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Characteristics of the Tribe of Levi

[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

[Basic Outlines Only for the Present.  At a later date we may add more details. ]

The following notes are derived from the work of Rabbi Fishel Mael. He brings sources for everything he says.
All of his sources are conventionally accepted Rabbinical religious works. Nevertheless, it is worth remembering that as well as being a Torah Scholar, Rabbi Mael is also a professional psychologist. Reflections of his psychological appreciation of reality may be noticed in his work.


The Tribe of Levi kept the Commandment of Circumcision in the Land of Egypt and during the sojourning in the Wilderness.

The other Tribes ceased keeping this commandment at some stage under Egyptian Bondage.
They also did not keep it in the Wilderness.
Only when they entered the Land of Canaan under the leadership if Joshua did the Israelites renew the practice of circumcision (Joshua ch.5).

Each of the Tribes was influenced by its own geographical direction and its own characteristics.
The north in the negative sense is associated with homicidal tendencies.
The south with sensuality and licentiousness.
In principal Levi belonged to the north but it had been released from the influence of that direction.

The Tribe of Levi had a moderating and calming influence on the other Tribes.

Levi through the Maccabees (the Hasmoneans at Chanuccah) overcame the powers of Yavan (Greece and Hellenization).
Since Levi was destined to overcome Yavan a certain parallelism between the two existed.
[So too, Joseph is destined to overcome Edom and so Edom and Joseph (Midrash Breishit Rabah 99:2) have certain similarities between each other.]
There are likenesses between Levi and Joseph that will become more apparent in the discussion on Joseph.

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