Dell Griffin
Refuted Again!
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Reactions and Answers

This is a continuation of our articles
"Dell Griffin Refuted!!"
and "Dell Griffin Refuted Again!!"
It is a reply to the replies of others supporting Dell Griffin and/or additional information pertinent to the subject matter.

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Reactions and Answers
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1. Annette Defends DG and Brit-Am Replies
2. John Sicola calls for peace between YD and DG but Brit-Am is not interested.
3. Some Background Facts About DG

1. Annette Defends DG and Brit-Am Replies
Annette wrote:
Re: Comments on DG - ben Yoseif

Shalom Mr. Davidy,
I wish I could say that after reading your article "Dell Griffin Refuted Again" that I felt at peace with your words. In truth, it was anything but.
This back and forth between you two gentlemen is of very grave concern to me, for it must be a total turn-off to that person recently discovering their true identity as Yosef/Efraim/Ten Tribes, who then stumbles across the Brit-Am site with this new ditty written today! Who needs two brethren bashing it out in front of the family? You can be certain that our heavenly Abba is not amused. We have had thousands of years of this in the physical as well as spiritual realm. It is TIME for it to stop!!
Can we get on with the things you both agree on (if there be any) so we can all better use our time by reading emails that encourage and show love for the brethren as well as further our understanding of the times we are all experiencing so we can prepare ourselves for our "complete" return to [the Almighty] (HaShem)? These exchanges smell like dead catfish to me --carnal mindsets/egos needing to be pulled down before Efrayims' return to G-d and His Land, can ever get off the ground, from your end of the work, brethren.
Mr. Davidy, without trying to locate the first letter of your exchange with ben Yoseif (and please respect your brother's wishes in referring to him as he asks), my recollection is that he addressed you with respectful language - you responded with some unkind words - he, in turn, came back with a bit of his own nit picking, but nothing to the degree of your language and insinuations - WHAT COMES NEXT? Whatever it may be, I, for one will not be wasting my time reading it. I suggest you both do not waste your time writing it. Instead, for the sake of the brethren, can we hear an apology and the lets all MOVE ON.
The way I see it you BOTH have something to offer to your sisters and brothers. Please ask guidance from the Eternal One as to where you both go from here. And for the record Mr. Davidy, I disagree with you that ben Yoseif may have "once" had something important to teach but now -- his writing is "Nuts" making him, in your opinion, nutty I guess -- has nothing to offer to Efraimites. I personally believe he has very keen insight and that it behooves all of us to listen to one another. We each retain missing links to the puzzle, or 'mystery' of Israel. If we refuse to work together, rather than as lone rangers, our teaching/research will one day be revealed as being full of holes and lopsided, no matter how much we presume to have 'the truth' -- for 'in truth' none of us do.
May HaShems' mercy be upon us!
              ~ Annette ~

Brit-Am Replies:
Annette Shalom,
It is not surprising that you are not pleased after reading
"Dell Griffin Refuted Again!"
It is obvious from your letter, especially the last part that you are a firm supporter of DG so of course criticism of DG will irk you.
DG is NOT an "Ephraimite" leader in so far as neither is Rabbi Avichail.
The Lost Ten Tribes ARE NOT all the Asian Peoples and others as DG claims.
There can be no "Efrayims' return" with people like DG who do not acknowledge who Ephraim is.
DG may have pretended to address us respectfully in some of the paragraphs of his missive but the substance of what he said contained untruths and harmful insinuations.
After opening up in an apparently polite placatory manner he then proceeded to make disparaging and demeaning remarks and false assumptions.  His letter was for public consumption rather than for us.
The "respectfulness" you referred  to was aimed at people who do not care what is said but rather how it is prefaced.
You asked,
We have made our reply. The ball is now in DGs court and we will respond accordingly.
Apparently you did not read our article all the way to the end.
DG still has to apologize to Brit-Am and to the American People.
We are waiting for DG to express regret for his froward ways and erroneous imaginations.
We are moving on  all the time.
We never meant that DG "once" had something important to teach only that he once did a service by drawing attention to the subject of Ephraim.
I suppose this too is teaching but not in the sense you intended.
As for calling him by the title he has chosen how would you feel if someone told you that a supernatural voice had informed him that henceforth he was to be addressed as "Your Majesty"!
He says that a "voice" told him to call himself "Magid ben Yosef" meaning "Instructor Son of Joseph" but implying something beyond that.
It is true that to some degree our ego may be driving us but this is what we are. It is what Brit-Am is. It is what we believe in.
The Lost Ten Tribes are today to be found primarily amongst Western Peoples and it is amongst such peoples that they receive their Israelite Tribal expression.
The Lost Ten Tribes as a determinative national element are not to be found amongst other peoples.
This is reality.
DG calls it racism which it is not but even if it was it is what is.

