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11 February 2010, 27 Shevet 5770
1. Brit-Am and Funding.
2. New Article: The Identification of Israel with Saturn by John R. Salverda
3. Duncan Long: you should never hesitate to ask
4. Brit-Am Challenged Over Its Fund-Raising!
5. What Does the Brit-Am Money Go On?


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1. Brit-Am and Funding

This is the message that was sent out recently:
Someone recently sent us a letter mentioning amongst other matters the bad impression our frequent "pleas for money" make.

This is what Brit-Am, the Lost Ten Tribes Movement, is.
The money is needed.
Everyone else i.e. every other group and public service organization, either makes similar pleas or gets funded without having to publicly ask for it.

We are a public service organization who do just that, provide a service.
This service is needed and it is our duty to provide it.
This is what we have to do, what we believe in, and what we understand must be done, and what we like doing.

Divine Providence has so arranged matters that we need money that we have not got and that Brit-Am,  the Lost Ten Tribes Movement,
has to request it.

Actually over the last few months the situation improved greatly and major debts that we had were paid off.

We still need your financial input to continue.

We have a new magazine, "New Tribesman", coming out.
"New Tribesman" should be back from the Press this week and then we will start sending issues out.
It is recommended that you subscribe:
By subscribing to "New Tribesman" you will be helping us and also receiving a publication of immense value.

Apart from subscribing to "New Tribesman" however we still need your offerings:
Like everybody else we have those who are dependent upon us, obligations to meet, and daily needs, along with accounts to others that should have been paid already, and so on.

Most people who receive our messages etc do not contribute though they benefit.
We ask you to send us an offering not only on behalf of yourselves but also for the sake of the others.

Brit-Am provides a valuable service and should be reasonably enabled to keep on going.
Please make an offering allowing us to continue and expressing your support.

God be with you all.

For details how to contribute go to:

2. New Article
The Identification of Israel with Saturn
by John R.
The Midrash, Josephus, and the Palestinian Targums claim that the so called "Lost Ten Tribes" were carried away by Assyria an placed in a land that, as we learn from the story of Eldad the Danite, was completely surrounded by a river. The river was called the "Sabbation" (this is apparently the same river that Pliny refers to as the "Sambatyon," and is located in the same country that is called by Ptolemy "the land of the Sambatae") named for the holy Sabbath of the Israelites because it flowed for six days then rested. (A myth as it were, it wasn't the flow of the river, but the flow of river traffic that rested every seven days on these rivers so heavily populated by Sabbath worshippers.)

 3. Duncan Long: you should never hesitate to ask
 Re: Brit-Am and Funding

I am sorry I have no ready cash to give - but I can give my 2 cents worth in opinion. If folks don't like frequent pleas for money, then they should cough up some cash and send it to you so you don't have to keep asking.

If they haven't sent money recently, then they shouldn't complain. It isn't like you have a fancy jet and travel on your contributor's dime (as is the case with too many charities).

You're doing great work and you should never hesitate to ask for those of us who are benefiting from your very hard work to contribute if we can. The ox is not to be muzzled when it labors!  Neither should those doing good ever be muzzled when they need to ask for money to continue their operations.


4. Brit-Am Challenged Over Its Fund-Raising!
Re: Brit-Am and Funding
TG wrote:


TG said
The organization of the public sector (public ownership) can take several forms, including:

    * Direct administration funded through taxation; the delivering organization generally has no specific requirement to meet commercial success criteria, and production decisions are determined by government.
    * Publicly owned corporations (in some contexts, especially manufacturing, "state-owned enterprises"); which differ from direct administration in that they have greater commercial freedoms and are expected to operate according to commercial criteria, and production decisions are not generally taken by government (although goals may be set for them by government).
    * Partial outsourcing (of the scale many businesses do, e.g. for IT services), is considered a public sector model.

Brit-Am Replies:
TG, you seem to be quoting from some legalistic definition.
I was translating from the Hebrew language usage.
A Public Service [Tsorcei Tsibur] is something from which other people benefit and to which the public in general has access, no matter who provides it.

TG asked:


What is the tingible value of your 'service'?

