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Characteristics of the Tribe of Dan

[Based on the work ("Shivtei Yisrael") of Rabbi Fishel Mael.]

[Basic Outlines Only for the Present.  At a later date we may add more details. ]

The following notes are derived from the work of Rabbi Fishel Mael. He brings sources for everything said below.
Dan was destined from the beginning to receiver two portions: One in the south of the Land of Israel, and another in the north.

There are three main divisions amongst the Tribe of Israel:

1. The Children of Leah: These are characterized by the quality of "Chesed" i.e. of Compassion and charity. They were mostly in the south.

2. The Children of Rachel: These are characterized by the quality of "Gevurah" i.e. heroism and might. These were mostly in the middle.

3. 2. The Children of the Handmaidens: These are characterized by the quality of "Tiferet" i.e. truth, glory, and honor. These were mostly in the north.

The way of Leah has something of the feminine principle.
The quality of Rachel is more masculine.
The conquest of the Land was mainly through the Sons of Rachel.

The snake (serpent) represents idolatry.  Its essence is pride. Jacob the Patriarch compared Dan to a serpent and a snake was depicted on his Tribal Standard.
[There is also a positive aspect to the serpent, otherwise it would not have been made the symbol of an Israelite Tribe.]
The positive aspect of the serpent is known as "Nachash DeKedusha" [Snake of Holiness]: It embodies the principle of judgement and adjudication.
The Tribe of Dan had the ability to decide judgements correctly.

There are two types of evil instinct:
a. Lust which emanates from the physicality of the human condition.
b. Impurity.

Lust afflicts more simple men who are not devious.
Impurity attacks great people and has an indirect approach.
Abaye said: # Whosoever is  great, has the greater capacity for evil. #

Lust is associated with the south, Impurity with the north.
In Hebrew, another name for the evil impulse of Impurity is "Tsafoni". This word "Tsafoni"   means both "The Northern One" and the "The Hidden One".
Its hidden aspect fits its devious, deceptive, underhand nature.

The Tribe of Dan had both northern and southern qualities therefore it inherited in both the north and south.

Dan also had the quality of Chesed i.e. of Compassion and Kindness.
Samson had the northern qualities of Dan.

Connection between Dan and Yavan (Greece): Dan and the Feast of Channukha.

Naphtali and Asher were the neighbors of Dan in the north.

Asher had many females, Naphtali many males.
[See "Mesheck Chocmah" for another oopinion.]

Oholiab from the Tribe of Dan was together with Betsalael from Judah in building the Tabernacle.
This parallels:
King Solomon from Judah and Hiram from Dan who helped Solomon build the Temple.
In building the Tabernacle Betsalel was occupied more with hard materials, - gold, silver, bronze, and other metals.
Oholiab was concerned more with softer materials such as the coverings.

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