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Brit-Am Now no. 1121
1. Tessa: British Royalty is far from an unbroken genetic line
2. Shaun Hansen: The USA is fulfilling a divine mission
3. Anonymous: "things that are thrown out by Brit-Am"
4. The Scroll, Popular inaccuracies, and Brit-Am Apology on Behalf of Judah
5. "Origin" in French now available in Book Form
6. Parthian Altar with Israelite Symbols
7. Brian Patmore: Thoughts on Prophecy and the Need for Patience


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1. Tessa: British royalty is far from an unbroken genetic line
Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1120

Shalom Yair

When the line of British monarchs is examined for possible links to the Davidic throne, it should be remembered that British royalty is far from an unbroken genetic line. In several cases over the centuries there has been an abrupt ending of a dynasty, followed by a monarch from a completely unrelated (or only distantly related) bloodline. To suggest that the occupant of this throne is the likely fulfillment of 1Kings 9:5 or Isaiah 9:7 is naive and inadequate. British Israelism, in its zeal to replace Israel, has erred in factual evidence, claiming for itself glory that belongs to another.

Blessings - Tessa

 2. Shaun Hansen: The USA is fulfilling a divine mission
 RE: Brit-Am Now no. 1120

All kingdoms not erected by God will eventually collapse.  However, the United States, despite its failings and pride and increasing decadence, is fulfilling a divine mission.  Specifically, the principles contained in the Constitution of the United States have revolutionized the world and continue to do so.  For those who have ears to hear, the Constitution of the United States is part of the Stone cut without hands that Daniel saw that is rolling forth and breaking up other kingdoms.  People will be free- God has mandated it.  People who choose evil will be destroyed and people who choose good will be gathered either to Jerusalem (the gathering place for Judah/Benjamin) or New Jerusalem (the gathering place for the other tribes). The gathering has already commenced, as has the destruction of those who have decided to choose evil.

3.  Anonymous: "things that are thrown out by Brit-Am"
Dear Yair,
  I have personally run into 'identity' people through your site, they contacted me and directed me to their sites which are to say the least very scary. Unfortunately, some things that are thrown out by Brit-Am because they are embraced by identity sites like Tea Tephi is just counter productive for the west to see herself. Again, you are also correct in that if the Almighty wants something done who is to stop Him? We will be revealed in time and in His way. In the meantime, the identity freaks try to convince people that the Jews today aren't Judah of yesterday which is completely and self serving. What egotists. What unfounded hatred. Like Jews would ask for the years of persecution for fun? No disrespect meant, but logically speaking it doesn't even make sense to a true thinker. Please DO NOT print my name or e-mail this time so the 'identity freaks' don't contact me again. Thank you.

Brit-Am Reply:
The story of Tea Tephi indeed has a very powerful attraction.
We should re-examine all the relevant sources and if there is anything authentic in it we should grasp hold of it and publicize it.
Otherwise we cannot do so even though negative elements are then liable to exploit its popular appeal for their own ends.

We have nothing personal against the idea of Tea Tephi.
On the contary,
If you look at the Genealogical List from Tea Tephi
you will see Tea Tephi at no.51
51. Q. Tea Tephi (b. B. C. 565), marries Eochaidh, a Prince of the scarlet thread, later King Heremon, descended from Zerah.
Then further down the line you will come to Nial.
101. K. Nail of the Nine Hostages.
According to present DNA findings the Northwest Irish Modal DNA (R1b1c7) is the lineage of Nial and this is our family lineage.
If Tea existed she may have been my ancestress!
[As well as the ancestress of very very many others].

4. The Scoll, Popular inaccuracies, and Brit-Am Apology on Behalf of Judah
From: Allen Ramsay
re Scroll of Bush

Yair, what do you make of the attached photo of a scroll given to Pres. G. W. Bush on his recent trip to Israel and signed by:
 a.. Rabbi Adan Steinzaltz, High Priest of the Sanhedrin
 b.. Rabbi Chaim Reichman, Chief Rabbi of the Holy Temple
 c... Dr. Gadi Schel, Chief Representative of The New Jewish Congress
The Scroll declared that he, Bush, is none other than the prophesied Gog, of the land of Magog; that is, Chief Prince of Meshech.

As the scroll declares,

"Esteemed Mr. George W. Bush, the Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal (Ezekiel 38:1), Leader of the West!"

I always was taught that Ezekiel 38 dealt with the Slavic races but the Sanhedrin claiming the interpretation goes to the US, a nation composed with at least 40 % Israelite decendents.

I can see the US as part of the 'King of the North' and that scenario of Daniel's being played out right now in the Middle East but the US being taged as Magog seems to be a bit geographically challenged.

Your comments please.

- Al Ramsay

Brit-Am Reply:
We dealt with this matter at length and over several postings:

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#2. The Position of Rabbi Richman

Concerning your letter the following points should be made:
The Scroll WAS NOT GIVEN to President Bush or anybody else.
They said they would try and give it to the President but did not succeed in doing so.
Rabbi Adan Steinzaltz is not the "High Priest of the Sanhedrin"
He is not a High Priest but a Rabbi.
He is definitely a scholar but controversial. His books have been banned in some Orthodox circles and are seldom (if ever) to be found amongst the Ultra-Orthodox.
There exists an organization that set itself up and hoped to form a framework out of which a Sanhedrin could emerge. They were unsuccessful and their enterprise appears to be falling apart.
Rabbi Chaim Richman is not "Chief Rabbi of the Holy Temple".
Rabbi Chaim Richman is a spokesman for the Temple Institute which is an educational enterprise that teaches about the Temple.
The Temple Instituteas has also taken upon itself the task of preparing the necessary utensils for Temple Service.

