NOT BE RECKONED AMONG THE NATIONS (Numbers 23:9).
  YAIR DAVIDY WROTE: John Hulley identified the Sambation with the Bosporus Strait between the Asian and European parts of present-day Turkey. We do not know what inspired John and Dell would be better off addressing the question to him instead of making assumptions that are not correct. Brit-Am identifies the Sambatian with the Don River in Southern Russia though acknowledging that the term could also historically have been applied to the Dneister River in Southern Russia and to the Upper Zab River in the west of present-day Iran.
MbY responds: Re: your comment regarding my attribution of the identity of the Bosporus Strait as the Sanbatyon instead of the Don River you propose in Southern Russia,  I will soon post the article based on an interview I did with John Hully (Yohanan Hevroni ben David) in 1993 on my website. It was originally published in the third edition of an underground newspaper I started in Jerusalem. The November 1993, "Jersualem Torah Voice and Investigative Report," features an article on the front page with ben-David's picture, "Former World Bank senior economist (ben David) IDs 'Sanbatyon,' route of Lost Tribes in exile."  This article was written after spending about 30 hours with John and he explained his research in detail including the passage in the New Testament identifying the san (river) of Bitnyia or the region where Sha'ul (the apostle Paul) was when he was told to cross over into Macedonia and help the people there (in Europe).

So the Gospel of renewal, restoration and repair of the covenant of the House of Israel followed the House of Israel to the west.  ben David also prooved that the legend of the Sanbatyon (Bosporus) also called Shabbatyon (in the Talmud) standing still on Shabbat may also be true, in that the prevailing SW winds from the Dardanelles blew against the Black Sea causing the Bosporus to stand still and even back up on the average of 4.5 times a month from April to late September. He also described tumulary inscriptions in the region that confirm his find. His research also was published in B'or HaTorah (In the light of the Torah) under the title, "Did any of the Lost Tribes Go North?" after the Lubavitch editors of this publication spent more than a year double-checking ben-David before printing his work virtually as he submitted it.

YD: Nuts!
This is another attempt of Dell Griffin to confuse the issue.
Concerning the Sambation, John Hulley says one thing. Brit-Am says another.
Concerning who the Lost Ten Tribes are today however John Hulley agrees with Brit-Am.
  YD wrote:  George Bush: On the whole, George Bush has been good for Israel.   MbY responds:  George Bush is simply carrying out the design of his father, George H.W. and James Baker and the Saudi's who they befriended to dismantle and destroy the modern Jewish state and claim the oil in the territories of Joseph (at Rosh Ha-Ayin and in the Givot Olam) for the Saudi's proxy, who would be the Palestinians.  By taking the Birthright of Jacob (the territories of Joseph) and giving them to the House of Esau (as Obadiah describes the people living in this region (Palestinians) when Jacob reclaimed his possessions.  Further, as reported on my website, Bush has taken a vow to Satan and proclaimed himself as Gog m'Gog (when he was in the Skull and Bones society at Yale University).
YD: DG is showing his true colors here! Nothing but a Conspiracy Monger making assumptions, false allusions, and going down to the depths of speculative falsehood that decent people keep away from.

This is really alarming when the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the U.S. -- the chief prince of Meschech and Tubal as the Sandhedrin calls him -- controls the Tigris River valley, since Gog m'Gog launches his invasion for the oil of Israel (in the territories of Joseph) from Togormah (note same consonants as Tigris).   

YD wrote:  The occupation of Iraq was good for the USA and good for Israel. The only really dark mark against President Bush is his recent trip to Israel and the pressure he appeared to put on Israel to give up part of its land. We still have to see what will become of this and chances are that nothing will happen.   MbY responds:  The US is in Iraq today because the Bush-Baker administration sold out Israel for Arab oil and the promise of non-alliances with Saddam.  When Israel should have been settling the territories of Joseph and preparing for the Joes return, the Bush-Baker ultimatum to former Prime Minister Yitzhak Shamir halted those settlements.  Because these biblically ignorant or otherwise sinister plans to circumvent the territories of Joseph concerned the 1991 Persian Gulf War, the U.S. is now mired there and will be until the foreign policy initiative returns to helping Israel prepare for the coming Joes.

