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2 November 2008, 4 Cheshvan 5769
1. Unconvinced and Unsatisfied with Brit-Am
2. Pleased with New BAMBI Recordings
3. More New BAMBI Recordings
4. Question on the Mummies of Jacob and Joseph
Ossetia ["Alania"] Claims a Connection to Scotland!


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1. Unconvinced and Unsatisfied with Brit-Am
From: Sinead Lunney <>
RE: Why WE Should Support the State of Israel!
 I have never read such inaccurate interpretations in my life, I thought the catholics were bad for cheap self serving interpretation but this gives the game a whole new meaning. In typical Zionist fashion you attempt to justify the displacement and disenfranchisement of millions of Palestinians with the bible.  The bible is as much a myth as the stories of Germans, Russians and other lies you have written here.

On the one hand the Principles of Free Speech say that you can have your own opinion and say what you like.
On the other hand someone who says something that may have far-reaching repercussions should be prepared to back it up.

2. Pleased with New BAMBI Recordings
I began listening to some of your broadcasts and really liked what I heard. Keep up the good work!

3. More New BAMBI Recordings

Psalm Ten
 (ca. 25 minutes)

Psalm Eleven
(ca. 11 minutes)

Psalm One Hundred and Nineteen (1) Alep
(ca. 15 minutes)

Noah and the Flood. General Directions to All Mankind
(ca. 31 minutes)

4. Question on the Mummies of Jacob and Joseph
From: Becky 

I enjoy reading my e-mail daily, mainly because of BritAm!  I, too, feel I am of the lineage of Abraham, Isaac, & Jacob. (My family migrated from England in 1656, to the U.S.A.)  I searched the Internet for information on the Lost Ten Tribes several years ago and found your website!  But, I was already looking - awakened by a deeper 'need-to-know'. .. 
I do have two questions for you, Yair, that I have been wondering about.  In the last chapter of the book of Genesis, we are told by Moses that Jacob's and Joseph's bodies were embalmed in Egypt and taken back to Israel for burial (at different times).  I know that the tombs of the two patriarchs are said to be located, but where are their mummified bodies?  I'm certain that the way that the Bible states "And They Embalmed Israel" is significant (and Egyptians certainly knew how to preserve bodies).  Is this significance of being preserved because their DNA will someday clarify who is really who?  And if the location of their mummified remains are not known, could it be that one of the bodies on some museum shelf is really Jacob or Joseph from earlier grave robberies?  What a discovery that could be - DNA that could prove tribal identity!  Or am I way off-base?  I appreciate your answer in this matter.
Thanks a lot, you're doing a wonderful job.  I have two of your books and listen to your BAMBI talks, too!
 Louisiana,  U.S.A.

Jacob is buried (along with Abraham Isaac Sarah Rebecca and Leah) in the Cave of the Patriarchs (Ma-arat HaMachpela) in Hebron. Joseph is buried in Schechem.
Where exactly their bodies are is however unknown.

5. Ossetia ["Alania"] Claims a Connection to Scotland!

forwarded by Jim Wright

BBC News
Ossetia's connection to Scotland
Hundreds of years ago, Ossetians roamed all over Western Europe, from the Caucasus to Scotland. As Tim Whewell reveals, the folk memories of these wanderings have lingered down the centuries, so that it can be hard to tell where myth ends and history begins.

But the Ossetians are not just like the medieval Scots. As far as they are concerned, they are the Scots. And the Scots are them.

Centuries ago, possibly during the great migrations of the Dark Ages, some of their ancestors went down from the Caucasus and set sail through the Black Sea, the Mediterranean, the Atlantic, and arrived eventually in a landscape they recognised: Caledonia.

In fact, though, they did not just occupy Scotland. They occupied the whole of Western Europe on their fast horses, spreading the chivalrous respect for women that is originally an Ossetian concept.

Some children are taught about the arrival of the first Saxons, or Frisians, Hengist and Horsa. Very few know the story of our legendary Trojan ancestor Corinius and his battle on the cliffs of Cornwall with the giant Gogmagog.

Ossetian children know all about their forefathers' wanderings around Europe and how eventually their territory diminished again to those two little pockets on either side of the great Caucasian watershed, the southern one of which we heard so much about, so briefly, in August.

But the Ossetians, in their glory days of continental mastery, were not known by that name. They were sometimes Sarmatians, and sometimes Alans.

Every third Ossetian you meet now seems to be called Alan, and the north Ossetian republic, within Russia, is officially "Alania", as satisfying, I suppose, for Alans as it would be for me to live in Timia.

Meanwhile, the Alans in the south now live, supposedly, in an independent state, a miniscule country of 50,000 people, recognised only by Russia, Nicaragua and Somalia.

The rest of the world insists it is still part of Georgia, though the people I met there said that since the war they could never again live in one country with Georgians.


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