2. John Sicola calls for peace between YD and DG but Brit-Am is not interested.
John Sicola <> wrote:

Howdy Yair,
     The e-mail exhange you and Dell are having on both your websites is very unsettling. Whatever issues yall are having, I think is best settled privately between yall. Please Yair, take the high road here and for the sake of shalom between brothers, remove the refutations from your website. I know yall agree on alot more than you disagree on as you both love the Land, people and Scriptures of Israel. It's ok to agree to disagree in the right spirit, but yall's very public exchange is anything buy harmonious. 


Brit-Am Reply:
The Three Rs of Brit-Am are:
Researching the Identity of the Lost Ten Tribes today.
Revelation (revealing the results of Research to the general public).
Reconciliation between Judah and Joseph.
The Lost Ten Tribes found their Israelite Expression amongst Western Peoples and their Offspring.
This is what the Bible says.
We are not some evangelical movement, lovey-dovey, all-is-one, New Age, let-us-all get along grouped grouping of groping ungriping guru groupies.
We say one thing.
Dell Griffin says another.
DG is wrong and misleading.
Brit-Am is different from DG and his ilk.
We resent being categorized along with DG.
This difference needs to be emphasized.
Brit-Am says that the Lost Ten Tribes on the whole are NOT amongst  Asian peoples.
We disagree with Rabbi Avichail who identifies Japanese, Burmese, and whoever else he takes a fancy to as Israelites.
We disagree with DG who identifies Japanese, Burmese, and all the Peoples of the World as Israelites.
The pretensions of DG are wrong and harmful.
Why pretend otherwise?
What is more DG is backing Hispanic "Aztlan" occupation and de facto conquest of portions of the USA.
Do you really think that  "Ephraimites" should be associated with such ideas?
DG is a party to an attempt to unite Amerindians and Mexicans in an anti-Anglo alliance!
His web site speaks in support of "Atzlan" which he renders as "Homeland" but which is also part of the name of a large gang (Nation of Aztlan) of Jew-hating Anglo-hating anti-American Mexican racists in California.
This gang is the primary (and possibly the first)  group to use the name in a political sense and is still the group with which the name is associated.
DG is part of a NEW AGE type universalistic religious movement based on a re-invention of an Amerindian "Turtle Tribe".
DG is listed as member of their group on their site and described  as "Maggid ben Yoseif Tohokwahu, mixed Hebrew-Cherokee, kiva leader, webmaster and story-teller"
OK. This is a religious matter.
It is  a free country.
People may call themselves what they like.
This however is no longer something that can be considered "Ephraimite" or close to it.

Wikipedia: Aztlan
The concept of Aztlan as the place of origin of the pre-Columbian Mexican civilization has become a symbol for various Mexican nationalist and indigenous movements.

The name
Aztlan was first taken up by a group of Chicano independence activists led by Oscar Zeta Acosta during the Chicano movement of the 1960s and 1970s. They used the name "Aztlan" to refer to the lands of Northern Mexico that were annexed by the United States as a result of the Mexican-American War. Combined with the claim of some historical linguists and anthropologists that the original homeland of the Aztecan peoples was located in the southwestern United states, Aztlan in this sense became a symbol of mestizo activists who believe they have a legal and primordial right to the land.
Groups who have used the name "
Aztlan" in this manner include Plan Espiritual de Aztlan, MEChA (Movimiento Estudiantil Chicano de Aztl?, "Chicano Student Movement of Aztlan"), and the Nation of Aztlan (NOA).

Many in the Chicano Movement attribute poet
Alurista for popularizing the term Aztlan.

["Alurista" was a Marxist.]