The State Department is complicit in this as I have told you before. In my meeting with Steven Lynn Rothschild in 1994, I was told point blank by Rothschild (the heir to the Rothschild family fortune) that he had been approached by the State Department to fund a "West Bank Infrastructure Development corporation."  I encouraged him not to be involved and for about six years he was not.  But eventually this scheme by your good friend, Shimon Peres, to use these funds to buy off opposition to a Palestinian state in Judea-Samaria was successful. The State Department, again to appease the Arab lobby, also acted criminally to extradite Robert Manning, (see the Manning File on my website).   YD:  Dell himself plays around with the idea that George Bush is Gog. This is an attitude we consider potentially insulting.   MbY responds:  I don't play around with the idea.  I give the facts and let the reader decide. Personally, I think G.W. fits every prerequisite from the Hebrew gematria of his name (666) to the vow he took as Gog m'Gog, to his design on the oil in the territories of Joseph -- via the Saudi plan, to the robbery by his grandfather of the skull of Geronimo, resulting in the m'dah of decapitation of the head of Joseph in the outline of Judea-Samaria (the logo on my website) and the graverobbing of the Patriarchs and their sons (all buried in Judea-Samaria).

YD: Dell refers to Shimon Peres as "your good friend, Shimon Peres". This could be taken as a slip of the tongue but it is symptomatic of his technique of telling lies, besmirching others, attributing to them opinions and positions they do not hold and more such nefarious methods.
YD:  Hopi: The story of the Hopi sounds more like wishful thinking than anything else.   MbY:  The story of the Hopi is based on the work of the late Dr. Frank Waters, "Book of the Hopi," 1976, who was the first non-Native allowed to publish the Hopi dances and traditions and prophecies.  Essentially, Waters learned that the Hopi were told (like Abraham) to migrate in all four directions but to return to their place of origin, Aztlan. Thus the phenomenon today of the descendants of Lehi ben M'nashe ben Yoseif massing in the American Southwest and affecting the demographics of the nation.

YD: The concept of Lehi is borrowed from Mormon writings. Dell has no trouble presenting himself as a Mormon sympathizer, or as a believer in Judaism, or as a revised-type of Christian. It all depends on the audience, as he himself has admitted.
Behind this veneer of eclecticism however there lurks a betrayal of the American Nation and of the Lost Tribes.
Dell would like to hijack Mormon teachings in the service of Mexican anti-semitic, anti-Anglo Indian-Hispanic revangistic nationalism.
Brit-Am also has followers who are Mormons, or Hispanics, or partly-Amerindians. These people were not born yesterday.
Also, after hearing that the Hopi believed their origin was Jerusalem, in two separate meetings with the three daughters of the late chief, a medicine man on a different mesa and other independent witnesses, I was able to verify that the former chief, Chief Mike, before his death called a meeting and announced that he had kept a great secret told to him by his grandfather before his grandfather died and now was the time to reveal it.  "Your tuwanisavi (place of origin also called "The Center of the Universe") is Jerusalem," he said.   YD:  Dell said, "YOU HAVE THIS MASSIVE FOLLOWING OF JOES AND COULD BE AN IMPORTANT VOICE IN CALLING FOR THE RETURN OF THE HOUSE OF JOSEPH".
Brit-Am does have a hard core of followers. I am not sure if it could be called "massive" but God willing the day will come when such a description will be apt enough.
We do what we feel we must and we work with the long-range goal in our aim. Books are important. Books enable the tranmission of information and opinion and books last. If anything should happen to us chances are the books will remain for others to continue in our path.
Books also bring in some income which enables us to function.
Something wrong with that?
As for smoking a pipe Yair Davidiy has not smoked anything for the last 12 years or more.
Dell says that we have,
  MbY Responds: So while Joes are busy reading your research, Judea-Samaria which includes their inheritance is given away to the Palestinians. What good are your books now, Yair?  Will you continue to fiddle while Rome burns? Sorry, I thought you actually smoked that pipe instead of using it for show.
YD: Ever since we can remember, people have been saying that the world is going to end any second now. It is a wonder we ever dared to do anything at all!
We never had a pipe. Dell evidently thinks he saw us with one. We could be lead to suspect that if any of us had been smoking it was not just tobacco, and not us.

