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Isaiah Summary chs 51 to 55

The Ten Tribes in the Isles will anticipate the Almighty. The Ten Tribes must realize who they are and acknowledge the Almighty. The Jews bore the sins of others and were blamed for the faults of the Gentiles. The Messiah will be a descendant of David from the Tribe of Judah. Everything can be made better than it is. We must believe in our own potential to do good to ourselves and to others.


 chapters 51 to 55 

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The Brit-Am Summary of Isaiah

Chapters 51 to 55

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Isaiah Summary chs.51 to 55

They who seek righteousness are called upon to seek the Source (51:1), Abraham and Sarah (51:2). God will bless Zion and make her fertile (51:3).   THE ISLES (i.e. the Lost Ten Tribes) SHALL WAIT UPON ME (51:5). Peoples and cultures that owed a lot to Jerusalem and all it stands for abandoned Jerusalem and the Jewish people (51:8). The enemies who oppressed the Jews and Jerusalem will be requited and vengeance taken upon them (51:23). The Assyrians oppressed both Judah and ten tribed Israel though the Ten Tribes were the ones the Assyrians exiled. The Assyrians forced them to accept the Assyrian religion. They were already practising pagans to a large degree and heavily influenced by the surrounding Canaanite and Middle East cults. These were similar to the Greeek ones that were derived from the same sources.
The Lost Ten Tribes are not keeping the faith of Moses nor are they acknowledging their true identity (52:4). As long as the Ten Tribes do not know of their origins and do not turn back to the God of Israel it is as if they were taken away.  For this reason the Name (Reputation) of God is blasphemed and people do not own up to the truth of the Bible (52:5). Israel is the servant of God (52:13).
The Jews were despised and treated as sub-humans. People were astonished at the depths the Jews were reduced to (52:14). They will be astounded that they whom they had treated with such contempt had all along been the favored children of God Almighty (52:15).    The Jew sufffered due to other people. He was the first victim, the eternal scape-goat for the faults and misfortunes of others.
The Gentiles will admit that Judah was considered accursed yet his affliction was due to our imposing upon him the results of our own calamities (Isaiah 53:4). The Jew was punished for the sins of others (53:5). The Jew often succeeded in  dedicating himself to the Law when he could. When he was forced (by outsiders) or seduced  to abandon it he applied his energies in other directions: in jurisprudence, trade, science, philosophy, philanthropy. The Messiah shall come from Judah. The Jew has a natural instinct to reform things, to rectify the world. When the Jew is deprived of Torah this instinct can be misdirected. Sometimes it does good and on occasion it can do damage. Either way the Jew is hated by many Gentiles merely because he is active, is different and stands out.
The sins of others are transposed onto the Jew (53:11). In the Last Days Judah shall be rich and powerful and a great nation, amongst the greatest that exist.
AND HE SHALL DIVIDE THE SPOIL WITH THE STRONG: Judah shall be a military might, an old lion who must be dealt with carefully and with respect.
 AND HE WAS NUMBERED WITH THE TRANSGRESSORS; Jews were accused and still are of all the sins under the sun and still more and of being criminals and controlling all the crime and mischief of the world.
 AND HE BARE THE SIN OF MANY, Not only was Judah made responsible for the sins of others but he also took upon himself to make retribution for the faults of others.
AND MADE INTERCESSION FOR THE TRANSGRESSORS. Jews champion the oppressed and seek to help whoever needs help even when those who are in need were the cause of their own downfall (53:12). Judah will return prior to the Ten Tribes and prepare the way for them. Judah will rebuild the waste places (54:3). God was angry but HE will yet have mercy (54:8). The art of enamelling can be traced from Israel and Phoenecia to the Celts of Britain and Anglo-Saxons with the same methods and the same styles. This appears to have been unique to these peoples (54:11). The Messiah will be a descendant of David (55:3). We all need to repent and can do so and our repentance will be accepted (55:5-7). All words of Prophecy will be fulfilled (55:11). Instead of a curse a blessing and a good life will come forth (55:13).

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