The Brit-Am position is that it was criminally irresponsible for the Scroll to refer to President Bush as "Chief Prince of Meshech and Tubal (Ezekiel 38:1), Leader of the West!"
It is inaccurate, insulting, and counter-productive.

Rabbi Richman did say that the title used was symbolic and referred to the task being fulfilled and not ancestral identification.

Nevertheless, it has been interpreted otherwise and from the beginning it was obvious that this was liable to happen.

Brit-Am apologizes on behalf of Judah and students of the Taanach in Judah for any offence that was caused by the irresponsible use by others of their public standing and the unfortunate terminology that was employed.

On the other hand US declarations and efforts attempting to de-legitimize the settlement of Judah ANYWHERE WHATSOEVER in the Land of Israel are also criminal and evil and need to be atoned for by "Joseph".
It should be realized that Jews who live in Israel or identify with Jews in Israel are greatly perturbed by the negative aspect of US policy that is against Jewish settlement in the liberated Land of Israel.
It is only natural that their reactions will therefore not always be as balanced and considerate as they should be.

5. "Origin" in French now available in Book Form
Translated by Claude Boisseau <>
the French edition is now available in book form
Even if you do not read French take a look at the URL and
the cover design Claude Boisseau has chosen.

For a note about "Origin" in English see:

6. Parthian Altar with Israelite Symbols
From: Cam Rea
Subject: Interesting artifact

I found an interesting artifact said to be of Parthian origin. It is called a "Fire Alter" I have provided the link below for you to look at and if you wish can share with the rest in the news letter.

Notice that the picture has a Lion and above the lion is the star of David. In addition, notice that there are four bearded men on the object one on each corner which may be a type of representation of the cherubim since they had four faces. The four faces surround where the fire would be lit.
It seems, and one could speculate, that the fire represents the eternal flame of [the Almighty] and the four faces are the Cherubim. The lion represents Judah and the star represents David's family line.


7. Brian Patmore; Thoughts on Prophecy and the Need for Patience
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now no. 1120

Shalom Yair,

It is great to hear that people are really getting into the concept of the two houses and the imminent return to Israel as per prophesy.

I do not want to quote scripture at this juncture but lend a few logical thoughts for contemplation, as Our Father in Heaven is a most logical and prudent father.

Firstly, he would have wanted the people to be chastised, which has happened, and then have them live in a place far away from the sinful persecutors, Assyrians etc, so that the people could have time to multiply in relative safety (as per prophesy) and also have opportunity to return to the knowledge of their Father in Heaven, hold his word in high regard and spread his word around the world as he had promised in prophesy (even via some brutal colonialistic methods.)

This has been done.

The promise is that the people would be brought back from out of all the nations of the Earth (all of them world wide !!!)

This will be done just like everything else has so been done so far.

There are very dark times ahead and it looks like many of us may perish during the ensuing wars etc.

Will this reduce the numbers enough to people the land within the ancient borders of Israel? My take is that we cannot tell.

Will the return be only a representative presence ? I personally do not think so because Hashem has said that he will return the Children of Israel (ALL).

Will the new Israel extend beyond the ancient borders of Israel (i.e. from the Nile to the Euphrates) I certainly cannot tell, maybe some one else may be able to make an exact statement from scripture, but I myself cannot at this point in time.

There are so many things that are not certain and Hashem wants that as it is for our own future good.

The people had to have set places (lands elsewhere) so that they could multiply and receive the major part of the wealth of the Earth. This as a people they have indeed received without any doubt.

This had to be prior to the return to Israel.

The Messiah is a Saviour to come to the rescue of Israel under the power and authority of The Almighty God of Israel, to save the people, set up The Messianic Kingdom and Rule the entire Earth (at least from my readings.) How all this is to be achieved is in the hands of Hashem and was not written down by the Prophets in great detail (e.g. remember the command to Daniel not to record certain information.)

Logically The Lord does not want these details to be known in order to avoid any complications and other reasons known only to him.

Patience must be exercised by ALL ISRAELITES, both House of Judah and House of Israel.

Remember the patience of Our Father in Heaven, who could have destroyed all of us at any time but in his great love and understanding has granted us so many blessings as a people, blessings that we do not really deserve in the main.

But still he is constant in his love, patience and understanding !!

It is not much to ask that we all concentrate on learning about Our Father in Heaven, who we are, why all is the way it is, what the Lord plans for us and our children etc etc.

We will have some very hard times but at the end the reward is something beyond anything we could ever imagine !!

Multitudes descended from Levi and David.

This is a good thing to keep present in the heart of all Israelites that some of our brothers and sisters are from these lines and shows a continuity of the Lord's Plan for us.

David's future rulership has been discussed on many sites, but how all will come about is really unknown at this point in time and is best left at that and accepted only in faith.

When it comes to the moment that an event occurs, we will all know then, I guess.

Patience and faith in Our Father in Heaven !!


Brit-Am is the "still small voice" that contains the truth.

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