If there are such "Joes" we feel sorry for them and have compassion for them and for all others in sorry circumstance.
Is Dell implying that he has more "compassion" than we do?
What else do we lack?
As for "living in poverty", most "Joes" that we know of get by reasonably well. There are exceptions.
  MbY: The descendants of Lehi ben M'nashe ben Yoseif (Native Americans who assimilated with Hopi and others with Israelite heritage -- Mulek and Zarahemla) are impoverished, oppressed and discriminated against. M'nashe who went East along the ancient southern Chinese trade routes (as identified by Rabbi Eliyahu Avichayil) ditto.  Ephraim who dwells in the coastal regions of the world is about to be displaced by the coming inundations.  Look what already has happened in New Orleans and along the Mississippi coast.  According to Rashi's interpretation of Halachah, when a nation exists in a settled condition, then a random sample from that nation represents the Rov or majority. So coastal populations represent Ephraim if Ephraim is a global Rov, as Jacob prophesied it would become. By your own theory that the U.S. and Britain are Ephraim and M'nashe, you should be calling for the return of Ephraim from New Orleans and the Mississippi coast!!! to settle the territories of Joseph. During my "Message to the Coastlands," seminars, I found many such hopeless Ephraimites along the Gulf Coast.   They are not getting the help then need from this government.  Isaiah said "Send me (Israel) your tempest (storm) tossed."
YD: Dell is spouting rubbish.
The source he quotes from actually says the opposite of what he claims.
It says that because the Lost Ten Tribes are in the MINORITY all non-Jews must be assumed to be non-Israelite Gentiles and not descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes.
Other reasons are also adduced for assuming all non-Jews to be Gentiles regardless of what their ancestry may have been.
This is Jewish Law.
If the majority of the Gentiles are now Israelites as Dell claims who are the nations of Gog and Magog who are destined to attack the Twelve Tribes of Israel (Ezekiel chs.38-39)? Who are the Gentiles who will come up to worship the Almighty at the feast of Succoth (Zechariah ch.14) in the Messianic Era?

CHINESE: The Lost Ten Tribes are those descended from the Ten Tribes of Israel as proven by Biblical Proofs and affirmed by Ephraimite Criteria. Only certain nations meet the requirements. This is the truth. It is reality and it cannot be changed by wishful thinking or fancy stories.
  MbY:  Do your biblical proofs include the fact that Jacob said Ephraim would be a global Rov thereby debunking your "Ephraimite criteria?" and making it possible for a nation to be born in one day?
YD: DG is referring to the blessing of Jacob to Ephraim and Manasseh,
The word tranmsalted as "A MULTITUDE" in Hebrew is "Le-Rov". In Hebrew "rov" can mean "majority" or "determing element". It also connotes a great number or a ruling portion. This last connotation is the one understood by the Commentators. No-one takes it to mean literally "a majority" of the peoples as Dell does.
So Dell has an interpretation of his own: All the Gentiles, he says, are going to be "born again" as Israelites?
Happy Days for happy people?

It could however happen that after the Wars of Gog and Magog etc that a majority of the inhabitants of this world will be of Israelite Descent.
This is not the situation at present.

Details: Brit-Am has the truth and has a hard enough time as it is putting that truth across. We do not need to compromise nor to co-operate with they who have a lesser truth than our own and only want to dilute the truth we have.
  MbY:  I guess this means you decline my suggestion to end the enmity and vexation between us.  So be it Yair. My goal is the truth as well. I have congratulated you repeatedly on your etymological trek of Israel, except on this one point where you fail to recognize the Rov identify of Ephraim being a global rov. I had no desire to dilute the truth, only to clarify it.  Your defensiveness about this without taking the time to examine this position (at the meeting in the Hilton) told me a lot about you and the facade of truth you portray.  I also have not forgotten that you "appropriated" my entire mailing list of Joes when I accidentally CCed it instead of BCCing it on one of my posts during the time I was filing nightly reports on the skirmishes between Beit Jala and Gilo. Legally, you were within your rights, but ethically?
YD: In the past, Dell G. the only way we could spread our message was by sending e-mails to whatever addresses of potentially interested people we had. Your list was no exception. Such internet behavior was more accepted at the time than it later became. We have since, for a good number of years, stopped this practice.
You imply you were battle-weary in the service of the cause and we took advantage of a mistake you made as a result.
If that was the least of our offenses we would be in good shape.
You yourself however, Dell G, had done much worse.
After you were arrested in Israel we referred to it in one of our own postings.
You had been suspected of supporting terrorists with whom, according to your own admittance, you had had some contact and had gone to the jail to inquire after.
At that time it was 2001, just after the "Millenium" i.e. the year 2000 CE predicted to be a Year of Redemption?
There was a group of Christian Fanatics in the Jerusalem area who were planning to attack Jews.
The police suspected you were associated with them.
You have explained that police suspicions of you were mistaken and we accepted this.
We had however used an expression that you understood could be construed to imply that there was some doubt on the matter.
We had not understood or intended it that way but because you were evidently offended we were prepared to issue a clarification.
We sympathised with your plight and realized that an unintentional injustice may have been committed against you by the authorities.
Mistakes happen. Security personnel would rather be wrong than sorry but that does not help the offended party.
You demanded a public apology and we gave you one despite whatever embarrassment it might cost us.
You took this as a sign of weakness on our part, spoke to us as if we were under threat of being sued and presented a whole list of demands.
You demanded that Brit-Am change its List of Beliefs to be in accordance with your own.
Naturally we refused.
We suggested that you repent of your evil ways and wicked machinations!
For some reason you became quite upset at this suggestion and proceeded to bad-mouth us to your correspondents.
We still do not know what assumptions you were laboring under when you acted as you did and threatened us.
Apparently you had misunderstood our position and why we had apologized.
You are not in a position to lecture us on ethical matters.

