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Brit-Am Now no. 1658.
Movement of the Ten Tribes of Israel.
2 March 2011, 26 Adar-Aleph 5772.

1. Cam Rea: Gog and Magog.
2. Daniel
Duffield: Are Not Mountains Symbolic of Countries?
3. Brit-Am and Wikipedia: Is Brit-Am Not Really Present? Are You a Victim of Mass Illusion?
4. Neither Minister nor Rabbi!
5. Brit-Am No Longer Needed?


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1. Cam Rea: Gog and Magog.
GOG and MAGOG by Alexander Zephyr.

After reading Alexander Zephyr's  Gog and Magog war articles I even have to admit that these are very good and should be studied. Alexander points a lot out when doing a compare and contrast of the scriptures. What it also shows me and this is just me speaking, and correct me if I am wrong, is that maybe all this hype about the end of the age of man is far from near? Nevertheless, I really enjoy Alexander's work, it has been an interest.
Cam Rea

2. Daniel Duffield: Are Not Mountains Symbolic of Countries?
GOG and MAGOG by Alexander Zephyr.

Hi Yair, I have heard that in the middle east "mouintains" can symbolize "kingdoms".  So instead of literal mountains in the land of Israel the prophecy could be speaking to the countries (kingdoms) that currently have a strong Israelite element.  These countries today are the "Western" nations with the USA being dominant.  I find it interesting that the USA has lived securely for a long time without walls (fences) and even after 9/11, we still haven't really protected ourselves.  This tends to go along with Steve Collins interpretation of Ezekiel 38.  Currently the USA is being attacked from within by non-patriotic forces and is being weakened to the point that an attack from the outside is feasible and probable.  There are ample enemies worldwide that seek the destruction of the USA. 
Prophecy in the bible is usually fulfilled in many ways and on many levels from literal to symbolic.  Time will tell how all these end-time events will be fulfilled.  We can be sure that they will come to pass and Judah and Ephraim will be reconciled and reunited in the land of promise.  These are very interesting times.  I appreciate all that Brit-Am does and is about! 

3. Brit-Am and Wikipedia: Is Brit-Am Not Really Present? Are You a Victim of Mass Illusion?

Some time ago, we submitted an article about Brit-Am to Wikipedia.
They rejected it because:
 (1) the article was not written in an objective manner.
 (2) They doubt the importance (or very existence!!) of Brit-Am.

Perhaps others could write a more objective account that would overcome objection no.1?
The basic source material may be obtained from our article:
The History of Brit-Am

As for objection no. 2 we are not sure what they need.
We have been active for decades and been spoken of on numerous forums.
We have put out publications, held meetings, been written about by others, maintained an e-mail discussion group, and kept web-sites that receive a relatively large number of visits per day!
Some of the "experts" on the Wikipedia panel however seemed to insinuate that the very existence of our publications is a figment of our imagination!!
We have published nine books and tens of magazine issues.
This has admittedly been a self-publishing effort but so what?
Self-publishing means that we may have made some profit out of our efforts even when only a relatively modest number have been sold.
This enables us to function and sometimes keep publishing.
Is there anything wrong with that?
Most of the books have sold reasonably well. And they are still selling.
The prices are not exorbitant but neither can we be accused of giving them away for nothing either.
People pay good money for our works because they have a reputation of being worth it. And they are.
Based on facts alone no-one has ever succeed in refuting our basic premises.
There is a demand for our publications and a wide-spread documented appreciation of them.
The publications are sold by us and by other web-sites and by book-selling companies such as Amazon etc.

The books on publication received ISBN numbers from the ISBN office in Israel and copies were sent (as required by law) to the Israel National Library.
We have been active for decades.
A Google search for Brit-Am gives 7,360,000 results. There are other organizations with this name (football teams, tobacco companies, international security organizations, etc) but we would still say that a good portion of the entries concern us.

A Google search for Yair Davidiy yields 3,010 results.
A Google search for  Yair Davidy gives 1,430 results.
A Google search for  Yair Davidi gave 40,500 results.
 (These are all the same names in Hebrew but spelt differently in English.)
Yair Davidiy is only known due to his association with Brit-Am.

Not to have an entry in Wikipedia is not the end of the world.
Most of  those who might look at such an entry anyway are they who already have an interest in us.
If Wikipedia does not provide the info perhaps they will keep going and probably come directly to us which is better anyway.
Also if we merit to continue and grow we should eventually reach a level where we cannot be ignored even by Wikipedia.

Anyway it is worth noting:
According to the experts at Wikipedia you are subscribed to a list that might not exist. The books you bought from us might not be real.
The reading you did could have been imaginary.
The Brit-Am web-site you visit and  spent hours perusing might never have been there.
You and hundreds of thousands (maybe millions?) over the years may have all been victims of some type of mass illusion.
The Wikipedia experts say so.
How can they be wrong?

4. Neither Minister nor Rabbi!
T wrote us a few missives.
In the past we had corresponded with him several times. He described himself as in a difficult situation and we assumed he then was.
Later he announced that he had given large sums of money to other groups and had initially intended to also help us.
Since however we said something (in a Biblical study?) he considered offensive he decided not to.
He then referred to our appeals for funds and our public suggestion that Brit-Am could also be considered a worthy recipient of tithes.
He concluded that since we are neither a Minister or Rabbi in his opinion we do not deserve it.
This is fair enough.
Our appeals are directed to those who benefit from Brit-Am and appreciate its value.
Those who think differently can ignore whatever they like and should do so.
We are not Minsters and never claimed to be Rabbis.
It happens that people out of respect sometimes address us as Rabbi: We usually request them to refrain from such in the future.
From our point of view over the years we put in time, effort, and self-dedication. Divine Providence blessed us with results some of which are still forthcoming. We also spread knowledge of our findings and refine them while providing a forum for all those who are interested in the matter.
In a sense we feel we are made for what we do and others feel the same. These are our qualifications.
Brit-Am provides a service and considers it a great privilege to do so.
Even though we badly need funds there is also commensurate merit in supporting what we do.
The good deed is mutual.
This has value beyond whether or not one likes us personally.

5. Brit-Am No Longer Needed?
You did research and wrote books. You found Rabbinical sources etc  and wrote them done.
Everything is now in your publications. You are no longer needed, are you? A.

Brit-Am Reply:
Others may take what we wrote and build on it if they are capable.
This may not be so simple since the information has been distilled from numerous sources and contrary opinions.
Some knowledge of the background, contexts, and relative hierarchy of different authorities is an advantage.
Also we promote awareness of the findings in question and are equipped to defend our conclusions while refining them if necessary. We also have been blessed with ongoing new findings, etc. There is also the secular evidence and informational leads.
This is just in the field of research.
We have other things going for us.
No-body is perfect.
There is always room for improvement.
Judah was blessed as having the virtues and qualities of both an old and a young lion (Genesis 49:9).
The Mahararal (Gur Aryeh, Genesis 49:28) pointed out that while each tribe received its own individual blessing which was in some sense unique to itself; all the Tribes shared aspects of the blessings of each other.
Whether or not we pertain to Judah we too may have something of both the old and young lion in us.
In some ways we may have just begun.

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