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Characteristics of the Tribe of Joseph

[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

[Basic Outlines Only for the Present.  At a later date we may add more details. ]

The following notes are derived from the work of Rabbi Fishel Mael. He brings sources for everything said below. Our own understanding and opinion do not necessarily coincide.

The Tribe of Joseph

Joseph managed to rule over the Egyptians by virtue of his overcoming sensual lust.
Joseph earned the name "Tsafanat Panaech" (Hidden Matters Decipher) by having the lusts and passions of the Egyptians directed where how he wished them to be. (p.158).
This was why he caused the Egyptians to be circumcised, to moderate and control their passions.
When Joseph died his sons, Ephraim and Manasseh, were unable to overcome the lusts of Egypt or its temptations. They lost control. This was paralleled by both the Israelites and the Egyptians ceasing to circumcise themselves.
The Tribe of Levi however managed to keep themselves apart and in  this respect were similar to Joseph.
Joseph was called both a bull (Hebrew : shor) and a bull-calf (Aegel).
The golden calf and the calf that was beheaded for unknown manslaughter  remind us of Joseph.
The Anointed Priest for War is associated with Joseph and has some aspects that will also be found in Messiah son of Joseph.
The Tribe of Joseph was known for Acts of Kindness (Gemilut Chasidim).
The positive aspects of Joseph bring blessings and prosperity to the world.
The negative aspects are liable to cause impurity and famine.
Issachar and Joseph supplement each other.
The Greeks had aspects of Issachar and Joseph in the negative sense.
Joseph is linked to the Feast of Chanukkha.
The Angel Raphael  represents the Quality of Healing. Raphael is associated with Ephraim,
By purifying oneself from jealousy of others, and by seeking to dwell only within one's own confines it is possible to reach the level of Joseph and to be saved from the evil eye.

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