YD:  Brit-Am has
articles and notes concerning the Japanese, Koreans, Chinese, etc and whatever they are they are not Israelites!
  MbY:  If they comprise a global Rov, then according to Halachah, they are part of Ephraim.
YD:  We think it somewhat impertinent for Dell to make blanket assumptions and attempt to railroad others into accepting them despite his lack of Biblical or Secular evidence!
  MbY: I make no assumptions. It is all documented, sourced and out there for everyone to see and evaluate.  If you want to discredit me, then focus on the Halachah relating to the global Rov, the discussion of Y'vamot 16b-17a and Jacob's identify of Ephraim as a global Rov in his dying breath. Until you can do this, I will continue to dispute your claims everywhere I am given a chance to speak.  Again, the exclusive identity of Britain and America as Ephraim is racist and devisive.   YD:  LATE RABBI: No such thing. The Yovel is the Jubilee Year. In the Jubilee Year all parcels of lands were to be restored to the private Tribal member whose forefathers had originaly received them from Joshua after he conquered and divided the Land of Israel. The Jubille Year CANNOT be held untill ALL the Twelve Tribes have returned and received their Tribal Holdings. This can only happen after the Messiah, or a Process associated with the Messiah, has brought the Tribes back and each individual Tribal Member has been informed what Tribe they belong to. (This) has nothing to do with conversion.
  MbY:  It is not necessary for the messiah to be present for the return to begin. It has already begun with Judah's return without the messiah here.  Halachah demands that Jews (and I would suppose the rest of Israel) should not wait for the messiah to fulfill the command to ascend to the land. This was the argument advanced by the Hasidic movement before the Jewish state was declared, but when the state was declared, even though messiah had not arrived, they started returning.  The Yovel can be declared according to Halachah without all 12 tribes present so long as a numerical majority (Rov) is present.  This is variously interpreted, "at least seven of the 12 tribes," or "a Rov, or majority of the population of all of the tribes." Since, Jacob IDs Ephriam as this Rov, one could propose that the Yovel could be declared when Ephraim returns.   The current position of the Sanhedrin court is that Joes may not exist as Joes. They must either become Noahites or convert to Judaism.  The former, Noahites, as "guer toshavim" will be allowed residency in Israel WHEN the messiah comes. The latter, in converting, lose their right of inheritance as Joes to ancestral lands at the Yovel, but are allowed to live in the land, own property, vote and pay taxes like any other citizen. And my source on conversion forcing the loss of tzahalat (biblical inheritance at the Yovel) is Mishnah Ma'aser Sheni, the Mishnah on the "second tithe."  
YD: Converting to Judaism has nothing to with Israelite Ancestry. Whatever Tribe an Israelite belongs to will be made known to them in the Messianic Era as explained by Maimonides.

This is what Maimonides says and how we quote him in our work, "Biblical Truth", p.195:
The Messiah Will Tell Us What Tribe We Belong To:

"NOR A LAWGIVER FROM BETWEEN HIS FEET, UNTIL SHILOH COME; AND UNTO HIM SHALL THE GATHERING OF THE PEOPLE BE": The Messiah will enable individuals from the Lost Ten Tribes to know what Tribe they belong to.

Maimonides: "In the time of the King Messiah, when his kingdom shall be settled and all Israel gathered into him, he will establish the family relationship of everyone according to the divine spirit of inspiration upon him. As it says, AND HE SHALL SIT AS A REFINER AND PURIFIER OF SILVER: And he begins with the Tribe of Levi, as it says AND HE SHALL PURIFY THE SONS OF LEVI, AND PURGE THEM [Malachi 3:3] And he only establishes the family relationship of Israel according to their tribes. He makes known who belongs to this tribe and who belongs to that one":
Rambam: The Laws of Kings and Their Wars, chapter twelve, item 6.

The above opinion could be contested as to what exactly it means or as to how binding it really is but we accept it as it is.

In our days most of us cannot be sure what tribe we belong to. We can only make educated guesses that in some cases may be accurate. The Messiah or an agent of the Messianic process will confirm the tribal identity of all Israelites.