3. Some Background Facts About DG
The account below is taken mainly from the publicized writings of DG himself along with other writings in the public domain. It therefore cannot be considered libelous.
Dell Griffin is a "white man" or at least looks like one.
He says he is partly of Cherokee origin.
DG came to Israel on at least two occasions. At first, he was the writer for the Jerusalem Post on Religions.
He was later dismissed from the Jerusalem Post according to his own account (given on one of his web sites) for attempting to access files concerning his colleagues.
DG may have had genuine journalistic achievements and connexions that evidently helped him at a later stage.
He became active in the "Ephraimite" movement and may even be considered one of its founders.
He published at least one issue of an "Ephraimite" newspaper and put out a plan to fill up the West Bank with Ephraimite Bnei Noachites.
[DG has since turned against the Bnei Noach movement and refers to it negatively].
He also had a scheme whereby those interested could purchase from him some kind of "portion" of the Land of Judah and Samaria ("the West Bank") or a future claim to it.
These projects received publicity and favorable reactions in some circles while creating a scandal in others.
He had previously met with John Hulley and interviewed him.
[John Hulley  identifies the Lost Ten Tribes historically mainly with the Ancient Cimmerians and Scripturally identifies them today with nations of Western Europe and their offspring. As far as present-day identifications go the conclusions of John Hulley are the same as those of Brit-Am.]
At one stage DG appeared to have adopted the views of John Hulley and still quotes from him to back up his doctrines.
As far as their conclusions go however DG and John Hulley hold quite different views.
DG had also made contact with Jewish right-wing activists and lead them to believe that through him they could possibly harness numerous potential Bnei-Noachites in support of Israeli control and settlement of the West Bank.
DG championed the cause of Robert Manning who was extradited from Israel to the USA on charges of murder.
Robert Manning was a friend of several leading personalities including Rabbi Avraham Feld. Robert Manning had a good reputation in Jewish Nationalist circles.
It was considered that an injustice had been done to Robert Manning.
By DG championing the  cause of Robert Manning he earned the gratitude and appreciation of others.
DG met with and befriended quite a few Rabbinical personalities who though they disagreed with his outlook still may have let themselves be associated somehow or other with his activities.
He also took up with a Bratslaver Hasid  ("Shani ben Dor"? Rabbi Schnieder?) some of whose teachings he incorporated into his own earlier doctrine.
The above account is correct but the events described may not have occurred in the exact consecutive order as that given. Some took place in Israel, others in the USA. At some stage DG had returned to the USA and continued his activities from there.
He gave numerous "seminars" on "Ephraimite" subjects and built up a following mainly amongst "Ephraimites."
His emphasis seems to have been on settlement of people who believed they were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes in the Land of Israel and their acceptance by the Jews.
DG came to Israel again (ca. 2000-2001) along with his wife and son.
His wife was evidently Hispanic and believed herself descended from Captive Jews.
The whole family began a process of conversion to Judaism which DG did not complete but his wife and son did and the family separated.
In Israel DG had began learning in the Rabbinical Institute, "Or Sameach", that had a program for prospective converts.
He lived in the Jerusalem suburb of Giloh which was subject to Arab sniper attacks from the neighboring villages.
DG wrote frequent reports describing the situation in Giloh and in Israel in general.
These reports were well received and quite popular.
It was at this time that he met with Yair Davidiy. He attended a Brit-Am meeting along with an entourage that included three rabbis and his lawyer. None of the "entourage" agreed with his views and they emphasized their disagreement.
Nevertheless they attended the meeting apparently in the expectation that something might come of it while giving the impression that they did not necessary want anything to do so.
The lawyer held views similar to those of Rabbi Avichail and specializes in representing "eccentrics" such as DG.
At the meeting itself various declarations and speeches were made mainly reflecting the personal opinions of those attending and nothing more than that.
At the time Yair Davidiy, Ephraim Frank, and Dell Griffin all posted fairly comprehensive reports of the meeting that were sent out to the Brit-Am mailing list.
It later transpired that DG had hoped to bring the Brit-Am membership over to his point of view that all (or most) Gentiles were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes.
DG had given a lot of publicity beforehand to this meeting.