Brit-Am Replies:
To tinge (Merriam-Webster's Online Dictionary) is to:
1 a : to color with a slight shade or stain : tint b : to affect or modify with a slight odor or taste
2 : to affect or modify in character

TG, I do not know what our tingible value is. We do not try to "tinge" or "paint" [tinge] anyone.
We may however modify the attitude of some for the better (we hope).

If by "tingible" you intended tangible then that is another question.

Assuming you meant to ask what our tangible contributions has been:
Our two major values are:
We present proof as to the identity of the Lost Ten Tribes with specific Western Peoples.
Our researches use Biblical, Rabbinical and Secular sources and provide both direct and supportive evidence concerning the Lost Ten Tribes.
We have merited to reveal new evidence and still merit to do so and most of this we submit to the public domain.

In addition:
We provide insights in Biblical Studies in general along with News features in contemporary affairs and sundry disciplines.
Overall we strengthen Biblical consciousness, pro-Jewish pro-Israel feeling, and loyalty to Western Values as epitomized in American and British Tradition.

TG asks:

From what a sense of moral commitment to someone are you making claims of duty?

Brit-Am Replies:
We have discovered knowledge that was lost to they who should have it. We are endeavoring to return this knowledge to its owners.
There is a need to fulfill the task we have taken upon ourself.
No-one else at present (as far we know) is doing the same as us.
Divine Providence leads us along this path.
It is what should be done and what we should do and are capable of.

What is your problem TG? Are you jealous of us? Resentful? Do you think we receive tons of money for doing little?
[We do not receive tons of money and we do much! If you want details see item no.5 below].
Some people probably ask why we even bother with types like yourself but you have your uses.
Do you think we mislead others? We do not.

The Almighty is our witness and will judge all of us when the time comes.
HE gave us the Bible. I did not write it. HE did.
If you have problems with what is written take them to the Author!

For details how to contribute go to:

5. What Does the Brit-Am Money Go On?
We do not intend to publicly debate the details of our expenses and commitments.
The following outline however may be of use:
Brit-Am pays ca. $1600 per month in rent, city taxes, utilities, etc. This includes dwelling, office space, storage area, in Jerusalem.
Location in Jerusalem is more expensive than many other areas in Israel but it has advantages that offset the expense.
For instance,
In most other places we would need transport of our own. In Jerusalem, so far,  we get by without it. There are other advantages to Brit-Am in our being in the Jerusalem area such as meeting those who are interested in the subject, etc.
We have personal commitments (to our mind vital to the Brit-Am Operation) to others of more than $1000 per month.
[By rights this sum should actually be larger than it is but that at present is what it is.]
Expenses linked with Brit-Am operations should reach ca. $1400 per month.
This includes publications, office operations, personal needs, etc.

In practice INCOME is much less than the above and debts accrue.
Living expenses in Israel can be about the same as in the USA.
In some areas they are less but in others more.

These expenses are not exorbitant by any standard when compared with similar operations in North America or Israel.
By rights Yair Davidiy should perhaps expect more for himself but for the present we accept what there is, as what there is.
There is little "fat" available. There is also no surplus and each month requires a new effort.

From our last appeal one person replied with an offering of $100. This was very welcome.
We are grateful for what was sent and bless the one who sent it.
Nevertheless the reaction was disappointing.
There are people who send us $10 per month and this helps. There are others who send larger amounts.
At the moment we lack most of what is needed.

What do you get for the money?
Apart from our productions as may be seen from these messages and Web site articles and publications we reach an estimated 300,000 different people per year and have a permanent audience (the composition of which changes over time) of around 2000 to 3000 on average every day.

Academics, politicians, religious functionaries, public thinkers, professionals, and people in all walks of life from every nation have been influenced by us for the better. We have Jews and Gentiles amongst our audience, appeal to everyone but our focus is on Judah and the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel.

We could (in our opinion) achieve much much more in several directions if we had more resources.
In the meantime our outreach with what we have is impressive and new doors may be opening up.

For details how to contribute go to:


Pleased with what you read?
The Brit-Am enterprise is a Biblical work.
God willing, they who assist Brit-Am will be blessed.
Brit-Am depends on contributions alongside purchases of our publications

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  George Washington

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