Maimonides may be understood to say that absolute certainty regarding WHICH TRIBE one belongs to can only be provided by the Messiah. Who is "Jewish" and who is not can be decided by legal processes or hereditary in the light of legal definitions. Who is of Israelite descent could also be decided by other processes as long as no other ramifications were involved. We are telling certain people that with a reasonable degree of certainty they are probability of Israelite descent. We also believe that through study, prayer, leading good lives, and the results of further research the degree of intuitive certainty may be heightened.
If you are going to quote Jewish Sources, Dell -quote them. Do not give your own fanciful interpretations.
YD:  The Law ("Halachah") Dell refers to concerns someone in Biblical Times who was of non-Israelite origin and converts. Such a person in Biblical Times would not receive a Tribal Portion at the time of the Jubilee. Even though such laws were no longer applicable at the time of the Mishna (ca. 200 CE) they were still studied as if they were. In the End Times this particular Law will not be applicable BUT the non-Israelite "convert" will receive a portion alongside those of his neighbours from the Tribe he dwells amongst as explained by Ezekiel and repeated frequently by us.


  MbY:  Halachah can only be changed by the Sanhedrin court, which is why I sent the petition to them on behalf of Joes.
YD: The so-called "Sanhedrin Court" cannot change any halachah. I doubt if they ever claimed to be able to do so.
They may have said that a real universally-accepted Sanhedrin would have such an ability but they are not at such a level and cannot claim to be. Even a valid Sanhedrin is limited in what it can do.
In both the Tanach and the New Testament, the only recognized biblical authority is the Seat of Moses (the Sanhedrin).  The laws of the Mishna are still relevant and binding on Orthodox Jews unless and until they are clarified by the court. The non-Israelite convert (guer toshav -- "stranger who dwells among you") to which you refer is the Halachic category, which the court has given to the Noahites, due to the undue influence of the Noahite agenda by several members of the court.

YD:"Noahites" in Israel have no special status or advantage over other Gentiles apart from being able to declare themselves as "Noahite" on offical forms.
What have you got against them anyway?
The Noahide Path may not be suitable for everyone but those who choose it are welcome to all the help they can get, as far as we are considered.
Through helping Noahides Rabbinical Authorities may psychologically become more disposed to consider Ephraimites.
Just for the record, Brit-Am never advocated a Noahide Path for Ephraimites but neither are we against it.
The court has been aided and abbetted in this slight to their brother, Joseph, -- by recognizing Noachite strangers ahead of Joeish brothers --  through long-standing relationships with [Christian-Messiah]-hating Noachite leaders. Compatriots on the Sanhedrin who control the power there, led by Rabbi Yoel Schwartz, have had a Noachite agenda which has been promoted for the past 20 years. There has been no effort to turn over every leaf to seek the Truth in considering the Joes right to exist as Joes.

YD: The only "Joes" in existence are those defined by the Bible. This is explained by Brit-Am teachings.
Rabbi Yoel Schwartz is familiar with Brit-Am.
The beliefs of Brit-Am are derived from the Bible and Biblically-derived Rabbinical Sources. Quite a few rabbis and learned Jews are now familiar with Brit-Am beliefs. This does not mean that they are accepted but neither have they been refuted. No answer has (so far) been made to them.

At this point, Ephraim is not recognized by the Sanhedrin court and Joes who desire to make their aliyah to Israel, must convert. (I have been told this repeatedly by Orthodox Jews in both Israel and the US).  A condition of that conversion is to renounce [Christian-Messiah], thereby unacceptable to Joes, whose renewal of covenant via [Christian-Messiah], removes the three judgments of Hosea 1 declared upon their ancestors but not their Jewish brothers (see Hosea 1:7):  Yizra'el (the seed God will scatter), Lo-ruhumah (without mercy) and Lo-ami (not My People).  As recorded in prophesies about him before his birth and at his infancy, the rectificaiton of these Three buzzwords is the witness of [Christian-Messiah]s mission in Luke 1-2.

YD: According to DG most of the Gentile Peoples including all the Asians are EPHRAIM!
DG complains that the so-called "Sanhedrin" does not agree with him!
He considers this a sign of Anti-Christian religious discrimination.
He also accuses Brit-Am of being "racist" because we identify the Lost Ten Tribes historically and Scripturally with specific peoples.
Being specific does not mean you are racist.
Brit-Am does identify "SPECIFIC" people as "Specifically" encompassing a predominant element of Israelite descent. These descendants of Israelites in many cases derive from areas where there was a concentration from SPECIFIC Tribes so that to some degree specific Tribal identifications may be tentatively made.
This is the beauty of Brit-Am.
This is what we are about.
It should be realized by all and sundry that Scripture is also quite SPECIFIC!

 Dell Griffin Refuted


Dell Griffin Refuted Again!   

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