He had also promoted himself as possibly about to make a breakthrough with the authorities that would enable "Ephraimites" to settle in Israel. Most of the people DG appealed to at that time were "Anglo" American "Ephraimites".
He was also then very open to Afro-Americans but recently (possibly due to his intensified "Chicano" associations who tend to be anti-black) has not mentioned them.
DG later accused Brit-Am of being racist though at our meeting with DG and his entourage Brit-Am attendees included a partly-African teacher of Hebrew and a lady of Indian descent both being from Jamaica.
[People of any race who are intelligent and sensitive usually prefer the truth to empty platitudes. Brit-Am serves as "home" to a lot of different personages.].
About a day or two later DG was arrested and we were told that it was on suspicion of associating with Christian Terrorists (?).
There was then a group of Christians in the Jerusalem area who had been plotting terrorist attacks against Jews in order to bring on the Millenium (?).
Rabbi Avraham Feld had helped expose their activities.
Rabbi Feld at that time had contacts with the Israeli Police and tried to clarify what the suspicions against DG were based upon. He was informed that "Interlocking" intelligence from at least two sources had placed suspicion on DG but no details were given.
Dell Griffin later explained that he had lodged in a boarding house opposite the room of one of these terrorists.
Later when the terrorist was arrested DG went to the jail to inquire after him.
DG also said that in his attempts to gather support he had contacted, or responded to contacts from, numerous groups that he could not keep track of and had no idea as to what their ideology was.
DG was incarcerated and then returned to the USA.
This was a traumatic experience for him as it would have been for most of us.
DG later claimed that his incarceration was due to Shimon Peres (an important Israeli politician and the present Foreign Minister) having had a vendetta against him. DG wrote that in his early journalistic days in Israel he had spoiled some kind of real estate deal that Shimon Peres had been involved in.
Barry Chamish wrote a few lines in support of DG protesting against the way the authorities had treated him.
Back in the USA DG engaged in private correspondence along with a public article or two in which he criticized Brit-Am and gave a misleading impression of us.
Later, Norman Willis came to Israel with DG stating that Norman was his representative. Norman Willis proceeded to formulate a scheme to obtain Israeli Government permission to settle Ephraimites in Israel.
This was accompanied by a public petition on his web-site of Ephraimites interested in settling in Israel.
After receiving some publicity and quite a bit of support from various Ephraimites, Norman then declared that the whole idea (which he himself had initiated) was a plot [by DG?] to get Messianic Christians out of the USA (where they were liable to proselytize Jews?) and in to the Israeli West Bank where the Palestinians could massacre them!
DG dissociated himself from Norman.
DG has now resurfaced and supports an alliance between Amerindians and Chicanos whom he now declares to be Israelites. He has also returned to emphasizing his Christian beliefs and added Mormon doctrines along with Amerindian sweat lodge sacred dance lore to his theological arsenal.
DG in effect at present is a New Age Universalistic type activist who also believes in the Lost Ten Tribes.
He describes himself as communicating with God from his belly and hearing voices.
Because of his background, the earlier impressions he gave to others, his former "Ephraimite"-orientated activities, the initial publicity he managed to achieve, contacts he made or gave the impression of making, and a certain following he built up over the years he has an importance that otherwise would not accrue to him.

DG states:
<<The Aztlan Membreno Apache have made 'ben Yoseif,' who is mixed Cherokee, their blood brother. He is helping them with their spiritual obligation to serve the wave of Chicano migrations, who MbY claims comprise at least one clan of the lost Israelite tribe of M'nashe and a lost Hebraic priesthood so concentrated that it could comprise the long-prophesied re-emergence of  the "sons of Zadok."

DG is here admitting that he has sold his soul.
He is encouraging Amerindians "to serve the wave of Chicano migrations".
This is a betrayal of Ephraim and by implication also of Judah.
As for his religion,
DG can believe what he likes. Brit-Am is NOT in the business of debating religion with others.
DG has become a bad egg or at least is acting like one. There are a lot of bad eggs in this world however and normally he would not concern us.
DG would not overduly interest us if he would not refer to us and if in the eyes of others he would have no connection to the Ephraimite movement.

The very nature of the reactions that we have had from "Ephraimites" asking us in the name of "Unity" to resolve the conflict indicate that our criticism of DG has indeed been a valid one.

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